OLTL Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on One Life to Live
John pulled Rae out of the water and rushed her to the hospital. Grace was pulled out of the water, but later died. Ben attacked Asa and promised to make him pay. Rae told Sykes that she was headed to Pine Valley.
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Monday, November 1, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster Di Pilla

John is busy giving orders at police headquarters. The storm has become pretty bad and he wants the riverfront area evacuated and no one on the road so that the EMS crews can get through if needed. Grace is still missing and they are still trying to trace Rae's call, Julie tells him. Kevin bursts in and wants to know what's being done to find Grace. John assures him she'll be found, as Kelly comes in to say she's not at the mill house. She's tough though, she'll be fine, she assures Kevin. They ponder her whereabouts. John finds out that Rae's call came from the vicinity of Asa's summer house.

Will and Jess are caught in the storm at the cabin. They agree to wait it out, even if it takes all night. Will tells Jess how he used to be a partier before he met her and Jess tells him how strong he is. They continue to sing each other's praises. She tells him that she and Cris are over. Last time they were at the cabin for the wrong reasons but not this time. They talk about Megan and how she was a gift. They agree that they are now sure about each other.

The Rappaport-Davidson brothers are trying to get info from Asa. They want to know what he's done with Grace. Ben threatens him but Asa doesn't take him seriously. When Bo shows up, Asa tries to have Bo do his job by arresting the brothers. Bo handcuffs Asa instead for hindering the investigation. Bo tries to pry some information from Asa too, but it's no use. Asa accuses Bo of taking the brothers' side. Ben and Sam go off to find Renee in another room. They urge her to find out from Asa anything she can about what happened to Grace. She knows her husband wouldn't hurt anyone. They think that Bo may be covering up for Asa but Renee denies this.

All he did was show Grace his file to get rid of her by scaring her off, Asa claims. He wanted Kevin to come to his senses about his girlfriend, he wants to hold the family together. Bo says he needs to protect the family from Asa. Asa starts to say he might know something when Kevin rushes into the room along with John. After Kevin yells at his grandfather and expresses his feelings on his grandfather's interference, Asa admits to seeing Grace at the summer house but she was ok. Bo and Kevin rush out. John is told to stay and keep his eye on Asa, Ben and Sam, who have returned to the study.

Rae and Grace are immersed in the water up to their necks as Ms. Cummings persuades the young woman to let her pull her off the ledge into the water. Grace is still unable to move her legs. As Grace cries, Rae tells her to think of Daniel;she does and admits to having spoken with him yesterday and he's in Pine Valley. Grace wants Rae to leave the summer house without her but Rae won't. Grace loses consciousness. When she wakes up, Rae urges her to think of Kevin this time. She will try to climb out and pull Grace up. She has her hold on to the post. This turns out to be unsuccessful, but Rae thinks she has another way. She climbs up and reaches for Grace's hand but the young woman has passed out again. Rae promises to find Daniel, but just then her grip on Grace's hand breaks. Grace slides under the water and Rae dives in after her.

Téa has her report on Judge Peterson done but she's says they blew it. He's out there somewhere and tells Lisa to let her know if they hear anything. R.J. appears and wants to know where Téa was. She was checking on him she says. When he asks what she learned, the asst. DA admits nothing. Roseanne was mistaken when she said she spotted R.J., but she'll hold onto his file. He starts to "sweet talk" her, mentioning how he counted the holes in the tiles of the ceiling when she laid in her hospital bed and how he wants to change his life when he sees her smile. She returns the file to Lisa and they leave together for a walk in the rain and a warming drink at a cozy spot.

Renee takes Asa out of the study. She questions him on what has happened with Grace. When she expresses her disbelief in the story, Asa asks her whose side she's on. He tells her to go with the Rappoports. Meanwhile, when John refuses to let Ben and Sam from the study to help in the search, they run out anyway, telling him to shoot them if he wants. He runs behind them.

Bo and Kevin reach the summer house. Kevin finds Grace's bracelet. When they notice the water from the river flowing under the foundation they begin to bang on the door. They get inside and find Grace's shoes. They begin calling and looking into the water.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Jessica and Will waited out the storm at Asa's lodge, while Will confessed how long he had been in love with her. They decided to take their relationship slow and easy. While trying to leave, their car ran off the road and they were forced to come back. They kissed and took off their wet clothes.

Nora and Viki waited for news about Grace. They found interesting the fact that they were married to the Buchanan brothers, and are now involved with the Rappaports. Nora expressed her doubts about marrying Sam, and then called a sitter for Matthew, so that they could go to Asa's to find out what was happening.

Asa and Renee fought about Grace, because Renee had found the pictures that Asa used to bully Grace into leaving. Asa finally told her that he didn't want her any more, but she held him, saying that she couldn't live without him. They fought in the rain, but did go back into the mansion.

Skye walked in on Blair trying to get information on Max's flight from the airline. Skye tried to convince Blair that she had told Asa the truth about Max, but she didn't believe her. Viki and Nora walked in, just as Skye was proclaiming her love for Ben, along with her confidence in her ability to get him back. Viki assured her that she was no saint, and she would not be getting back with Ben.

Bo, Sam, Ben and Kevin searched for Grace at the summer house. Bo and Kevin dove into the water, and eventually brought out Rae and later, a lifeless Grace. Ben administered CPR. John had come to help and took Rae to the hospital. Grace finally opened her eyes, after several minutes of not breathing.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Both Ben and Kevin struggled to keep Grace awake until the ambulance arrived. Before she fell unconscious, Grace told Kevin that she saw the light. Despite Ben's attempts to revive his sister and Kevin's passionate appeals for his fiancée to live, they were unable to save Grace. Viki felt helpless as she watched Ben mourn for his sister. Ben later rushed off to confront Asa. Viki turned her attention to a grieving Kevin, who refused to leave Grace's side. Meanwhile, Rae was devastated when Sykes told her that Grace had not survived their ordeal. As Asa began to comprehend the ramifications of his vendetta against the Rappaports, Max promised him that he would stand by his side, but he needed to spend time with Blair. After Will confessed his fears about making love to her, Jessica assured Will that she wanted to be with him and that her decision had nothing to do with Cristian. Meanwhile, Cristian was disappointed when Roseanne admitted that her dreams for the future revolved solely around him.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox


Viki tries to comfort a distraught Kevin as he cradles Grace's body. Viki tells Kevin that "if your love could keep her alive, she would be with us forever." Kevin feels he is to blame for Grace's death: "she trusted me and I didn't make her safe...it's my fault..." Viki reasons that "she wanted to tell you she wasn't afraid and she did that...she wanted to be loved and have someone take the fear away and you did that."

Sam is grieving but tells Nora that he is okay. Nora wants to find Will but Sam doesn't know how to tell him "somebody else he loves, died...I want him to have a little more time to not be in pain." But Nora is worried how Will might feel "if he wasn't here when you needed him."

Bo tells his officers to give the "civilians" some time but when they leave he wants a thorough search of the premises made and "if there is any foul play involved, I want to know." Bo looks around and realizes that Ben has disappeared; he and Sam both "know where he went" and take off toward the mansion to "stop" Ben.

Asa's Mansion

Ben enters the mansion shouting for Asa to show himself. When he does, Ben shouts at him, "You killed her...Grace is dead...she died because of you...now you're going to pay...now you're going to die..." Asa challenges Ben: "Do what you have to do...it's not in you...you don't have the guts to kill me." Ben grabs Asa around the throat and begins to choke him. As Skye looks on, Max rushes in and is closely followed by Bo and Sam. It takes all three to pull Ben away from Asa. Sam wants Ben to "let it go" for tonight, he promises that they will deal with it legally later but Ben threatens Asa, "This isn't over...I will get you...I swear on my sister's grave, Buchanan, I will get you."

Viki observes Ben's deep anger and wants to comfort him: "We will get through it...together we will be alright." But Ben "needs to be alone" and leaves the mansion. Skye takes great pleasure in taunting Viki: "You can't help him, can you?"

Bo wants answers from Asa about what he "knows about how Grace died" but as Asa answers, "I didn't kill that girl..." Sam bursts into Asa's office and demands that Bo "do his job" and arrest Asa for Murder 2: "a depraved indifference for human life." Asa, of course, wants Bo to arrest Ben for attempted murder which prompts Sam to shout: "The only crime my brother committed was not succeeding..." Bo wants Sam to just "go home" and asks him where Nora is. "Wherever she is, she's worried about you...go home...we'll both do what we need to."


Will and Jessica are very comfortable under a blanket in front of the fireplace. Will wants to show Jess "how much he loves her" but wants to make sure she is "okay with it" too. She tells him she is "so ready" and Will "can't believe this is finally happening" but it doesn't because there is a determined knock at the door: Nora has tracked Will down to tell him that "something terrible has happened." Will doesn't believe her because "if it was true, my Dad would be here...why are you lying to me?" When Nora tells Will that she "thought you might want to be with your father" he disagrees, "I don't think he would want me around...I've treated him pretty badly lately." But Nora corrects him, "He needs you. He loves you." Will first hugs Jessica and then turns and hugs Nora.


John Sykes sits at Rae's bedside and tries to get her to talk to him about Grace. Rae is distraught that she couldn't save Grace and wishes she had "made peace with her sooner." Rae tells John about Asa calling her with "information" about Grace: "he was so angry and bitter about her...he wanted her dead, he told me that...he hoped she would be struck by lightening...he drove her into the storm...his boots were muddy and he had plaster on his coat...it frightened me...I went looking for her...I should have gone for help." John tells Rae that she should "be proud of what you did for Grace...you were a genuine hero" but Rae corrects him: "She was the heroic one, she gave me the answers I needed...it isn't fair, I'm alive...I have what I need and she's dead." John guesses correctly that Rae is leaving Llanview soon to go to Pine Valley and find Daniel. Rae "misses it already" but can email her columns to the Banner. However, it won't be so easy to find "anybody like" John and they both agree they will miss each other.

Asa's Mansion/Summerhouse

As beautiful, but haunting, background music plays, Kevin stands looking at the engagement gifts on the table. He picks up Grace's blue silk shawl and holds it. Grace "appears" and Kevin wraps her in the shawl and his arms saying, "You've got to be so cold..." As the lyrics say "what can never be" Grace disappears.

Bo asks Max to leave Asa's office and Bo confronts his father. "You've done a lot of things over the years...I always thought I knew what you were capable of...I will arrest you if I find out you had anything to do with Grace's death...Grace deserves that..." Bo orders Asa to come down to the police station in the morning to answer questions. When Bo leaves the house, Lindsay is waiting at the front door and they embrace.

Ben goes back to the Summerhouse and finds the key ring with Grace's flashlight. He turns on the flashlight as he kneels over the place where she died.

Sam's House

Sam comes through the front door to a seemingly empty house. As he stands in the living room, a hand reaches out and touches his shoulder. Will and Sam embrace while Sam cries. Nora watches them from the doorway.


Viki has been called by the police to come and get Kevin. She is shocked to learn that Kevin is in the morgue. She opens the door and watches as Kevin sits beside Grace's lifeless body.

Friday, November 5, 1999

An inconsolable Kevin spent the night in the morgue with Grace's body and refused to leave her side. Viki finally broke through to Kevin, but he lost control when the medical examiner arrived to do an autopsy on Grace's body. Bo managed to restrain Kevin and convinced him that it was time to go home. Ben continued to brood about Asa's role in Grace's death and Skye managed to incite his desire to punish Asa for what he had done. Skye later demanded Jackie McNaughton's phone number from Blair, who reluctantly handed it over. Will spent the night at Sam's, but their tentative rapprochement was threatened when Sam insisted that Will walk out of Asa's life for good. Asa later told Jessica and Will his side of the story and swore that he was innocent. Jessica was quick to believe Asa, but Will was undecided. Sam did not agree when Nora assured him that Bo would get justice in Grace's death. Sam showed up at the morgue and accused Bo of a cover-up to protect his father.

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