OLTL Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on One Life to Live
Lindsay admitted to altering Bo's test. Skye announced that she and Ben were married. Lindsay agreed to help Dorian. Rae realized that she was receiving letters from the rapist. Kelly and Brian, the alleged rapist, ended up alone in a cabana at the country club.
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Monday, August 30, 1999

Skye plotted to make trouble for Ben and Viki at the upcoming anniversary party for the Banner. R.J. suggested to Dorian that perhaps she was tormenting herself, but Dorian insisted that someone else was responsible. After R.J. left, Dorian again heard the sound of a baby crying. Grace and Kevin shared a special evening together and they finally made love. Ben warned Max that he couldn't avoid his medical problems indefinitely and that his aneurysm would eventually catch up to him. An angry Sam warned Max to stay away from Will after he spotted them together at Rodi's. Sykes gave R.J. a somber warning about Téa. Bo was perplexed by Lindsay's message claiming that she never wanted to see him again. A drunken Lindsay admitted to Sam that she changed Bo's sperm test results. Max played on Will's feelings for Jessica to try to convince him to agree to Asa's lawsuit against Dorian.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999
by Marti Dixon The show began with Sam and Lindsay at her art gallery. He was questioning her about Bo's sperm count test. He was angry at her for playing her "games", but she thought he should be thanking her for getting him together with Nora. They argued and she finally passed out drunk. Sam was worried about what the truth is going to do to he and Nora. He left her on the couch.

At Rodi's, Bo was dancing with two cops, Liz and Julie. They invited him to the concert in the park, but he turned them down. He kept trying to call Lindsay, but her phone was busy.

At Téa's penthouse, Roseanne was leaving a message for Cristian, when he showed up at the door. He apologized for not coming to check on her sooner. She suggested they go to concert, since the attack had happened where they were. They left, heading for the park.

Joey, Jessica and Will set up seats for themselves at the concert. Jessica told Will that she can't, and won't, give Cristian another chance. He told her that he loved her and would wait for her to be over Cris. Jess reminded him that she needs him as just a friend. Joey was worried that Kelly wasn't there yet, but she did show up. She had been finishing up at the Sun, where Brian explained to her that the flower pot had fallen. She apologized to him for cancelling their lunch date, and promised that they would go soon. After she left, he sat down at her computer and wrote a letter to Dr. Rae.

Back at the park, Cris and Rosey laid their blanket down next to Will and Jess. Kelly was telling Joey that she's convinced that Brian is harmless. Meanwhile, he was spying at them through the trees. When the men went to get something to eat, Kelly got paged from work. She left, despite Jessica's warning not to go alone. While everyone else was gone, Roseanne and Jess began to argue over Cristian. Rosey said that Cris had spent every night with her, since her attack. Jessica responded by calling Roseanne cheap for using her attack to keep Cristian. When the guys came back, Joey was mad that Kelly had left, so he went looking for her. Will also decided to leave, saying that he can't hide his love for Jess. Then he went to Rodi's, where he found Bo. Jessica also decided to leave. When Cris offered to walk with her, she said she'd be fine alone. Roseanne and Cristian went back to her place, where she wanted him to sleep upstairs with her, but he wanted to sleep on the couch. Back in the park, there was a blond woman getting a drink of water, when she was grabbed by the man in the mask. He dragged her into the woods. Joey tried to call Kelly at the Sun, but she had not arrived, yet. He looked for her, frantically. The rapist took off his gloves and left the woman lying on the grass.

Once at Rodi's, Will vented his feelings about Jessica to an understanding Bo. They had talked a while when Sam came in. Will left and Sam and Bo sat down for a beer. They laughed about how they ended up with each other's ex-wives. Bo wondered how they got to that place. He also asked Sam if Lindsay told him the truth, while they were married. Sam said she lied a lot, but because she's so needy. They also talked about Will, Sam thanking Bo for being so helpful to him.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Bo and Sam are at Rodi's, having a beer together. Bo presses Sam for what Lindsay did, though he understands that she gets caught up in the heat of the moment, which is why she must have done something while he was gone recently. Just as Sam is about to spill the beans, he gets a call on his cell phone from Nora. She's just checking in, doesn't know when she'll be back.

Lindsay wakes up after drinking herself into a deep sleep. Sam's gone and Dorian is there instead. She orders Lindsay to stop harassing her. Lindsay insists she's not the one bothering Dorian, but Dorian refuses to buy that. If Lindsay doesn't stop she will report her to R.J., the police and to Bo. She'll tell Bo about what Lindsay did with the sperm test and the DNA report. Lindsay is not the one doing this, but she's happy to see that someone is torturing Dorian.

Joey continues looking around for Kelly at the park. He runs into Julie and enlists her help. Brian is lurking nearby, but runs off when he hears the voices. They find Liz lying on the ground. Kelly appears and Joey is happy to see her.

John calls Rae to the police station. He thinks maybe they found her husband, Daniel. He's in the morgue. When they get there to view the body, Rae says it's not him, but she starts to cry. It could be him, lying somewhere, unknown just like that.

Back at Rodi's, Sam again attempts to tell Bo what Lindsay's done. He prefaces it by telling him how great he is for Lindsay and that she's really changed since she's been with him. When she first came to town she would have done anything to get back at Nora...suddenly Julie rushes in... Liz has been assaulted in the park . Bo gathers all of the cops who have congregated at the bar for Liz's party and they all rush off.

Lisa tries to urge Liz to go to the hospital, but she won't. She's too ashamed that this has happened to her and she's a cop. Julie feels that it's her fault because she left Liz alone. Bo reassures them that it is no one's fault. He tells Liz to think like a cop not a victim. She's a good cop. Bo tells Joey that he doesn't want Kelly at the newspaper alone. Joey agrees that he will see to that, but Kelly is obviously annoyed that they still believe that Brian is the rapist. Liz tells everyone that the rapist did indeed have a tattoo, but it wasn't a heart, it was a crescent moon. Bo is perplexed.

Brian shows up at Rodi's and orders a drink. When the bartender isn't looking he changes the time on the watch lying on the bar. When his drink is served he asks the bartender what time it is. Ten o'clock he says. Now he'll have an alibi for that exact time. In the meantime, Ben spies Sam at the bar and heads on over. Sam tells his brother how sick he is of Lindsay and all of her deceit. It will affect everyone. He tried to tell Bo twice and wonders if he should tell Nora. Ben confides that he has tried to clean up his past with Viki but there's still a secret that he will have to tell her.

Kelly and Joey are visibly shaken up over the events of the night. Joey tells Kelly how much he loves her and won't leave her alone. Kelly still refuses to believe that it's Brian. (During this conversation we Brian sitting at the bar). She will put Joey first from now on.

Dorian accuses Lindsay several more times of being the one to harass her. She refuses to believe Lindsay when she denies it and continues to threaten her by exposing her dirty deeds to Bo. Lindsay finally offers to help her find the real culprit and then Dorian will know that it's not her. Lindsay remembers telling Sam part of her secret and tries to call him.

Bo makes an announcement about Liz at police headquarters. He wants the park roped off. He wants John paged.

John and Rae are walking through the park. She realizes she should get rid of Daniel, but he has some kind of hold on her. John proceeds to tell her about his being adopted, his parents being killed and being taken in by the senator. He tells her all about the emotional problems of the senator's daughter and how he was raised to be her savior. She killed Bo's son and he almost covered it up. People have holds on each other. He wonders why he disclosed his past to Rae;she has a way of making people open up. They seem to have developed a close friendship and decide to relieve their stress by howling at the moon. They are watched by Brian.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Grace's Bedroom

Kevin and Grace have spent an evening and a day in bed together. Kevin tells Grace he is "honored" that she trusts him and has "let him in to a special place" in her life. Grace is very happy, but at first doesn't accept Kevin's invitation to attend the Banner anniversary party with him because "it's too good to be true." Grace says that every man in her life has lied to her and she is scared that Kevin will end up a "stranger" just like them. Kevin promises that won't happen so Grace accepts his invitation.

The Banner

Rae is reading a letter from John Sykes thanking her for howling at the moon with him the previous night just as he arrives to talk to her about the rapist. They thank each other and agree that "friends are for helping". Rae asks John if the maintenance man from The Sun is still a suspect. John says that he didn't have a tattoo when they questioned him and Kelly is his biggest defender so it is a difficult situation, but he would like to talk to Kelly in an informal setting. Rae takes the bait and invites John to be her "date" for the Banner party - to mix business and pleasure - and John accepts. Later, Sophia asks Skye for tips on what to wear to the party and when the conversation turns to Ben, Sophia is glad to tell Skye about Ben and Viki and Crossroads, etc. Sophia confides that she would "give anything to have something like" what Ben and Viki have. Skye says, "I thought I did."


Ben and Viki are dressing for the party; when Ben asks Viki if the "Lord of the Banner" would approve of him. Viki replies, "I couldn't care less." Viki decides it is time to tell Ben about her father because she doesn't want secrets kept between them. Ben answers, "Likewise - every single secret from my entire life." Later, they agree that part of their attraction to each other was their "damage." Viki shares with Ben that the first time they made love was when she realized that she had her life back and what her father had done to her wasn't going to destroy her. She explained the whole story of her father's sexual abuse of her after her mother died and how she "protected" herself by creating six alter personalities who did "pretty awful things", including killing her father. Ben lightened the mood by telling Viki that now he knows why she is so good at playing pool and she told him, "that's Niki." Viki told Ben that "secrets destroy us" but that he is her "reward" and she feels "anything is possible with love." But before Ben could spill his "secrets" to Viki she had to go to the country club to check on the party preparations, so they made a date for after the party to be able to "start with a clean slate." After Viki left, Skye called Ben to "put his mind at ease" and lied to him that she had moved to Los Angeles. "I'm out of your life. Have a wonderful life - with Viki."

The Sun

Joey comes into Kelly's office as she is typing a headline about the rapist. They agree that they don't like the fighting they have been doing recently, but the making up is "pretty terrific." Kelly tells Joey that she will have to meet him at the Banner party later because she has a meeting but she promises that she will lock her office door and not see Brian. After Joey leaves, Brian appears at Kelly's office door and startles her. He says he is worried about her "as a friend" and he came in early to make sure she is okay. Kelly lets him in to the office to clean up a spill. When he notices that her dress is "splattered" and Kelly tells him she is going to a party at the "country club" an awkward moment arises and Kelly apologizes again for "postponing" their lunch, but tells him that "Joey comes first - you understand don't you?"

The Banner

Rae and John discuss the "forensics" of the letters Rae has received from "Lonely Heart" and "The Man in the Moon." Rae says that the first letter seemed benign - he seemed forlorn, just wanting a girlfriend - but the second letter had an air of desperation about having a crush on someone he works with. As they agree "that someone" could be Kelly, Joey comes in dressed in his tuxedo and teases Kevin about "the look" on his face. He asks Kevin if he is going to "take it slow" with Grace but Kevin says, "No, I'm going to push full steam ahead." Rae overhears their conversation and isn't pleased. Sophia also is busy eavesdropping on Kevin and Joey as they discuss Kelly and "Brian." Later, John tells Rae that Bo has done research on the Internet and found similar unsolved rapes in San Francisco and wants John to go there and "check it out." Therefore, John and Rae won't be going to the party together, but Rae tells him she will "nose around if you trust me." He says he "trusts her to be careful" and instructs her "not to howl at the moon alone."

Sam's House

Ben comes by to give Grace a lift to the party. He tells her that he's never seen her look happier. She tells him it's because of Kevin and that her "little voice says he's worth it." Ben shows Grace a very large and beautiful engagement ring he plans to give to Viki later that evening. When Ben says that he hopes that Viki will still marry him after he spills his secrets, Grace offers to let him "practice" telling the secret to his sister. Ben tells Grace about a "crazy weekend" and a woman who convinced him he could lead a normal life, but after the one weekend he told her it was over and soon he was on the run.

The Banner / The Sun

While Rae read a new letter from "The Man in the Moon" which said, "She's like all the rest - but I know what to do now".... Sophia visited Brian at Kelly's office and offered her "help" for Brian to get "Kelly - the girl of your dreams" while she could then get "Joey - the man of mine."

Country Club

Skye arrives early to "help" Viki, but there isn't anything to do except engage in conversation about "Ben and family and friends" and putting one's job in perspective behind those things. "I envy you," Skye tells Viki. "Something tells me this will be one unforgettable party." Later, Viki tells Skye that the last time she was supposed to give a speech at the country club she just "didn't show" and explained that it was because of Ben. She said that he had been trying to protect her from the "trouble" he was in but that if she hadn't gone to him that night he might be dead now. This news seemed to change Skye's mind about her plan for the evening and she tried to leave the party. "Let me go before it's too late." But, Viki insisted that she stay and began to introduce her around to people. Ben came in and embraced Viki who in turn told him, "There's somebody here who is dying to meet you. Skye - meet Ben Davidson!"

Friday, September 3, 1999

Sophia convinced Brian to go along with her plan and she forged a note from Joey to Kelly asking her to meet him at the cabana. Later, Kelly, wearing sexy lingerie, was horrified when Brian arrived instead of Joey. After a worried Joey was unable to find Kelly, Rae suggested that he check her office at The Sun. Rae showed Bo the letter she received from "The Man in the Moon." Rae continued to believe that Brian could be the rapist, but Hank cautioned that there wasn't enough evidence to hold him. Hank warned Bo about getting involved with Lindsay again, while an anxious Lindsay warned Sam that he would lose Nora if he spilled her secret. Bo and Lindsay came face to face at the gallery. Ben told Viki that he once had a relationship with Skye and believed that she was leaving town. An angry Viki confronted Skye, who then let it slip that Ben was going to propose to Viki. Viki's world was turned upside down when Skye shocked everyone by announcing that she was Ben's wife!

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