OLTL Recaps: The week of June 7, 1999 on One Life to Live
Dorian was wracked with guilt. Will refused his parents' suggestion that he seek counseling. Bo learned that he was still able to father children. Jessica woke from her coma but couldn't remember anything, including Cristian's identity.
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Monday, June 7, 1999

The Cover Up

R.J. overhears a conversation between Bo, Sykes, Téa and Hank at the Llanview PD about the accident. When he hears Sykes report an interesting 911 call from around the same time, he bursts in on the scene and says he wants to report a crime. They look on in disbelief as he tells them his apartment was broken in to and that he is being stalked. Later, he is relieved when he hears Sykes say the 911 call came from Lindsay's phone.

As the meeting breaks up, R.J. hangs up his cell phone and a suspicious Hank approaches him and questions his claim about a break-in.

At the Hospital

Ben introduces Will and family to the doctor who successfully transplanted Megan's eyes to a blind baby. When Ben tells Will that Jessica is getting worse, he walks off. Lindsay looks on in grief.

Ben goes after Will and tries to get him to talk, but he just wants to be left alone.

Nora and Sam in the hospital lounge talking about Will's pain when Sam reflects on Grace's abduction and their belief that she was dead. Lindsay approaches the room and overhearing the conversation, walks in, in tears. Just then Matthew's nurse walks in with Matthew and Nora looks up to see Lindsay standing there crying. Nora walks over to Lindsay and embraces her. Lindsay breaks down, leaving her mascara on Nora's shoulder. She asks to hold Matthew and Sam hands him over. Bo walks in on the scene and smiles. After inquiring about Jessica, he asks to talk to Lindsay alone and Nora and Sam leave on cue. When Lindsay tells him that Nora hugged her, he is amazed and hugs her too. She tells him she needed that because she has been the only one with no one to comfort her. When she tells Bo she wants the hit and run driver caught, he tells her about the 911 call made on her cell phone. Lindsay roots through her purse and can't find her phone. While questioning her about her whereabouts the night before, he assures her she is not his suspect.

Clint sits in Jessica's hospital room, singing The Yellow Rose of Texas in a broken voice. When he finishes he begs her to come back.

Viki and Dorian outside Jessica's room confront one another. As Dorian sadly tries to comfort Viki and inquire about Jessica's condition, Viki tells her that she can't deal with her and asks her to leave. Dorian presses on and admits that she wishes terrible things to happen to Viki, but never anything like this. Viki recounts the tragedy and says that Dorian got her wish.

Dorian tells Viki that she talked to Mel and realizes now that his death was not Viki's fault. As she tells her she is letting go of the grudge and all her anger, Viki listens in disbelief and accuses her of having an ulterior motive. Dorian then tells Viki she has something to tell her. Viki gives in and asks Dorian to tell her what it is. Dorian says she is sorry about Jessica and offers to do anything she can to help. Viki has another outburst of grief and Dorian's guilt digs in even deeper. As she is about to tell Viki the truth, R.J. stops her and Viki turns away. After failed attempts to reconnect with Viki, R.J. drags Dorian off and tells her it was Lindsay's phone that was traced. They decide to find her quickly and switch the phones back.

Dorian and R.J. come upon Bo and Lindsay still talking about the 911 call. They think it's to late because they see her looking for the phone and then are relieved when they realize she hasn't got it. R.J. approaches her and offers his condolences while he covertly slips the freshly wiped down phone into her purse. Afterwards they plan to go to the gallery to get Dorian's phone back.

Sam and Nora find will still at the hospital, and try to convince him to go to Jessica's room and talk to her. He refuses saying he is the last thing she needs. Failing that, they talk him into going out for something to eat.

Back at Jessica's room, Clint walks out just in time to see Ben and Viki in an embrace. Ben quickly excuses himself when Clint clearly excludes him from the family.

At the Pier

Cristian tells Roseanne he is feeling guilty over the fight he had with Will at the party, which caused Jessica to leave. Roseanne tells him it was her fault. She admits she wanted something bad to happen to Jessica and that she caused the fight between Cristian and Will. As she looks over the pier she says she should drown like her mother. Cristian goes to her and makes her promise not to think like that again. After assuring her that he does not blame her, she offers to accompany him to the hospital to see Jessica.

Nora's Dilemma

When Sam, Nora, and Will get home and Will sees them with Matthew, he walks out. Sam tells Nora he would fall apart if the same thing happened to him. Nora's worries over Sam's reaction if Matthew is not his, deepens.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

At the beginning of today's show, we saw Dorian looking for her cell phone, on the desk at the art gallery. She left after she found it. Bo and Lindsay came shortly thereafter, also looking for her phone. They began to have a heart to heart discussion about everyone hurt by the loss of Jessica and Will's baby. She admitted to feeling guilty because she tried to keep the baby out of Will's life from the beginning. Bo told Lindsay that he likes her for her honesty about her mistakes. After Bo went back to the hospital, Lindsay called Jeff at the genetics lab. She left a message on his voice mail telling him to keep the money, but not to change the test results. She had tried to call him on the cell phone she found in her purse, but it was dead.

At Sam's house, Nora told him not to shut her out, as Bo did when Drew died. She also tried to convince Will to do the same for his father. Will said that Sam did not understand what it was like to lose a child. Will left and ended up at the docks. Dan, a classmate from poli-sci, offered Will the chance to get wasted on something better than alcohol. Cristian interrupted them, and warned Will not to do anything stupid.

At the hospital, Ben wanted to go see Jessica, but Clint didn't let him. That was when Ben left for Sam's. Viki was reading "Wind in the Willows" to Jessica, when Clint came in. Viki suggested they try alternative medicine, and Clint refused. They started to get into an argument about who was the most neglectful of Jessica when she needed them. They continued fighting in the hall, where Clint accused Viki of being distracted by Ben and Viki blamed Clint for going to London. In the end, they resolved their feelings and admitted that there are others who are better matches for each other, such as Ben and Dallas. While they were fighting, Cristian went into Jessica's room to visit. He had her engagement ring there for her, and told her that she can have it back, as soon as she wakes up. After he left, Viki went back into Jessica's room. Ben came to join her, while Clint called Dallas in London. Nora and Bo waited together to see Jessica, since only two people are allowed to visit at once. They talked about Will, and Bo said that it will help Will to know that he can still be a father. Nora told Bo that he can still father children, too.

Wednesday, June 9, 1999
Lindsay was surprised by Dorian's grief over Jessica's accident. Dorian continued to be wracked with guilt over her actions and began to see visions of a bruised Jessica at every turn. Lindsay told Dorian that she bribed Barnes to make sure the DNA results proved that Sam was Matthew's father, but she had now changed her mind. After Nora told Bo about the mix-up with his test results, Bo realized that Matthew could be his son. Bo was angry that Nora waited so long to tell him the news. Sam began to question Nora after he witnessed Bo's bitterness towards her. Later, Lindsay found a troubled Bo pacing the docks and asked what was wrong. Will rejected Sam's suggestion that he seek counseling to handle his grief over Megan's death. Later, Will threw away everything he had bought for his daughter.

Thursday, June 10, 1999

Dorian was frightened when her hallucinations of Jessica started to become more vivid. Larry informed Ben that Jessica's condition was deteriorating. Later, Dorian swore to Ben that she wanted to end her feud with Viki. Sam was devastated when Nora admitted that Matthew could be Bo's son. Nora attempted to assure Sam that she would not go back to Bo, but Sam decided he needed to be alone. Meanwhile, Bo talked to Lindsay about his situation with Matthew and assured her that he and Nora were through. Bo confessed that he wanted Matthew to be Sam's son, otherwise his marriage had been ruined for nothing. Viki appeared in Jessica's dream and urged her to come home. Jessica's sister Megan reappeared and assured Jessica that she would look out for her daughter. Viki returned to the hospital convinced that Jessica was going to be fine.

Friday, June 11, 1999

Asa finds Bo sitting at his desk and asks what is going on. Bo tells Asa that he found out he can still father children and that there is a possibility that Matthew might be his. Of course, Asa is absolutely thrilled by the news and wants to get Matthew away from Sam as soon as possible. Back off, Bo tells him, whatever decisions need to be made, he will make them, not Asa. Bo wants to know how the hospital could have made such a mistake and asks to see the copy of the report. It's in the safe at the office, Asa tells him, and Bo says it can wait until the morning. Renee comes in and also hears the good news. Clint calls from the hospital and lets them know Jessica is awake. While they are celebrating the good news, the doorbell rings and Renee goes to answer it. It's Lindsay, coming to check on Bo and see if he's OK. Asa is not very welcoming and informs her, "My son is going back to his wife."

The Park

Nora and Lindsay run into each other at the park. Lindsay asks Nora why she told Bo the truth, especially since the DNA test isn't back yet. Nora explains that she couldn't stand to see Bo suffer anymore, thinking that he could never have another child. Lindsay, as usual, is annoyed at Nora. When Nora tells the truth, it's the right thing to do and when Nora keeps secrets, it's the right thing to do, no matter what Nora does, she's always right and Lindsay is always wrong. Lindsay asks if Nora told Sam, too and Nora admits that she did and it didn't go very well. Lindsay's main concern seems to be that Nora will go back to Bo if she finds out that it's Bo's baby. Lindsay also claims she's going to be truthful from now on, she wants Bo to want to be with her for who she is, not just because he's on the rebound from Nora. Lindsay suggests that Nora should be home with Sam and Nora leaves. Lindsay tries to call Jeff, the lab technician, again, but still can't reach him.

Sam's House

Sam is sitting in the dark, watching Matthew sleep. Grace finds him there and tries to find out what is bothering him, but he doesn't tell her. He does say that he wishes he could freeze this moment in time, with he, Nora and Matthew all together. Grace tries to reassure him it will always be that way. Sam isn't so sure. He tells Grace how important Matthew is to him and how all he wants to do is to be around to watch Matthew grow up. Nora arrives home and Grace heads back to bed. Nora promises that he will never lose Matthew, but Sam tells her not to make promises she can't keep. Bo's not going to give up his rights to Matthew if he's his father. Sam's also worried that Bo will want Nora back, too. Nora assures him that they will be together, no matter what. Sam starts to leave, but Nora stops him. She knows that Sam was headed to talk to Bo and she doesn't think that would be a good idea right now. "I don't know what to do", Sam tells her sadly, and turns around and walks away, but doesn't leave to see Bo. Later, Sam is just sitting there, staring into space. Nora ask if he wants her to go, and getting no response, picks up Matthew and starts to leave. "Nora, no matter who the father is, you're Matthew's mother and you can take him anywhere you want to take him... just don't take him to far." Nora says nothing and leaves Sam sitting alone in the dark.

Dorian's house

Dorian arrives home, only to be haunted by visions of Jessica once again. Jessica promises revenge for the death of her baby. Dorian opens the front door to run, and runs right into R.J. She clings to him as R.J. asks what's wrong. She tells him about her visions and he reassures her that it's just her guilty conscience, it will go away in time. Dorian is practically hysterical and wants to confess, but R.J. calms her down and convinces her not to. Dorian promises that no matter what happens, she will not implicate R.J. After R.J. leaves, the doorbell rings and Dorian goes to answer it, assuring herself that it can't be Jessica, apparitions don't ring doorbells. But when she opens the door, she does see Jessica standing there. "Please leave me alone, I really didn't mean to hit you", she tells the apparition. But it's not Jessica's ghost that is standing there, it's Sophia.

Llanview Hospital

Viki rushes into the hospital, certain that Jessica is about to wake up. Larry comes out of Jessica's room and confirms it, she seems to have turned the corner and is getting better. Viki and Clint rush to her bedside and call to her until Jessica opens her eyes. She's very groggy and can't remember much. She's knows she has something important she's supposed to tell them, but can't remember what it is. They go outside and Viki is concerned that Jessica can't remember anything about the accident or the baby, but Larry says her memory loss is not unusual and her memories might return in time.

Later, Viki goes in to talk to Jessica alone. Jessie still can't remember what she's supposed to tell Viki. She's very hazy on the details and can't remember the accident at all, or even being at the Crossroads Bar. Viki tries to be as vague as possible, but does say she was hit by a car. She then tells Jess she had an operation "because of the baby." Jessica can't figure out what she's talking about, does she mean Nora's baby, is Matthew OK? Matthew's fine, Viki reassures her and drops the subject. Ben comes in and Jessica recognizes him and even jokes around with him a bit. Jessica wishes she could remember and asks Viki to tell her what happened. Viki thinks Larry would prefer it if she remembered everything on her own.

When Jessica wakes up again, she finds Clint, Kevin, Joey, Cris, Viki and Ben all standing around her bed. She seems to respond to everyone, except for Cristian. Later, Viki and Ben are standing outside in the hall talking. Cristian is going to talk to Jessica alone and she's a little worried he might mention something about the baby, even though he promised he won't bring the subject up. Inside the room, Cris tells Jessica that now they can get married. He tries to put her engagement ring back on her finger. "What are you doing? Who are you?", she asks him, confused.

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