OLTL Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on One Life to Live
Jessica was rushed to the hospital; she lost her baby. Lindsay bribed a lab tech to falsify Matthew's test results. Max plotted to pretend to be Asa and Renee's son. While in a coma, Jessica saw her sister Megan and new little daughter Megan Victoria together.
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Monday, May 31, 1999

Lindsay Gets In Deeper

Ever conniving Lindsay offered a suggestive bribe to Barnes the lab tech and was left stammering when he informed her he was gay. When Lindsay finally got an offer of money on the table his resistance began to weaken, but then she was told her can't get his hands on the sample anyway. "Just make sure Sam Rappaport is the father", says Lindsay. To sweeten the pot, she upped the offer to $500,000, assuring the seemingly naïve lab tech of about 25 - 30 that he could retire on it! I wonder what century they just stepped out of!! Lindsay left after telling Barnes he would be paid with a cashiers check. When she returned to the art gallery, she decided now was a good time to ask herself what she was doing. A man walked into the gallery and was concerned by the panic stricken Lindsay, but left after she assured him she is all right.

The Duel

Things in Las Vegas seemed to be going smoothly enough for Sam and Nora who were lying in bed contentedly after making love. That is until Asa threw the door open! "Strange way of looking for my son. Unless he's under those sheets", he laughs. After more taunting and slinging insults from Asa, Sam had enough and threatened to flatten Asa. He attempted to throw Asa out of the room, but he wouldn't budge until Sam was off the case. At that point, Nora picked up the file and told Asa she was quitting. Sam, however, grabbed the file from her and refused to let her quit, but Nora stood her ground.

Sam realized he would get nowhere with Nora and when he gave in and returned the file to Nora, Renee turned on Asa. Sam then challenged Asa to a contest downstairs - with cards! Asa left to go downstairs and prepare for the poker duel. Nora shook her head in disgust with Sam for letting Asa take it that far.

Downstairs the Poker game got underway, and it wasn't long after that everyone but Asa and Sam cleared out because the stakes got too high. Renee and Nora looked on in disgust, then Renee dragged Nora off in a scheme to get their men back. A few moments later they clumsily pranced on stage in costume with the dancers. Asa and Sam were stunned as they approached the table and momentarily forgot their duel. The smiles were quickly wiped of their faces though when they looked back into each other's eyes.

Tragedy Strikes

Viki broke up the fight between Cristian and Will and everyone at the Crossroads suddenly noticed that Jessica was missing.

Meanwhile, Dorian was distractedly driving towards the Crossroads with a picture of Mel and Viki in hand, repeating to Mel for the umpteenth time that he is right and Viki is not to blame for the plane crash that killed him. Just then Jessica, hurriedly getting away from the commotion at the Crossroads, felt the beginning of labor and turned back toward the Crossroads, running directly into Dorian's path. Jessica is hit and Dorian, paralyzed, looked on in shock as she began to realize her victim was Jessica. When she finally came to her senses and left the car to look for Jessica, she found her unconscious body lying on the road and cried out in fear and panic. Dorian tried to wake Jessica and check out her injuries and then called for help on her cell phone - which, of course, died just when the operator answered the phone.

Back at the Crossroads, Will and Cristian shook hands and made their peace. They decided to look for Jessica and together left the Crossroads to begin their search. Cristian was the first to find Jessica lying on the road and called for help. Will came running, and Dorian hiding from view looked on.

While waiting for Cristian and Will to find Jessica, a worried Viki was approached by Sophia, who questioned her about Joey. Viki responded by telling her that if she was more of a lady, perhaps Joey would be interested. Sophia did take well to this and when she began her retort Ben abruptly stopped her. It was then that word got back to the Crossroads that Jessica was hurt and everyone rushed out to her. Ben was the first to arrive and when he found a pulse tried to get her to react to his voice, but to no avail. He then checked her injuries while a stricken Viki and Clint helplessly looked on.

It was hard not to feel a little sorry for Dorian here. For once she was truly sincere and wanted to make amends, only to find herself at the center of a terrible tragedy where she felt she would surely be accused of hurting Viki through Jessica. She broke down in tears in her car, terrified to come forward - and paralyzed in her fear, she prayed for Jessica and her baby.

Sykes called for an ambulance, which arrived shortly after. He then tried to get Will and Cristian to recall if they saw anything or anyone at the time they discovered Jessica. In the meantime, Tèa approached Roseanne and found her distraught and feeling guilty. She confessed she wanted to ruin the party, but she never wanted to see anything like this.

Ben informed the medics of Jessica's injuries and gave them their instructions and everyone cleared out with the ambulance. Dorian walked out into the vacated scene and stepped on one of Jessica's shoes.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The show opened with Max and Blair at the home of the nurse who was there when Asa and Renee's baby was adopted. They had the file containing the real heir's name, but Blair wouldn't let Max say the name aloud. Instead, they finalized their plans to pass Max off as the long lost son. The nurse kept getting Wingate Holden's name wrong, which infuriated Max to the point of agreeing with Blair about hurting Asa.

Meanwhile, in the casino, Nora and Renee did their best to distract Asa and Sam from their poker game, in which the loser must leave Llanview. In the end, Sam won. He told Asa that he had one week to leave town. Asa said that he had been planning on spending time at one of his other homes, anyway.

When Dorian returned home, she was shaken by the accident. She called the hospital to inquire as to Jessica's condition. Before she could get any news, Joey and Kelly came in arguing about Joey sleeping with Sophia. Kelly stormed upstairs, telling Joey that she never wanted to see him or speak to him again. Joey was left alone with Dorian to remind her that she used him to get at his mother. He told her that all she ever wanted was revenge on Viki for one thing or another. Dorian denied that any of that was true. Just then, Kevin called to tell Joey what had happened to Jess, and he rushed over to the hospital. Once Kelly found out about Jessica, she went to see Joey and his family there. Dorian was then left alone, where she ripped up the inviation to Cristian and Jessica's engagement party and cried.

At the hospital, Ben and Larry Wolek were busy taking care of Jessica and her unborn baby, Megan Victoria. Viki and Clint waited, along with Cristian, Carlotta, Will, Grace, and Kevin. After a while, Larry came out to tell everyone that Jessica's baby had been deprived of oxygen for too long, and was born brain dead. He asked if they would be willing to donate her eyes to another baby girl, who had been born blind. Will was the only one who opposed the idea at first, because he thought there was still hope for Megan's survival. Grace and Ben helped to convince him that she could help another baby see the world, so he agreed to the procedure. He even wanted to tell the baby's parents himself. Meanwhile, Cristian was blaming himself for Jessica's situation and Kevin vowed to punish the person who was driving the car. Grace warned him what revenge seeking can do to a person, and that it wasn't worth the price. Jessica remained in surgery for her internal beleeding. Clint called Asa and Renee to tell them what had happened.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marina Lawson

The Crime Scene

Bo is addressing the troops, telling them that their top priority is to get the person who hit Jessica. He wants them to comb the area for any clue, no matter how small.

Dorian's House

R.J. comes to see Dorian; it's 4am in the morning. It's obvious R.J. knows Dorian hit Jessica. Dorian wants to go to the hospital to tell Viki it was her that hit Jessica; she wants to make Viki understand how the accident happened. Téarfully she tells R.J. how Mel came to her through Madame Delphina and how she was on her way to make amends with Viki when the accident happened. R.J. tells her there is no way Viki will believe that it was an accident, and neither will anyone else in town.


Larry is trying to rouse Jessica without success. Cris is outside keeping vigil.

The Chapel

Viki and Clint are comforting each other while Ben looks on. Ben reports Jessica's condition to them, plus the news that Will has agreed to the corneal transplant. Ben also tells them that they'll be taking the baby off the respirator.

The Nursery

Will, Grace, and the blind baby's parents look at baby Megan through the glass. The blind baby's parents thank Will for his generous gift. Will talks to his baby through the glass. He sadly talks about the stars and compares them to lights, candles on a birthday cake and fireworks the baby will never see. He leans his head against the glass and cries.

Dorian's House

Dorian thinks that Viki will understand, but R.J. reminds her that she stood up at Mel's funeral and swore revenge. R.J. tells her that people will think she lost her nut when they hear the Madame Delphina story. R.J. reminds her that no one saw Dorian hit her, no one knows she called 911. Dorian can't believe she's in this nightmare.

The Nursery

Andrew is in his last rites vestments. Will tells Andrew he hasn't been able to reach his mother, but Sam is on the way. Will tries his mother again, but Lindsay is sound asleep, zoned out from the sleeping pills she has taken. Grace and Ben look on, unable to ease Will's pain. Andrew hugs Viki and goes into the nursery. Kelly goes to hug Joey and Grace comforts Kevin. Viki goes to Ben and takes him to the nursery window. This whole scene is strange to me because Clint, the grandfather, is alone. I thought it was totally inappropriate for Viki to seek out Ben for comfort when it is she and Clint that are the grandparents. She also doesn't offer any comfort to Will, who is the baby's father. I also thought it was very strange that no one even touched the baby or offered to hold her while they took her off the respirator. Andrew baptizes the baby and administers last rites with her family looking on in tears.


Cris looks in on Jessica as they take her baby off the respirator. Jess, in coma vigil, sees Megan her sister, approach with Megan Victoria, her daughter. Jessica is happy to Megan (sister), and tells her how much she's missed her. Megan tells her she has someone for her to meet. Jessica recognizes her baby. Megan tells Jess to tell Viki how happy she is. Jess asks if she can hold her baby. Megan tells her to give her baby a big hug, it will have to last her a long time.

The Crime Scene

The police are still combing the area, looking for clues. What Téa is doing out there, I don't know, but she and Sykes have mindless filler conversation. Bo tells Sykes that Jessica is out of surgery, but the baby has died. Sykes tells Bo to go, but before Bo leaves, he tells him they'll find whoever did this.

Dorian's House

Dorian says all of her life people have told her she's a bad person. R.J. tells her she didn't intend to hurt Jessica; he believes her. R.J. says they are masters of the dark side. Dorian wonders what will happen to her. R.J. says she'll do hard time, there isn't any justice for people like them. R.J. tells her to do exactly what he tells her to do, he can make it go away.

The Hospital

Viki breaks down as Clint comforts her. She says she's glad Andrew baptized the baby. Viki can't believe the baby has died, how can they tell Jessica? Clint tells her they'll find a way. They wonder if Jessica will make it?


Cris is still looking in at Jessica. Jessica in her coma state is holding her baby. Megan tells Jessica nothing bad will happen to her baby. Jessica kisses her and holds her a little longer before giving her back to Megan. Megan tells Jessica they have to go and takes the baby away. A nurse checks Jessica's monitors. Strangely, Jessica doesn't have all of the tubes a post surgical patient that has had her kind of major surgery should have.

Dorian's House

Dorian says she wants to 'fess up, but R.J. tells her he wants to develop some options first. R.J. offers to take her car to someone he knows. R.J. says he'll fix everything, besides, he likes driving Hank and his assistants nuts. R.J. tells her not to speak to anyone and advises her to go upstairs and get some rest.


Larry tells Viki and Clint that Jessica has slipped into a deep coma, she's not coming out of the anesthetic, but she's not in any pain. Larry advises all of them to talk to Jessica to see if it will bring her back.

Cris is inside her room. He reaches for a pen and write "Vega" on Jessica's arm band. Cris tells Jessica she'll never be alone. Clint and Viki come into the room. It's still very strange that Jessica doesn't have any IV's at all other than a heart monitor and an intubation tube. Cris leaves and Clint and Viki talk to Jessica. Clint is overcome with emotion and leaves the room. Viki holds Jessica's hand and reassures Jessica. Viki blathers on about choices and how Jessica will have to make a choice like she did when she decided to lose her mind and have sex with a younger man who was a fugitive that she kept hidden in the attic who turned out to be a Mafia doctor. What this has to do with Jessica being in a coma other than sit allowed Viki to the situation into a mindless analogy about her.

The Chapel

Grace is comforting Will and tries to get him to go someplace and talk. Will wants to be alone and leaves.

Kevin comes in, but he, too, wants to be alone. Kelly tells Grace about when Cassie was shot and how Kevin takes off so on one can see how much he was hurting. This conversation turns into how Kevin should find someone he can turn to. Grace goes to find Kevin.


Clint is talking to Bo about Jess. He tearfully tells Bo how much he'll miss his granddaughter even though he never got to hold her. Kevin and Joey tell Clint that they have posted a reward to find the driver. Joey talks about Jessica and Christmas and how Clint was dressed as Santa one year and scared Jessica. Clint breaks down and all the Buchanan men gather around him.

Inside the ICU, Viki blathers on about her own crossroads as Ben conveniently listens in while Viki wonders if Jessica has paid the price for a choice she's made. (Someone should tell Viki this isn't about her). Ben calls her "Blondie" and tells her that nothing she did caused it. Viki tries to protest, but Ben tells Viki what Jessica would say (how would Ben know, he doesn't even know Jessica that well). Viki laments that she could have done better as a mother and takes the opportunity to hug Ben, yet again.

The Crime Scene

Sykes and Téa have more mindless filler conversation. As they talk, R.J. is listening from a bush. Llanview police really had this crime scene taped off, anybody can listen from the next bush.

The Chapel

Joey find Kevin writing a story about the accident. Kevin reads his editorial and boy does he need writing lessons. He dismisses Joey and continues to write his story. Kevin throws a wadded up piece of paper in the chapel (some respect) and asks God where he was? Kevin asks God for a sign and predictably Grace walks in.

The Nursing Station

Bo tries to call Lindsay, but she's still out. He tells Will there is no answer at Lindsay's. Will is looking through the glass at the nursery. Bo comforts him and asks him he wants some breakfast. Cris approaches Bo and Will and apologizes to Will about the baby. Will says it's all his fault, but Cris says he's to blame, too. Cris leaves and Will looks back through the glass.


Clint comes into the room and Ben leaves. Clint tells Viki to go for a walk so she can have a break. She protests, but Clint insists and she finally agrees. Viki kisses Jess and tells her she'll be back. As Clint and Viki leave, Dorian slips into Jessica's room. (Where the heck are the ICU nurses? Here you have someone who is critically ill and no one is monitoring her! She's behind a closed door with blinds at the window and no real visible nurse's station!). Dorian looks on at a comatose Jessica.

Note: The song playing during the Jessica/Megan scenes was "Angel Standing By" sung by Jewel.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Dorian apologized to a comatose Jessica for the accident and was later horrified when she learned about the baby's death. Dorian rushed off after Joey told her that Kelly was offering a reward for information about the hit and run. Meanwhile, R.J. made arrangements for Dorian's car to "disappear." After she paid off the lab technician Barnes, Lindsay went to the auto shop to have her red car painted a different color. Bo comforted Lindsay after he told her about the accident and her grandchild's death. Sam, Asa, Nora and Renee were forced to fly back to Llanview together after they learned about Jessica's accident. Sam told Nora that he was worried about Will's reaction to the baby's death. Cristian volunteered to look for Will, but he soon came back and told Lindsay and Sam that Will was missing. As the Buchanan men rallied around Jessica's bedside, her monitors started to beep that she was in distress. As the monitors beeped, Clint begged Jessica not to leave him.

Friday, June 4, 1999

As Jessica continued to slip further into her coma, Ben urged Viki to keep talking to her daughter. Clint continued to sit vigil by Jessica's side and talked to her about childhood memories. In her unconsciousness, Jessica spent time with her daughter. Nora intervened when Asa lashed out at Ben for failing to help Jessica. An anxious R.J. overheard Sykes tell Bo about a 911 call from a cell phone that was made around the same time as the accident. Bo learned that Will's car was spotted outside the Buchanan lodge and rushed off with Sam and Lindsay. Meanwhile, an angry Will trashed the lodge. Bo, Sam and Lindsay did their best to comfort Will who blamed himself for baby Megan's death. Despite R.J.'s protests, Dorian resolved to tell Viki about the accident and the two women came face to face at the hospital.

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