OLTL Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on One Life to Live
Max and Blair learned the identity of the real Buchanan heir. Lindsay tried to stop Matthew's DNA test. Jessica disclosed that her baby was a girl. Madame Delphina advised Dorian of a tragedy. Dorian hit Jessica with her car.
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Monday, May 24, 1999

Max Thinks Twice

Max meets Renee and tells her he is going to North Carolina to see the twins. Renee tells him about her son and her plans to find him, and this gives Max qualms of conscience about his real plan to go to Las Vegas with Blair to find out who Renee's son is.

The Cramer Women

Blair tells Dorian that she is going on a vacation, but Dorian is skeptical because she was just in Florida and correctly guesses that Blair is up to something. She warns her that Madam Delphina has told her that something dreadful is about to happen, but Blair just scoffs at this. She then confesses in a round-about way by telling Dorian that when she returns she will be set for life. As Blair opens the door to leave, she finds Kelly standing there. Dorian is ecstatic at Kelly's' decision to move back in wit her, but when bitchy Blair launches an all out attack on her and they fight, Dorian blows up and runs upstairs.

Blair and Kelly go to Dorian's room and stage a truce for her benefit. Dorian thinks it's her fault that they don't get along, because she has so much hatred inside her, herself. After Blair leaves, Kelly and Dorian discuss the Cramer women's attributes being either feelers or fighters. They decide they are both feelers and Blair is a fighter.

Blair opens the door to find Max standing there and he promptly tells her about his discussion with Renee and that he can't go through with their scheme, but Blair bullies him into thinking again. Kelly comes downstairs and they say they hate each other before Kelly goes out.

Dorian, alone again in her room, looks lovingly at a picture of Blair and Kelly and then accidentally drops it, breaking the glass. Taking this to be a foreshadowing of things to come, according the warnings of Madam Delphina, Dorian rushes to the phone and calls her.

Comings and Goings at Joey's House

Joey happily rips up his invitation to Kelly's wedding, telling Will he regrets having been with Sophia the night before. Will ponders the situation with Jessica and Cristian and remains determined he will be a part of the baby's life. Will tells Joey he is worried that he may be excluded from the baby's life. Just then there is a knock on the door, and Joey, thinking it's Kelly, opens it to find Sophia rushing in to plant a wet one on his face. Will discreetly leaves against Joey's pleading with him to stay. Joey desperately tries to get rid of her and Sophia bares her fangs and claws over her jealousy of Kelly. After being summarily dumped by Joey, an angry Sophia leaves just as Kelly arrives. As Kelly and Joey prepare to leave to go sailing, her cell phone rings and she has to attend to an emergency at The Sun. She leaves the house and Sophia, in hiding, looks on.

Jessica and Cristian

Jessica and Cristian meet with Dr. Conklin at the hospital, who tells them that the baby has dropped and may be born within the week. Jessica asks Dr. Conklin to tell her the sex of the baby and they learn it's a girl. As Jessica and Cristian excitedly talk about their baby girl's arrival, Will overhears and then hides from their view.

Nora's Search for Renee's Baby

Nora walks into her office and trips over the maintenance man. He tells her that her computer has been making noises all night. She looks and finds that she has email and the first one she opens is the same one that Max intercepted the day before. The email is from a nurse who was present when Renee delivered her baby. Sam comes in the office and stops Nora from telling Renee about it right away. When Nora feels guilty about keeping it from her, Sam reminds her of the disappointment Renee suffered when she met the spaced out cowboy thinking he was her son. He finally convinces her to wait until it's confirmed and then talks her into going to Las Vegas for a night so they could meet this nurse themselves.

Nora arrives at the hospital and asks Dr. Conklin to rush Matthew's DNA test, but is told that it can't be rushed. Just as Dr. Conklin assures Nora that everything will be ok, Sam steps off the elevator and asks them what they are talking about. Nora lets Sam think that she was discussing whether or not it's ok to leave Matthew for a night, and Dr. Conklin goes along with it.

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The day began with Joey at the carriage house refusing to answer the ringing phone. Kevin came over, and Joey proceeded to tell him what had happened at the Crossroads with Sophia. Kevin reassured him that he did nothing wrong because he thought that Kelly had married Max. Kevin did warn him that lies would only make the situation worse, as he knows from personal experience. Then, Joey convinced Kevin to find Grace and get to know her... forgetting about what she had done. Kevin did just that. He went to Sam's house, where he found Grace alone with Matthew. He helped her quiet him, by feeding him and putting him down for a nap. Grace was babysitting because Sam and Nora were on their way to Las Vegas to meet with the nurse who was there when Renee's son was born. Grace and Will had been shopping, prior to this. Kevin told Grace that he learned about babies from his son, Duke. He also told her that he wanted to stay and get to know her better.

Meanwhile at Logan's department store, Jessica and Cristian were shopping for clothes for Jessica and Will's baby girl. They ran into Will and Grace there, before Grace headed back to Sam's. Will told them that he had overheard them find out the sex of the baby. Jess reminded him that he will be a part of his child's life. She also invited them to Cristian's and her engagement party. After Will and Grace left, Cristian threatened to break Will's jaw. Jessica calmed him down by telling him how much she loves him. He promised to try to make things civil... for the baby's sake.

During this time, Max and Blair were on a plane to Las Vegas, where they plan to swindle Asa and Renee's son out of his inheritance. When they arrived at Mrs. Hoffman's, they introduced themselves as Nora and Sam. The nurse showed them the picture she had of the real Nora and Sam. She warned them that she would call the police if they didn't start explaining.

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marina Lawson


Viki is pecking away at her laptop and is looking out the window for Ben, who appears with a rose. They make small talk about the rose he's picked, how he was performing surgery (picking the rose) and Viki giddily asks him how the patient is, which segues into Ben observing surgery at the hospital. Viki continues to moon over him and invites Ben to come live with her (which is still so un-Viki-like and makes me nauseous). Ben, like me, can't believe that very proper Victoria Lord Carpenter is asking him to "shack up." Viki bobs her head like one of those car ornaments.

Asa's Mansion

Clint is bidding adieu to his girlfriend, trying to convince her to stay, but she's determined to get back to business. Besides (I really like this woman, she has a lot of class), Dallas doesn't feel she fits in while Clint becomes a grandpa and a father-in-law.

In the other room, Asa is trying to reach Nora and is irritated to find that Nora isn't in. Asa wants his son found now.

Nurse Ester's House

Blair and Max are trying to convince Nurse Ester that they're Sam and Nora. They lamely try to explain the reason they don't look like the photos is plastic surgery after a terrible accident. Nurse Ester doesn't buy it and puts out a zinger; she wants to know if they paid extra for the shifty looks. Max and Blair continue to try to pull the wool over her eyes and she threatens to call the police. Nurse Ester guesses the whole thing is about money and Max and Blair finally admit it, but Blair goes further; she tells Nurse Ester about the aneurysm and tries to pull a sympathy ploy. The doorbell rings. It's Sam and Nora.

Max and Blair hide in the next room as Nurse Ester shows Sam and Nora in the room. They begin to exchange information about Renee and her delivery, including Renee's past history as a Madame. Sam confirms that she was present for the delivery. (Blair and Max are listening in the next room). Nurse Ester's details are clear and Nora asks if she remembers the adoptive parents? Nurse Ester abruptly excuses herself to make tea for Sam and Nora.

Sam's House

Kevin is watching Grace dance solo and applauds when she finishes. Grace invites him to dance and the conversation is really boring as she gets Kevin to dance.


Viki tells Ben she isn't all that proper. (I still don't buy this relationship; Viki is too willing to dismiss Ben's past and refers to him as "cute"). Ben agrees to move in and they kiss for the 10,000th time in this scene.

Sam's House

Grace is dancing with Kevin and he compares himself to Bo (no one dances like Bo). The conversation continues to be a snoozer and Kevin puts major moves on Grace, which she rejects.


Ben asks if Viki has any routine and she continues to look at him like a lovesick kid. They kiss, they sit on the couch, they stack their legs, and she moons at him again. Ben then starts to seduce Viki and he suggests they check out the spare bedrooms. They make out again. Clint and Jessica enter the room and catch them in their makeout session. Clint and Viki look uncomfortable.

Nurse Ester's House

Nurse Ester makes tea and makes small talk. Nora cuts to the chase and asks if she can remember the name of the adoptive parents. She hems and haws and says the name went out of her head. Sam offers her money, but she says it's not about money. It's amazing that she remembered so much detail and now can't remember the name of the parents. Nurse Ester continues to stonewall Sam and Nora about how she can get the records and they offer to come back. Nurse Ester suggests that they go to a hotel and come back later. Sam and Nora agree.

Once Sam and Nora are gone she tells Blair and Max she wants $100,00 in cash, up front.


Viki tries to recover her embarrassment at being caught and tells Jessica she wasn't expecting her home so soon (obviously). Ben mumbles something lame and Jessica looks at Ben and then at her Dad (Clint looks like he wishes he were somewhere else). Jessica says she wants to say something to Viki and her Dad and Ben tries to excuse himself. Viki protests and Jessica tells him not to go. Clint still looks uncomfortable. They all go into the den and Jessica tells them to close their eyes. She brings out a little pink shirt; the baby is a girl. Clint and Viki are delighted and Ben looks on as they go on about Jessica and what a great kid she was. Viki suddenly looks pensive and Jessica asks her what the matter is? Viki leaves the room and now Ben is looking uncomfortable at the family scene.

Sam's House

The doorbell rings and it's Asa, who immediately starts in on Grace and how she brought misery to town. Grace looks at him defiantly.

Nurse Ester's House

Blair can't believe she wants $100,000. Max says they can't get the money tonight. Blair offers to cut her in on the deal when they get their money. Nurse Ester smells the fear and desperation. Blair asks Nurse Ester if she wants Max's aneurysm to burst (I, for one would like to see it happen soon; I can't believe that Max would allow himself to be sucked in by Blair to do something so underhanded and hideous to Renee. Renee has been like a mother to him) and Nurse Ester tells Max and Blair they should get the money before she gets it from Sam and Nora. Max and Blair scurry away like the rats that they are.

Sam's House

Grace stands up to Asa, (which has turned out to be her thing). Asa attacks the Rappaports, Grace stands up to him, Asa insults, Grace fights back, Asa leaves. The baby cries which saves us from Grace continuing her tirade. Kevin is amused (of course he is, he has no family loyalty) and Asa and Renee go to leave when Kevin informs him that Sam and Nora have gone to Vegas. Renee reminds him about Jessica's engagement party, but Asa has a mission.


Clint and Jessica are talking about her baby girl. Clint is great as he tells her that he'll have to take back a couple of the "boy" gifts, like the cowboy hat. Jessica nixes that, she wants her daughter to have the hat and wants her Dad to teach the baby to ride. As they talk about Jess's childhood, Ben is in the background looking uncomfortable. Viki comes back into the room with a pink blanket that belonged to Megan. Viki explains to Ben who Megan was. Jess is thrilled with the blanket and says she wants to name the baby Megan Victoria. Clint and especially Viki are moved to tears (Ben is still on the fringe, looking like a portrait). This whole scene is a killer because you know what's coming up around the bend, what dogs the writers are! Viki and Clint hug Jessica.

A Vegas Hotel

Sam and Nora are grossing me out talking about going up to their room and Sam takes Nora to "show her something."

Max and Blair come into the casino. Blair reminds Max he's a gambling addict. They decide to hock their jewelry, max out the credit cards and go for the big spin.

Sam's House

Kevin is practicing his dancing and Grace comes into the room with the baby. Kevin apologizes for his grandfather and Grace tells Kevin to go home; Asa has spoiled the mood, but Kevin knows it's more than that. Kevin thanks her for the great time and leaves. As he pauses outside, he watches from the outside as Grace dances with the baby. Why she can't see his big fat face in the window, I don't know.


Jessica excuses herself to put things away in the nursery. Viki goes back to kiss Ben AGAIN and apologizes for not being able to show him any spare bedrooms (yuck). Ben knows it's too early for him to be moving in (at least one of them has sense, too bad it's not the older one of this couple). Ben goes to get ready for the party and they make out some more.

Asa's Mansion

Asa tells Renee to hurry up and get ready. Clint comes in and asks where they're going? Asa tells him they have to make up for lost time and that they're going to Vegas to find Nora and Sam. Clint asks him about Jessica's party and Asa says he'll make it up to her. Asa and Renee leave and Clint goes into the living room. He pours himself a drink and drinks to Jessica's baby, Megan Victoria.

A Backyard in Vegas

Sam takes Nora to the backyard of the house he grew up in. Please let me say that I can't stand that she looks at Sam the way she used to look at Bo.

The Casino

Max and Blair take their wad of cash and buy chips.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Lindsay told Dorian that Bo must never learn that she altered his test results. Dorian advised Lindsay to get some sleep and gave her a powerful sleeping pill. After accidentally picking up Dorian's cell phone, Lindsay rushed to the hospital and attempted to stop Matthew's DNA test. Delphina visited Dorian and predicted tragedy ahead for a blonde woman. Joey worried about going to Jessica and Cristian's engagement party at the Crossroads and running into Sophia. Kelly was able to convince Joey to go to the party and Joey's nightmare came true when Sophia showed up. Will continued to feel left out when he heard Jessica and Cristian tell Carlotta what they decided to name the baby. Blair and Max hit the casino to try to raise the money to pay off Ester. After blowing their own money, Blair found a $100 chip that Max managed to turn into the fortune they needed. Meanwhile, Sam and Nora returned to Ester's and were frustrated when she didn't answer the door. After getting her money, Ester turned all the birth records over to Max and Blair and they were shocked to discover the identity of the Buchanan heir.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins

Crossroads--Jessica's Engagement Party

Téa and John have finally made an appearance in Llanview, at the Crossroads, all loving and kissing. Roseanne appears upset as she looks at them and then looks away, she's jealous. Cristian and Jessica are kissing as, across the room, Viki and Clint converse about their baby, Jessica. They seem very happy to be grandparents again. Everything's changing, he says, and Viki agrees.

What a strange sight, Kelly, Joey, Sophia and Will, all together. Kelly introduces herself to Sophia. Sophia covers for Joey as she uses Will in her plot to deceive Kelly, prentending that she is Will's girlfriend. But all of a sudden, Joey says, you guys don't have to lie for me. Kelly thinks that Joey and the barmaid have slept together, they look guilty. Kelly runs out of the bar and Joey follows her and explains himself to Kelly. He explains that it was a mistake he got drunk and he slept with Sophia. He says it wasn't cheating. Kelly seems to understand after he explained, but then she punches Joey hard in the stomach and walks away.

He doubles over with pain as Kevin walks up to see how he's doing and tells Joey how Asa walked into Sam's house and screwed up everything between Grace and himelf. Joey explains about Kelly, that she found out about Sophia, Kevin laughs about the fact that Kelly hit him.

Ben is talking to Sophia, she says Clint is going to take Viki away from him. Clint is wondering about Viki's choice of clubs to hang out in, Viki explains it was Jessica's choice to have the party here. Kevin walks up and explains about Kelly and how she decked Joey. Viki excuses herself to go to Ben. Kevin says Kelly has a dangerous right. Viki walks up to Ben lovingly. Ben admits he is a little jealous of her time with Clint, which makes Viki happy. Will has a pager and wants Jessica to page him when she has the baby. Roseanne slithers up to Will and tells him that he is out of the picture.

Viki and Carlotta talk about Ben and Viki, Carlotta is teasing Viki. She thinks he's a keeper and a looker. Téa and John walk up and greet them. Carlotta tries to get Viki to do karaoke, everyone cheers Viki on, but she gives a speech instead. Viki is so proud of the loving engaged couple. Ben watches as Viki is so happy, making her speech. She can't wait for the baby to come. Will stands by, tormented. He finally speaks up and says he is the biological father. Viki tried to clear up matters and include Will, but Cristian walks up to Will, getting in his face and asking what the problem is. Will stands up to Cristian, he feels left out of the baby's life. Will and Cristian fight as Roseanne insinuates that it is Jessica's fault. Will is screaming as Jessica leaves the Crossroads.


Nora and Sam are on their way back to their hotel room. They began lovemaking in the hallway and are glad they are alone and back together. They will not be disturbed. Nora and Sam are about to get intimate, they joke back and forth, they feel sexy and they want each other. Nora is happy and Sam, he is out of his skull with happiness. Sam caresses her gently as she closes her eyes, they talk about tonight being theirs and not for anyone else (just think, a few months ago she was in love with Bo). The door opens and a couple bursts in and says this is our room. They introduce themselves. The lady says she remembers Sam, she is elated, she can't wait to tell people back home she met *the* Sam Rappaport. She wants his autograph, he writes it and the couples gives them their room. They leave and Sam and Nora continue their love affair. Meanwhile, downstairs Asa and Renee are checking to find out what room Sam and Nora are in. The clerk says they cannot be disturbed. Asa is still trying to get their room number, but to no avail. The couple who burst into Nora's room are in the lobby right next to Asa and Renee. They are happy they met Sam Rappaport, Asa is very happy when he overhears their conversation. Nora comes out of the bathroom, dressed in virginal white and Sam says he blew his chances before, but Nora assures him he has her now. He truly loves her, as he undresses her, the time is now and in the past it was not right. It does not matter and we are alone, no interruptions, says Sam, it's too perfect. They proceed to make love and talk about the joy and passion they have for each other. They kiss passionately and love each other.


Madame Delphina is there giving her other-worldly advice, she's talking about a blonde woman in a tragedy, maybe Viki, she's getting mixed signals. The madame sees a wedding and something stopping it. Dorian and the madame talk about Viki and Ben and how handsome Ben is. She is so bitter and jealous that Madame Delphina says, get over it Dorian. Delphina is really laying one on Dorian so thick, she is pretending to be channeling Mel's spirit, and Dorian is falling for it (that's one for the books). Delphina pretends to be Mel and discusses Viki with her, telling Dorian (as Mel) that the accident was not Viki's fault. Dorian is believing everything more and more. Delphina touches her and Dorian is believing that Mel is right there. Dorian is cracking and Delphina hugs her and Dorian says Mel, don't ever let me go. Delphina tells her to live her life, stop this vendetta. The two women look at each other, Dorian refuses to let it go. You can do it (Mel) Delphina says and she kisses Dorian, they both kiss, they hug as well. Delphina says Mel is gone, Dorian pulls on Delphina, and Delphina explains that was not me hugging you. Dorian is trying to accept the situation, but I don't believe her. Delphina jokes click your heels three times and ring me. Delphina explains tragedy is lurking everywhere, don't stop getting on with your life, and she leaves Dorian to ponder her thoughts. Dorian looks at her pictures of herself and Mel, she thinks of him and smiles, their wedding and love. She might finally be letting go of the vendetta.

Dorian is in the car on her way to the party at Crossroads, looking at Mel's and Viki's picture as she's driving. Jessica is out in the street, not looking because she's having contractions. She looks up, but it is too late. Dorian does not see Jessica until the last second and she hits her with the car.


Lindsay goes to see Nora's doctors and asks for a blood sample of Matthew's back, saying that Nora has decided not to go ahead with the test. Lindsay lies as usual, but he refuses to give it to her. Lindsay begs, she is asking about the outside lab where the blood sample went to. Lindsay is on a roll, she is lying 100 miles an hour. She is begging the technician to give her the blood sample, she will give him *anything* for the sample and we know what's she's offering, but he refuses, he's not interested, he is gay.

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