OLTL Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on One Life to Live
Nora decided to have Matthew's DNA tested. Kelly ran out of the church and announced that she couldn't marry Max. Renee and Asa were married. Jessica accepted Cristian's marriage proposal. Max and Blair decided to scam Asa instead of Kelly.
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Monday, May 17, 1999

The Big Day

After a passionate night at The Palace, Bo reluctantly gets dressed for Asa's wedding. Lindsay encourages him to go and as he is about to do so, he returns to the bed and asks Lindsay to be his date.

As Viki prepares to leave for the wedding, the doorbell rings and Ben, all decked out in a tux, grins at her. Viki, after a change of heart, decided to ask Ben to not come to the wedding, explaining that she thought it might make Clint uncomfortable. Ben takes it well, telling her he understands, and after they say how much they love one another, he leaves to check on Sam.

Over at St. James's Church, Max sat contemplating his imminent marriage to Kelly when Blair came up from behind and surprised him. She is upset when he tells her he can't go through with it and pushes him on with the promise that she will be waiting for him when it's over. R.J. shows up with the ring and tells him he should pray for a reprieve.

Asa asks Clint to intervene in Bo and Nora's breakup to get them back together. Clint refuses to do so and Asa, launching into his blind hatred of all things Rappaport, gives yet another ‘Rappaport's are the cause of the everything wrong with the world' speech. Andrew walks in and everyone wonders where Max and Bo are. Asa sneers at Blair's cake performance the night before and vows that if Max ever hurts Kelly, he'll tear him from limb to limb.

Clint and Bo greet one another at the church, and much to Asa's chagrin, Lindsay shows up on Bo's arm. After everyone leaves the room, Blair appears from hiding and rushes to Max's dressing room. Passions explode and the wedding is momentarily forgotten.

Clint and Lindsay chat and he tells her she's more tolerable now that they aren't married. Clint goes on to warn her that Bo will never get over Nora. When Lindsay goes into the church, Clint turns around and faces Viki. He excuses himself and greets a woman with a hug, then turns around and introduces Viki to ‘Dallas'. Viki tries to explain Ben's absence, regretting her decision to not include Ben. In distress, she tells Kevin what she had done, and he convinces her that she needn't attend yet another Asa Buchanan wedding. In relief she rushes out of the church to Ben's arms.

In another part of the church Kelly, Grace, Jessica and Renee are putting on the finishing touches. When asked if she had ‘something old', Kelly straps on the watch that Joey gave her. Everyone discreetly leaves when Joey shows up. He tells Kelly she has never looked more beautiful. Joey confesses his love for her, and even though she responds that there is no chance of backing out of the wedding, she is moved by his declaration of love and is obviously having doubts that marrying Max is the right thing to do.

As the ladies leave for the wedding, Renee asks Nora to stay behind a moment and when they are alone she asks her if she has found out anything new about her son. Nora encourages Renee to tell Asa about him, but Renee can't do that.

Asa is angrily asking where Max is, and R.J. goes to find him. Already in a scramble to get dressed, Max and Blair panic when R.J. knocks, and Blair goes into hiding. After Max lets R.J. in, R.J. tells him it might be a good idea to wash the lipstick off his face.

The procession begins and Grace and Nora are the first to head down the aisle, followed by two very nervous and extremely agitated brides. Renee, because she's reconsidering her decision to keep Asa's and her son a secret from Asa. Kelly, because the reality of what she's about to do hits her.

Andrew reads the vows, and after Max says ‘I do', Kelly says ‘I don't'. She then rushes out of the church with Max running after her and Blair jumps into the picture in a panic as she sees dollar signs run out the door with Kelly.

Andrew then turns to Asa and Renee and Renee responds, ‘I can't say I do. I can't marry you'.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The day began with Kelly and Dorian outside the church. Kelly was crying and upset, when Max ran out after her. Kelly told him that she didn't love him and didn't want to marry him. She asked him if he loved her, and he let it slip that he had kissed Blair. That was enough to convince Kelly to get in the car with Dorian. Max only left when Dorian threatened to shoot him with pepper spray. Once in the car, Kelly confided in Dorian that she was marrying Max so that she wouldn't feel anything. Dorian convinced her that loving Mel was still worth the pain of losing him. After much crying and hugging, Kelly finally admitted that she is falling in love with Joey. She wants to go find him before it's too late for them. Meanwhile, Joey went to the Crossroads and began drinking. Sophia recognized him from a picture in the newspaper and began to flirt with him at the pool table.

Back inside the church, both Bo and Clint were confused as to what was going on between their pa and Renee. Grace and Kevin discussed Joey and Kelly and she told him she doesn't want to invest in her new family. Nora tried to talk to Bo, but Lindsay interrupted them. Jessica was uncomfortable sitting and waiting, where Cristian promises to be a good husband and stepfather when the time is right. Clint told her that he would be proud for her to marry Cris, and that he's happy she decided to keep the baby. Nora confronted Lindsay about being so jumpy and scared. Then Nora asked Bo if they could go for a walk, in order to avoid any further interruptions. Once in the cemetery, Nora began to tell Bo what was on her mind, reassuring him that she did not blame him for shooting Sam. Bo told her that he knew she wanted to move on with her life, so he would not contest their divorce. Before Nora could correct him, Lindsay interrupted again.

Renee and Asa went to another room to talk. Asa was upset at first, but calmed down once he heard what Renee had to say. She finally told him that the reason she broke their relationship off in Nevada was that she had been pregnant with his son, and had then given the baby up for adoption. Asa was confused, but promised her they would do whatever it took to locate their boy. They never realized that Blair had been listening to the entire conversation. Then they returned to the church, where Asa thanked the guests for being patient. Before Andrew resumed the ceremony, Asa asked Bo if he and Nora wanted to renew their vows. They both shook their heads in disagreement. Asa and Renee then finished the wedding.

Max ended up in the same room where Asa and Renee had been talking, Blair was still there. She told him what she heard them say and that they have stumbled onto a "gold mine." She wants to go after Asa's money now, and leave Kelly alone.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Kevin was able to convince Grace to stick around for Asa and Renee's reception. Grace later stood up to Asa when he insulted the Rappaports during a toast. Lindsay went searching for Nora and later became upset when she realized Nora told Andrew the truth about Bo's test results. Lindsay listened in as Andrew told Nora not to tell either Sam or Bo until she had a DNA test taken to determine who Matthew's father was. At Sam's, Ben and Sam talked to Grace about when she was a baby. Ben convinced Grace to stay in Llanview and she agreed to move in with Sam. Meanwhile, Kelly desperately tried to find Joey. At the Crossroads, a drunken Joey couldn't resist a seductive Sophia. Clint gave Cristian his blessing to marry Jessica, and an elated Jessica later accepted Cristian's marriage proposal.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

After he spent the night with Sophia, a remorseful Joey told her that he was not ready to get involved. When Joey returned home, he found Kelly waiting for him on his doorstep. Kelly tearfully explained to Joey that she did not marry Max and then professed her love. Later, Sophia called the gatehouse and Joey nervously told Kelly it was a wrong number. Lindsay confronted Nora and threatened to tell Sam and Bo the truth if Nora had Matthew's DNA tested. Nora challenged Lindsay and decided to go through with the DNA test anyway. R.J. tried to rattle both Téa and Sykes when he saw them together at The Palace restaurant. Bo and Clint were genuinely happy when Asa gave them the shocking news that they had another brother. Will wasn't happy to learn of Jessica's engagement, but she assured him that no matter what, he would always be a part of their baby's life.

Friday, May 21, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins

The Banner

Max and Blair are at the Banner and Blair is conspiring to scam Asa now instead of Kelly's. She is trying to convince Max, she wants money, money, money. Max wants her to forget this plan. But nonetheless she convinces him to go along with her scam.

Clint comes into Kevin's office and is admiring the new looks of his old office. Clint tells him he knew Kevin was ready to sit in his chair. Kevin and Clint discuss Viki and his feelings for her, him leaving town was the best thing, especially when he met Dallas. Clint is happy with his new love, he has no regrets. Dallas walks in and she and Clint want Kevin to come to dinner, but Kevin declines.

Blair is working her charm on Max and she says she will make up for all the bad things that have happened to him. Blair wants Max and she wants him to fight. Max looks at her computer and he asks what can I do to track down Asa's love child. Blair wants Max to snoop over at Nora's office to get the goods on "the love child." Blair kisses him.

Kevin is on the phone trying to find out about Grace's whereabouts, she has checked out of her hotel room. Grace goes to the Banner looking for Kevin, Blair sees her and tells her lies about Kevin. Grace leaves.

After going over to Nora's (see below), Max comes in the Banner with the information for Blair. Blair is elated.

The Park

Sam, Grace and Ben are setting up for a picnic, they are worried about Sam. Sam says something is going on, they have a secret and Nora will kill them if they spill their guts. Ben tells Sam that he and Nora can get intimate in about a week. Grace does not want to date right now, because Kevin doesn't want anything to do with her. Sam and Ben plot to eat up all of her french fries while she takes care of Matthew. They discuss family issues, as far as Kevin is concerned. Ben and Sam are trying to convince Grace to give Kevin another chance. Kevin is at the park looking for Grace he sees Ben. (Grace has gone to the Banner looking for Kevin) Ben tells Kevin he is meeting Viki later at the Palace for fireworks. Kevin says Clint will be there as well. Ben admires Clint, Viki and Clint are suited for each other, he says. Ben is feeling bad since Clint came to town. Ben says he has nothing to office Victoria Lord, Kevin tries to make him feel better by saying his parents were too perfect. Kevin says Viki needs adventure and happiness. Ben says he waited a long time to find somebody like her. Grace meets Kevin in the park, they kiss. Kevin looks away at the fireworks as Grace sneaks away. He turns back around and she is gone.


Nora and Sam are at the fireworks along with everyone else. Nora asks Sam about Lindsay, whether she was interested in Bo while she was still married to Clint. Then she decides to drop the subject, she's not going to let Lindsay ruin this night. She and Sam kiss the night away.

Lindsay and Bo are watching the fireworks enjoying their time together.

The Spa

Dorian and Lindsay: Lindsay is still trying to conspire against Nora, Dorian tells her she is no good at it. Meanwhile, Viki and Jessica are right in the next room from Dorian and Lindsay. Viki wants a larger robe for Jessica and she asks the attendant who doesn' t want to give Viki another one. Dorian is telling Lindsay to stop all of that talking. Meanwhile Dorian overhears Viki talking to Jessica in the other room. Viki is asking Jessica if she wants an engagement party, Jessica wants the party at the Crossroads. Viki is surprised, but agrees with her. Dorian bursts into the room and tells Viki to shut up, Dorian is tormented by Viki happiness, she is jealous. Dorian starts talking about Ben and Viki in a jealous rage, Viki takes her out in the hallway, Viki threatens Dorian to get along with everyone or she will have her arrested. Dorian is speechless. Back inside, Viki is talking to Jessica about Ben. Jessica says he is good looking. Ben caught Viki off guard, she developed feelings for him immediately. Viki explains to Jessica that Cristian is her first chance.

Nora's office

Bo comes in and Nora hurriedly gets rid of information on computer about birth and conception. Bo wants to make everything legal, he gives Nora divorce papers. He wants to end the relationship, but Nora is looking as if it is not the right time. No problems, no kids, just a quickie divorce, Bo says, as Nora looks faint. Nora says she is fine with the divorce, he just came at the wrong time. They talk about if they had had a son, how would things would have turned out. Nora still loves him, she wants to tell him about the baby, but she can't. She brings up the house instead, she wants to move out of there and give the house back to Bo. Bo declines the house and says she can stay there for now, whenever she's ready he says. She thought they would make it. Bo says, but not together. Bo asks Nora about working on the baby. She says, what baby? He says I know about Asa and Renee's baby.

In walks Max. Bo asks how does he feel. Max remarks, as bad as any dumped guy. They talk about Bo's fishing trip, Nora looks strange, Bo leaves. Max tells Nora he wants to look at his will, he finds out he has nothing to leave his children. Nora is wondering why he is acting so morbid when he says he wants to get his estate in order. Nora and Max are going over the will when Sam comes in with the baby. Nora asks Sam why is he out of bed. He wants Nora to go to the park. She says she can't. Max tells her he wants to look over the changes and to go to the park with Sam. Nora and Sam leave. Meanwhile, Max searches the files, then he proceeds to open her email and finds what he is looking for, BINGO -- YOU HAVE MAIL. It's an email from the nurse that was present when Renee gave birth to her son.

The Palace

Dorian walks in and sees Viki, Jessica and Ben together and they are having a great time, laughing and talking. Clint walks up and asks them to join himself and Dallas. They get up and go on the terrace.

Lindsay walks in and Dorian asks her if she is alone, Lindsay says no, I am with Bo. So he doesn't know, says Dorian. Lindsay says she is the most dangerous woman on earth. Dorian says, no, the most dangerous woman on earth is one that has nothing to lose.

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