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Monday, April 26, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson

At Dorian's

Viki lays unconscious on the sofa in Dorian's house as Dorian and Hugo look on. Dorian assures Hugo that they are alone, but just then Blair, Max, and Starr walk in the front door.

After Starr goes to bed, Blair vents her anger over finding Téa at the penthouse. She is also afraid of the upcoming MRI, but Max assures her he will be with her throughout the test. Blair tells Max he should go home to Kelly after he asks her if he should stay in one of the guestrooms at Dorian's. Blair asks Max not to tell Kelly that he was with her. He promises and adds that he will not sleep with Kelly because he is in love with Blair. When the recent fire at Indigo comes up, Max tells Blair that it's only real estate - she's what's important. He leaves after a goodnight kiss and Blair heads upstairs to bed.

Back in the living room, Hugo and Dorian debate over whether Viki was given too much chloroform. Dorian is worried and says, "We wouldn't want her to suffocate.", to which Hugo replies, "At least not until she tells us what we want to know." As Viki comes to, she sees Dorian and asks her if she is completely out of her mind.

Starr enters Blair's room and tells her she just lost a tooth. She wants to sleep with Blair because she had a bad dream about looking for her and not being able to find her. Starr asks Blair if she feels sick and Blair denies she is and gets out of bed to go downstairs to get a book that Starr wants read to her. Blair promises Starr that mommy will never be sick again and will never leave her.

Viki sits up with a king-sized headache and finds her hands tied behind her back. She becomes angry with Dorian about using Jessica to lure her into her trap, and disbelieving her predicament exclaims, "I know you blame me for Mel's death, but this is ridiculous. You cannot do this". Dorian tells her it looks to her as if she is doing it. Viki then turns to Hugo and says, "Whatever she's paying you, you won't get to spend it. You'll spend the rest of your life in prison on kidnapping charges". When Dorian recalls a time when she was kidnapped and held prisoner by Viki and then goes on to mimic one of Viki's alters, Viki quickly turns back to Hugo and says, "Whatever she's paying you, I'll double it". Hugo is humored as Dorian explains that they are donating their services to each other, and a horrified Viki then realizes that Hugo is the man who is after Ben. Viki screams for help and Hugo pulls a revolver and tells her, "silence - or I'll silence you for good".

Viki tells Dorian that Hugo is a criminal and not who Dorian thinks he is. She tries to convince Dorian that he a killer and that he is just using her to get at Ben. Hugo loudly demands she tell him of Ben's whereabouts, but Viki feigns illness to stall him. Dorian, thinking Viki will get sick all over her living room, goes to get her something, but as she walks out of the living room, Blair sees her and says, "Dorian, I thought I heard somebody scream." Dorian does some quick thinking and tells her that she only heard a horror movie on the TV. Dorian refuses to let her go to the living room and tells Blair the book she is looking for is in Starr's room. When Blair becomes suspicious about Dorian's refusal to let her in the living room, Dorian tells her she is entertaining a friend in there, but he is very shy. Blair wants to meet her hot date, but gives in to Dorian. Dorian returns to the living room and tells Hugo that Viki will have to go to the coal cellar. Hugo leaves the room to check out the coal cellar, and Viki once again tries to convince Dorian that he will kill both of them. Dorian says no one is going to die, then adds, "although from what I hear, your beloved Ben may deserve a lethal injection". "Ben hasn't done anything wrong", replies Viki. Dorian smugly looks at her and declares, "He makes you happy. And that in my book that is a cardinal sin". Viki becomes increasingly panicked as she explains to Dorian that he is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of a little girl not even two years old that he had recently killed the little girl's father. When Dorian still refuses to give any credence to Viki's words, Viki spouts, "You've let this insane vendetta go to your head so badly, that you are totally blind to what is really going on here. That man is a killer. We've got to get away from here, otherwise you and I are going to wind up extremely dead". Dorian, hard headed as ever, won't accept any of it. She recalls her belief that Viki killed Mel, to which Viki responds that it is Hugo who is responsible for Mel's plane having crashed.

Starr walks into Blair's room and says she hears somebody downstairs... maybe it's the tooth fairy. Blair, however, is sleeping, so Starr says she's going downstairs herself to check it out. As Starr leaves the room, Hugo walks into the living room and makes Viki go down to the coal cellar. Just when they disappear down the stairs to the coal cellar, Starr reaches the living room and cautiously enters it thinking the toothfairy is lost. She finds a bracelet belonging to Viki and satisfied there is no one there, leaves the room. When she is outside the basement door, she hears a noise from downstairs and heads toward the door. Meanwhile, Hugo locks Viki in the coal cellar while Dorian turns a deaf ear to Viki's pleading to let her out of there. Viki once again screams for help.

Where is Viki?

Kevin tells Ben that Jessica was never at the hospital and she's not in labor. He calls Jessica, who answers the phone and verifies that she is ok. Jessica doesn't know where Viki is and Kevin, Jessica, and Ben start to get worried. Kevin decides the call was a setup and Ben tries to go look for Viki, but Kevin stops him and says as long as they (Hugo) don't have Ben, Viki is safe.

Grace is standing on the roof at Rodi's when she gets a call from Kevin, who wants to know where Viki is. Grace tells him she doesn't know and when Kevin explains that she has been missing, Grace responds, "It's got to be Ben". With Ben standing right behind him, Kevin assures her it is not Ben. Grace figures this out and says she wants to see Ben, but Kevin doesn't say and he demands to know where Grace is. Grace retorts, "If you're going to believe Ben Davidson over me, then I don't want to see you", and she hangs up. Kevin, convinced that Grace knows something, sets out to find her and make her show him where Viki is.

The first place he looks is on the roof at the Palace Hotel. Again, she tells him she doesn't know where Viki is. Kevin becomes very angry, believing she is lying and says, "If I were in your shoes right now, I would consider your telling me exactly what you and your grandfather did to my mother."

Jessica arrives at the Millhouse and asks Ben what he is doing there and if he knows Kevin and Viki's whereabouts. He continues making her believe he is just a carpenter and acts like he knows nothing. Jessica tells Ben she is wondering if she should call Clint. She tells Ben the story of Clint and Viki's relationship and tells him about Lindsay and their marriage in Las Vegas. Ben assures Jessica that Viki is ok. She changes her mind about calling Clint. She says he will be there for when she has the baby, and Ben wonders out loud if he will still be around to meet him. After Jessica leaves, Ben panics and leaves to look for Viki.

Grace insists that Hugo will not hurt Viki, but persists in her statement that she doesn't know anything about Viki's disappearance. Kevin is enraged and shouts at Grace to get it into her thick skull that Hugo is a murderer and that he has his mother. Grace then confesses that Hugo has a gun and she believes he might use it. As Kevin presses on, Grace looks increasingly doubtful about what she has been led to believe.

At Max's

Kelly lets Joey in at Max's, telling him she invited him over for a movie and popcorn. Joey asks her if it is really because Max isn't there. She tells him she enjoys being with him, but vents her anger about his treatment of her because of Max. Joey replies, "You really are empty inside aren't you?" Kelly doesn't care one way or the other if she is and tells him it's easier that way. Joey says she can go about life feeling or not feeling, as she likes, but he will not join the club, then throws out, "and I'm not still hung up on you." He tries to leave, and Kelly stops him.

Joey tells Kelly that using Max as an anaesthetic isn't going to keep her from feeling. Kelly responds, "Max doesn't dull my senses, he excites them". When she goes on to say she has no feelings for Max, and it's just lust, Joey asks her if she remembers what it's like to really love someone and tells her it is what she needs... intensity... a connection. Max walks in just as Kelly stops Joey from a kiss. She greets Max with a hug. Max surprised to see Joey.

Kelly tries to get rid of Joey, but Max wants him to say. Joey leaves anyway. Max tries to avoid answering any of Kelly's questions about Florida and Kelly says, "So, you were with Blair, weren't you." Max denies it and pushes her away saying he has to find R.J. Kelly becomes hurt at Max's resistance to her.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Written by: Marti Dixon

Lindsay and Bo are out at the movies, when Bo says that he and Nora used to rent classics. Lindsay says that the movie they are watching looks more like the kind of one-nighter that they had. Bo takes her hand, and places it on his knee. They are just getting cozy, when Bo's phone rings and he must leave. He ends up at the Carriage House, where Kevin, Jessica, Joey and Ben are all worried about Viki. Kevin and Ben fill Jess and Joey in on what is really going on... that Vki has been kidnapped and Ben is Hamlet, Kevin's source. Joey recognizes Ben from the hallway of the Banner the night that Senator Graham was shot. Ben was the one who called Bo, in order to turn himself in. Kevin tells Bo that Grace is afraid her grandfather is capable of violence. Bo and Ben go to the Police Station, where Bo puts Ben under arrest. Ben warns him that he is making a terrible mistake. After they leave, Jessica has labor pains, so Kevin and Joey take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Hugo Monroe still have Viki held captive in Dorian's cellar. The two women argue over Hugo and Ben's credibility, and Dorian finally leaves Viki alone, with "I Will Survive" on repeat play. While Viki tries to figure out a way to get free, Dorian tells Cassie on the phone that everyhing is fine. Hugo goes to give Ben the message that they have Viki. He runs into Starr Manning upstairs and tries to convince her that he is the tooth fairy. He tries to get her to promise not to tell her mom about him, but she won't.

Sam is sleeping while Nora works on Renee's missing child case. He joins her right before Renee shows up at the door. He suggests that they go ino business together. Renee is glad that she hasn't yet told Asa about the situation. Nora promises her that they will check out any other candidates, so that none of them will think they are space aliens, as Roy did. Renee worries that their son either is dead or wants nothing to do with them. She leaves them with the reminder that Matthew has made them into a family, just as Renee is hoping their son will do for she and Asa. Sam and Nora begin to research the people who worked at the hospital when Baby Buchanan was born. They begin to get romantic, when Matthew starts to cry. They set a date for tomorrow to get a babysitter, so that they can have time alone.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

From his jail cell, Ben pleaded with Bo to let him go so he could search for Viki. Bo refused on the grounds that it was too dangerous. R.J. showed up at Dorian's and asked her for a loan. Even though she denied it, R.J. suspected that Dorian was hiding something about Viki's disappearance. Sam was unimpressed with Bo's plan to trap Viki's kidnappers and didn't want Ben used as bait. Ben received a message from Hugo and with Sam's help, Ben escaped from jail. Lindsay told Nora that her relationship with Sam didn't bother her any more and Lindsay admitted that she had been spending a great deal of time with Bo. At the hospital, friends and family attempted to keep Jessica calm for the baby's sake while Will and Cristian agreed to try to get along. Blair and Max were relieved when the results of Blair's MRI revealed her symptoms were simply caused by an allergy. Blair and Max's happiness turned to shock when the doctor told them that Max had an inoperable aneurysm that will kill him when it ruptures.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Written by: Dawn

Well, as the Ben saga continues, we realize that things are rolling along and this epoch will soon come to a head...

Sam was released from jail when Bo realized there was nothing for which to hold him. Nora and Sam nearly came to blows over his desire to keep Sam. Nora wanted to follow Sam,but he told her not to. Sam rushed to the roof........ Kevin returned to the Mill house to find Ben waiting. Ben showed Kevin how much he loves "ace-reporter-turned-editor" Kevin's mother by vowing to give his life for hers.

Grace persuaded her grandfather to let her help avenge her father's death. He tried to convince her that Kevin wasn't as admirable as she thought (imagine that).

As for Viki and Dorian (stuck in the cellar) Viki tried to convince Dorian that Hugo was responsible for the crash. Dorian showed traces of belief, but then Viki loosened her rope and tried to choke her captor. Just as the rope went near Dorian's throat, Hugo walked in brandishing a gun. He locked both ladies up as he went to the roof.

Upon learning of Max's condition, Blair vowed to help Max fight it as he promised to spend more time with his children.

Friday, April 30, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins


Téa and John come in the door talking about Nora and R.J. John tries to shut her up about other people, he wants to talk about them and their togetherness. She shuts up and tells him they won't be interrupted tonight, and proves it by giving up the cell phone and pulling the plug on the phone. They began to kiss, but at that precise moment Roseanne interrupts them and says "what are we going to do tonight?." They look surprised at her. "Aren't you working tonight", says Téa to Roseanne. She says no and that she wants to stay at the Penthouse. Téa says not now. Roseanne wants to cook for the three of them, John says no. Roseanne offers many suggestions for dinner, she is gloating at them. Téa says she and John want to be alone, then Roseanne laughs and says she was just joking. She feels good tonight and she has a date, she has a new guy and she leaves them. Téa says she bears watching, and she should live there with her.

They try to get passionate again after he locks the door. They kiss while standing up as Téa walks away and continues to talk about Roseanne. John grabs her and tries to kiss again, she breaks away yet again. Téa is afraid of John as they talk and laugh together, but she continues to talk and pull away from him (she never did Todd like that, nor Kevin). Now she's talking about furniture and he accused her of not wanting to be alone with him. She says, do you want me to prove it to you? She walks up to him and kisses and holds him and actually shows him what she wants to do, as she looks around the room, longing for Todd. Téa says she wants this, but John thinks no. He thinks it's his fault, it's being in Todd's Penthouse. John says give this place to Blair. Téa is holding onto Todd's memories. He suggests going to an Inn, she insists that's running away.

John begins to start a fire and says they'll just talk. She says, it's not what you want though. I want to be with you, he says. John tries to light the fire, but he is having trouble. Téa is telling him to be careful. John has his body inside the fireplace as Téa presses a lever and the soot falls down into his face. John and Téa laugh. John is in the shower as Téa slips in and greets him with a kiss, they look at each other.


Grace, Nora and Sam are in the house as Grace says, "I think Ben is walking into an ambush." What ambush, Sam says to Grace. She says, my grandfather wants to kill Ben. Ben killed my father, she says, we want revenge. "I am going to the Palace with you", Nora says to Sam. I have to go, says Sam but insists that Nora stay, at least one of Matthew's partent should be safe. Go out the back door, Sam says to Grace, and wait for me. Promise me you won't follow me, we have a date later tonight, Sam says to Nora. They kiss and hug. Nora has fallen for the big time lawyer Sam and she is worried about him. Nora calls her babysitter after Sam leaves, she has a plan, which involves chasing after Sam. As she opens the door, one of Bo's cops is standing there waiting to take her to Bo.

Roof of the Palace

Ben and Kevin are talking about the book and Hugo. Kevin does not know what he will do to Hugo if he's done anything to Viki. He won't give up Viki without a fight, says Ben, we have to force Hugo to make an exchange. Ben gives the black book to Kevin and has him hide on the roof. Give the book to Hugo when the exchange takes place, he says. Be safe, Kevin says to Ben, as Ben gives Kevin a gun. Ben has a plan and asks Kevin can he shoot the gun. Stay hidden, says Ben, don't let Hugo see you. Tell Viki I love her, Ben says to Kevin.

In walks the great mobster Hugo looking pretty dismayed to find Ben there already. "You're early, do you have the book?", Hugo asks, and wants to know where is it. I want Viki, says Ben. Where is Viki Ben demands. Hugo says, I want the book, you are nothing but trouble, he says. Hugo has other plans for Ben, he is revengeful, he wants Grace to have peace. He pulls a gun out on Ben. Hugo says he will kill him and Viki, as Grace, Sam and another man burst through the door. Hugo tells his accomplice to get back on the stairwell and make sure no one comes in. Grace says you can't kill Sam, he has nothing to do with the business. Sam grabs for the gun and Hugo hits him in the face. Hugo asks for the book as Grace says this is not right and what book are you talking about. They discuss Hugo's son and Ben insists he did everything he could, although he does admit he stopped for a moment when he saw the man's face on the operating table because he was the one who murdered his sister. Your father was a cold blooded killer, Ben tells Grace. Your father never killed that girl, says Hugo, but Grace is unsure. Did he do it, Grace asks Hugo directly. That man could never have hurt you, Hugo says. Sam notices his slip and they realize that Grace is Sam and Ben's sister, she is Masie. Sam's sister is right there on the roof, they kidnapped her and kept her, Sam realizes, Hugo and his son.

Dorian's basement

Viki is pounding on the door and crazy Dorian is meditating, she is finally against Hugo because Hugo locked her in the basement with Viki. She feels betrayed, Viki hollers at Dorian that she is stupid. Stupid Dorian still believes in Hugo, she is so stupid. Viki explains about Hugo, she tries to convince stupid Dorian, but she is still a nonbeliever. Dorian is deranged with craziness. Dorian is having a panic attack, she's a looney, she is banging on the door, talking about the psychic. Viki wants to know about this psychic, Dorian is vague about her, Viki is sarcastic and humorous, what does she know. Dorian has told the psychic everything about everyone, and that the psychic told her things about Viki and Mel. Can you get in touch with her, Viki asks. There is no way out, says Dorian. Viki tries to get the coal shoot down and says she wants to climb up the shoot, but Dorian said that it is closed. Dorian says she has nothing and no one to love. Viki reassures her that she has a whole family, Dorian insists they don't need her. Dorian is tired of the noise as she rattles the shoot and breaks a pipe open. Viki is hollering for Ben and Dorian is jealous, as the pipe is leaking gas.

Police Department

Bo and Hank are talking about Nora and Sam. Bo told the cop on the phone to bring everyone in right now. Bo hopes its not to late. Nora comes in and tells Bo they are in trouble. She tells them that Ben is walking into a trap, Hugo is a very dangerous man, you have to do something, she pleads with him. Sam doesn't know you are here, Bo realizes. Where is the setup, he asks Nora. She says I will go with you, we are wasting time. She goes with him. Nora won't tell Bo where they are until they get there, she keeps telling him where to turn until he sees that it's at the Palace Hotel. Nora is frantically worried and tells him to drive faster, she is in a hurry. He is annoyed and he looks at her as if he's seeing her for the first time, Nora is really in love with Sam. He knows that Nora is in love with Sam at this point, you love him don't you. He sees it in her face, her worry and concern and love for the great and almighty Sam Rappaport.

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