OLTL Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on One Life to Live
R.J. accidentally set fire to an almost bankrupt Club Indigo, and Lindsay and Nora both had to be rescued. Ben and Viki made love. Max located Blair and Starr in Florida. Dorian consulted a psychic. Kevin wanted to call the police on Ben.
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Monday, April 12, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson

Club Indigo

R.J. confesses to Hank that Club Indigo is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Bo congratulates Asa and Renee and questions Grace as to her grandfather's whereabouts. Bo is suspicious because he knows that her grandfather didn't just fly into Llanview as he claims, because Bo had spotted him previously at the park with Grace. Kevin distracts Grace and Bo slips away to look for Hugo. Asa invites everyone to the Palace for a drink and Grace tries to leave, but Kevin and Asa won't let her. Asa notices that Bo has left and thinks it's because he is still holding a grudge.

When everyone leaves except R.J. and Hank, R.J. tells Hank he won't go to The Palace with everyone else is because Téa lives there and he doesn't want to run into her. Hank hands R.J. a cigar and offers to stay at Indigo and talk, but R.J. refuses and Hank leaves. R.J. sits on the counter with a drink and then lights the cigar. As the phone rings, he throws the flame away and Indigo begins to burn. On the phone, Hank insists that R.J. leave and join him and R.J. notices the fire he accidentally started and hangs up. He is about to put it out and then changes his mind and leaves, passing the ladies room where Nora and Lindsay are having it out.

Nora confronts Lindsay in the ‘Out of Order' ladies room. Lindsay says her marriage was a lie and she threatens to expose Sam. Nora tries to tell her that she would be putting Sam and those who are close to him in danger, but Lindsay thinks Nora is bluffing. Nora warns Lindsay that even she may be in danger and Lindsay continues to laugh at her. When Nora tells her that even Will and Jen may be in danger, Lindsay tells her that Will and Jen don't know who their father is and neither does Matthew. Nora is shocked and asks Lindsay what she means by that. Lindsay covers her tracks by telling Nora that their children don't even know their father's real name.

When Lindsay tells Nora that it is Will who is with Matthew, Nora tries to leave, but the door is stuck. Lindsay tries to open it as well, and Nora smells smoke. Nora's cell phone won't work because the batteries are dead and she tells Lindsay they will have to work together to get out of there. Nora boosts Lindsay up to a window near the ceiling and Lindsay breaks it. Just then, Nora passes out from smoke inhalation and leaves Lindsay hanging there.

At the Park

As Hugo sits in his car reading the message Ben left for him in the Banner, Viki confronts Ben and tries to get him out of there. Ben tries to get rid of Viki, but she says she won't go because she loves him. In an effort to make her go, he tells her he doesn't love her, but breaks down and they share a passionate kiss as both are drenched in a downpour. Viki finally persuades Ben to leave and they go home together.

On the way to the park, Hugo is stopped by Bo, who tells him he was driving erratically and asks him what he has had to drink. Hugo denies having been drinking and says that he is lost trying to find his way to The Palace, where he is staying. Bo tells him he is in luck because he happens to live there, and tells Hugo to follow him.

Will and Sam at Nora's

Sam looks affectionately at Will and Matthew as Will promises to Matthew that he is going to be there for him as he is growing up. When Sam realizes that Nora is late coming home, he begins to worry. Will suspects that Sam is also worried about Nora and Bo seeing each other again.

Ben and Viki

Club Indigo isn't the only thing burning, as passions heat up for Ben and Viki back at Llanfair. Ben promises Viki he won't disappear again and vows she will find him there next to her in the morning and every day after that. As they begin to make love, the book Ben has been carrying falls to the ground and an envelope falls out of it.

The Palace

Kevin and Grace discuss Hugo and Asa, and Grace tells him that her father was murdered a few months ago. Bo and Hugo walk in. Hugo asks Grace to take him to his room, and when they leave, Bo questions Kevin about Grace. Bo seems suspicious, and Kevin wonders if he is going to be involved in a love triangle with his uncle.

R.J. shows up at the Palace and Hank notices something is wrong. As Indigo burns away, an unsuspecting Hank guarantees R.J. he'll have the hottest club in town!

Hugo and Grace return to the park, but Ben isn't there. Grace notices that her grandfather is carrying a gun and he tells her it is to protect himself from Ben. He promises Grace that he will get Ben.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Kelly questioned Kevin about his involvement with Grace and later filled him in on their days at boarding school together. Kelly told Kevin that he needed to get on with his life and he admitted that he was interested in Grace. Kelly then told Kevin that she didn't want to care for anyone out of fear they would die, but she later turned up on Joey's doorstep. As the fire at Club Indigo raged on, Lindsay frantically begged Nora to wake up. Meanwhile, Bo, R.J., and Hank rushed to the scene of the fire. Things began to heat up between Sykes and Téa, but they were forced to halt their romance when Sykes learned about the fire. After hearing Lindsay's cry for help, Bo climbed through the bathroom window and found an unconscious Nora. As R.J. pulled Lindsay through the broken window, a piece of the ceiling fell and blocked the escape path. Trapped, Bo admitted to Nora that he still loved her. The firefighters broke through the door and Bo carried Nora outside to safety. When Sykes and Hank questioned R.J. about the fire, he got angry and stormed off. As Sam raced to the scene, Nora told Bo she loved him too.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

As Sam and Lindsay watched from the shadows, Nora and Bo discussed their feelings for each other. Bo questioned Nora's feelings for Sam and she had to confess that she had very strong feelings for him too. Nora realized that Bo could never settle for that and the pair shared a bittersweet goodbye. Grace met Kevin on The Palace roof and said that she agreed to meet him because she wanted to see him again. Kevin teased Grace and she realized that he had pumped Kelly for information about her. Grace ran off after she was overwhelmed by her emotions when she and Kevin kissed. A heartsick Bo later turned up at Rodi's where Grace asked him to dance. Sam confronted Nora about her feelings for him and she said that even though Bo had a very large part of her heart, Sam was there too. Joey questioned Kelly about her relationship with Max. When Joey mentioned his feelings for her, Kelly freaked out and they argued. Joey pushed Kelly too far and she stormed out. Ben and Viki basked in the afterglow of their romantic evening and they looked forward to the day when they could go public with their relationship.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Written by: Dawn

Dramatic changes for Lindsay today as she seemed to be turning her life around. She moved out of the hotel (which made Asa's day) and into the apartment above her studio. She seemed energized as she gave Will some advice: learn to not depend on your father too much. She sifted through the ashes of Club Indigo looking for an anniversary pin, but was unable to locate it. Later, Bo recognized it and brought it to her. He invited her to dinner, but she planned to eat alone.

R.J. was questioned intently about the club fire. Not much news here, he claimed his innocence. Hank recommended that he get a lawyer. Sykes strongly believes it's arson, but Téa isn't so sure.

Ben Ben Ben. Sheesh this guy is getting more airtime than Kosovo.

Hugo told Grace that BEN tried to run him down (false!) and metioned that Sam is a big piece of their lives. She tried to break into Sam's office, but Kevin spied on her. As she turned away, her purse fell and out popped that picture of BEN and Grace confided in Kevin that BEN killed her father. She later told her grandfather that she wants her life back and thinks Kevin can be trusted.

Bo questioned Sam about where BEN is. Of course, Sam wasn't too helpful. While this was happeing, BEN was helping reassure Jessica that her baby being turned upside down (or whatever way babies aren't supposed to be) wasn't so bad. She asked BEN how he knew so much and he said he's been around a lot of people who have had babies.

Later, Kevin walks in and BEN has to run up the stairs. Kevin is hot on his trail. Bo got a police fax of BEN and is like "Whoa! I know this guy."

Friday, April 16, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Téa is strolling down the street when sees the headlines of the Sun. She gets a copy of the newspaper and is reading it when Carlotta walks up. Téa says to Carlotta, it's terrible and she's glad Lindsay and Nora got out, poor R.J. Carlotta says he will love the insurance money. He's changed, Téa says. No way, says Carlotta. Téa does not believe Carlotta, who tells her you don't know R.J. like I do and he is a criminal and always will be one. It's my fault, says Téa, if he did burn down the club.

R.J.'s House

Looking at paper, R.J. throws it down and looks in the yellow pages then makes a phone call to the airlines. He's in a hurry to leave town, a one way reservation.

Max in Florida

Max is speaking to a man, inquiring about Blair's whereabouts. The man says, there is her daughter over there, as he points in the direction of Starr. He then points out Blair, lying in a lounge chair by the pool.

Dorian's House

Dorian and her co-conspirator, Sophia, are talking about Viki and Ben and Ben's bloody shirt. They are trying to figure out where Viki has stashed Ben when the doorbell rings and Dorian answers it. The psychic comes in and Dorian introduces Sophia as her assistant to Delphina, physic extroardinaire. Sophia makes fun of the psychic. The psychic does not like this but she goes along with her. The psychic starts feeling strange episodes when she picks up Ben's shirt.


Kevin is at the house and he sees someone going up the stairs as Ben runs. Viki comes in and Kevin says there is someone in this house. Viki says, no Kevin, and keeps him from running up the stairs after Ben.

Téa and Carlotta

Téa tells her that R.J. felt rejected when Téa did not return his feelings for her. Carlotta says, you are not the reason R.J. burned down his club, only a sick man like R.J. would burn down that club. She tries to talk Téa out of feeling sorry for R.J., but she's not listening. Carlotta says you don't want another Todd in your life. Save your feelings for John (crooked cop) Sykes.


Kevin is finally printing Mel's story, his source lied to him and he is a murderer, he tells Viki. He scammed me, Kevin says. Viki said, you told me this wasn't dangerous. Hamlet was lying to Mel and to me, Kevin says, and shows Viki a picture of Ben. She's in shock.


This shirt radiates evil and violence, the physic says to Dorian. Non-believer Sophia is not convinced in her psychic abilities. Skeptics are no problem to me, the psychic says about Sophia. The psychic goes on and tells Sophia she emanates greed and evil as she grabs her hand. Delphia sees theivery too, a golden box and an earring. Shocked, Sophia pulls away. Danger and secrets, hidden secrets, the psychic says. Where is this man, Dorian asks. The psychic tells Dorian that Ben is in the attic and she screams "horrors", over and over again.


Téa is at his house and he seems pleased. She feels terrible about the Club, she tells him. Téa comes in and says to R.J., wow, this place is beautiful. He read her wrong he said, he thought she wanted him. You are a friend, she says. R.J. wonders what she's doing there then, "are you snooping around for evidence here?", he asks. What do you need, R.J., she says. He wants her to want him.


Blair is lying down relaxing and reading a book in her bikini, sunbathing as a man sits down beside her. She calls out to Starr, who is swimming in the pool. The man has been watching her all day, he is seeking out companionship from Blair. Blair tells the man she has nothing to offer him, she wants to be left alone. He keeps on needling her as Max walks up and says he is her husband and a cop as well. The man leaves. Blair asks, "why are you here, Mr. Florida State Police?."


The physic says, "I see tragedy coming, beware Mrs. Lord Hayes." Let it go, Sophia advises. But Dorian won't give up, she wants justice. Stop being vague, she says. The physic says, see loss, suffering and pain, death as well. Heed the warning, she says.


Kevin is showing the picture of Ben to Viki and saying that Ben hit him on the head. Viki disagrees, that Ben is not the one who hit him. Viki wants proof. Kevin is adamant about this story and he has no real facts. He says someone is going to die and that Viki doesn't know anything about his source. Ben walks into the room and say, don't be so sure. I don't want to come between you and your son, he says to Viki, he needs to know the truth. Viki says, you should have stayed away. Kevin is shocked and can't say a word.

Police Station

Hank and John discuss R.J. and whether R.J. set the fire. John seems to think that he did set the fire. John says Indigo was torched because of money. John says R.J. and Max were just scraping by barely making it. R.J. did not torch the club, Hank says, but John says R.J. had to much to drink and he lost it. Hank wonders about Max, but he was on his way to Florida at the time. John thinks that R.J. is the guilty one. Hank says do what you have to do.

R.J.'s Place

Téa is pleading with him that she did not mean to lead him on. She can't believe that R.J. loves her. Téa was drunk when she poured out her heart to R.J. about her problems. R.J. thought she was interested in him and therefore he fell for her. She says she is not that wonderful. Téa is sorry she hurt him. She notices his packed bags and asks what they are for. He says, I need a break. She tells him don't do this. He says he went straight and no one cared about him, he has been treated unfairly, John gets the chances but not him.

Dorian's House

Sophia is running scared because the psychic knew that Sophia had stole the gold box from Viki. Sophia has washed her hands of the mess and Dorian says she will do it alone. Dorian still claims to do justice for Mel.


What's he doing here, says Kevin to Viki, he tried to kill me in the parking garage. I never made it to the meeting, Ben insists. Ben is not the one, says Viki. Kevin says you do not know this guy, Viki says I know him very well. Is this one you told me about, Kevin says. Ben tells Kevin they met in a bar when Blondie walked in.... they met by accident. Its a nickname, Kevin Viki says. Kevin says, you think he's a friend of yours, but he's going to take advantage of you. Ben says I am in love with her, and I don't know why, but she loves me too.


This has nothing to do with race, Téa says. It has everything to do with race he says, he talks about John being a dirty copy. Téa brings up saint Hank, and R.J. says that Hank plays by the rules. He played by the rules and it did not work out for him. R.J. is going back to his old ways. Téa does not understand and she is not his prize for being good and not responsible for his actions. He admits he burned down the club to fight who he has always been. I burned and torched Indigo, what are you going to do about it, he asks. She looks shocked and speechless.


Why are you here, Max, Blair asks. You have a problem and we should talk about it, he says. Where is Kelly, Blair says, she's surprised that he would risk that big bank account to come here to see me. Let's be honest, he says, he wants to know her medical problem. She says she might not go back. That would upset me and a lot of other people, I care, he says. He shows her a piece of paper she dropped from the doctor's office. You need to get your MRI, Blair, he says.


Kevin says, you don't know this man and how can you love him? Ben says, I love her, too. Stop lying, Kevin says to Ben. He is responsible for a lot of deaths, Kevin tells Viki. Kevin is calling the police before it is too late.


It's nothing, Blair says, he made a mistake. Max is concerned about her health. I care about you Max says. What about Kelly, Blair asks. She's not sick, Max replies. You can't run away, he says. Go away, says Blair. Get the MRI and I will go away, Max promises.

R.J.'s Place

She can't believe that R.J. would do something like that. He says insurance pays off very well. There's a knock on the door, its John. He sees Téa and asks why is she there. John doesn't like it. He notices R.J.'s bags and asks if he is planning to leave town. He says let's go down to the station, and R.J. slugs him good.


Put down the phone, says Viki. Kevin does so reluctantly. You do not have the facts and story right, Viki says, if this man were a liar and a murderer I would know it. She loves him very much and she trusts him completely and she will not let Kevin put him in danger. Just trust me on this, she says to Kevin. He doesn't know if he can. Kevin leaves. Don't worry, he will do the right thing, she tells Ben. How do you know, Ben asks. He's my son, she replies. Knowing that, I believe you, he says. Meanwhile Dorian is outside the window watching Ben and Viki hug and kiss.

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