OLTL Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on One Life to Live
Viki learned that Ben and Sam were brothers. Renee agreed to marry Asa. Kevin caught Grace snooping in his office. Blair had some dizzy spells. Jessica realized that Roseanne was after Cristian. Sam and Nora took Matthew home from the hospital.
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Monday, March 29, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson


As Rodi's is closing up, Bo and Grace are dancing to "Go Away Little Girl." Grace presses Bo to stay and have a drink with her, but Bo declines and tells her he will leave any future dancing dates to fate.

Asa and Renee

Asa, dressed in a cowboy outfit and carrying a lasso, proposes to Renee. Renee asks, "Why are you asking me now"? She reminds him that he left her before for Blair and Asa replies that it was the biggest mistake of his life. When Asa accuses her of something she's not telling him, Renee tells Asa she is just worried it might happen again. Asa promises it won't and goes on to recall the first time they met and he fell in love with her, a "den mother to a bunch of hookers". Nigel, also decked out in cowboy garb, comes in to tell Renee that he got a call for her about a crisis at The Palace. Asa becomes angry with Nigel because of the interruption and tells him he looks ridiculous dressed like that, and then tells him to keep the outfit on because he's starting to like it.

At The Palace

Max waits as Kelly signs out from The Palace while Blair jealously looks on. Blair has a dizzy spell and a handsome stranger named Stephen comes to her aid. Blair recovers enough to drape herself all over him in an effort to distract Max from Kelly.

Lindsay arrives at the hotel desk for her room key and is furious when she learns that Renee had checked her out during her absence.

Bo picks his key up from the front desk and turns around to see Lindsay. Bo apologizes to Lindsay about his reaction when she spilled the beans to Nora, and says he realizes now he just has to accept that his marriage is over.

Kelly and Max discuss their new living arrangements in front of Blair and then leave. Blair turns around and then collapses into the stranger's arms. Bo looks over Lindsay's shoulder and sees that Blair is in trouble and goes to her. Bo stands over Blair as she slowly regains consciousness. She is disoriented and asks what happened, but quickly becomes embarrassed and angry about everyone standing over her. Renee tells her the real reason she collapsed is because of Max and Kelly.

Bo returns to the front desk to find Lindsay standing at the end of a long line of people at the counter. She tells him that she lost her room and Bo offers to give her his room.

Renee tries to call Asa from the hotel but there's no answer. Asa comes up behind her and asks, "Are we getting hitched or not"?

At Max's

Kelly writes a check for $1,000 to Max for her share of the house. As she looks around for a place to keep her things, neither of them look very happy.

Ben and Viki

Ben tries to call Kevin at the Banner, but collapses just after he identifies himself as Hamlet. At that moment, Viki walks into the attic to find him on the floor. After helping him back into bed and giving him antibiotics, she pleads with him to allow her to call for help, but Ben adamantly refuses. Viki becomes very worried about Ben and he tells her he will tell her whatever she wants to know. Just then, Jessica calls out from the other side of the door, "Mom, there's something wrong with my baby".

Ben hides as Viki lets Jessica in. Jessica is worried because the baby hasn't moved for awhile. When she leaves, Ben tells Viki to get Jessica to sit still for two hours and if there is still no movement, take her to emergency. After helping Jessica, Viki returns to Ben and says Jessica and the baby are ok. Ben then insists that he should go in the morning, but Viki refuses. Ben asks her to tell him who she really is. Viki recalls the night she and Ben met and wonders why she was spared from the plane crash that killed Mel. She tells Ben he has to live or nothing that has happened to her since the crash matters. Ben's fever finally breaks and a relieved Viki tucks him in for the night, telling him that in the morning he can tell her all about himself.

At the Banner

Kevin is frustrated and worried about the lost call from Ben. Grace is somewhat over zealous in offering to help and Kevin becomes suspicious, asking her why she is so interested. Kevin persists in his questioning and Grace tells him she just likes the excitement. She then asks him if he is worried about the safety of his source, or just losing him. She then steps over the line with a comment about his failed marriage to Cassie, but quickly backtracks when she finds she has angered Kevin.

Later, Kevin catches Grace going through his Rolodex. She tells him she's just taken a message about Blair being sick. Kevin responds that he is nervous around her and tells her to keep out of the way, stop snooping around and asking questions. When Grace tells him she would like to get into investigative reporting one day, Kevin replies that it will be on his time line and not hers. She returns to her desk and opens a file folder containing a picture of Ben.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Max told R.J. that Kelly was driving him crazy, but insisted that he wasn't using Kelly for her money. Later, Max and R.J. had a heated discussion about Club Indigo's financial problems. Blair experienced another dizzy spell while arguing with Kelly. Blair noticed the rent check that Kelly had given Max and then blasted Kelly and told her that Max was merely using her. Roseanne asked R.J. for a job, but he offered her some advice instead. Cristian confronted Asa when he learned about Asa's plan to provide for him and Jessica in New York. Later, Cristian vowed to Roseanne that he would not let the Buchanans control his life.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

The Attic at Llanfair

Ben is lying in Viki's attic. He wakes up with a start and remembers where he is. He looks down and sees a clean shirt, which he puts on. He looks fearful as the door opens, but is relieved to see it's "Blondie." Viki brings him the paper and some food and they talk about how he fared through the night. Ben compliments her on her skills of deception (Viki has fended off Jessica) and skills as a surgeon. Viki tells her he didn't leave her much choice. He prattles on about what he's put her through, aiding and abetting, karaoke singing (Yikes! Don't remind us!) and deception. He notes that the Banner is off his scent. Viki finally admits that she is Victoria Lord Carpenter, Editor of the Banner. Ben can't believe that he's been sending personal ads to her in her own paper. She gives him a lovesick grin (eeeeyew!) and tells him it was time she introduced herself. Ben agrees it's time for true confessions.

The Banner

Grace is looking at a picture of Sam and is making a mysterious phone call. She quickly hangs up as Kevin enters the newsroom. Kevin sends her to the Llanview Women's Guild to cover the fashion show.

Cristian's Apartment

Cris and Roseanne are practicing Tai Chi half naked. They engage in a little horseplay (Roseanne has her hands all over him). Jessica can hear their laughter out in the hallway. She knocks on the door. Cris answers and Jess asks if it's a bad time. Cris tells her it's a perfect time and Roseanne excuses herself. Cris asks Jess if she's spoken to her grandfather. He tells her that Asa has bought them an apartment in New York, but he's spoken to him about it. Jessica and Cris have a discussion about living in New York with Roseanne eavesdropping in the next room. Jess and Cris fight about what living in New York is going to cost and they agree to disagree. Cris tells Jess they should go for a walk when Roseanne interrupts them to remind Cris he promised Carlotta he would cover the diner. Roseanne says she would be more than happy to help out, but she has a class. Jess doesn't believe her and asks Roseanne if she can see her schedule. When Roseanne leaves the room, Cris and Jess have words over Roseanne and Jess leaves in a huff. Roseanne, the wench, looks on.

Sam's Office

Sam and Will are having a discussion as his secretary comes in and announces Grace. Sam says he doesn't have an appointment to see her, but he will give her five minutes. Will asks her if she's new in town (what a line). Grace asks about Sam's family and tells him she wants to do a feature for the Banner. Sam refuses. Grace tells him he can't afford to turn down favorable press. He asks her what her angle is. She plays up his positive points, but Sam is skeptical.

Viki's Attic

Ben asks Viki whom he's talking to: Blondie or Viki Carpenter. (Sorry guys, I'm having a very hard time with the Ben/Viki thing. Mainly because she acts like a love struck teenager and is way out of character). Viki asks him who Ben Davidson is? He finally tells her he's the son of a Las Vegas mob lawyer; one of his sidelines was patching up "bad guys" and not reporting it to the police. Ben says he made a mistake and killed one of them and now they want to kill him.

Cris & Roseanne's Apartment

Roseanne comes out of hiding and can't believe that Jessica thinks she doesn't have a class. Cris tells Roseanne that she's told him that she had the afternoon off. Roseanne accuses him of taking her side. Cris asks her what "it's all about." Roseanne says Cris is blind and is being manipulated by Jessica; that she's taking Cris for granted and she can't stand it. Roseanne the Master Manipulator then excuses herself to go shower as Cris stands there looking dumb.

The Llanfair Kitchen

Jessica is having breakfast and hears a knock on the door. Jessica lets Will in and as they talk about school, and things that are bugging Jess, she brings up Roseanne. What is funny is that Jess asks Will what it is about Roseanne that allows men to be fooled by the likes of her? Jessica knows that Roseanne wants Cristian to herself. Jess knows that Roseanne is working on Cristian.

Sam's Office

Sam is refusing Grace her interview and is trying to get out of the office. Grace presses on and makes the mistake of mentioning Matthew and too many details of his birth. Sam threatens Grace with a lawsuit if anything gets printed in the newspaper about Matthew. He tells her the interview is over. Grace tells him she can wait and Sam leaves his office and Grace in it alone (which is really, really stupid). As soon as Sam leaves, Grace begins to look through his papers.

Viki's Attic

Ben tells Viki about the mobster who died. Ben never had the opportunity to save the man because he bled out. Viki begins to make excuses for Ben (because she knows so much about him) and he tells her that the mob killed his father because he couldn't save this man.

Llanfair Kitchen

Jessica is still ranting and raving about Roseanne and Will remembers that Roseanne had him and Cris fight each other. Will then tells Jess about the fight at the health club and Jessica says it only reinforces her opinion about Roseanne. Will the Bonehead adds more fuel to the fire by mentioning the hot tub scene (which Jessica knew nothing about) at Serenity Springs. Jessica is really worked up now and she says now she knows that Roseanne is trying to break them up.

Cris & Roseanne's Apartment

Roseanne is taking a shower and saying hateful things about Jessica. She suddenly gets an idea and pretends to slip on the soap and screams. Cris comes to her rescue and wraps a towel around her. Roseanne smiles.

The Attic

Viki tells Ben she knows what it is to be responsible for a father's death. Boring conversation ensues about hate and how it's like acid. Viki again makes excuses for Ben's behavior as he tries to take the blame for what happened to his father. They talk about family and she "admires his loyalty." Ben drags Viki in further as he tells her that he has information. She tells him he's in great danger and she wants to bring Bo and Hank into it. Ben refuses and says he never let himself get too involved with anyone, he knows the risk (yet he sent her personal ads, got her to take out a bullet, and now he's hiding in her attic; me thinks he dost protest too much). Viki says she knew the risks. Ben reminds her about her sons and a very pregnant Jessica being in danger. Viki nods her head (yes, Selfish Viki, there are others living in that house!). Viki wants to know why he hated the man who died so much.

Sam's Office

Sam calls Kevin and tells him he doesn't want anymore publicity and tells him to call his dogs off. When Kevin asks who, Sam tells him it's Grace. Kevin tells him it was a mistake. Sam then asks about the shooting at the Crossroads Bar. When Kevin asks him why he wants to know, Sam evades the question. Grace walks into the newsroom and Kevin asks her how the fashion show was. She tells him she has the story and he asks her why she harassed Sam Rappaport?

Cris & Roseanne's Apartment

Cris tells her he thinks she pulled a groin muscle and brings her some balm for it. She coyly asks what she's supposed to do with it and he tells her to rub it in where it hurts. She fakes putting it on and he rubs it in for her. Roseanne starts to pant and Cris looks uncomfortable and stops the massage. Roseanne pouts and says that if Jessica hurt herself, Cris wouldn't hesitate to help her. As Roseanne complains about how Cris won't help her, he finally relents and comes to rub her "pulled muscle." She starts to pant again and smiles.

The Llanfair Kitchen

Jessica and Will are Roseanne bashing and Will asks her about New York. Jessica says she wasn't hiding anything from him and he will always be part of the baby's life. They talk about being on their own and being away from their parents. They talk about how strange their mothers are behaving (what an understatement). Jess tells Will they should go up to the attic and get her old cradle and head upstairs.

The Attic

Ben tells Viki that the man killed his sister. Viki is horrified. He goes on tell her about the note the man left threatening his father. Ben tells her that his brother left the next day and blamed his father for their sister's death. Viki ups the sympathy when she tells him Ben couldn't leave his father because then he would have lost three children. Ben begins to boo hoo and Viki says she can help him. Ben reminds her about her family (remember them, Viki?) and Viki says he isn't to make decisions for the two of them.

Cris & Roseanne's Apartment

Cris looks really uncomfortable, but is still massaging Roseanne and she continues to pant about how good it feels and asks him to go a little higher (Holy Cow this is daytime TV!). Cris finally stops and says it's wrong. Roseanne says it makes sense. Cris tells her she has to move out. Roseanne is stunned.

The Crossroads Bar

Sam comes into the bar looking for Ben. Sophia tells him that he called and said he wouldn't be in. Sam asks her about the shooting and Sophia says it was nothing. Sam gives her some money in case she hears something and the Greedy Sophia remembers where Ben might be as Sam give her more money. Sophia tells him that Ben might be with "Blondie."

The Attic

Blondie is gazing at Ben. Ben tells her she doesn't make the decisions for both of them either. Ben sits her down and kisses her (EEEK!) and Jessica and Will come into the room.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Written by: Dawn

A slow start as like five minutes from Wednesday's show is replayed Thursday. Uh, we've seen it once and saw the "previously" part, get on with it. Anyways.

Viki and Ben get caught in the attic (again! We saw this Wednesday.) by Jessica and Will. Viki introduces him as Ben the carpenter. Jessica and Viki go down to make sandwiches and the two men talk as they fix the cradle. Ben tells Will his hands will get him far, he could be an artist, handyman or a doctor. Will replies a doctor would be a first in his family. A nervous Viki is making enough sandwiches for an army and Jessica calls her out for being nervous. Viki is like "Nah-uh."

Just then a stressed out Sam breezes in (fresh from his visit to Rodi's where he learned Viki is Blondie from that waitress chic) and tells Jessica he needs to talk to her mother. Jessica thinks the conversation is going to be about her, Cristian and Will moving to New York and Sam, whose nerves are about shot, alerts her that, no, he wants to discuss something else. Just then, Will and Ben come down the stairs. The tension in the room instantly shots up about a million...well, what do you measure tension with? So, Viki sends Jess and Will down to the carriage house with the sandwiches and Sam lashes out at Ben for being there, for meeting Will and for involving "everyone he loves."

The Rappaport saga continues.....with Lindsay telling Bo she helped him cover up a crime as Law & Order themselves overhear. (again! We saw this Wednesday.) But they have a decent chat and Lindsay wanders over to Rodi's where she runs into Andrew. She gives him a clay-present-thingy and gives River some clay to mold. She wishes for friends to do stuff, like play softball, with and Andrew suggests they go play soccer.

So Grace, who previously in the day got in trouble from her search for an enterprise story idea, decides to have dinner with Kevin. They discuss Cassie for a bit and the talk wanders to Grace...she grew up in a convent...went to a girls' school (Which Kevin said he read on her resume...Very interesting.) and then says she is going to write a story about Madeline for the features section!!!!!!!! And Kevin thinks it's a cool idea!!!!!!!

Grace then remembers she has to make an important phone call. She calls some guy and tells him she struck out with Sam and is having dinner with Kevin--her link to Ben. He tells her this is important as he lays out this picture chain with a picture of her, Sam, Ben, Sam and Ben, and two newspaper articles--one about Kevin (with his GQ picture) and one about Senator Graham's death.

So in the meantime Bo gets some hot information concerning a Nevada driver and Sam. Something about the shooter was from Nevada and so was the car fleeing the Crossroad's shooting scene (WHY is everyone so concerned about a shooting in which no one appears to have been shot?? Why was it on the Banners' front page????). Bo jets to Crossroads and talks to Sophie, who is being a bit uncooperative today.

Friday, April 2, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins


Kevin and Grace are still at Rodi's. Grace is on the phone when Téa walks in from a softball game and is impressed with her own softball skills as she swings the bat in the direction of Kevin's face. She hasn't seen Kevin in a long time. She's sorry for him, being in Rodi's must bring back memories of being there with Cassie. Grace is talking with her informant, who wants information about Ben.

Llanview Hospital

Nora and Renee are at the hospital discussing the baby and Sam. Renee says that Nora sounds happy, their son has bought her and Sam much happiness. Renee also talks about her son and her happiness she briefly had with him. Nora asks Renee if she had a name for her son, Renee says no. The doctor walks up and has news for Nora about her son.

Crossroads Bar

Bo is questioning the barmaid about Sam. She's giving Bo information before he even asks. Bo is suspicious about her. She seems afraid.

Sam, Viki, and Ben

Sam is upset because Viki knows to much. She wants to know how they know each other. Ben says Sam is his brother.


John walks up and talks to Kevin and Téa. Téa hugs John and talks about her game and the tips she can give them. In walks the rest of the team, they pick Téa up and put on her top of the bar. She announces that the first round of drinks are on John. Grace finally walks up to Kevin after her long and lengthy phone call. He asks how come she was on the phone so long, she lies. Kevin wants to leave Rodi's, she's apprehensive. He says a public place, such as a picnic, she says ok. Kevin says in the park, she looks strange.

Viki's house

Sam still wants to know what Viki knows, she seems to know everything. Sam is wondering what is going on. Viki says Ben is staying here at my house. Sam says trouble is following Ben. Sam is distraught, worried that something will happen to those that he loves because of Ben. Viki defends Ben. Sam says, you don't know him Viki. Viki stands up to Sam and says that he should have seen the look on Ben's face when he saw his nephew for the first time in life. Sam begins to realize there is something between Viki and Ben. Sam says, you and Ben, is this serious? Viki replies she is following her heart and this thing with Ben is serious. Sam disagrees with them.

Municipal Park

Grace is standing and Kevin is sitting on the grass for the picnic. Grace is nervous because she has to meet her informant in the park soon. Kevin is questioning her about her family and Grace says she never met her mother and her father was mostly absent. Her father is dead, she tells him when Kevin asks. Grace is questioning Kevin about being a reporter, a mere distraction for her main goal.


Bo is still questioning Sophia and she's telling him that Sam paid her a lot of money to tell him about the shooting. Bo is telling her about the bartender and how he helped him when he had an accident with his shoulder. Bo says he might come back. She jokes with Bo, he smiles and leaves.


Ben and Sam quarrel. Sam says that Viki stands to lose a lot. Viki says she wants to be with Ben and that's the bottom line. Nora calls Sam and tells him to come to the hospital. Viki asks Sam to help Ben. She says, that picture that Ben carries, that's you and Sam. She smiles, realizing that she guessed correctly, that's the two of them as kids. Ben looks away and Sam says nothing. She tells Sam you have your brother back. As Sam leaves, Ben says tell his kids(Will, Jenny and Matthew) I love them someday in case anything happens to him. Viki and Ben embrace each other.


John is teaching Téa to hold a bat, she asks him who was the person who won the game. Bo comes in and interrupts and tells John that Rappaport is involved in something. He also shares with John that he feels Nora is in trouble being around Sam. Bo is going to do more investigating about Sam.

Llanview Hospital

Sam is at the hospital and Nora tells him that the baby is COMING HOME. Nora is not sure about her and Sam and what their relationhip will be. Sam says we have a baby to raise, they talk to the baby as Nora holds him. Sam says let's go home. They leave.

Viki's house

They are sitting at the table and Ben is talking about his family. Viki says she saw concern in Sam's face. Ben thanks Viki for defending him. Ben says, I can't believe what you did, standing up to my brother. They discuss Will, Ben's nephew. Viki says it was wonderful for you to see Will. He liked Will and he liked Jessica as well. She's like a Blondie Junior, Ben says. They discuss the baby Jessica is having. It's another relative for you, Viki reminds him, a great niece or nephew. He misses his family, he says. Viki promises she will help him, she is elated with her Ben. Ben believes he can win with Viki.

The Park

Grace is still going at it with Kevin, she is filling him up with lies. She wants to be a better reporter or so she says. She's questioning him about Hamlet, he wants to know how she knows. She is continuously asking about Hamlet, she won't shut up until he tells her everything. Stupid Kevin reveals some things to her. She is looking so intently. She wants to go along with Kevin, he says no. She really wants information for her informant. She is ready to leave, Kevin says you are leaving because I won't give you all of the information? She says no, I have work to do. He talks about his family with her and how he has a wonderful family and that they stand by him when he needs them. Sounds good, she says. She got a good education and she knows they love her, but she's never had a real family. She gets up to leave. I had a good time, they say to each other.

Viki's house

How did you and Sam meet, Ben wonders. Through her brother Todd, Viki explains. Ben has solved a mystery for her, she says, about Sam's compassion for Todd. Sam took care of Todd the ways he would have taken care of Ben if he had a chance. Ben explains he felt he couldn't leave his father because Sam had left the family. Ben says he wished he could have chased Viki down when she used to leave the Crossroads before. Viki says, some things are meant to be because here we are.

Nora's house

The baby is home and she is so happy. She is talking to the baby as Sam listens. They talk and talk to the baby about a lotta love and they are enjoying the baby and the nursery. They feel this was meant to be way before what happened in the cabana, it goes all the way back to when they first met and now they have Matthew.


Téa is swinging the bat and John throws a ball her way. Téa hits the ball in Hank's direction, John is in disbelief. She is amazing, John says. She wants to buy him a drink, but he can't because he has a stakeout tonight. John says let's clear our schedules and have a real date. They kiss and he leaves. Kevin walks up and talks to her about good advice. Grace is in the park waiting for her informant. As he walks up, he says, I hope you made some progress about Ben.


Viki's on the phone talking to Jessica, who is going to be watching old movies all night with Will and Joey at the carriage house. She tells Ben and they have the house to themselves. Viki says its time he got a little of what's good for him. Ben looks interested and asks what she means. Dinner, she says with a smile.


Sam is bonding with the baby. Nora says the baby feels safe and secure in Sam's arms. Sam is okay and he is pleased with the baby and the baby's future. It's Ben, isn't it, Nora says, realizing Sam is worried about something. Ben is in good hands, says Sam. The doorbell rings and Bo is at the door, Sam answers it. Bo looks at Nora holding the baby.

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