OLTL Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on One Life to Live
Cristian asked Jessica to move to New York with him. Kevin refused to cooperate with the police. Ben wanted to leave Llanview. Viki and Ben shared their feelings for each other. Ben was shot.
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Monday, March 15, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson

Hospital - Sam and Nora

Nora walks into the hospital to see Matthew and discovers Sam working there. He tells her that the hospital is quieter than his office and he'd rather work there, but after some questioning from Nora, admits that Asa is trying to evict him from his office. He tries to convince a worried Nora that their lives are under control but Nora disagrees, pointing out all the complications they are facing. Sam tells Nora that she and Matthew are worth everything he has gone through. Just then Sam gets a call from Ben on his cell phone. Ben tells Sam that he is calling to say goodbye because he is leaving Llanview. Sam tells Nora that Ben is leaving town and that he is relieved because Ben is bad news. Nora reminds Sam they are standing in the room where she asked him if he would father her child. He asks her if she would do it all over again, but she is uncertain and only says she is grateful for Matthew. When Sam says he would never turn his back on Matthew because he is his flesh and blood, Nora asks, "Isn't Ben your flesh and blood too?".

Crossroads - Ben/Sophia/Dorian

Ben is at the Crossroads listening to the report about Graham's death at the Banner. Sophia approaches Ben and coyly suggests he may have been there when the murder occurred.

Dorian storms into Crossroads and berates Sophia for sending her to the Banner and putting her "in the middle of a gunfight at the OK Corral". Sophia swears she didn't know anything about that. She honestly believed Ben was going there to see Blondie. Ben overhears Dorian and Sophia's confrontation and tells Sophia to get back to work. When he asks Dorian about why she is there, she tells him she is a mutual friend of Blondie's, hoping to get him to talk about their relationship, but Ben is suspicious. He tells her about Viki's karaoke performance the night of the storm and that she won a pair of fuzzy dice. When Dorian tries to get more information about Ben and Viki's friendship, he tells her that Viki blew him off and he hasn't seen her since. Ben gets Sophia to corroborate his claim that Viki has not been in Crossroads for a long time. Dorian tells him it's better to have nothing to do with Blondie and inadvertently reveals her dislike of Viki and that they are not quite the friends she told Ben they were. Ben tells Dorian it's better to go straight to the source because paid informants are unreliable. Dorian storms out telling Sophia she is useless.

As Ben attempts to escape from Llanview, Sam corners him and says, "It doesn't have to be this way".

A frustrated Dorian sits at the hotel bar, pondering the fuzzy dice.

Llanview PD - Bo/Kevin/Joey/Asa

Asa and Joey discuss the murder of Sen. Graham, and Asa learns that Joey saw someone running from the scene. Bo interrogates Kevin, not believing he's getting the whole story. Bo receives a ballistics report that states the slug that killed Graham did not come from his gun. Kevin is relieved and attempts to make a quick exit, but Bo is not letting him off the hook until he gets some straight answers. Bo orders a complete investigation of the murder scene. Bo realizes Kevin knows a lot more than what he is telling. He tells Kevin he thinks he is just protecting his source for a story, warning him that he may be protecting a killer, and asks him if his story is worth the risk. When Kevin still refuses to talk, Bo asks Joey to try to get through to him. Asa is angry at Bo because he found out about Graham's murder on the radio rather than from him. He tells Bo that it is a Buchanan matter. Bo gets another police lab report that a slug found in the ceiling at the Banner came from Graham's gun. Kevin is mad at Joey about his statement that he saw someone running from the scene. When Joey asks Kevin about Hamlet, Kevin tells him he knows Hamlet didn't kill Graham because he needed him alive. Bo tells Asa he is not releasing Kevin and that angers Asa because he feels that Bo should be looking out for family first. He tells Bo, "Stop harassing Kevin, and go after that scum, Rappaport". Asa enters the interrogation room to put pressure on Kevin to tell everything he knows. Kevin refuses and says he will protect his source, regardless of the cost. Kevin tells Bo he'll have to lock him up, because he won't cooperate. Bo sends Kevin to jail. After Kevin is taken away, Bo receives a report about a narrow footprint with a maker's mark that matches the footprints at Sam's house when it was broken into.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At the Llanview Prison...

Joey visits Kevin with a 'care package' (extra clothes and a toiletry bag). Joey again insists that Kevin reveal his source. But Kevin sticks to his story and won't reveal Ben.

Upstairs in the precinct...

John insists on working on the Graham murder case. Bo tells him about the footprint in the front of the Banner. Viki arrives at the police station. Viki's journalistic morals clash with Bo's police ethics. Viki asks Bo to give Kevin a break since he is family.

At the Crossroads...

Sam stops Ben from leaving. Ben tells Sam that he likes Llanview and tells him about 'Blondie'- his reason for staying. Ben then asks Sam he'd like him to stay in town.

At Llanfair...

Jessie leaves a message in Cris' machine- thinking that he is still in New York. Cris arrives at her back door. He tells her that he needs her.

Back at the precinct...

Téa visits John upon hearing about Graham's death. John tells her that he feels guilty about his murder. Bo tells Viki that Kevin is covering up for the real killer that is his source.

Back at the prison...

Kevin tells Joey that he can't reveal his source- no matter what.

Back at the precinct...

Lisa briefs Bo about a potential witness and then Bo orders an APB on that witness. He receives a call from another detective that the suspects' car had New York plates.

At the Crossroads...

Sam tells Ben that he's worried about him- which Ben finds hard to believe. They reflect on their dead sister. Ben tells Sam that he has to do what he has to do. Sam encourages Ben to take a chance with 'Blondie'.

Back at the prison...

Viki questions Kevin about Graham's murder and his source for the 'big' story. She then asks him if this is worth all this. Kevin tells his mother that his instincts are telling him that his source ties in with Mel and the plane crash. Kevin also notices something different about his mother.

Back at Llanfair...

Jessie is shocked to hear Cris say that he has to be with. He tells her about what is ahead for him in the future and that he wants her to go to New York with him since he accepted a full scholarship there. She accepts his offer.

Back at the precinct...

Téa tells John he should get out for awhile. He tells her that Graham's murder is his fault. She tells him not to feel that way. She offers to help him through this.

Back at the Crossroads...

Ben tells Sam that 'Blondie' is special. Sam tells Ben that maybe she might be the reason for him to consider staying in Llanview. Sam tells Ben about how he ended up staying in Llanview (Todd).

Back at the prison...

Viki admits to Kevin that she had met someone and she tells him about Ben.

At a rooftop somewhere in LLanview...

Téa takes John to a rooftop. She tells him that it is her 'refuge' from her problems. John shares his memories of Graham with her. Téa tries to offer some comfort to John. They both share their grief over their losses. A thunder storms starts.

Back at the precinct...

Bo tells Lisa that they will eventually question Sam. He goes to his office and tells Kevin that they found someone (dead) that was holding the gun that killed Graham. He lets Kevin go free.

Back at the Crossroads...

Ben listens to the breaking news on the radio about the murderer of Sen. Graham. Then "I've Got a Crush on You" comes on the radio.

At Llanfair...

(With the song still going on) Viki arrives to an empty house and starts to think about Ben.


(While the song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls plays...)

Still on the rooftop with the raining coming down, Téa and John kiss.

As Ben looks at the personal ads, he thinks about 'Blondie'.

Viki thinks about Ben while she holds a matchbox from the bar. She looks at the personal ads and then suddenly decides to go out. As she leaves the study, she is surprised and relieved to see all of her children home.

At the diner, Sam looks at his childhood picture of himself and Ben, while Bo watches him behind the kitchen door.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

After discussing with Téa the difficulties of trusting in a new relationship, Viki contemplated paying a visit to Ben. Joey attempted to convince Blair and Kelly to reevaluate their feelings for Max. Later, Blair kept Max and Kelly on edge by hiding her anger over their relationship. R.J. continued to be upset over Téa's blossoming relationship with Sykes. Meanwhile, Téa informed Hank that she had filed for annulment papers. Hank was disappointed when Bo went against his wishes and decided to handle the Rappaport case himself. Bo got nowhere when he questioned Sam about his strange behavior. Viki failed to dissuade Jessica from moving to New York with Cristian. Upon learning that Jessica and Cristian were moving to New York, Will vowed to also make the move.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Written by: Dawn

A trying day is in store for the Cramer women as Dorian learns Kelly is sleeping with Max. Her initial reaction is to worry about Kelly being taken advantage of, which angers Blair, who is complaining about Kelly sleeping with the "man she loves." Kelly gives Max the cold shoulder and then she goes to Dorian's to accept what Blair wishes to dish out. Kelly, acting a bit over-the-top, accuses Blair of hatching a great revenge plot and asks to just get it over with. Blair acts sweet as sugar and promises she's only interested in spending time with Starr. The day ends with them in a cat-fight as Dorian vows restore stability to her family.

Meanwhile, a dissed Max meets up with Renee. The topic of children comes up and Max half-jokingly asks Renee if she has a child out there. She chides him for not spending precious time with his children, but he promises they're having a better life being raised by Luna's family. After he leaves, she leaves a message for Nora saying she'd like some help finding someone.

Over at the Banner, Viki begs to know who Kevin's source is. He says he doesn't know, but he is called Hamlet. Kevin vows to continue with the story for Mel's sake. He promises his mom that he will bring home a Pulitzer, not a eulogy. Furthering the notion that family owned papers promote- young-but-possibly-unqualified family members, Kevin is promoted to editor-in-chief. He receives a call from Hamlet and the two have a tense talk. Hamlet then realizes that, when he hears loud knocks in the background, that the phone is bugged. Kevin figures out that it is bugged on his end and throws the phone across the room. His yes-men run over and promise to scour the building for any possible bugs. While this is happening, a mystery female-stalker-type is staring at a 1A picture of Kevin and then she circles it.

After he hangs up the phone, Hamlet is attempting to break into something. He hears knocks at the door and grabs his gun. The door doesn't answer, so Viki decides to enter. The show ended with adreanaline-pumping background music as she begins to turn the door handle.

Friday, March 19, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Police Station

John and Téa are talking about a well known prostitute who was brought into the police station after being beaten up. John disputes Téa's opinion that he can't help the woman, a working girl whom she's tried to help in the past. John is compassionate to the woman's needs. Across the room, Bo is speaking to Will and is glad to see him. They go into Bo's office. Will wants to apologize for his family and Bo starts talking about Will's mom.

Country Club

Renee and Asa are discussing Viki and his dislike for her at the ceremony that Viki is hosting, although Viki is not there. Sam and Nora are talking and looking for Viki. He tells Nora that she looks beautiful and smiles at her. Someone gives to Sam a package Viki left for him, which is her speech for him to make for her.

Crossroads Bar

Hamlet has a gun at the bar as Viki knocks on the door, then lets herself into the bar. She is looking around as Hamlet grabs her. She looks at the gun in shock. He says, "Blondie!"

Country Club

Asa wants Rappaport thrown out of the Club and is furious to learn. Sam will be reading Viki speech. Asa warns manager to get rid of Sam, but the manager refuses. Renee left message for Nora, she wants to Nora to hire a detective to find a missing person for her. Nora speaks to Asa outside, defending Sam. She wants no more of Asa's problems with Sam, she wants him to leave Sam alone. She stands firm about her convictions for the father of her child.

Police Station

John is speaking to battered prostitute, he wants to help her as Téa watches and listens to him. John is compassionate to the woman's needs, he tries to help her, to convince her to testify against the person who beat her up.

Will looks to Bo as a friend and Bo agrees. Bo talks about Asa and how he is trying to forgive him. Bo understands Lindsay and how badly she's hurting. Bo asks Will to try to understand also and not make things hard for his mother.

Crossroads Bar

Viki and Hamlet discuss their relationship, Hamlet still saying he's married and Viki says its a lie and she's glad she came back to him. She wants to help.

Country Club

Nora tells Asa off and demands Asa back off, that it's over between her and Bo. It's over she says. Nora blames herself for the whole mess. Asa insists its not her fault, but Rappaport's fault. He's furious. She needs Sam and please lay off of him, Nora requests, make peace with it. Asa can't believe she's giving up hope.

Police Station

Bo receives a call from Will, who left earlier and is now in his mother's hotel room. Will says something is going on in her hotel room and asks Bo to come to the hotel.

Crossroads Bar

Viki and Hamlet talk about their feelings for each other. They discuss their instant attraction for each other. He wonders where she was going tonight all dress up. She says, in the wrong direction. You should go now, he says. She says no. Viki is very happy with him because she's falling in love with him. Suddenly, they hear a noise and they stoop down, then Hamlet runs out of the door.

Viki gets up and looks for Hamlet who comes up behind her and grabs her from behind. She wants to know what's going on and help him. I have to let you go, he says. He can't run anymore. She trusts him. He will come to her after this is all over. She can't wait for him like that, Viki says. Keep reading the personals, he says as they kiss passionately. As he walks her to her car, a man is walking behind them.

Police Station

John still talking to the prostitute and wants her to serve the pimp with an order of protection, we should pick the guy up. She says no, she's afraid. Gloria, the prostitute, is all bruised and banged up. John wants her to put the pimp away.

Palace Hotel

Will and Bo discussing disappearance of Lindsay. Lindsay has not been there, says the maid. Bo looks around, they discuss her mail not being opened. Bo finds a letter written to Bo from her, saying that she won't be a bother to Bo anymore. She left the letter intentionally, Bo says let's go and see your father.

Country Club

Nora and Renee talk about Renee's child that she gave up long ago, she wants Nora to find him. Recently she's been thinking about her child and now she wants him found. Renee told Jessica about her baby. Nora will help her immediately, a very private detective is what Renee needs. Asa walks up and screams about Sam giving Viki's speech. Nora warns him again about their talk and walks away.

Asa, Renee and Nora sit down at their table and listen to Sam giving Viki's speech. Sam wants to speak for himself and talk about people in Llanview and why he came to Llanview and why he stayed. Nora smiles at him, she has accepted her loss of Bo. Sam is talking about mistakes as Asa hollers out and accuses Sam of his terrible deeds. Sam acknowledges his faults and that he has a blessing in the hospital, and points out the fact about his son has been ill.

Police station

Téa impressed with John and how he got the prostitute to file charges. How did he learn to do that, she asks. John says he speaks from the heart and that the senator helped him in many ways as an example of how not to treat people. Téa smiles at him.

Outside the Crossroads Bar

Viki wants to know why does Hamlet have to do this. He tells her to go on, she says he's made her life so much better, she feels his face when ....

Country Club

Bo confronts Sam and wants to know where Lindsay is. Bo says a hit man was involved with your break ins. Bo thinks the hit man is after Lindsay as well as Sam.

Hotel room

Lindsay holed up in a hotel room looking in the newspapers, wondering if she's been missed...

Country Club

Nora is outside at the Country Club and she walks to the Cabana where it all started.

Outside the Crossroads Bar

Viki and Ben talk as a gun is aimed at them. A shot is fired at Ben, he runs and is hit. He gets into the car with Viki, she screams are you hurt? "Let's go!", he yells.

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