OLTL Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on One Life to Live
Blair spoke to Addie about the past. Ian and Kelly spent time on the beach in California. Todd advised Téa that she could end their arrangement. R.J. made a phone call about Max's twins. River heard the story of his adoption.
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Monday, December 22, 1997

Blair continued to talk to Addie to try to learn more about the past. All that Addie would say was that her mother used to make her punish Dorian because she was "wicked." Despite Blair's best efforts, Addie refuses to say more because Miss Stonecliff made them promise never to tell. After leaving Addie, Blair goes to see Cassie and tell her what she has learned. Cassie is shocked to learn that their grandmother told Addie to hurt Dorian. Blair, in an unusually helpful mood, agrees that Cassie and Mel are onto something and she wants to help them learn about the past so that it will not affect Starr.

Dorothy arrives late at the Buchanan's tree trimming party, she had to work late. Everyone besides Joey is gone, Viki and Jessica are upstairs wrapping presents, Clint had to leave and Kevin and Cassie are around somewhere. Joey opens Dorothy's gift to his family, a Venetian glass ornament and puts it on the tree. They drink some mulled wine in front of the fireplace and Dorothy reminisces about past Christmases with her grandfather. Kevin and Cassie come back for a little while, but then head down to the gatehouse. Joey gives Dorothy a present he had made for her, a Christmas ornament of Dorothy's ruby slippers. Dorothy loves the present and the two of them seem close to kissing, but Dorothy moves away, claiming she has to get up early in the morning and should leave.

Ian and Kelly relax on the beach, anxious to go whale watching the next day. Kelly thanks Ian for bringing her on the trip and for being so wonderful to her. They kiss a few times, but Ian pulls away, saying that they have to get up early in the morning and he doesn't want anything to spoil their adventure.

Encouraged by their holding of hands, Téa tries to "thaw" Todd a bit more by reaching up to stroke his face. Todd pulls away and goes into his normal defensive mode, denying that he felt anything at all. Nothing happened between them and nothing ever will, he tells her firmly. Téa suggest that he try to relax and go with his feelings. That's what always gets him into trouble, Todd insists. This has nothing to do with rape, Téa tells him. Rape has to do with violence and he's not mad at Téa, if anything, he's terrified of her and his feelings. Todd can't cope with the discussion and grabs his coat and goes outside. Not willing to give up, Téa follows him out into the cold. Téa tries to reason with him that he obviously loves Starr and he once loved Blair. And look what happened then, he nearly got himself killed. There's no room in his heart for anyone other than Starr, he has no intention of letting himself be that vulnerable again. Later, back in their room, Todd tells Téa that she's free of their arrangement and can keep the money. Todd leaves Téa sitting in their room in tears.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

A diving bell in the middle of the Cortez Sea:

Kelly and Ian prepare to submerge and do some serious whale watching. The two snuggle up close and wait to see what develops. Little time passes before Kelly hears the whales singing to each other. Slowly the whales come into view as Ian and Kelly and Ian stare in delighted amazement. The two share their feelings for each other and a very passionate kiss. Kelly wishes that the two of them could stay underwater together forever. Ian tells Kelly that he thinks that he is falling in love with her and promises to do everything possible to make her love him too. Kelly says that she likes the sound of that

The home of Bo and Nora Buchanan:

Nora is finishing up the wrapping of Christmas presents. She's even broken down and bought a bone for Mud. It is obvious to the audience and Bo that Nora is developing a soft spot for the dog. The doorbell rings and Nora finds Max standing at the front door. Nora hugs her friend and asks how he is doing. Max tells of his trip to North Carolina and the memorial service the family had for the twins. Bo tells Max that the kidnaping has been at the top of his list since Max left town. Bo lays out the case against R.J. while Nora presents alternate theories. Then to everyone's surprise, Max says that he will leave the hunt for the twins' kidnapper in the hands of the police. He wants to concentrate on getting on with his life. Bo heads back to the office, leaving Nora and Max alone. Nora apologizes to Max for not telling Bo about the twins. She says that she will never forgive herself. Max lets her know that he doesn't blame her for Frankie and Leslie's deaths. She did what he wanted from a friend and lawyer. Nora is relieved to have Max's forgiveness and tells him that if he ever needs a friend to please come to her.

The Manning penthouse:

Todd does his best to forget the tender moment he shared with Téa at the Bayberry Inn but he keeps having flashbacks. When Téa walks in, Todd asks if she is there to pack up her things and leave for good. Téa says that she left because she could no longer stand the Christmas cheer and maybe she can get some peace and quiet at home and think things through. What's to think about, Todd wants to know. He did his best to be a regular husband and it didn't work. Before the two of them can get any deeper into the subject Viki appears and Todd pulls her into the apartment and demands that she explain to Téa why "she would be better off far away" from him. Viki declines, telling him that if he wants to shoot himself in the foot, she's not giving him the gun, she only stopped by to drop off the stuffed bear Starr left at Llanfair. When Todd goes upstairs to return the toy, Téa and Viki sit down for a heart to heart. Viki can see that Todd and Téa's trip together wasn't productive. Téa confirms that it was a disaster and begins to probe Viki about Todd's relationship with Blair. What happened between them? Did he really love her? Does Viki think that Todd can ever love again? Viki sheds a little light on Todd's past. She tells of the fears he had before his wedding to Blair and how he managed to rise above them. Viki believes that Todd had made real progress after he had returned from Ireland (and the dead) but walking in and finding Blair with Patrick destroyed whatever humanity had started to grow in him. Todd has always confused love and violence and is afraid to try to express one without unleashing the other. Téa wonders if she can possibly make it work between them. Todd returns downstairs and Viki prepares to leave. Todd is obviously uncomfortable with the idea of being alone with Téa. Viki give Todd a kiss on the cheek and wishes him Merry Christmas and leaves him to deal with Téa on his own. Téa apologizes to Todd. She didn't realize that when he said he couldn't go any further with her he literally meant he couldn't. She feels sorry for him. Todd storms out telling Téa that if she is going to feel sorry for him, she should pack her bags and leave.

Club Indigo:

Nora shows up at R.J.'s office, desperate to see her daughter. When R.J. asks why, Nora tells of her visit with Max and questions R.J.'s involvement in the kidnaping. R.J., once again, declares his innocence and Nora finally says she believes him. But if she finds out that he is lying she will hound him "to the gates of Hell."

The Cramer Home:

Max stops by to visit Blair and brings her up to date on North Carolina. Max expresses how angry he is that he lost everything and tries to distract himself by asking Blair about how her attempts to rope Ian have gone. Blair is surprised that Max is still interested in that particular scheme. Max says that he is more interested than ever. He has lost everything and is up to his neck in debt. Not only does he want Blair to snag Ian, but he wants to know what's in it for him.

A phone booth:

R.J. calls Claude and orders him to find Max's children or deal with him.

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

The Penthouse-Téa, Todd and Starr

Téa is putting the finishing touches on the tree when Todd comes home from The Sun. As she puts the baby Jesus in the manger, she tells Todd she is doing it for Starr. He asks her where she got the decorations and she explains that every year since she was six her "Abuella" has added a few ornaments to her collection. Her grandmother believed that memories were special and each ornament should represent a memory and that would make them special too. Téa remarks that this is the first time she is hanging the ornaments on a tree she bought herself. She hands Todd a special depiction of the "eye of God" with a ribbon wound through it and tells him that he should have Starr put it on the tree so that it will watch over her when she is gone. She promises Todd she will not leave abruptly, but rather fade away slowly and in the meantime she will keep her pity to herself.

Later Todd brings Starr down and has a one way conversation with the tot. He comments that Delgado did a nice job. He puts the eye of God on the tree. Téa is not going to be here next Christmas or to play Mrs. Manning. But, he tells Starr, we will be better off without her. Anything she can do I can do better, he assures his daughter (or himself). He promises Starr to take her to church, which is a lot better than watching the Yule Log on TV.

Dorian's House- Max and Blair

Blair has put up a tree even though no one else is home. She is not wallowing in self pity. Max says that things could not be worse for him. Blair appreciates how he was there for her when Brendan died and now when she lost Starr. She has a stocking with his name on it hanging from the mantle and she promises him they will get their pound of flesh from Ian. Nothing dulls the pain like revenge. She should know. Blair shows him the IOU in the stocking. When she snags Ian, the money promised in the IOU will be Max's. Now she is going to St James' to pray for a new husband and to perhaps see Starr. She knows that he is no more a quitter than she is. If he wants to do anything for his children, he should make them proud of him. Max asks her to say a prayer for him. She promises him she will.

The Sanitarium- Ian, Kelly and Melinda

Melinda tells Ian and Kelly that her medication has stabilized her and seeing Kelly is the best medicine she could have. They talk about the whale watching and Kelly says it is the best Christmas ever except for seeing her Mom. She also mentions Dorian and her trip to Italy and how Mel thinks her aunt needs to relax and get ready for what she needs to face. Mel and Cassie feel that something tragic in her childhood is affecting her. Melinda admits that she can't put the pieces together. Melinda is grateful to her daughter for giving her the gift of courage and she would like to give her a gift of something she knows she has wanted. Melinda wants to provide Kelly with a good memory. She sits down at the piano. Kelly has dreamt of this, having only heard her mother play on Memorex. Melinda says she has dreamt of it too, but there is a worried look on her face and her hands are trembling as she prepares to touch the ivories. After the false start, she tries again but is interrupted by a flashback of her childhood. It is Christmas and she is playing "What Child is This" on the piano as her mother, Sonia, father Lou and sister Dorian enter the room. We cannot see Sonia's face, just her white gloved hands cupped around Dorian's ear. She says something to Dorian which we cannot hear. Dorian approaches the piano and says something to Melinda, who quickly moves her hands off the keys as Dorian slams down the cover. Melinda, although uninjured, pretends to scream in pain. Sonia calls Dorian a wicked child and tells Lou they must punish her and their parents take Dorian out of the room. Melinda tells Ian and Kelly that if it was not for Dorian, her hands would have been smashed.

They wonder why Melinda did not remember until now. She can't say, but suddenly when she put her hands on the keys she was a frightened child. She wants some answers. Kelly promises her they will get them, but will take a new direction. Melinda fears she has ruined Christmas, but Kelly assures her she has not. Ian suggest they go down to the holiday party. Ian excuses himself by saying he has business calls. Melinda wants to show off her daughter. Ian calls someone and says the coast is clear. Let's do it. When Melinda and Kelly come back, they walk into a winter wonderland. There is a tree and decorations all over. They are amazed until Ian shows up from where he has hidden behind the door. He hands them both a glass of wine and tells Kelly that making her happy makes him happy. He has discovered something. He loves doing magical things for the woman he loves. Melinda and Kelly both agree that they never had a Christmas like this one.

Llanfair- The Buchanans, Georgie, Cassie, River, Dorothy

Viki makes the first toast, remarking on the new people who have joined their Christmas Eve festivities tonight- Cassie, River and Georgie. She is blessed to have her children and their father there and of course, Asa the heart of the family. Clint says that if his father is the heart of the family, Viki is the soul. Bo is the muscle and Joey is the brains. They all laugh at the jokes. Georgie is amazed at the family. Nora calls her a life saver. Bo says as long as you are around I don't have to be in the dog house with Mud. Cassie needs to get River over to the church so he can put the baby Jesus into the creche. Kevin will follow later. Asa asks about the mistletoe. Joey says the mistletoe is pretty much occupied lately. Asa takes Clint aside and asks what is going on between him and his ex wife. He tells his son that when a mule kicks you in the head, you don't trust it again. Clint replies that Viki is not a mule and Sloan is gone a long time ago. Asa says he knew it, but Clint says he did not know himself until recently. Even if it does not go any further, he and Viki will always be connected through the children. He is definitely happier than last year and he expects to be happier yet next year. Bo comes over and grumpy Asa makes a crack about his younger son having a case to solve. Georgie tells Nora and Bo that Rachel will meet them at church later. She is busy at Club Indigo with R.J. It is a sore subject, one that Bo and Nora have declared a truce on until after the holidays. Nora walks away and Georgie brings up the bet she made with Bo at the party. She assures him that Nora will be riding with him on his motorcycle by midnight New Years Eve. They let Kevin in on the subject. Jessica announces that she and Kevin will be going with Asa to church, while Viki and Clint go in a separate car. Joey is waiting for Dorothy, whose family is all out of town.

Dorothy says that her brother called, but she misses the way things were. She will never get used to Christmas without Mom. Joey offers to tell her a Christmas story of his own. Once upon a time two brothers lost their father, but one Christmas morning they received a special gift from their mother. This wonderful man already married to their mom adopted them. They missed their father, but now they would have Clint and it made all the difference in the world. Joey wasn't even born yet when his biological father died. But he was named for him. Joseph Riley. That is probably why he always misses him the most around Christmas. Joseph, like Jesus's father. It is weird how he misses him because he never met him. Dorothy replies she does not think it weird. Joey tells her to consider herself adopted by his family this Christmas.

St. James's Church- Entire Cast

Cassie tells River the story of how she found him wrapped in a blanket and in the baby Jesus' manger. She had wanted a baby so badly. River points out he is adopted just like Jesus. Andrew asks how so? River explains that God gave Jesus to Joseph so he could be his DAD. Jesus was pretty lucky to be adopted. Joseph and Mary were pretty lucky to have Jesus, too, Andrew says.

Andrew welcomes Téa to church and he tells her that his sermon today was inspired by his son, River. Téa is not surprised since a child is at the heart of Christmas most of all. She takes her place next to Starr and Todd. Todd asks "What happened to the fade away, Delgado." She replies that it is a family time, even if it is not much of a family. He tells her not to expect a miracle. She replies that she doesn't expect much at all. Blair arrives and whispers Starr's name as she takes a seat at a pew across the aisle. Téa notices her and Todd pretends to not notice her. The Children of the parish march down the aisle- angels, sheep, shepherds, wise men and Mary and Joseph. Everyone is there- Hank, Rachel, Renee and all the Buchanans. Téa takes Starr to the vestibule and sets her on the floor. It does not take long for Blair to follow. It is obvious she is glad for the time with Starr but she cannot resist sticking it to Téa. She calls Starr her little miracle and says that it is the last Christmas she will have to spend without her mom. Todd opens the doors and Blair brags about passing her psychological evaluation. Todd wants to know if she paid off the shrink. Blair warns him to watch his paranoia. He may be found an unfit parent. And, she wants to know, how long will he be able to keep up this act. His wife is ready to head for the hills. When he divorces his lawyer and Blair marries someone respectable, Starr will be hers. In the meantime, her lawyer says she can now have regular visitation rights with Starr. She will be spending a lot more time with her daughter. AND SHE WILL WIN! As she flounces back into the church, Todd looks devastated. Téa says she is sorry as they go back in time to hear Andrew's sermon.

Andrew says that one of his congregation reminded him that a child is the heart of Christmas, but it was a child who pointed out to him that Joseph adopted Jesus. If Christmas is about a child, it is also about reaching out to each other. He says that God's rules say they should love each other, Trust each other and he will be there when they need Him. All who give are rewarded 10 fold. How would Joseph's life have been without Mary and Jesus. He urges his congregation to adopt each other. Max opens the doors and stays but a brief moment before he turns away and leaves. The congregation sings "Silent Night." Téa whispers to Todd, "If Blair comes after this family, we will be ready for her. I'm not going anywhere for a long, long time." Todd looks at her and then at Blair who stares back. Then his frown turns to a smug grin.

Thursday, December 25, 1997

One Life to Live will not be shown today. Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 26, 1997

Dorian and Mel

Dorian and Mel return home from their trip to find no one home at Dorian's. Dorian immediately starts yelling Blair's name, but Mel tells her to relax, she promised she wouldn't get stressed when she got home. Dorian agrees not to worry about where Blair is. She and Mel reminisce about their wonderful trip. Dorian wishes they could turn around and fly right back. Mel promises they will go again someday. Dorian calls out Blair's name again. Where is everybody, she wonders.

Mel leaves to go to call his family and stop in at the Banner. Dorian calls for the maid, Helga!... no wait, she fired her months ago. Is she the french maid, no, she dipped into the cooking sherry too much. Dorian tries to remember... Dynasty... Alexis?, Crystal?,...no Ming, the Ming Dynasty. Ming! she calls out and Ming comes running down the stair. Dorian asks her where Blair is. Blair and Cassie went to visit Addie at St. Anne's, Ming tells her.

Kevin, Cassie and Mel

Kevin rushes into the Banner newsroom and tells Cassie to drop everything, he's got a hot story. One of the board members for the endowment for Llanview University is embezzling. Not only that, the board member is sleeping with the President of the University, Dr. Dougherty, and blackmailing him to keep him quiet about the embezzling. Kevin wants Cassie to help him get the proof about the story before he brings it to Viki. Cassie would love to work with him, but she can't right now, she's going to St. Anne's with Blair to talk to Addie. Can't she do it some other time, Kevin asks, annoyed. No, Cassie's afraid Blair will change her mind if they don't do it today. Blair arrives and rushes Cassie out the door.

Mel arrives at the newsroom of the Banner. Kevin welcomes him back and praises the columns he sent in from Rome. Mel asks where Cassie is and Kevin explains that she went with Blair to St. Anne's to talk to Addie. Kevin hopes that she gets the answers they need because she's becoming obsessed by the Cramer past and is upset all the time. Mel is sure that it will all be worth it. Kevin's not so sure, how much do the rest of us have to go through before you get your "new and improved" Dorian, he asks.

Mel pulls Kevin aside and asks him what is really going on. Kevin thinks that everyone wasn't upset until Mel starting digging in Dorian's passed. So what do you think we should do, replies Mel, let sleeping demons lie? That's not what his own mother did, Mel reminds Kevin. Does he really thing that Viki isn't better off since she dug up the demons and faced them? Kevin explains that all this digging into the Cramer past is upsetting Cassie and making her worry about losing her sanity again. Again? Mel doesn't understand. Kevin tells him about the time that Cassie was a patient at St. Anne's after her miscarriage. Mel had no idea, but he honestly believes that what they all need is the truth and he hopes that's what Blair and Cassie are getting right now.

Blair, Cassie, Dr. Pizer, Addie, Dorian, and Mel

Blair and Cassie are talking to Addie's doctor. Blair is a little concerned about getting her mother upset by talking about the past. The doctor feels it would be a good idea to try to learn about Addie's childhood, she's always refused to discuss it with him. They decide that hypnosis might work. Blair agrees to go ahead after the doctor promises Addie won't remember anything that she said under hypnosis.

Blair talks to Addie about the hypnosis and gets her to agree to it. Dr. Pizer puts her under, then allows Cassie to ask Addie some questions. Addie immediately confuses Cassie for "Dorrie" again. Blair wants to stop, this is what got Addie upset last time. Talking to her sister, the doctor questions, he thinks they should continue and find out why. Blair agrees to proceed. Cassie asks Addie what "she" did that was bad that Addie had to punish her.

"You made momma's teacher go away", Addie tells them. Cassie and Blair look at each other, puzzled. Cassie tries again, asking Addie to explain. Listen, Addie says, it's so quiet she can hear her own heartbeat. I'm afraid of the quiet, momma only plays when she's happy and she can't make her music now. That's why she's so angry at you, Dorrie, and sad, because her teacher went away. The music that momma made, and the music that she wrote was all inside her, Addie explains, and the teacher was the only one who knew how to make it come out. She spoke very softly to momma and momma listened to her. That's why Miss Stonecliff made them be quiet all the time, so momma could hear what the teacher was saying. But you didn't care Dorrie, and you made noise all the time and pretty soon the teacher went away. They didn't know if momma would ever make her music again and that's why she had to punish Dorrie. Addie starts to get upset. Dorian enters the room. Addie is telling "Dorrie" that she didn't want to hurt her, but momma made her, if she didn't hurt Dorrie, momma wouldn't love her anymore. Addie spots Dorian and yells, "Momma, momma, don't hurt me. They made me tell!"

Dorian tries to interrupt them and moves toward Addie, but Cassie pulls her out into the hall. Dorian is absolutely furious that everyone is conspiring behind her back, keeping the truth from her. That's not what we're doing, Cassie tries to explain, but Dorian won't listen. She claims they are tormenting Addie and trying to plant false memories in her head. Dorian grabs Cassie's chin in her hand, "You are going to be so sorry you did this", Dorian warns before storming out. Cassie goes back inside. Addie has been brought out of her hypnotic state and doesn't remember a thing. She talks excitedly about the chocolate covered cherries Blair has promised to bring her. Dr. Pizer takes Addie back to her room, asking Blair and Cassie to stick around, he would like to talk to them. Cassie tells Blair that Dorian left. She doesn't know where she went, but whoever she runs into should watch out.

Mel is the unlucky recipient of Dorian's rage. She finds him at the Banner and Mel quickly gets off of his phone call with his mother. Dorian accuses Mel of taking her to Italy only to keep her out of the way and keep her in the dark. Mel denies her accusations. "How could you betray me this way?", Dorian asks.

Carlotta, Cristian, Jessica, Antonio, Téa, Linda and Eddie

Cristian and Jessica are sitting at the counter at the diner, talking to Carlotta. They comment on how slow the bus boy Carlotta got as temporary help moves. When he goes into the kitchen and the sound of breaking dishes is heard, Carlotta decides she's going to let him go. The busboy comes back out of the kitchen and is standing by a table with his back toward Carlotta. She fires him as gently as possible. When he turns around, surprise, it's actually Antonio. Carlotta is thrilled to see him and gives him a big hug.

Antonio wanted to surprise Carlotta, he didn't want her to get all worked up about his coming and plan a party or anything. He had some time off from school, but Andy couldn't come because she had just taken time off to be with Max in North Carolina. He's glad Andy went, though, she's having a hard time dealing with the loss of the children. We all are, Carlotta agrees, she doesn't know what she would do if something ever happened to her sons. T#233a walks into the diner and Antonio goes over to greet "Senora Manning." Antonio and Téa sit down at a booth by themselves and discuss law school, Andy and married life. The more time he spends with Andy, the more he loves her. Téa's glad that he and Andy are happy. How's life as Mrs. Manning, Antonio asks. Things are going very well, Téa claims, and tells him how much she loves Starr. Isn't there something missing in this cozy picture, like her husband, Antonio questions her.

Todd is very much a part of the picture, Téa insists. He's a wonderful father, he's kind and patient. That's to his daughter, they're blood, how is he to you, you're just an employee to him. That may be how it started, Téa starts to explain. That's exactly how it started, Antonio says, she was so desperate to escape who she was, where she came from, she was willing to be bought. Antonio can see that she's changed a lot, she loves Starr, but is it enough. Todd can give her money, but can he give her anything else. It's a lot more complicated than that, Téa says.

Antonio's right, Todd can't give her everything she needs, but that doesn't mean that she's suffering. She could walk out anytime she wants to, but she doesn't, not yet. She's made a commitment and she wants to honor it. Antonio is impressed, this must be a first, Téa concerned with someone besides herself. Linda and Eddie arrive to say hello to Antonio, Cristian called them to tell them Antonio was here. Cristian invites everyone to go to Rodi's later, all of Antonio's friends will be there to see him. Antonio invites Téa to join them and she accepts.

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