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Monday, December 8, 1997

Today's show continues from Friday's cliffhanger where R.J. goes on the attack with Téa as she walks into Club Indigo soliciting R.J. as a potential client to boost her practice. R.J. does not believe her, stating that she's a stooge for Todd to try to get more information on him to pass on to Todd to print in the SUN. The Sun headlines read "JAZZ MAN FACES MUSIC." The story implied that police sources claim that R.J. is the one behind the kidnapping of the Holden twins - Leslie and Frankie. R.J. denies this speculation and threatens to sue the SUN. Téa says he can sue but can't win a libel suit unless he can prove that his character is not what was depicted in the paper and he is not a kidnapper. He will need a good lawyer to even get close to proving that. She hands him her business card. In the middle of this, Rachel walks in to tell R.J. that he has a client waiting for him and wonders what's going on. When she is shown the headline, she is furious and vehemently sticks up for R.J., that he would not do something like that. Only a monster could have done that. (Rachel wake up, R.J. is a monster.) Téa then suggests that they have a party at the Penthouse since Todd is out of town on a mini vacation with Starr without her. She calls the Reverend and invites him to the fiesta, he is hesitant, but agrees since Todd was not going to be around.

In the meantime, Todd is on the phone with some fancy caterers planning a surprise romantic dinner for his wife. She asks the babysitter to take Starr out for the evening and he will surprise Téa with romance.

In another part of town, Mel, Cassie and Kelly meet on Mel's houseboat to discuss their findings on the Cramer secrets. They have discovered that although Dorian's parents - their grand parents - were buried in Ohio, they were reported to have died in a plane crash in a small town in Kentucky. What's strange is that the FAA has no record of a plane crash and no news on the matter that would have made headlines for the small town. They also found that the numbers on the death certificates for the grandparents (used to bury then in Canton, Ohio) did not match those of Kentucky's vital records. In fact, they belonged to someone else who had died on the same day. Who's covering up what? This sounds like murder and who's responsible? Is it Mrs. Stonecliff? Does Dorian know? - but, she was just a kid when it happened! She may not even be aware of the full details on the secrets she herself is trying to keep buried. Mrs. Stonecliff was the executor of the estate and took care of all the arrangements for the burial, finances etc. At this point, Dorian walks in and demands the truth about what's going on. Mel tells her he is working on a confidential story that involves a murder that happened a long time ago and can't give her the details. He tells her when he figures out the truth, she'll be the first to know.

As they discuss, Dorian tells Mel about her mother. How she was consumed by her music. Also, about Mrs. Stonecliff, how efficient and good she was. She took care of everything. She asks if this is the story they are working on. Mel tells her it's confidential.

Meanwhile, in the library, Joey is about to leave and finds Dorothy fast asleep with her head on the table. He drops the books on the table to try and startle her, but she is deeply asleep. Finally, he wakes her up gently and they discuss about life in general and Dr. Maude's review in the newspaper. The topic turns to Kelly and he tells how much he misses her and how he wishes things were back to the way they were. They leave for Rodi's.

Later at Rodi's, Ian calms an upset Renee over the kidnapping of the Holden twins. Kelly arrives looking for Joey, since she had mentioned that she may look him up at Rodi's if she happens to be there. Since he was not there and before Renee could offer any explanations, Ian seizes the opportunity to ask her to join him at his table and spend the evening together. Joey and Dorothy later arrive and he sees Kelly sitting with Ian. He is not happy and Dorothy suggests they leave. He refuses. Kelly explains that she is going to look like a liar if she doesn't explain to Joey that she just happened to be at Rodi's and met Ian and this was not planned. On the other hand, if she explains, then that would show she cares about Joey and them and she prefers not to do that. Later, Kelly asks Ian to play a song on the juke box for her. As he leaves to do that, Joey beats him to it and plays an old time favorite of theirs. This makes Kelly uncomfortable and Ian suggests they go for a drive in the country. As they contemplate this, Dorothy suggests Joey ask Kelly for a dance. But before he can do this, Kelly and Ian leave Rodi's. Not to be too disappointed, Dorothy suggests Joey dance with her instead and they do.

Back at Todd's Penthouse, Téa's fiesta is in progress and the subject of discussion (in a less than positive light;, in fact cracking jokes) is Todd - whom they all call the Toad. As they continue their wise cracks about Todd, he walks into the middle of it - less than happy of course. Oh Boy!!! He picks up their snack plate and eats out of it and immediately spits it out into Rachel's glass of champagne. He then picks up the champagne bottle, takes a swig and uses it to gargle his mouth and spits it out on the floor. Rachel gets disgusted and leaves with Andrew in tow. Téa then unleashes her anger on Todd and asks if he's happy now. Is he happy destroying things? He says "Everyone needs a hobby." Téa leaves and goes upstairs. As she leaves, the doorbell rings and she ignores it. Todd gets the door and it's the waiter with the romantic dinner. Todd tells him it's too late. The waiter tries to explain that he has brought the dinner at the requested time. Todd starts screaming for him to get the food outta there and bangs the door. Poor waiter! Oh boy! Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for more.