OLTL Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on One Life to Live
Max admitted that he'd tampered with the warehouse boiler. Hank and Carlotta argued over how they'd raised their children. Maggie agreed to sell her property to Asa and to leave for Paris. Mel's daughter Dorothy decided to stay in Llanview.
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Monday, September 22, 1997

Kevin is trying to interview Téa, who's not giving him anything new, when Cassie arrives home from her trip. Téa gets a phone call and has to leave. Cassie tells Kevin about her trip and not seeing her dad. Kevin tells her of Patrick's death and Mel's shooting. Cassie goes to the hospital to visit Mel. She's more convinced than ever that they're on to something. She reads Mel part of her father's note where he says he took Cassie away from Dorian to "protect" her. Dorian arrives and Cassie accuses her of calling David and telling him to leave, but Dorian denies it and again asks them to drop the whole matter.

Hank has Bo put an APB out on Eli and his stolen motorcycle. The police finally catch up with Eli, after he has crashed the motorcycle into a parked car. Eli is brought back to the diner, where Andrew and Carlotta beg for leniency. Carlotta tells Eli that this prank of his will not scare her away. Hank is not so forgiving and has Eli taken away to the police station in handcuffs.

Max tries to explain that nothing was going on between he and Blair, but Ian isn't in the mood to listen. He storms over to Rodi's and tells Maggie the whole truth, first about catching Max and Blair together in the steam room and more importantly, about Max tampering with the boiler and burning down the warehouse. Max arrives and Maggie begs him to tell her that it's not true. Max finally admits that he did tamper with the boiler, but it's too late, there's no way that Maggie can forgive him lying to her all these weeks.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 1997
by ABC Daytime

Hank had Eli taken to the police station for stealing his motorcycle and he had him put in a jail cell despite Téa's protest that Eli was a minor. Hank tried to scare Eli by telling him that if he was convicted, he would go to a juvenile hall. Eli and Hank agreed to Téa's deal that forced Eli to apologize and promise to work to pay for the damages he caused. Carlotta was livid about the way Hank treated Eli and compared it to the way Hank had treated Antonio. Hank suggested that if Carlotta and her husband had been tougher with Antonio, he wouldn't have gotten into trouble. Carlotta was furious and suggested that Hank's heavy handed approach had made Rachel's previous problems worse. They continued to argue and Carlotta walked out on a stunned Hank. Kelly told Mel about her ongoing competition with Blair for Ian and that Ian had taken Blair to Club Indigo. Mel suggested that Kelly get dressed up and go to Club Indigo herself. Dorothy interrupted Mel and Kelly's close moment and was jealous. Dorothy hadn't expected Mel to be playing father to a stranger. Mel wasn't interested in talking about his relationship with Kelly and wanted to talk about his relationship with Dorothy instead. Mel wanted to be a dad to Dorothy again and suggested she move to Llanview. Dorothy was hesitant, but she agreed to think about it. Blair asked Max if he straightened things out with Ian. Max wasn't concerned with Blair's quest for Ian and told her that he had lost Maggie. Ian consoled Maggie and tried to convince her that losing Max was the best thing for her. Blair showed up and was able to convince Maggie and Ian that what happened in the steam room really was innocent, but Maggie didn't want to hear anything about Max. Blair and Ian left and decided they needed cheering up and went to Club Indigo to hear Chris Botti perform. At Club Indigo, Jacara told Hank that she needed a lawyer and he suggested Nora. R.J. watched Hank and Jacara and wasn't pleased. R.J. showed a dazzling Kelly to a table up front and, as Blair glared at her, she flirted with Chris Botti as he performed. In her hotel room, Maggie tried to convince herself to get over Max. There was a knock at Maggie's door and she opened it to Max, who said he was desperate to save both their lives and pleaded for her forgiveness.

Wednesday, September 24th, 1997

Nora, Bo and Penny

Nora comes home from work to find Penny savaging her bed. Her goose down feather pillows have been ripped open by his canine teeth. The feathers are flying all over and her heirloom linens passed down from her grandmother are in tatters. Nora hates the mangey little mutt. She ties him to the bed post and tells him to lie down. Like Todd's Bird, Penny plays the part of Nora's confessor as she tells him her worst fear- that if she cannot be less rigid, Bo won't like her any more. Bo walks in and she explains that she cannot live with the dog. Bo finds it ironic that she would share her innermost thoughts with Penny. Nora replies that she is filled with dread at coming home and seeing what he has destroyed today. So far he has gnawed the remote control, got his hair all over their leather coach and shreded every piece of paper in the house. Bo says they both know that the dog is not the real problem. He doesn't know what is but he does know not too long ago they would have laughted over Penny's oral fixation, cleaned up the mess and sent out for burritos.

Nora says she has changed, she is overwhelmed by everything. Health, safety, dog, house, work, and ....Marriage. When she realizes what she just said she is embarrassed. She does not know why she lumped their marriage in with her problems. Bo is worried and it is not nonense to deal with it. Nora admits she thinks she will lose him because she is driving him crazy. Yes she does, Bo says but he does like the fact that she has said she will do anything. Bo says what they will do is make a list of overwhelming things. Health. She has Larry to help her. Hormonal Therapy is an option in about a year and Nora is researching homeopathic medicine. How about the house? Too big. He wants her to bring in a couple of professionals to manage the mess. Rachel. Her Daughter is doing great at Club Indigo. She is a fast learner. She is not used to no problem with Rachel. Bo tells her to Embrace it, to love it. Work. That is the rough one. Up at dawn and back home way after dark. She needs an associate. She needs to delegate. Nora hates the sound of that word. Reminds her of Delgado and Bo knows that it didn't work with Téa. He asks her to put an end to her one woman operation and give it a try. She agrees. Now the dog. He is lonely and he needs someone to stay with him. Bo promises to find him a new home and until then, he will keep the dog out of their room. She kisses him and says she is feeling better. Bo doesn't think he did all that much. Nora tells him making a list helped her put things in perspective. She is so grateful. She kisses him passionately as he asks just how grateful.

Maggie's Room at the Palace Hotel-Max and Maggie

Maggie hates breaking the bond with Max's kids. She tells him she can't build a family on lies, not on his lies, or lies to herself. She was self destructive all her life. She thought she was breaking her pattern by committing to him, but it was all just part of the same thing. Max was like her father, he needed to control her and he didn't have any respect for her. Max protests that that is not true. Maggie says he is kidding himself and she can't go on loving a man who does not respect her. Not now or ever. Max wants her to take a leap of faith that he loves her and this will change. But Maggie replies that she would be taking the road to betrayal. She love him but this is the right thing to do. It's over. She opens the door for him and tells him to go and not come back. He strokes her hair and looks into her tear drenched eyes. He swears this is not over as he exits.

The Rectory- Eli, Andrew and Maggie

Andrew tells Eli that he is not fooled by Eli's protestations that he took Hank's bike just because he wanted to ride it. Andrew knows that it was to convince Carlotta not to be his foster parent. He also knows that Eli wants to stay with him, but Andrew cannot give him the proper care. Eli asks if he is a houseplant or a gold fish that he requires so much care. Andrew warns him no matter what he does, Carlotta will not give up on him and that he and River will visit often. He does not want Eli to pull another stunt like that. He could have killed himself. Eli says SO? Andrew shakes him up by telling him about his brother William and how 14 years ago, he would have given anything to have the chance Eli has to live. Eli has the benefit of medications that were not in existence then. Andrew does not want him to die. Eli sobs and collapses into Andrew's outstretched arms.

Maggie arrives at the rectory and notices that her cousin looks wiped out. He tells her about Eli and that the storm has passed. He knows that something is up with her too. She informs him that she broke up with Max and why. He said he was sorry and she forgive him his trespasses, but she has no patience, no love left. Forgiveness did not heal the wounds. She feel empty. Does this make her a bad Cristian. Andrew replies that Cristians love their enemies but they don't have to marry them. A part of her soul has died and she has lost the ability to experience the joy of being alive. In fact, joy is an alien concept at the moment. Andrew asks what will fill her soul with joy. She shows him the letter from Paris and the offer to be an apprentice to the director of the circus school. He thinks it is a great idea. She is feeling better already, athought she knows that it is crazy. Andrew says it is good crazy and yes, it is a left turn, but Maggie is a trailblazer and always has been, even for him. He tells her to follow her heart. Maggie knows she has to make her goodbyes quick to start the October term. As she leaves, she tells Andrew that she has one piece of business to take care of first.

Club Indigo-R.J., Rachel, Chris Botti, Kelly, Blair, Ian, Hank and Jacara

Everyone is enjoying the magic Chris Botti creates on his trumpet. Blair enthuses to Ian that she will buy all his CD's and give them to everyone she knows. Kelly, meanwhile, has a ringside seat in front of the stage where the performer can't help but catch his eye. At the bar, Rachel asks if everthing is Ok with R.J. Does he like the music? He admits it is not the music that has him moody. Rachel looks in the same direction as R.J. and does not like her father sitting so cozily with R.J.'s partner, Jacara.

The set comes to an end and Rachel thanks Chris Botti for the amazing performance. He asks her about the amazing blonde and wonders if she is staying. Kelly offers to buy Chris a drink as Blair watches at her table and tells Ian her cousin is a shameless flirt. Ian says that according to Max, Blair wrote the book. Just what did she do to Max, anyway?

Rachel asks her uncle just what is going on between Hank and Jacara. R.J. replies whatever it is, it has been going on all night. Rachel walks over and asks about Carlotta and Hank admits they did not make plans tonight because Carlotta and Hank are on opposite sides of a legal issue over Eli. He tells Rachel about the wrecked motorcycle and arresting Eli. His daughter thinks that the arrest was inappropriate, given the boy's situation. Hank says that Eli has to learn his actions have consequences. Rachel she remembers that speech when she was on drugs and it didn't keep her off them. R.J. sarcastically comments that he is certainly going to sleep better tonight knowing that HIV positive kid orpahn is off the street. Hank replies that he does not want to go to with his daughter and brother tonight. This was a serious incident and he handled it as a DA and he will not defend himself. Jacara agrees that Hank did Eli a big favor. The boy is self destructive and needed to be reined in.

Blair tells Ian about her marriage to Asa and how the old man was paranoid and accused her of with holding his heart medicine. Ian wants to know if it was true. Blair does not deny it, she was booted out of Paradise and went to Max. Of course, while she was married to Asa, Max got involved with Luna and poor Luna she did not grasp the fact that a strong connection between two people sometimes cannot be ignored. Especially if that connection is with him, Ian says jokingly. Kelly glares at them from a distance. Ian tells Blair that one could never have enought money, even someone who has been married to Todd Manning. So is she interested in Ian or his money? Kelly sits down with Chris and compliments his work. He tells her he will play her favorite song for her if she will stay for the opening of the second set. As he plays the tune, she mouths "Thank you."

Hank thanks Jacara for coming to his defense. She replies he is a man of principles and she appreciates it. Hank is tired and can't stay for the last set. Jacara says he needs a vacation. Hank thinks some time at his cabin at Lake Egan will do the trick. Hank leaves with Jacara.

Cris says this time it will be HIS favorite song he plays for Kelly. She gives him a kiss and then Blair comes over and says she is glad that Kelly has Chris Botti interested because she does not stand a change with Ian. Blair believes that Ian will turn green with envy when Chris dedicates another song to her. Blair goes back to the table and suggests that she and Ian leave. He agrees but has one more question. What about that connection between Max and her. She says they are just cautious friends. He invites her back to his place for a drink. She says she would love to, but it is late and she will take a rain check. Ian replies she plays the game well. Kelly is seething. Rachel tells her there is plenty of seltzer down in the storage basement. Kelly replies that this situation calls for something far more drastic.

Thursday, September 25th, 1997

At the hospital, Mel is feeling much better and catching up on reading newspapers. Bo comes to visit him and tries to convince him that a pet would make him heal much faster. Mel agrees to take Penny if Bo can't find another home for him. Bo notices a picture in one of Mel's newspapers, it's from the book signing at the library. Mel recognizes the man in the picture as the Irish gentleman he spoke with there. That's Thomas Kenneally, Bo explains and the picture proves he was in Llanview the day before Patrick's shooting, Bo's sure Kenneally's trail is stone cold, but he'll report it to the authorities anyway. Dorothy comes to visit Mel, she's decided to stay in Llanview. Dorian interrupts with a picnic basket full of food for Mel and promptly decides that she's going to find Dorothy a job. Ignoring Dorothy's protests, Dorian calls someone she knows to try to find Dorothy a social work position. Mel's mother arrives and Dorian invites her and Dorothy to dinner the following night.

Andrew goes to see Téa at the penthouse to pay her for her work helping Eli the previous day. Téa can hardly believe she's saying it, but she refuses to take the money. Andrew is worried about Téa, he thinks that she should leaves Todd. She already tried that the night after the shooting, Téa explains, but she went back the next day. She's married to Todd, committed to him and she's starting to love Starr too much to be able to walk away. Bo comes over with some pictures to show Téa. The first is of Penny, but Téa doesn't want a dog. The second is the one of Kenneally. Téa denies knowledge of any connection between Todd and Kenneally. Andrew's worried that Téa and Starr still might be in danger from Kenneally. He also thinks it's time for Téa to stop defending Todd, he has to learn to deal with the consequences of his actions.

At the Palace Hotel, Renee meets Dr. Maude and reveals her past as a madam. Dr. Maude is fascinated and wants to interview Renee for her next book. Maggie and Asa also have a meeting there, Maggie offers to sell the warehouse lot to Asa. Max arrives and begs her to at least wait a few days and consider it. In a few days she won't be here, Maggie tells him, she'll be in Paris apprenticing at a school for circus arts there. Maggie does agree to say goodbye to Al before she leaves town.

Friday, September 26th, 1997

Viki, Jessica and Clint

Jessica's in the kitchen at Llanfair when Viki surprises her by arrive home a day early from her trip. Viki's heard about what happened to Patrick and Marty and she's just sick about it. She's glad that Mel is doing better, but she wishes that Jessica didn't have to go through all that. Kevin and Cassie have been around to support her, Jessie says, and she knows Patrick wouldn't want her to be so sad about him that she forgets the good things in life. Viki gives Jessica a hug just as Clint walks through the door, he could use one of those welcome home hugs too. Jessica gives Clint a big hug. Clint asks Viki how the publishers conference. It was an cigar smoking, old boys club, Viki tells him, but she managed to hold her own.

Viki was one of only three woman at the conference. The men tended to either ignore them or treat them with a patronizing attitude. They didn't happen to serve fresh whole tomatoes there, Clint jokes while moving the bowl of tomatoes on the table out of Viki's reach. Viki ignores him and changes the suject to his trip to the ranch. It's his oasis of sanity, Clint says. He even had time to do a little shopping there, a pair of coyboy boots for Jessica. She leaves the room to go try them on. Clint is very proud of how Jessica is handling everything that happened while they were away, with grace and maturity. Viki remembers how happy Patrick made Marty, she finds the whole thing so very sad. Clint gives her a hug. He has a present for her too, although he had hoped to give it to her at the ranch.

Viki admits that she was planning to come visit him at the ranch, but when she heard the news about Patrick and Mel, she decided she needed to come home and see how Jessica was doing. Clint says they can get right back on a plane and head out to the ranch right now, even just for the weekend. Viki doesn't want to go, the moment has passed, she explains. She's been on a plane for eight hours, all she wants to do is unpack, read her mail and spend some time in her garden. Clint's not willing to give up. Fine, do that, he says, and we'll head out to the ranch first thing in the morning. Viki asks him to let it go. Clint asks her for a good reason why. Viki thinks the whole thing is...premature. Premature? Clint thinks that 12 years of marriage, raising 3 kids, and working together everyday is just about enough foreplay for anything. Viki smiles.

Viki's told him that she's not prepared to go to the ranch and he won't accept that, she doesn't know what else to say. Clint feels like she opened a door and he got stuck haveway through it. He can't get back out, but he can't get in either. He thinks a change of venue, a few days spent at the ranch might help. Viki doesn't agree, she refuses to go, but also asks that he doesn't let the door swing shut again either.

Jessica has rejoined them and asks if Viki has gotten her present yet. She hasn't, so Clint gives them to her, a pair of brown cowboy boots. There's a knock at the kitchen door, it's Nora. Clint leaves to go back home, since it seems that he can't convince anyone to go back to the ranch with him. Nora got a letter from Marty asking Nora to help give away some of her things. She wants Jessica to have her sheet music, Nora gives a folder to Jessica, and also her piano. Jessica leaves and Nora gives Viki a letter that Marty wrote to Viki. Nora really misses the both of them. This has really hit Nora hard, hasn't it, Viki asks worried. Nora tells Viki not to worry, she's been doing that enough on her own.

Nora tells Viki that she's perimenopausal. Viki has the same reaction that Nora did, that she's much too young. That would explain the mood swings, Viki says. Nora admits she's actually cried over a dead fish. Viki asks if she's considered hormone replacement therapy. She has, Nora replies, but she's probably going to have to wait about a year until she can start it. Viki comments that people seem to have two ways of dealing with menopause, either trying to ignore it and not discuss it at all, or head-on the way Nora is. It's not the big deal it used to be, Viki says. Nora will remind her she said that when it happens to her. Nora feels much better now that she's talked to Viki about it. Viki thinks that maybe she should talk to some women who have gone through it.

Bo, Asa, Maggie and Nigel

Nigel announces Bo's arrival, with Penny in tow, to Asa. Bo asks if either of them would like to have a dog. Why, Asa asks, couldn't Bo bring himself to put this "thing" out of it's misery. Asa calls Penny the sorriest looking excuse for a dog that he has ever seen. Penny has character, Bo defends. Over Nigel's objections, Asa decides he'll keep Penny. He asks Nigel to take the dog out to the kitchen and give him a raw steak. Asa wonders if Penny is a peace offering for accusing Asa of burning down Maggie's warehouse. They've accused him of many things over the years, but that one really got to him. Bo apologizes, they were wrong. Maggie arrives to see Asa. She's surprised to hear a dog bark. Penny's officially a Buchanan know, Bo explains.

Maggie tells Bo that she's selling the warehouse property to Asa. Bo is surprised, but Asa confirms it and also says that Maggie wised up and broke up with Max. This surprises Bo even more, he heard that Max and Maggie just got engaged. They were, briefly, but now she's headed of to Paris. She doesn't give any details about the breakup. Bo leaves before Asa changes him mind about keeping Penny and Asa wants to firm up the sale of the lot. Maggie's got a few conditions Asa needs to hear first.

Maggie asks if he just wants Max to lose, or if he wants to win. Asa claims he's a winner, that's why Maggie sold him the property. Maggie says that Asa's his own worst enemy, what good will the property be if all the people of East Llanview are against him. Maggie suggests that Asa work out a real partnership with the people of Angel Square, that way Asa will still profit and everybody will win. Asa offers Maggie a job, but she turns it down. Asa agrees to her request to work with the people of Angel Square and they shake on it. She doesn't need it in writing, she tells him, she trusts his word.

Maggie, Al and Max

At Max's house, Maggie is giving Al a goodbye hug. She explains that things didn't work out between her and Max and that she will be leaving for Paris. Max says that Maggie is just trying to protect him, he did something really stupid, something unforgiveable, that's why Maggie is leaving. Al hits Max with another bombshell, he wants to go live with Gabrielle permanently. Al gives Maggie a hug, he's going to miss her. After Al leaves the room, Max and Maggie share one last kiss before she turns and walks out the door.

Dorian, Cassie, Kelly, Blair, Dorothy and Mary Hayes

Dorian inspects her "girls" as they wait for Mel's family to arrive. All of them look beautiful, demure and elegant, they do her proud. (Kelly, Cassie and Blair are all in black dresses, Dorian is wearing a black skirt with a red top) Blair points out that having Dr. Maude's books on the coffee table is a little obvious. Dorian agrees and puts them away. Kelly reminds them all that Mel's mother would like them to call her Mary Hayes, not Dr. Maude. Cassie asks what Mel's daughter is like. Kelly thinks that Dorothy is a total pain. Blair comments that Dorothy is adorable, but does it only to disagree with Kelly. If she said the sky was blue, Blair would disagree, Kelly explains to Cassie. Blair says that she told Kelly to stay away from Ian and she insists on hanging all over him. Ian must think Kelly is a slut, Blair accuses. "That's your reputation", Kelly shoots right back. Dorian breaks up the argument and the doorbell rings

Dorian warns them not to let her down and they all promise that they will be good. Dorian has barely let Mary and Dorothy through the door before Blair and Kelly start arguing again, quite loudly. Dorian is embarrassed and tries to explain it by saying she encourages spirited family discussion. So do I, Mary says and heads toward the living room.

Everyone is seated in the living room. There is an awkward silence and Cassie starts the conversation by saying what an honor it's been to work with Mel at the Banner. Dorothy, although she doesn't seem to care for any of the other Cramers, seems to get along with Cassie and enquires about her father, Dorothy heard he was in a skiing accident. He's much better, he actually left the hospital before she got there. She's sure that Mel will be out of the hospital soon, too. Apparently having heard enough small talk, Mary gets right to the heart of the matter, "Who's this Ian?", she asks. Everyone is silent for a moment and Kelly explains that he's in publishing, actually he inherited some newspapers when his father died. Dorian tries to halt the conversation by offering to get Mary another drink, but Mary asks Kelly to continue. Kelly became friends with Ian when she asked him to coach at the community center where she does volunteer work. *Court ordered* volunteer work, Blair is quick to point out. Dorian tries to interrupt again, she doesn't think Mary and Dorothy will be interested in this family business. Mary is interested, that's why she asked the question. So you're both interested in the same man, she continues. Blair is interested in his bank account, Kelly says. She owes me big-time and she knows it, Blair replies. Blair wants to make her pay forever and Kelly has had enough. Blair doesn't know why Kelly wants to stick herself out there to get kicked in the teeth, there's no way that Kelly can compete with her when it comes to men, Blair claims. Blair thinks that Kelly must want to be punished for killing her unborn son and almost killing her. Blair thinks they should ask Dr. Maude, does she think Kelly is masochistic. That would make Blair sadistic, wouldn't it, Kelly retorts. Throughout this whole argument, Dorian has been trying unsucessfully to interrupt them, "are we ready for dinner", she tries again. "No", Blair and Kelly say together. Mary's so glad that their family doesn't stand on ceremony, it wastes so much time. Dorothy says apologetically to Cassie, her grandmother has an unerring instinct for this sort of thing. Cassie thinks it might do the family good, to get this all out in the open.

Kelly explains that she did a terrible thing and she ran away from it for a while, but thanks to Mel, she was able to face her demons. Kelly can understand that Blair can't forgive her, but she thinks that Blair is taking a little too much pleasure from her tormenting of Kelly. Blair disagrees and Dorothy seems to side with Blair. Mary notices this and asks why. Because she doesn't like me, Kelly says, she hasn't liked me from that first night in the hospital. Dorothy thinks that if Kelly takes her reactions at a time when she thought she was going to lose her father as an asessment of her, that it's a rather egotistical view of the universise. Blair enjoys this comment, laughs, and says that Dorothy has Kelly pegged, she's very selfish. She was upset because her boyfriend dumped her, got behind the wheel of a car and caused a fatal accident. Kelly asks if Blair wants her to tell everyone about the horrible things Blair has done. "No, that is quite enough", Dorian interrupts again. Kelly's said all her apologies and done all that she can do, now it's Blair's turn to do what she needs to do.

When Kelly arrived in town, she needed someone to tell her who she was and what she was, Blair says, that's what Joey did for her. After the accident she was like "poor me", Blair continues, she wanted everyone to forgive her so she could feel good about herself. Blair is never going to forgive her, but Blair thinks it's good that Kelly has come to a point in her life where she doesn't need that anymore. Kelly actually agrees with Blair for once. All of her life, Kelly wanted to be someone different, anyone but who she was. When she first came to Llanview she wanted to be Blair, she admired her, she still does. Dr. Maude thinks the intensity of feelings between Blair and Kelly speaks to the fact they they are really, truly connected. Dorothy asks for this conversation to stop, they were invited to dinner, not group therapy. Mary disagrees, they were invited there to all get to know each other and that's what they're doing. Mary next sets her sights on Cassie, she's Dorian's only daughter, isn't she? As far as we know, Cassie answers to everyone's amusement except for Dorian. Cassie actually didn't know her mother until she was fifteen. Dorian desperately tries to change the subject to when Mary decided to become Dr. Maude, but Mary won't be distracted. How did that come about, that Cassie didn't know her mother until she was fifteen, she asks. That's a very good question, Cassie replies. "Why did David's mother raise me? Why wasn't I even allowed to know you when I was little?", Cassie asks Dorian.

Dorian won't hurt her feelings if she says she didn't want her, Cassie just wants to hear the truth. Dorian really doesn't think this is an appropiate time to discuss it. This is what Dorian does to control a situation, Cassie explains to Mary, she either slams the door, changes the subject or goes on the offensive. Cassie doesn't have a clue why she was separated from Dorian, and Dorian's always been very secretive about her own childhood, too. What happened to David, she asks Dorian, why did he disappear, what has she done to him? Dorian's offended that Cassie would accuse her of such a thing. "And you have no right to keep the truth about my family history from me!", Cassie insists.

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