OLTL Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on One Life to Live
Blair overheard Max's confession to Ian. Carlotta applied to be Eli's foster mother. Mel delved into Dorian's past. Cassie made arrangements to see her father David in Austria. Blair told Kelly to stay away from Ian. Kelly attended a concert with Ian.
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Monday, September 1, 1997

Maggie is working out at Serenity Springs when Max again tries to convince her to accept his offer of another plot of land to build her school. Even if she did agree, she found out it would take more than 5 million dollars to put up a new building. She can't afford it and refuses to take money from Ian to build it. After Maggie leaves, Blair comes over to Max and comments that he doesn't look happy. Max tries to deny it, but Blair says she knows him and the expression on his face is not happy. Ian arrives and Blair has Max introduce them and then procedes to flirt outrageously with Ian. Max later admits to Ian that he's the one that burned down Maggie's building. Blair overhears his confession.

Téa is at the diner helping Carlotta with the paperwork to become Eli's foster mother. Téa thinks Carlotta would be a good mother for him, but is Carlotta really sure that she wants to take all this on, Téa asks. Carlotta is sure. She tells Cristian the news. Cristian is not happy, he's afraid his mother will be hurt if she takes Eli in and he dies from AIDS. There's just as likely a chance that Eli will not die, Carlotta won't give up on him.

At the Banner, Mel talks to Cassie about digging into Dorian's past. Blair doesn't think Addie would be of any help, but does suggest Cassie's father might know something. Cassie doesn't think Herb would know anything. Your biological father, David Renaldi, Mel clarifies. Cassie thinks it's possible he might know something, but she barely communicates with him and hasn't spoken to him in years. She calls David's house in Austria, only to learn that Davie was injured in an avalance some months ago. He's mobile now and his speech is returning, but his wife, Jenny, is presumed dead. After talking to Kevin, Cassie makes arrangements to fly to Austria to see her father.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 1997


Kevin watches Cassie as she is deep in thought. Cassie notices and walks over to Kevin and tells her about a bad dream that she had had about David. She said that she felt empty after the dream and wonders if it was around the same time of the accident and if it is just a coincidence or really a sixth sense. Kevin tells her to go to Austria and see how David is. They talk about the sleep over at the Carriage house. River comes in and runs straight to Kevin and jumps into his arms. Andrew looks less than pleased. Cassie says thanks for everything.


Hank brings a gift for Carlotta, a helmet of her own. She is less than overwhelmed and Hank can tell. She tells Hank about the fight she had with Cristian. She tells Hank that she is going to be a mother again. Hank drops his helmet in disbelief. Carlotta reassures him that she is not pregnant. She tells him that she wants to adopt Eli. Hank says that it is great that she wants to help Eli, but it is a loaded situation and maybe she should think twice about it. He says that she has been working her self like a dog all of these years and that it is time for her to take a break. But Hank says that if that is what she wants then he can share her. They discuss how Cristian is not happy with the situation. Carlotta asks Hank for some help, Hank doesn't think that he has been the greatest father and maybe he is the wrong person. Carlotta reassures him. Carlotta says to celebrate by going for a ride. Just as they are about to leave, Jacara comes in asking if the bike outside actually belongs to Hank. Carlotta looks on in bewilderment. Jacara asks Carlotta if she was ready for it. Carlotta says that she wasn't prepared but she is happy with it. Carlotta says that she is ready to be a biker babe and shows Jacara the helmet that Hank bought her. Jacara points out that Hank looks quite handsome in leather. Carlotta asks Jacara if she came to the diner to order food. Jacara says that she did and says that she keeps hearing how much of a great cook Carlotta is. Carlotta tells her that she is the queen of flan and that she will check to see if there is any left. Jacara then asks Hank if he wants to take a ride around the block while she is waiting for her food. Hank is taken by her forwardness. Carlotta, however, is less than pleased.

Hank comes back from a phone call as Jacara tells him that she is sorry that they couldn't go on a ride. Carlotta comes back with the food and tells Jacara that maybe she should order ahead next time. Jacara declines and makes a remark about eating in next time and soaking in the ambiance. She then turns to Hank and offers a raincheck on the bike ride. Hank says "no problem, anytime." Carlotta doesn't look happy. Hank looks at Carlotta and tells her not to say anything. Carlotta says that there really is nothing to say, that actually Jacara and her have something in common. Jacara doesn't like Carlotta and Carlotta definitely doesn't like Jacara. Hank says that he didn't appreciate the fact that Jacara insinuated that she was the inspiration for the bike. Hank admits that Jacara has a tiny crush on him. Carlotta says that it is more like an obsession. Hank says that if she doesn't get the hint then he will tell Jacara that he is taken.


Ian gives Max a piece of his mind about Max starting the warehouse fire as Blair looks on. Max tries to tell him that it was a mistake and that he is worried that he may lose Maggie. Ian doesn't appreciate the predicament that Max has put him in. Ian walks away and Max leaves as Blair walks out of the hallway. Blair tells Max that she is going to stay and workout so that she can try to work on some of the rage that she is feeling. Blair expresses her happiness at Kelly's grieving over her guilt. Blair says that she needs and opponent that is tougher to break. Blair hints that she would like to get to know Ian better. Blair leaves and goes over to Ian and tells him that he thinks Blair heard the whole confession. Ian tells him that if that is the case, then Max should hurry up and tell Maggie the truth before she hears it from another source. Max evades the situation by telling Ian that Blair is interested in him and that maybe Ian could try to get it out of Blair if she heard the confession. Ian says that he will do it out of Maggie's welfare and not for Max's.


River and Kevin put on makeshift hats and role play an alien game. Cassie tries to join in but River doesn't want her to. Cassie says that she made his favorite meal, but River says that he hates that food now. Cassie feels left out as Kevin and River go off to play. Later, Kevin finishes telling River a story and Cassie informs River that it is bedtime. All of Cassie's suggestions are rejected by River. Kevin agrees to tell him some more stories and River runs upstairs to bed. Cassie is very upset.

Cassie tells Kevin that River hurt her feelings by pretending to be asleep when she went upstairs to kiss him goodnight. She tells Kevin how jealous she was of Kevin. Cassie says that she is out of the picture. Kevin reassures her that she is in the picture and tells her that River is acting mad at her so that River can get his way. Kevin tells Cassie to tell River that he hurt her feelings. Kevin says that she hasn't lost River and that she will get him back.


Téa stops by and listens to the horrible sound of Andrew trying to play the sax. She asks him if he really plays or if it is an instrument of torture, because if it is then she is ready to confess. Téa asks him what is the matter. He says that he is fine. Téa tells Andrew that Social Services will probably approve Carlotta as a foster mother. She wants to know what is wrong with Andrew. Andrew says that he is embarrassed about the situation. He tells her that he is not crazy about Kevin being involved in River's life. Andrew tells her how River ran straight for Kevin at the Banner and that he didn't know how to feel. He wanted River to be crying at the thought of leaving his Dad, but he didn't, he was more than happy to be with Kevin. Andrew felt like he lost and Kevin won. Téa tells Andrew how much she has come to love Starr and that she couldn't begin to understand the way that Andrew feels. Andrew tells Téa that he doesn't know if he is tough enough to handle the situation. Téa tells him that he is. Andrew invites her out to Club Indigo.


R.J. wants to know where the lighting equipment is for Erykah. Rachel assures him that she has taken care of it. She tells him to lighten up a little bit. He says that he can't, he doesn't trust people and he doesn't leave things to chance. Blair and Ian walk in, sit down at a table and order rum drinks. After the drinks come, Ian proposes a toast to Max. Blair counters it by proposing a toast to Maggie, Max's current love. Ian asks her if she is suggesting that Max is not a one woman man. Blair says that she does have a history with Max. She tells him about making love to Max on her wedding day to Asa. She says that she hopes he has changed for Maggie's sake. Blair asks Ian if he is worried about Max. Blair says that she wants to know more about Ian. He says that he wonders if he should be wary of Max. Blair asks him why he keeps bringing Max up. He asks her if she knows anything new about Max, she responds that she knows all that she needs to know.

Téa and Andrew show up and see Blair and Ian. Blair tells Téa that Todd must be open minded these days because Todd never let Blairdate when they were married. Téa and Andrew go to their table. Ian invites Blair to the music festival. Blair says that she will go if they don't discuss Max. Ian says that he wants to know things just in case he can save his sister. Blair says that she knows everything about Max but if he and Maggie are really involved then any information she has probably would do no good. She tells Ian to just let go of it.

At another table, Jacara says that Carlotta's food is great and says that she saw Hank at the diner with his new 'hog'. Rachel tells her that he wasn't there for the food. R.J. asks Jacara if she asked Hank about the permit. She says that she forgot so she'll just have to go to his office tomorrow and ask him there.

Wednesday, September 3rd, 1997

The Gatehouse-Kevin, Cassie, Andrew and River

As morning breaks in the fair city of Llanview, Cassie is setting up for breakfast on the coffee table. Kevin comes downstairs, happy to see the little domestic scene Cassie is creating. River yells down from the spare room and says he wants Kevin to make him breakfast. Kevin asks Cassie if she is ready to call her son on his little game of ignoring her.

It is the first day of school for River and Kevin wants to know if he is wearing his lucky shirt. River replies that he is. He asks Kevin for more milk, although it is his mother who has the container in her hand. Kevin tells him to direct his request to the lady who has the milk. Cassie admits to River that when he won't let her do things for him, it makes her feel bad. River takes the milk from her and she shares with him how she used to feel about the first day of school when she was a little girl. She used to get butterflies in her stomach. This prompts a discussion of how butterflies feel and gives Kevin and River an excuse to rough-house. The ticklish little boy is giggling with glee when Andrew and Eli arrive at the door. Andrew plainly is not happy that his son is so fond of Kevin. The boy wants to know if he can come back soon. Andrew makes a noncommital answer about having to talk to Cassie about that. After they leave, Cassie says that she knows it was awkward, but for a moment, she did get a response out of River. She should have told Andrew about her trip to Austria and she knows it won't be easy telling Dorian. But she won't miss this opportunity to reconnect with her biological father.

Dorian's House-Dorian, Blair and Kelly

Blair is all aglow. She tells her aunt that she has discovered she has two handicaps besides her legs- lonliness and poverty. Her solution came to her on the treadmill at Serenity Springs. Someone who is rich, handsome and has inherited a fortune. Dorian groans, certain that Blair means Todd. Blair says she is speaking of Ian. Rorian thinks he's the perfect cure for her niece's Manning Mania. Blair enumerates Ian's many sterling attributes- he is charming, well spoken, rich. Ian is just the thing to take her mind off her last disasterous marriage, Dorian says, an opportunity to put the past behind her. Blair reminds her that she is not going to forget Starr. Dorian replies that Ian Armitage can buy and sell Todd Manning many times over and then with his high powered attorneys, they can rescue that poor innocent child from the clutches of her father. Blair said her encounter with Ian was mostly just fun. He invited her to go to the jazz festival with him.

Kelly comes in. Blair continues to rhapsodize about how classy Ian is. Kelly says he is also good with the kids at Angel Square and it is fun to watch him interact with them. Blair says she is sure her cousin finds him fun to watch, but HANDS OFF! She owes her big time for the accident and Brendan's death. She wants her to stay away. Kelly says that Ian is just a friend. Blair suggests she keeps it that way. Kelly replies that she is not Blair's enemy, but her cousin reminds her that she is not her friend either. Blair storms out of the house, leaving Dorian to explain her behavior to Kelly. It is not as if Kelly doesn't understand what is going on with Blair and there is no need for Dorian to make excuses. Blair can't possibly say anything to make her feel worse about what happened, but she is beginning to seriously tick her off!

Cassie arrives and Dorian asks her to talk to Blair about the way she is acting. Cassie says she will, after she sees her Dad in Europe. Dorian naturally wonders what Herb Callison (Dorian's former husband and Cassie's adopted father) is doing in Austria. Cassie corrects her and explains that she is speaking of her biological father (the one Dorian had an affair with and lived with while attending medical school). David is in rehab in Austria. He and his wife were in an avalanche. His wife's body was never recovered (oops! attention:new writers.Jenny Renaldi's maiden name was Jenny Wolek, distant cousin to Larry Wolek, who was once married to her sister, Karen. Why doesn't Larry know of this tragedy). David had been badly hurt and hadn't wanted to burden his daughter with his problems, but Cassie had spoke to his doctor and he is anxious to see her.

Dorian can understand the concern, to a point, but was there some other reason her daughter would want to see David. Cassie admits she needs to find out more about herself and her natural parents. Her mother is certain that this has something to do with Mel. Cassie insists that although Mel did want her to ask David a few questions, the more important reason for Cassie is that Dorian's meltdown over Starr's custody prompted her to think it was about David taking Cassie as a child. Dorian replies that she had hoped that Cassie had gotten over her abandonment issues. Cassie wants to know whether her mother wondered about her those 15 years before they were reunited. Dorian knew that David loved her. Yes, Cassie says, but David taking her away was not her choice. Dorian tries to talk her daughter out of going to Europe. This is not a good time to leave River. Cassie reminds her that her son will be in school and that makes it the perfect time. Dorian does not want her to go, but Cassie simply tells her that her mind is made up. She loves her mother very much, but she is going.

After she leaves, Dorian calls Mel at the newspaper and tells him to come over right away. When Mel arrives, Dorian asks him why he is doing this to her. He is chipping away at her emotionally. He says it is not intentional. Cassie going to see her father is not just her personal agenda, but is a violation of Dorian's privacy. She backs off when he asks her. Why can't he do the same? It is different, Mel says, he does not know what is buried in her past and it is vital for him to know. He can't stop trying to find out- for her sake.

Serenity Springs- Max, Ian and Maggie

Ian reports back to Max that he does not think Blair overheard their conversation about the warehouse fire. Even if she did know, he doubts she would hurt Maggie. Max is sure Blair is having an effect on him. Ian is very angry about the actions Max took, he calls them criminal and he is enraged that Max would call the destruction of his sister's dream an accident. He also resents the position Max has placed him in. Knowing what he knows now, how can he listen to his sister cry about those dreams going up in flames? Max says that he is certain that he and Ian can provide Maggie with what she wants if Blair would just keep her mouth shut. Ian replies that Max is deflecting his on guilt onto Blair. Blair is no villainess. In fact, now that Max directed his attentions to her, Ian is going to pursue her. Max warns Ian that Blair is a fortune hunter and not worth the trouble. Ian defends her as intelligent and good to look at. Max says she is on the rebound, and trust him, she cannot be trusted. Ian replies he does not know if he can trust HIM. He is just pointing the blame once again away from himself. He was the married one when he had an affair with Blair. Max tries to tell him about Blair's past manipulation, about her cold heartedness in leaving Asa clutching his heart on the floor, refusing him his medicine and walking out the door with a fur coat draped around her shoulder and a smirk of satisfaction on her face. None of this is enough to deter Ian, who sees Blair as an interesting challenge. He leaves for the community center and Maggie arrives. Max confides that he did his best to warn her twin that Blair is a predator with dollar signs for eyes. Maggie does not have such a harsh view, but she does think Blair is on the rebound and not a good bet. Her brother needs someone sweet. Max suggests she redirects Ian's attention to someone more appropriate.

The Community Center at Angel Square-Andrew, Eli, Ian, Kelly and Maggie

Eli tells Andrew he does not want to go to High School and he is not interested in living with Carlotta, either. Andrew reminds him that school is the law and that Mrs. Vega is what he needs. She has raised two boys and she can provide him with a stable family life. Eli just feels that Andrew is passing on him like a lot of other people have. Andrew explains that he is not in any shape to give him the things he wants. His own life is in shambles, as he saw for himself today. He does not have a thing to give him and Eli would be sold short. Ian plays a little soccer (Called football in England) with Eli a little while and then the minister and the rebellious boy leave.

Ian is still kicking the ball around when Kelly arrives. The kids haven't shown up yet, so she volunteers to warm up with him. She keeps using her hands, which is forbidden in the game. She winds up tackling him. He says that is the other football, but he rather likes it. Maggie arrives to find them on the floor in this compromising position. She smiles and invites them to join her and Max tonight at the premier performance of the jazz festival. Ian says that he has invited a guest to go to the festival with him. Maggie says that the festival is more than one night and Erikah Badu's performance is sold out. She has extra tickets for it, so if his invitation wasn't specific to this evening, why not take Kelly with him. Ian agrees.

Serenity Springs- Max and Blair

Max pumps Blair for information on her date with Ian, but she tries to confine their conversation to weights. Max says that Ian is like his brother in law. He has had a lot happen to him in the last several months and he, being a continental rake, could be trouble to her. He knows Blair likes to do the loving and leaving. Blair cuts to the chase. So he does not want her to go out with his partner? Max says she is absolutely right. Blair tells him he only wants Ian for the money he can provide on his waterfront project. He would do anything for that and already has. Max replies that he has told Ian she is trouble and he doesn't wish either of them the trouble they will give each other. She needs to take a rest from fortune hunting. Blair talks about Starr and Todd's marriage to Téa. She knows what she needs is revenge and happiness is the best revenge. She also knows why he doesn't want her around Ian, so Max can confess it to her. Blair continues teasing him that he does not want her near to Ian because he is too close to Maggie for comfort and Blair knows too much about Max. Blair won't let Max pin her down on what she information she has on him. She tells him she just loves to keep him wondering.

Thursday, September 4th, 1997

Nora returns home from her trip to the spa and is not happy about Bo's motorcycle. Rachel asks them to put the topic of the motorcycle aside for now and come with her to Club Indigo to see Erykah Badu perform. Maggie tries to warn Ian about getting involved with Blair, but he's not listening. Maggie thinks that Kelly would be good for Ian. Ian's not sure that he and Kelly have very much in common. Dorian and Mel 'discuss' his digging into her past and how much against it she is. Dorian is, however, moved to tears when Mel says he's just trying to help her and wants to take care of her. They are interrupted by Blair, who tries to call Ian to invite him to Club Indigo. Ian shows up at Dorian's, but he's taking Kelly out, not Blair. Blair is absolutely furious Kelly would go out with Ian after Blair warned her to keep her hands off. Blair gets dressed up and goes to Club Indigo with Mel and Dorian. Just about everyone in Llanview, with the exception of Clint, Viki, Cristian, Jessica and Asa, are at Club Indigo to see Erykah Badu perform.

Friday, September 5th, 1997

Club Indigo

As the show begins, Erykah Badu is singing, finishing her first set. After a big round of applause, R.J. invites everyone to relax and make themselves at home while they are waiting for the next set in twenty minutes. Maggie suggests that they all come back together to see Chris Botti together. Kelly thinks that is is a great idea, but Ian already has a previous commitment to bring Blair. Max tries to tell Ian again that Blair is nothing but trouble. Ian comments that trouble is something Max should know all about and the two of them head to the bar for refills. Maggie offers to put some sisterly pressure on Ian to get him to cancel his date with Blair. Kelly thanks her, she thinks Ian is terrific. Besides, seeing Kelly with Ian ticks Blair off like you can't imagine. At the bar, Ian is telling Max he doesn't want to be a part of his lie anymore and if Max won't tell Maggie the truth about the fire, he will. Across the room, Mel orders more wine for Blair and Dorian and with amazing restraint, orders himself another iced coffee. Blair gets up and goes over to mess in Téa's life. She takes great pleasure in revealing that Téa and Andrew were together at Club Indigo the other night.

Todd remains calm and tells Blair that his wife is allowed to be wherever she wants with whomever she wants. Todd refers to Andrew as Téa's 'spiritual advisor'. Todd doesn't want to make the same mistakes he made in the past, Téa tells Blair. That's right, Todd agrees, there are some mistakes that are too big to fix. Not getting the response she hoped to from Todd, Blair slinks back to her table in defeat. Little does she know that inside, Todd is furious. "A date?", he comments angrily to Téa and Andrew. Upset, Blair decides to try her luck with Ian instead. Over at the bar, Max is asking Ian to give him time. He can't tell Maggie now or he'll lose her forever. And what is to prevent Blair from telling her the truth, Ian asks. At the table, Kelly is telling Maggie she'll always regret what she did to Blair, but that doesn't make it OK for Blair to make Kelly her punching bag. Kelly thinks she as just as much right to be with Ian as Blair does. Maggie agrees. "Let the best woman win", Kelly declares. Max rejoins the women at the table and Blair takes the opportunity to join Ian at the bar. Kelly gets up and heads in their direction. "Oh boy", Mel comments, noticing what's going on. Blair flirts with Ian and then asks him to flag down the bartender to get a drink. The second Ian leaves, Blair warns Kelly to give it up, she can't possibly win. Kelly is not about to back down and tells Blair not to interfere with her date with Ian or she'll repay her when Blair is out on her date with him. Blair replies that Ian's only going out with Kelly because he feels sorry for her, "why else would he go out with a *baby killer*" Erykah Badu returns to perform her song, "Apple Tree."

Erykah finishes her performance and leaves the stage once again with a loud round of applause. At their table, Hank wonders why Bo and Nora have hardly said anything to each other. I don't have much to say to a man with a death wish, is Nora's explanation. Trying to cut the tension, Carlotta tells them her good news, she's planning to beome Eli's foster mother. Bo and Nora congratulate her, but Nora looks upset at the mention of children, presumably thinking of the fact that she won't have more of her own. Across the room, Todd goes to make a phone call. Todd's angry, Andrew observes, and asks Téa if she's going to be alright. She'll be fine, Téa assures him, she has it in writing. Cassie interrupts them to inform Andrew that she'll be away for a few days to visit her father, David Renaldi, in Austria. Andrew sincerely offers his best wishes for David's speedy recovery. They are interrupted by Kelly and Blair's argument at the bar, which has been growing louder. Kelly's accusing Blair of being bitter and wanting no one else to be happy, when Ian rejoins them. Ian asks what they're talking about and Blair totally lies and says they were discussing the fact that Ian brought her to Club Indigo the other night. Kelly declares that was *not* what their conversation was about. Blair starts a "poor little me" act, saying she shouldn't have come tonight, but smirks at Kelly when Ian turns his back to get her some water. Kelly has had enough. She picks up a tumbler sitting on the bar and throws it's contents at Blair, soaking the front of her white dress. Kelly storms out and Ian tries to get some napkins. Todd is there first, offering Blair his handkerchief.

Blair seems about to accept Todd's offer, when Ian returns with some napkins and Blair takes them instead. Todd walks away and Blair accepts Ian's offer to take her home. Todd is arguing with Téa, but keeping his voice down. They had a deal, they're supposed to look like the happiest couple in Llanview. Téa thought she was allowed to see her friends. Not when it looks like she's "stepping out" on him with the local man of God. Above all, Téa is not to make him look like a jerk in front of Blair. Téa thinks Todd's capable of making himself look like a jerk all by himself. Blair leaves and Mel and Dorian rush after her, hoping to prevent a fight between Blair and Kelly when they both get home. On the way out, Dorian stops to talk to Cassie and asks if she still intends to see David and pry into her past. If Dorian has nothing to hide, then why is she so worried about Cassie talking to David, Cassie asks. Dorian has no answer, Bon Voyage she says and leaves. Todd takes the opportunity to rub it to Marty and Patrick that the Irish authorities are coming to question Patrick. "You can't touch us. Not now, not ever", is Patrick's reply as they walk out the door.

Hank congratulates Rachel, R.J. and Jacara on their success. Carlotta gives Rachel a hug, manages to politely congratulate Jacara and then she and Hank leave. R.J. remembers a time when noone would even come in to Club Indigo and he was always hassled by the cops. Tonight, everyone one was there, it makes him happy. It's only the beginning, Jacara promises. Andrew says goodnight to Todd and Téa and Todd strongly requests that Andrew not take Téa out in public. Since they are just friends, Andrew feels that they should be able to go out together wherever they want, whenever they want. He's concerned about Téa and plans to keep an eye on her. Todd assures Andrew that he can look out after his own woman. Téa tells Andrew that Todd will behave and gives him a kiss on the cheek before following Todd out the door. Cassie sees the kiss and looks rather jealous, but doesn't say anything to Andrew. Jacara and Gabriel are looking over the congratulations for the music festival's success. Gabriel flips through them, looking for one from Gee, has he contacted Jacara recently? No, she answers, and she doesn't want to hear from him. Erykah thanks them all for having her and then leaves. The phone rings, it's for Jacara. "Who gave you this number? Don't call me here again", she tells the person on the other end.

Nora and Bo

Nora and Bo arrive home, still not really talking to each other. Bo mentions that Nora looked a little upset when Carlotta mentioned Eli. Nora admits she was a little upset, she always wondered what it would be like to raise a son and now she'll never have the chance. Unless they decide to adopt. Relax, she tells Bo before he has a chance to say anything. She has no intention of adopting a child who's father could become road kill at any minute. Every time Nora thinks about the motorcycle, she sees an image of Bo splattered all over the road. Is Nora sure that she's not reacting like this because she's miserable right now and Bo has found something that makes him happy? Maybe things would be better if one of them were happy in this marriage, Bo continues. Are you saying that you're not happy with this marriage, Nora asks in disbelief. Bo doesn't reply, he just walks away.

Blair, Ian, Kelly, Dorian, Mel, Cassie and Kevin

Blair and Ian arrive at Dorian's and Blair thanks him for driving her home. Kelly comes down the stairs and apologizes nicely to both of them. She even offers to clean or replace Blair's dress. Blair graciously accepts the apology. Ian says he has to leave, Blair tells him thank you for bringing her home. Kelly also says thanks and kisses Ian on the cheek, earning her a glare from Blair. As soon as the door shuts behind Ian, Blair congratulates Kelly for the act she's been putting on. I've been totally sincere, Kelly insists, and it's been nothing compared to the "performance of a lifetime" Blair's been giving. All Blair's interested in are Ian's assets, his stocks and bonds, Kelly accuses. A shouting match starts and the girls are finally separated by Dorian, who has just come in the door. The phone rings and Mel answers it "Wrestlemania." It's Cassie, checking to see if there was any bloodshed. Cassie promises to try to ask David some questions about Dorian's past. They hang up and Kevin says he wishes he could go with Cassie. Maybe another time, Cassie says, he's got to stay home and babysit the Banner for Clint and Viki. The first question that Cassie plans to ask him about the past is why did David take her away from Dorian when she was a baby.

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