OLTL Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on One Life to Live
Nora found it difficult to accept Larry's diagnosis of menopause. Eli was disruptive at the diner. Maggie was denied payment from the insurance company after the warehouse fire. Mel got drunk and missed the train to see his daughter.
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Monday, August 18, 1997

Today's show opens with a hysterical Nora looking for Dr. Wolek all over the hospital. She is upset that Larry can't see her now due to an emergency. Larry tells her to reschedule and leaves to attend to the emergency. Nora immediately jumps to the conclusion that Larry can't face her, she must be dying.

Larry later comes to the lobby and finds a still hysterical Nora waiting asks her to come into the office so he can talk to her about her diagnosis. He explains to her that her stressful life contributed to her condition, but, more significant is the fact that she is MENOPAUSAL. (I'm not a doctor, but, I had suspected this for a long time). To say Nora is shocked is an understatement. She completely flips and tells Larry he's wrong. Nora then stops mid-speech and exclaims that she can't tell Bo. He'll feel he's married to her mother. She's too young. Larry agrees she's 10 years ahead of schedule, but, the process has started. In response to Nora's questions as to how long this will last - date and time - he advises her to keep up her good behavior regimen and he will monitor her condition with this diagnosis in mind because there is no way to predict this. Nora swallows, she has tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile at the Carlotta's Diner, Eli and Andrew are having lunch. Cris comes in with a sore throat. As he discusses with his mother, Eli starts squirting mustard and ketchup on the floor. Cris sees the mess and goes off on him. Carlotta asks why Eli did that and his response, "'Cos I felt like it." Carlotta then grabs a mop and gives it to Eli and tells him to start cleaning up.

Carlotta asks Andrew how the search for a foster home is going for Eli. He explains that they are still trying to get him placed. Carlotta and Andrew both agree that he needs both a mother and father in a stable environment. Eli jumps in and says he's just fine where he is (with Andrew) and he already tried the mother routine and it didn't work. Eli later shows Andrew a mouse bone (skeleton) collection and is quite surprised that Carlotta knows anything about mice and skeletons. He later leaves excitedly with Andrew who promises to help him put the mouse's skeleton together.

At Llanfair, Cassie stops by to visit Jessie, who is recovering from her fire ordeal at the warehouse. Clint opens the door. Cassie turns to try and leave, but, Clint stops her saying he owes her an apology for going off on her and Kevin. He just doesn't want them working together considering their current situation. Cassie tells Clint that they still are working together, but, she will take steps to rectify that. Clint tells her not to worry, as long as they are professional, no harm done. Viki and Jessie come downstairs and Cassie gives Jessie the get well gift she brought - it's a fire extinguisher pin! Cassie later leaves for an appointment she'd rather not keep. I wonder with whom that might be. 1 guess readers!

Jessie takes the opportunity of having both parents in same room to ask why they are both going to separate places for vacation and why they can't both go to Europe since they are both so happy now. Clint explains that they can visit separate places and still come back and continue to be happy. With that, Clint leaves for the office. Jessie is worried that she made him with her comments and matchmaking. Viki explains to Jessie not to get her hopes up about them since they may never get back together. She would like her to think, however, about coming to Italy with her and also take the opportunity to see her brother Joey. Jessie promises to think about it. Her decision has to do with Cris and how they are making their way back together.

At the Rectory, Andrew and Eli continue to bond over skeletons and Andrew tells him some bird watching tales of his own. As they leave to go get a reference book from Andrew's library collection to help them in putting the bones together, Cassie rings the doorbell to meet with Andrew for a pre-scheduled appointment. Eli is not thrilled, but Andrew tells him that they will still work on the project together. Nora also arrives apparently to mediate between the estranged couple. She apologizes for being late and Andrew kiddingly tells her he's used to it after all these years of knowing her. Nora immediately flips and wants to know if Andrew thinks she can't handle her job anymore. Talk about sensitive!!! She apologizes.

Cassie leads the discussion and explains that she is uncomfortable with the way Andrew has handled her relationship with their son, River. Alleging that he has been using River to control and hurt her. He is now jeopardizing River by having a troubled teenager who is HIV positive live under the same roof as River. Eli's stay is a temporary situation, Andrew explains. Cassie retorts that this was the same argument Andrew gave her about Kevin. Her bottom line is that she wants to see River on her turf with Kevin. Andrew agrees. They continue to argue and Cassie later storms out.

Across town, Max, Ian and Maggie read the news story on the warehouse fire. They discuss the possibilities of Asa sabotaging the warehouse. Asa walks in at that moment and denies the charges rather vehemently. Asa says he's putting up a reward for the arrest of the real culprit. Ian says he's just doing that to cover his tracks. Asa leaves in a huff, they discuss the possibility that Asa may telling the truth. Ian and Max think Dorian may be behind the fire. Mel comes in to Rodi's at that moment to question Max about the fire just as Maggie leaves to go do the same of Dorian.

Mel shows Max a match box which may belong to Asa and asks if Asa was at Rodi on the day of the fire. Max looks at the matches and says YES.

Tuesday, August 19th, 1997


Carlotta tells Hank about how much he misses Antonio and Andy. Hank asks Carlotta out to Club Indigo to take off some of the loneliness Carlotta is feeling. Carlotta says that she won't step foot in that club because R.J. was responsible for almost putting Antonio back in jail. Hank says that Rachel really wants her to come and that she doesn't have to look or speak to R.J. And he really wants to hear their song. Carlotta says that they don't have a song. She says that why should she deprive herself just because she is mad at R.J. She says she will go. She also says that she is curious to hear what their song is.


A prospective mixologist, Ms. Mercury, makes a drink for R.J. R.J. notes her past criminal record and she says that it is in the past and that is where it is going to stay. Jacara comes up and R.J. introduces her to their new mixologist. Jacara is worried about the atmosphere that this new mixologist will create. Ms. Mercury didn't realize that she would have two bosses and thanks R.J. for the interview as she prepares to leave but says that she can't work there. Jacara laughs and says that that is just what they need around here, a little attitude. Jacara agrees that Wendy Mercury is the right person for the job and tells Wendy that R.J. will be her boss. Wendy says that it may sound a bit retro but she works better under a man. R.J. asks her is she can work tonight. R.J. introduces the new bartender to Gloria. Wendy reminds him that she is a mixologist. Wendy takes a good long look at R.J., Jacara says to look but don't touch. Wendy says that Jacara is worried that Wendy will be competition for Jacara. Jacara says that her policy is that play is play and work is work. Jacara tells her that R.J. is her business partner and that she gave him a hard time about hiring her because R.J. needs to learn to share. Jacara says that she doesn't mix business with pleasure. Wendy asks her what she does. Jacara says that she works and that is about it. R.J. comes up asks is Jacara is getting to know the new mixologist. Jacara says that she likes her. R.J. says that she doesn't get it, does she?

Hank and Carlotta show up and R.J. gives them a table. Wendy takes notice of Hank. Jacara tells her that he is R.J.'s brother and the District Attorney. Wendy says that Jacara may not be all work after all as she takes notice of Jacara's obvious attraction to Hank. Jacara tells R.J. that it looks like Wendy is going after every guy around. R.J. says that it will be and interesting evening then because Wendy is a man. Jacara doesn't believe him until she takes another look. She notices the way that Wendy presents the wine to Hank. Jacara says that Wendy is very good. R.J. and Jacara agree not to tell Hank that Wendy is a man and let him be taken in by Wendy's charm.

Jacara looks on as Carlotta and Hank enjoy the Club's music. Carlotta tells Hank about Eli. She says that Andrew is trying to find him a stable home but Eli's armor is so thick that he'll have some difficulty. They hold hands and Hank asks her what perfume she is wearing. She says that it is Ecstasy.


Nora looks over herself in the mirror. Bo comes in and says that he is prepared for whatever Nora has to tell him. She tells him that she is pari-menopausal. Bo is greatly relieved and Nora can't believe her ears. Bo says that he was so worried about her. He says that he is so relieved to find out that it is nothing. Nora says that it is not nothing. Bo says he is relieved that he is not going to lose her. Nora says that he is going to lose her because she will be going through the big change of life and that who she is will be lost. She says that when she looks in the mirror she sees her mother. Bo insists that she is nothing like Selma. She says that she will be. Bo says that they will be dealing with some mood swings, hot flashes, and maybe some minor physical adjustments. Nora says that it is all down hill from here. Pretty soon it'll be support hose and collagen leaking from her face and that she will look like a Rhino. Bo says that she'll be the prettiest Rhino. Nora wonders if Bo can really be that enlightened. She says that her life will soon be going, going, gone.

Bo offers to go off and search for the fountain of youth. Bo says that they are on the slippery slope together. Nora says that she did this to herself and that she pushed herself to fast throughout her life. She used herself up too fast because this shouldn't have happened for about another ten years or so. Bo says that he can imagine her as a spunky 70 year old in a short pink skirt and roller skates. Nora says that she doesn't want to go through this. She says that he will always be the same Bo to her. Bo says that she will always be the same Nora. He tells her that he can picture them walking through the park together when they are old. He says that they will be rollerblading along and she'll point out something that he wouldn't have noticed if she wasn't there. He then says something funny just to make her smile and that smile goes right up to her eyes and he looks at her and then looks at her lips and sees what a ripe luscious tomato she is. He kisses her and says that nature can play hell with their outsides but that is not what is really important. He asks her to give him a smile but she can only give him a sad face. Nora says that Bo is going to handle this a lot better than she is. She tells him that she wants his baby. He says that he considers Rachel a part of his family. She says that Drew leaves town and then she goes and dries up on him. She starts to cry and says that this sucks. Bo asks how long Larry said that this would last. Nora says that it will probably years. She says that he had better get out now. Bo says that he is a Vietnam vet and he can handle it. Nora cries in his arms.

Rachel comes in and worries because she knew that she went to see Larry today. Bo says that there is no need to panic. Nora tells Rachel that she looks so scared. Nora tells Rachel about the pre-menopause diagnosis. Rachel says that it is good news. Nora says that it is nothing to jump up and down about. Rachel says that it is just a part of life. Nora says that she is sorry that she is behaving badly. She says that she owes Bo and Rachel an apology. Bo says that it is okay because she was under a lot of stress. She says that Larry originally diagnosed her as having stress and he was wrong. Then she says that all this must be is a misdiagnosis. She knows her own body, she's not gray, she has good skin tone. She is not menopausal. She says that she is just like a spring chicken and starts squawking about the bedroom and laughing. Rachel and Bo are beyond themselves.

Nora says that the tests are wrong and that this could be something else, cancer for instance. Rachel can't believe that she would rather have cancer than be menopausal. Nora says that it is probably hypoglycemia and that she should just start eating little meals during the day. Nora says not another word out of Bo or there will be all hell to pay and leaves to go eat. Bo tells Rachel that he is going to need help with this one. Rachel says that she would love to help but she doesn't have a clue. Bo says that it is breaking his heart.


Maggie tells Ian that the insurance adjuster won't pay her a dime because they think someone might have fooled with the boiler. She says that she is broke until the insurance money comes in. She tells Ian not to tell Max how upset she is because he worries about her. Ian says that he worries about her too. Ian offers to give her some money to rebuild. Maggie says that he is very kind to want to help. Ian says that it is the least that he can do after she helped him deal with the death of his mother. Kelly comes up and says that they have to help Maggie and what can they do to help. Maggie is relieved to know that she is not alone. Kelly tells Maggie how much she wants to help out. Maggie says that she is inspired and is going to go over the mountain of paperwork that the insurance company gave her. Kelly asks if she can help Ian out. Kelly and Ian flirt but he won't let her do the dishes. Kelly says that she needs a big favor from him. She says that some of the Angel Square kids are desperate for some kind of a local league for soccer and she wants him to coach for them. Ian asks Kelly if she has any brothers and sisters. She tells him no but that she has aunts and cousins and tells him about her killing Blair's baby. Ian asks if she has heard from Drew since he left town. She says that no, she ended it. Kelly asks about the soccer job. He agrees to do it.

Maggie and Renee go over the insurance forms. Renee tells her that Asa didn't do it. Maggie doesn't believe it. Renee says that she knows it isn't easy to understand but Asa is devastated about what happened to Jessica in that warehouse. Maggie says that what she is concerned about right now is Max. He is taking this very hard. Renee tells Maggie that Maggie is Max's heart and soul.


Jessica tries to tell Cristian that Asa wasn't responsible. Cristian has a hard time believing it. Cristian gives Jessica some chocolate and says that it should make her heal faster. Cristian tells her how scared he was that she wasn't going to make it. Cristian invites her to a college party the next weekend. Jessica says that her mom invited her to Italy to see Joey but that she would rather go to the party. Cristian says no way, why wouldn't she want to go? She says that she will miss him. He says that he will miss her too but that she should go. And whenever she sees something beautiful he will be there.

Wednesday, August 20th, 1997

Bo, Nora, Carlotta and Hank

Bo and Nora are entering the diner, looking for some breakfast. Nora is still freaked out about Larry's diagonosis that she is starting menopause. "Looking good", Hank greets Nora, but Nora hears him saying "Looking old." Carlotta asks them if they'd like their usual breakfast or would they like to change their order, but Nora hears "change of life." When she 'hears' Bo say "hot flash", she freaks out and leaves, she's going home and pull the covers over her head. Bo calls Rachel for help. Bo arrives home and finds Nora, still fully clothed, under the covers. Bo tries to tempt her out with cheesecake. When that doesn't work, Bo begs her to get up and discuss this like a rational human beign. Just then, Rachel arrives. Bo and Rachel have an obviously planned discussion about stress and that Nora should be cutting herself off from things that stress her. Nora knows they're up to something and already she doesn't like it.

Bo wants to take Nora to a nice, relaxing spa. Nora accuses them of ganging up on her, she can't take a break now. Wrong, Rachel tells her, Nora's secretary is rescheduling her meetings so she'll have some time off. At first Nora refuses to go, then agrees to two days, rather than the four Bo wanted. Rachel gives her a copy of the book "Sex and the Mature Woman" and points out the chapter on menopause. Nora finally gets out from under the covers and sits up.

Later, Nora walks into the bedroom to find it full of lit candles and presents on the bed. Bo shows Nora one of her presents, a nice black negligee. Bo asks her if she'd like to try it out. Nora apparently does, because next time we see her, she has it on and is opening her other presents, massage oil, a robe, chocolates and a CD. Bo puts on the music and they start dancing, Nora is finally smiling.

Clint, Viki, Todd, Téa and Kevin

Kevin, Viki and Clint are having breakfast at Rodi's when Todd and Téa walk in. Todd suggests that maybe Clint and Viki shouldn't go away because The Sun's going to clobber the Banner while they're gone. Viki assures him Kevin will be able to handle everything while they are gone. To annoy Kevin, Todd says to tell Cassie that he'd be willing to take her back at The Sun. Cassie's not looking for a job, Kevin informs him. Viki is not happy with Todd's behavior, but is very polite to Téa and agrees to have lunch with her when Viki gets back to town. After they leave, Kevin asks why Viki treats Téa so nicely and gives Cassie such a hard time.

Todd is eating his food with his usual horrible table manners. Téa asks him to please stop baiting Kevin, it's not good for future custody fights to act like that in public. Viki says the two situations are completely different. Todd and Téa are already married, she has no choice but to accept it. But you can't accept Cassie and I, Kevin asks, hurt by her attitude. Kevin knows how close Viki is to Andrew, but the fact remains, Cassie wanted to be with Kevin. Kevin asks them to give Cassie some time, she not only ended her marriage, she practically lost her identity. Cassie didn't have much of a family growing up, he asks Clint and Viki to be more accepting and let her into their family. Cassie arrives just then.

Clint's not particularly welcoming, saying he and Viki have to leave and get back to the Banner. Viki, however, asks Cassie to stop by the house later and visit. They leave and Todd and Téa come over. Todd, following Téa's advice in his own way, compliments Cassie's handbag and Kevin's tie and abruptly turns and leaves. Téa follows behind him.

Cassie comes to see Viki at Llanfair, thinking Viki wants to talk to her about the fact that she and Kevin are working together again. Viki thinks she and Kevin make a fine team, she asked Cassie there so she could apologize for the lack of a rousing reception into the family. Viki has always considered her part of her family. Cassie tells Viki that she loves Kevin. In that case, they don't have anything to worry about, says Viki and gives Cassie a hug. Later, Kevin finds Cassie alone at Llanfair and asks what his mother said. She apologized and said that Kevin truly loves Cassie. She's right, Kevin agrees, and they start kissing.

Mel, Kelly, Dorain, Maggie and Ian

Mel is getting ready for his date with his daughter when Kelly stops by the houseboat to bring some food and talk to Mel. Blair's coming back from rehab soon and Kelly's not sure if she should stay at Dorian's or leave. Mel recommends that she stay and wait for the right opportunity to repair her relationship with Blair. Distance only creates more problems, like the ones he has with his daughter. Dorothy calls to make sure that he's still coming to New York to see her today. After his phone call, Mel pulls out the liquor bottle, but stops himself. He's going to need his wits about him for this to go well. He's afraid to see his own daughter. Ever since the attempted intervention she's been practicing "tough love" and been freezing him out. Kelly thinks this is a good sign, that Dorothy wants to see him. It's hard for him to see his daughter, she looks just like her mother and every time he looks at her, he sees what he's lost. Dorian arrives just in time to overhear this last comment.

Kelly wishes Mel good luck with Dorothy and leaves to go work at the community center. Dorian also reassures him that everything will be fine. She's had her share of jabs from Cassie and she's survived. By this time tomorrow, Mel could be reunited with Dorothy and maybe soon, the rest of the family. It's not really a family anymore with Muriel gone, and he's been a horrible father since she died. Dorian's behind him, no matter what. This is his second chance with Dororthy, the start of a whole new life. "Good luck, have fun and be yourself", Dorian advises and kisses him goodbye.

Mel is now at Rodi's, where he having a drink and telling Maggie and Ian about the matchbook he found in the warehouse. They toast to the destruction of whoever caused the fire. They discuss drinking and their relationships to their fathers and drink to fatherhood. Mel talks about his father, Neil and how he always talked to him at least twice a week. His father's praise always meant so much to him and he always respected his father and his work. Maggie notices that Mel missed his train. It's never too late...for another drink, he says. Later, Mel stumbles back onto his houseboat. He picks up the picture of his wife and collapses on the couch. The phone rings, it's Dorothy, but Mel doesn't answer.

Thursday, August 21st, 1997

RODI's- Max, Maggie,Bo

Maggie and Max are at talking about arson. Maggie says she could never do something like that. Kelly comes by, looking for Ian. Maggie tells her he is gone to London for a while, and she also tells her that Mel did not take the train to New York. Kelly freaks out and leaves. Max tells Maggie that she should put the fire behind her, and move on. She doesn't see how she can. Maggie wants to redesign a whole new building on the site of the warehouse. Max tries to talk Maggie into using another site so that he and Ian can use the warehouse site. He wants them to all work together. Maggie wants to do it on her own. She thanks Max for being so wonderful. Bo comes by to tell Maggie some bad news. He says that the thermostat was tampered with. Max says maybe whoever did it wasn't trying to start a fire. Bo also says that the insurance company won't give her any money for the fire damage. Bo leaves. Maggie is very upset. She asks Max who could do such a thing to her. She flips out about the insurance. Max says they can make it work. She is hysterical. She says nothing she ever does works.Max tells her it can happen.

MEL'S HOUSEBOAT-Mel, Dorian, Kelly

Mel answers the phone and Dorothy tells him he blew it. He tries to lie about why he isn't there, but she doesn,t believe him, she knows he is drunk. She hangs up on him. Kelly comes by to check on him. He asks her what she is doing there. She looks around the boat to find something that will make him feel better. She asks about Dorothy. He tells Kelly about their conversation. He asks her to leave. She does, even though she doesn't feel right about leaving him alone. Dorian shows up at the houseboat to talk to Mel. He is drinking again. She tells him he is killing himself. And also his family. He tells her to get out. She says she won't leave. Mel talks about how wonderful Muriel was. He says he is scared since she died. He sits on the couch and starts rambling. He falls asleep. Dorian covers him up. She looks at the picture of Muriel.

DORIAN'S HOUSE-Blair, Kelly, Dorian

Blair and Dorian talk about the recovery. Dorian tells her she has to take it slow. Dorian also talks to her about how awful Todd and Téa are. They say that all that matters is getting Starr back safely. Blair tells Dorian she wants revenge. Dorian thinks she should just forget about Todd. Cassie comes in. Dorian tells Blair that she needs a new man in order to look good for the judge at the next hearing. Cassie agrees. Cassie tells Blair that Dorian flipped out when they lost the first hearing. They talk about missing their children. Cassie tells Blair that Andrew is using River against her. Blair can hardly believe it. Cassie tells her all about Eli living in the rectory . Cassie says she wants shared custody of River. She tells Blair all about how wonderful Kevin is. Cassie leaves. Blair goes upstairs. Dorian and Kelly talk about Mel's problem. Kelly tells her to go to Mel, because he is all alone. She does. Blair comes down and finds Kelly. Kelly tries to chit chat, but Blair will have none of it. She tells Kelly to go away. Kelly says no. Blair says she wants to be far away. Kelly tells her Dorian wants them to be together. Kelly suggests they stay out of each other's way. Blair says ok.

THE GATEHOUSE-Kevin and Cassie

Cassie tells Kevin about her visit with Viki. Cassie says that she is supportive. Cassie wants them to like her. Kevin says that all that matters is that they are happy together. He says he wants her to love him. She says he is the only person who ever loved her for who she was. They talk about how great it is to be together. Kevin wants to play truth or dare. He dares her to tell him that she loves him. She says it isn't fair. She says she can't tell him that she loves him. He asks why. She says she doesn't know what it means. He asks where she wants to be in 25 years. She says with him.

Friday, August 22nd, 1997

Téa, Todd, Blair and Bird

Téa is talking to Bird and trying to get on his good side with some clam sauce. She tells Bird that they all have to present a united family image, and that means him, too. They're both in it for the clams, his are edible and hers are bankable. Téa can't believe she's arguing with a bird. And it looks like the bird is winning, says Todd, coming down the stairs. If they were really a couple, Bird wouldn't show her such disrespect. Téa's worried that someone may pick up on that. Todd asks her to stop worrying about the bird, he has something for her. It's a beautiful gold and diamond watch with their initials and the date of their wedding engraved on the back. Todd suggests she show it off, it will make people take them more seriously. Todd tells her she can keep it for good, kind of a bonus for being so good with Starr. Téa is insulted, she doesn't need to be paid to be nice to Starr. Todd knows that this whole thing has struck close to home, with Starr being a motherless child and all, so thank you, Todd says. Todd helps Téa put the watch on as Bird squawks his disapproval

Todd is upstairs when Blair arrives to visit Starr. Did Todd know she was coming, Téa asks, Starr's at the park with Judith. Téa agrees to let Blair wait at the penthouse for Starr to come back. Blair's being excessively nice and Téa starts baiting her, commenting that it must be frustrating for her not to be able to do everything she used to do. She also points out that Blair's not in any condition to be running after an active toddler. I would never put her at risk, Blair manages politely with a smile plastered on her face. Blair hopes that Téa can forgive her "hired help" comments from last time she was there. That's it, what is Blair up to, what does she want, Téa demands to know. Blair wants Starr to be happy and she believes that Téa wants the same thing too. Yes I do, she agrees and she's sure Blair will be happy to know that she and Todd are very happily married. Téa shows off the watch that Todd just gave her as Todd listens from the stairs. Téa notice Todd and greets him, "Oh, there you are darling."

Téa has Todd help her put the watch back on. It's one of the fringe benefits of having a husband, she taunts Blair, like when the zipper on your dress gets stuck halfway. Téa suggests Blair come back another time to see Starr, but Todd offers to drop her off in the park on his way to work. Blair eagerly accepts and Todd helps her up from the chair. Before they leave, Téa pulls Todd aside and warns him to keep an eye on Blair, she's up to something, Blair's being far too nice. "Blair, you little snake", Téa says as she watches her leave.

R.J., Jacara, Hank and Wendi

Wendi and R.J. are working on the purchase order for the liquor stock. Wendi says it's a pleasure working where people are more interested in the music that in the bartender. R.J. tells her that if anyone gives her a hard time, they'll have to deal with him. Jacara arrives and apologizes for jumping on R.J. about hiring Wendi without consulting her, they're going to have to learn to trust each other in certain areas. This is different from her relationship with her former husband, the rapper, from whom she got money to start Blue Jay Records. She paid him back every cent. She and R.J. are equal partners. When she met Gee(her husband), he didn't care much about money. His message was positive, it lifted you up, but over time that changed. R.J. heard rumors that Gee was know for using his fists when he was unhappy with things. Did he ever hurt Jacara? Jacara insists that Gee never laid a hand on her.

Gee has broken his agent's jaw, knocked down reporters and thrown furniture around, but the only time she was ever scared of his was the night she told him she wanted to leave. But even then, he shut down and kept a lid on it. She was Gee's conscience, just like Hank tried to be to R.J. for years. R.J. feels that Hank is hanging around, just waiting for him to fall again. Hank arrives, looking for Rachel, but she's not expected until noon. Jacara stops Hank to talk to him about some of the permits for the music festival, but R.J. notices Jacara's interest in Hank. Hank doesn't really have time to talk about it now and suggests they set up an appointment. Jacara suggests lunch, but Hank already has a date with Carlotta. Hank leaves, asking R.J. to tell Rachel that he stopped by. It's nothing extremely important, he's just worried how Nora is doing.

Kelly, Dorian and Blair

Kelly is downstairs in her bathrobe when Dorian returns from her overnight stay on Mel's houseboat. Kelly's worried about Mel, is he OK? Of course not, Dorian replies, not after two fifths of gin. Is he trying to kill himself, Kelly asks, they need to do something to help him before he throws himself over the edge. There's nothing I can do about it, Dorian tells her, he's already in mid-air. Mel did get on the 7 o'clock train to go see Dorothy. Kelly doesn't understand why Dorian isn't willing to fight for Mel like she fights for the rest of her family. Because if I push him too far, I'll lose him, she explains. She's never been more determined in her life, Mel is "the one" for her. Right now he's put up a wall between them and all she can do is sit and wait. Blair comes in and glares at Kelly when she notices her sitting there. "Please, Blair, no", Dorian begs.

Blair turns to leave, but Dorian stops her. It would make her really happy if Blair could forgive Kelly. That's too bad, Blair replies. Dorian tries to tell her that carrying so much anger around isn't good for her. Blair disagrees, her anger is a wonderful motivator. Kelly may be a part of Dorian's family, but to Blair, Kelly doesn't even exist. Kelly leaves and Dorian is angry with Blair for taking it out on Kelly, the car crash was an accident. Why is Blair so much like her, Dorian asks. Dorian took a lifelong grudge with Viki and turned it into an art form. If you let anger like that into your heart, it owns you, Dorian warns, and at least Viki wasn't family. Viki was Dorian's stepdaughter and Blair's own sister-in-law, Blair points out. Blair asks Dorian to stop pushing Kelly on her right now, she needs all of her strength to recover for the custody battle ahead. Blair's planning to stop by Todd's penthouse today and being "disgustingly nice" to Téa, it might be useful in the future.

Mel, Dorian and Dorothy

Dorian stayed overnight at the houseboat and is there when Mel gets up. He remembers being at Rodi's and having a painful discussion with Maggie and Ian about fatherhood. Dorian encourages Mel to call Dorothy, but he refuses. He does have another idea, he calls his mother and gets the address where Dorothy works.

Dorothy is just finishing with a client and getting ready to go out when Mel arrives. He knew that she wouldn't talk to him on the phone, so he came to see her in person. Dorothy is still very upset that he didn't show up last night, she trusted his word that he would show up and waited for over an hour. If he's chosen drink over his own family, then he can leave. Her mother didn't chose to die in a plane that fell from the sky. Mel not only is chosing to die, he doesn't want to take any responsibility for it either, she accuses. If it had been Mel's choice, he would have died on that plane with his wife. Well he wasn't, it was only her mom that came to see her on that last trip. Dorothy didn't know that it would be the last time she would she her mother, the last time they would hang out together, the last time her mother would kiss her on the cheek and say 'see you, sweetheart'. If she had known, she would have flung herself down in front of the plane to keep it from taking off. That's what she feels like she's trying to do with Mel, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. She can't bear to lose him too, she cries, "I love you, Daddy. I need you. Why can't you stop killing yourself?" The phone rings, Dorothy takes a deep breath and answers it, it's about one of her clients.

Mel compliments her on how well she does her job, he's not her failure. He has tried to help himself, he did get out of Washington D.C.. He's held onto his job at the Banner. He swore to the editor, Viki Carpenter, that his drinking would not interfere with his work and it hasn't so far. He's also made some good friend in the community, like the police commissioner and an Irish poet. He's also met an extraordinary woman, actually he fell upon her in Washington. She's been his life-line. His life-line, Dorothy asks, upset, she thought her mother was his life-line. He falls on some woman in a bar and she replaces his wife and family, just like that? So soon after Muriel died?

No woman could ever replace Muriel. If he had a choice, he would gladly climb in the grave next to her and spend eternity there. They've been trying to encourage him to live and at least with Dorian he gets a glimmer of something that makes him want to stick around a little longer. If it were so easy to replace Muriel he wouldn't be doing his best to drink himself to death. Mel would like Dorothy to come to Llanview and meet Dorian. Dorothy isn't prepared to see him with another woman. She needs to save her energy to fight for her clients that want to live, she asks Mel to stay away. She'd much rather remember the father that she had, the one she admired, than what he is now. Mel asks her not to give up, but Dorothy has nothing more to say to him. Mel reluctantly turns and leaves.

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