OLTL Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on One Life to Live
Viki and Clint continued their argument at work and at lunch at the Palace. Dorian was upset to learn that Blair had accepted a job offer from Todd. Max planned to sabotage Maggie's vision of transforming her warehouse into a school.
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Monday, August 11, 1997

As Viki and Clint stormed around the city room of the Banner, a definite chill was in the air. Kevin and Cassie politely asked if they could work together on a story. Clint blew up at them and raged about keeping their relationship out of their work. Viki defended Kevin and Cassie, and she and Clint got into a shouting match in the middle of the city room with everyone watching. Clint wondered if he should have security pat Viki down for dangerous vegetables.

Mel took Clint out to lunch before Clint could fire the whole staff. Unfortunately, they chose the Palace Restaurant, where Viki was meeting Todd and Téa for lunch. Téa tried to be nice to Viki, but Viki was too busy fighting with Clint, who was seated behind her. They kept throwing comments back and forth without turning around to face each other. They finally left and went back to the Banner. Mel followed them, not wanting to miss a minute of the excitement.

At the Palace Hotel, Maggie met again with Asa. She was certain that he was behind the horrible report that she had gotten from the building inspector. She got nowhere with Asa and left. Renee stopped over and threatened Asa that she would help Maggie fight him if he didn't leave Maggie alone. Asa took this threat slightly more seriously.

Blair stopped at Todd's home to visit Starr. Todd offered her a job working at the Sun as assistant publisher. Blair was suspicious, looking for a catch, but finally agreed. Dorian was not happy when she heard the news.

Tuesday, August 12th, 1997

Kelly arrived home from a camping trip, and Blair was enraged to find out that Kelly was living at Dorian's, too. Blair insisted that Dorian kick Kelly out or Blair would leave. Kelly left, upset, as Dorian tried to reason with Blair that she loved both of them and couldn't choose between them. Blair finally agreed to stay, as long as Kelly left her alone. Blair's therapist arrived from Philadelphia to begin Blair's home therapy sessions.

Kelly, practically suicidal after her run-in with Blair, went to see Mel. She said if she was going to continue feeling that bad, she didn't want to live. Mel talked to her and convinced her things weren't so bad; Blair just needed some more time.

Viki accepted a date from a business associate to go to the symphony. Viki later discussed her situation with Renee and explained that her public battle with Clint the day before had been a result of Clint's unresolved anger over the divorce. Viki was sure that Clint wanted them to start over again. The problem was, Viki was not sure if that was what she wanted.

At Angel Square, Maggie was holding a preview of her performing arts school, complete with clowns, jugglers, and stilt-walkers. She passed around a collection jar for the community to contribute whatever they could. Ian had an enlightening talk with Linda Soto and began to change his mind about the arts center. The two of them made a date to go out to dinner that evening. Max, however, was still against the school and sneaked into the basement and sabotaged the boiler, hoping to flood the basement.

Also at Angel Square, Rachel introduced Jacara to Nora. Hank arrived, and Jacara quickly pulled him aside to discuss permits for the jazz festival. Nora observed that Jacara was interested in more than permits -- she was after Hank, too.

Wednesday, August 13th, 1997

In Llanview, Red skies at night are not a sailor's delight. They are a signal of impending danger.

Maggie told Ian she was sure that Asa was behind the all the code violations on the warehouse. After that day, she knew that the people in the community had committed to the school. The people of Angel Square had contributed $1400 of their hard-earned money. They understood her idea and what it would mean to the children. Ian apologized for going after the warehouse and said that he finally got it too. Linda Soto had said it best when she remarked that Maggie was teaching their kids to bring happiness to others. He might think the building was more trouble than it was worth, but he pledged to help her realize her dream.

Meanwhile, at the warehouse, Max rigged the boiler to burst its pipes and flood the basement. He accidentally left behind a matchbook from Rodi's. The clanging of the boiler was music to his ears. The plumbing bill would be so large that Maggie would give up on her dream.

Maggie was looking at the political cartoon when Cris showed up. She said she owed him big time. When she found out that he needed a place to work, she offered him space in her warehouse. Jessica strolled by and mentioned that she and Darcy had been organizing activities for the kids at the community center. She told him there was no reason to be jealous, and Cris said he would like to start over again. They made plans to talk a walk, watch the sunset, and tour the warehouse, then see where the night took them.

Later, Max stood in the square near the statue of the angel, which had been modeled after his late wife, Luna, and gloated about what he had done. When Linda and Ian stopped to chat, he inquired where Maggie was. Ian replied that she was most likely at the bank, depositing the funds she had raised. He and Linda were headed out for a night on the town, capped by some dancing in the local salsa club. Max remarked that Maggie probably wanted to celebrate and was probably going to show up there too.

In the warehouse, Maggie arrived and interrupted Cris and Jessie kissing. Cris was happy with the space Maggie was giving him. The north light was great. He told her to look at the beautiful color from the sunset. If Maggie put in skylights, it would be perfect. Suddenly there was a rumbling and an orange flash of light, and the roof started to cave in. There were screams amidst the dust and the falling rubble. Maggie said they had to get out. Cris replied that the fire was climbing too high. Maggie wanted to go through the door to the other side of the building. Cris opened the door and said the smoke was so thick he couldn't see a thing. Whatever they did, they needed do it fast.

McNaughton called R.J. He told R.J. that Perez had arisen from the dead like Lazarus, and McNaughton wanted to warn R.J. that if Javier talked, it could lead back to R.J. McNaughton said that Perez was going to tell the cops that R.J. had ordered him to whack Andy. R.J. denied that he had given those orders, but he was certain that when the police wrapped things up in Atlantic City, they would link R.J. to what had happened. After all, Andy had been investigating R.J.'s Atlantic City connections. R.J. was worried it would ruin his new business. He thanked McNaughton for the heads-up and said that his only regret was that he hadn't taken Javier out when he'd had the chance.

As he hung up, R.J. noticed Jacara standing in the background and knew she had overheard. She asked him what the call had been about. R.J. insisted he was clean but had never claimed he'd always been. The caller had been the guy who had once laundered R.J.'s money when he was a loan shark. He was not in that business anymore, but the cops and his own brother refused to see he had gone straight. A cop had almost gotten killed because of a former associate, but neither he nor his friend on the phone had had a thing to do with it.

Jacara asked about Javier, and he told her Javier was a punk. When he had said he wanted to take Javier out, it had been just a figure of speech. The phone rang. It was Gabe. R.J. and Jacara closed a deal for a new artist. Jacara was happy about that, but she would not be deterred from the conversation. R.J. said that he'd had a chance to kill Javier, but he hadn't because he was not a killer. However, if Javier messed with R.J.'s new business, he might have to change his mind.

Jacara admitted she needed R.J.'s old connections, but if he did anything to hurt Blue Jay records, she would walk out of their deal permanently. R.J. did not like her threatening him. She could call him on anything he did, but she shouldn't just end their partnership. She apologized and explained that that was the ultimate threat. To pull the plug on the business would mean she would lose everything too. She was passionate about her work. She wanted Grammys and gold records. Platinum, R.J. corrected her.

Bo called Patrick in to tell him something important. Patrick knew it was important because Bo had phoned, interrupting Patrick's discussion with Marty about their upcoming wedding. Bo made chit-chat and said that he couldn't wait to attend the happy occasion, but he has bad news for Patrick. The Irish authorities were reopening the Lord Whiting case. Patrick's name had come up, and they had asked Bo to let Patrick know that someone would be flying in from Ireland to question him.

Patrick stated that Manning had caused the problem. Not directly, Bo replied, but Armitage newspapers were linking the one bombing with the other. Of course, Patrick had been cleared in the Armitage murder, and Kinnealy's accusation about the Whiting case was an allegation, but Patrick needed to make a choice. He could refuse to cooperate, but maybe it would be better to get them off his back. Bo admitted that he hated the part of his job that forced him to hassle a friend. Nora arrived and told them about Maggie's fundraiser. But one look told her something was wrong. She said she had been feeling so good that day, that whatever it was, she could handle it.

Bo left Patrick alone with Nora, but not before telling him to relax, that there were no bugs in the office. He reminded his wife she had a doctor's appointment with Larry that afternoon. Patrick felt bad that his was betraying Bo, who believed in Patrick's innocence. Nora, on the other hand, knew the truth. Nora said everything was allegations. She wondered who Patrick had told the truth to besides her. He said Marty and a friend he trusted. He didn't want to reveal who that was but finally admitted he'd told Mel.

Nora was amazed that Patrick would confess to a reporter. Patrick replied that he had told Mel as a friend, and the man had integrity. Nora worried about Mr. Hayes's drinking problem loosening his lips. Patrick insisted that Mel would never give out the information. But there was the matter of Mike Mahoney, who had planned the bombing and knew about Patrick's part in it. The last time Patrick had seen Mike, Mike had been tough and angry. He had since become a known terrorist, hiding in Paris and waiting for passage to Africa.

Patrick told Nora that Bo had advised him to talk to the authorities. Nora agreed with Bo's advice. Patrick asked her to delay the questioning until after the wedding. She said she would talk to Bo. They hugged, and Patrick said he was grateful to her.

Mel was busy making travel arrangements for his meeting with his daughter, Dorothy, the next week, when Patrick ambled in and marveled at the lived-in look of his buddy's new home. They spoke about Dorothy and the degree she had just earned in social work, her paying job, and how Mel had not seen his little girl since April. Patrick confided that Marty was pregnant. Mel toasted with a few words from Shelly about yesterday not being like tomorrow and then said that when it came to kids, Patrick hadn't seen "nothing yet."

Patrick and Mel were watching the beautiful sunset together when Mel asked what he could do for Patrick. Patrick said that he was worried that Mahoney might be afraid that Patrick would implicate him. Mel volunteered to call a friend at the bureau in Paris and get information on the terrorist. He assured Patrick his role was a footnote in the Whiting murder. Patrick should just relax and have a drink.

At the penthouse, Todd called Armitage Publishing and thanked them for pressuring the authorities to reopen the Whiting case. He asked them to send him the whole paper so he could see the big headlines. Téa walked in and said she was beginning to know that look. He said he had just been talking to friends in England. Téa had a gift for Todd, Table Manners and Social Mores. Todd mispronounced "mor-ays" as "moores," and Téa corrected him.

Téa was a big believer in self-improvement. She thought she and Todd were misfits, and she was very impressed with his half-sister, Viki. Viki thought Téa and Todd were weird, and Téa couldn't judge Viki. After all, Téa's crowning achievement thus far had been marrying Todd for five million dollars. Todd was not that impressed with Viki. After all, Viki had had five husbands and six personalities that they knew about, and Téa had only had one of each.

Todd felt everyone in Llanview was weird. Mel played the bagpipes, Viki and Clint bickered in public, and Dorian was working on becoming human. He wondered what was so weird about him and Téa. All they had done was marry, and for a good reason, too. Todd wondered if she had gone all the way over just to give him the book. She said no, she had thought that since Judith had the day off, she would take Starr out to the park. Todd said he would go with her and left to get his daughter; the bell rang. It was Blair.

Blair was even more unsteady than she had been on her last visit -- and just as venomous. She was not happy to see Téa. Téa tried to be reasonable. She said she knew the situation was awkward, and she was just seeking balance in the situation. All Blair cared about was Starr. Téa assured Blair that she and Starr got along, and Todd and she were keeping Starr happy and healthy.

Blair said that if Téa thought she knew Todd as well as she thought she did, she was out of her mind. Todd saw Téa only as hired help. She was nothing more than a Latina nanny, and someday Starr would have no more memory of her, except maybe when she heard some other nannny say, "Mira, Mira" in the park. Blair was getting way too excited and swaying on her crutches. Téa begged Blair to stop it or she would have a stroke. Blair yelled that Starr was hers and swould always belong to her. Blair collapsed to the floor. Téa screamed for Todd to hurry down.

The ambulance and Dorian arrived. Blair was on a stretcher. The doctor gave her a muscle relaxant. He said she has overdone it. Dorian wanted to know how it had happened. Téa said that Blair had lost her balance, her legs had given out, and she had collapsed. Dorian replied that two minutes with those two and Blair had collapsed. Blair needed to return to the rehab in Philadelphia. Blair said her only priority was Starr. Téa offered to take Starr down to say goodbye to her Mommy and headed up the stairs.

Thursday, August 14th, 1997

Chris, Jessica, and Maggie were trapped. Chris reassured Jessica. Maggie told them that they would find a way out. They tried to block off the incoming smoke. They all put on face coverings so they could make a run for it through the stairwell. The ceiling crashed down. Jessica was trapped under the rubble. Cristian tried to dig her out. She didn't respond to him at all. She seemed to be unconscious. She woke up only long enough to say "Chris" and then passed out again. Cristian carried her.

They headed down the stairs and made it out of the building, where paramedics were waiting. They immediately began treating Jessica for smoke inhalation. Bo walked over and asked Chris what had happened. He was very worried about Jessica. Mel was there, too. Maggie told Bo about the boiler blowing up. They described the experience. Kevin walked over and freaked out. Mel told him to call Clint and Viki. The firefighters told Maggie they weren't sure if they could contain the fire; it was moving too fast.

They all headed over to the hospital. Maggie sat in the waiting room, remembering how happy Jess had looked right before the explosion. Everyone was waiting. Bo told Maggie that the boiler had blown up, and that the warehouse was gone. Maggie thought Asa had set the fire. Bo and Clint were shocked. She told them what Asa had said about ruining her dreams. She went to call Max.

At the penthouse, Todd confronted Téa about what had happened to Blair. She made it sound as if it were all Blair's fault. Todd said he knew it hadn't been an accident. Téa said she hadn't done anything. Blair had brought it on herself, Téa said. Téa told Todd not to hold Blair's condition against Téa. She yelled at him about taking his frustrations out on her. Todd said he thought he had some leeway with her. It was his form of an apology.

Téa didn't want to be mistreated. She told Todd that Blair's condition was good for the case for custody. She suggested reconciliation. Todd said it was impossible. The doorbell rang. It was Viki. She apologized for the problems at lunch. Téa told her that Blair was back, then she left.

Todd filled Viki in on what had happened with Blair returning home and her medical emergency. Viki asked if he had tried to reason with Blair. He said she couldn't be reasoned with. He wanted to do what was best for Blair. Viki was proud of him. The phone rang. It was Kevin. He told his mother about Jessica and told her to meet him at the emergency room.

Kevin and Chris were reassuring each other when Viki walked in. Clint filled her in on what had happened, and about Chris saving Jessica's life. Viki thanked Chris. Kevin said that Jessica had a possible broken collarbone, and that she was being treated for smoke inhalation. She was still unconscious. Viki asked how it had happened. The nurse arrived and said Viki could see Jessica. Mel and Maggie were talking. She said that she would make Asa pay, and she would build her school no matter what. Viki talked to Jess, even though Jess was unconscious. Viki told Jess to return to them.

Nora was working in her office when Cassie walked in. Cassie wanted to discuss her rights as River's mother. Cassie told Nora how things were. She told Nora about Eli staying at the rectory. Nora asked if Cassie wanted to think about getting custody. Cassie said yes. She was worried that Andrew wasn't thinking about how things affected River.

Nora asked if Cassie had talked to Andrew about it. Cassie said yes, and she didn't have any say in what happened at the rectory because she had left. She thought Andrew was trying to punish her. Cassie started to cry. Nora told her that divorces drew out another side of people. She didn't think Andrew was trying to be vindictive. Nora suggested that Cassie and Andrew have a third party mediate, and discuss the way to handle Cassie's involvement in things that affected River. Nora didn't think suing for custody was a good idea.

Téa arrived, and she and Andrew chatted. Téa had information about Eli's adoption -- if they could find suitable parents. He asked how things were at the penthouse. She said fine. Andrew didn't believe her, of course. She admitted that things weren't that great. She told him about Blair being around. She thought things would be okay eventually.

Téa said that she felt sorry for Todd, because she could tell he still loved Blair. She thought they should get back together. She suspected it would happen, and that would justify her part in all of it. Andrew wanted that to happen, because he wanted to see Téa get out of the situation. The doorbell rang; it was Cassie and Nora. Cassie was not happy to see Téa there. Cassie asked Téa to leave. Téa obliged.

Andrew asked what was up. Cassie told Andrew she wasn't happy with the situation with River. She stormed out of the room. Andrew said that if Cassie wanted a say in River's life, she shouldn't have left. Nora asked him to listen to her about Cassie's concerns. She told him that Cassie was scared, because she had no say in River's life. He thought Eli was the problem, but Nora said the problem was with Andrew and Cassie. Andrew was willing to work things out and learn to communicate with Cassie. He said that dealing with problems directly had always been a problem for Cassie. He also said that he would not rush Eli out of the rectory just because Cassie was having an anxiety attack.

Friday, August 15th, 1997

Mel, Cristian, and Maggie were in the hospital waiting room, waiting for Jessica to wake up. Mel was scribbling notes for the story, and Maggie was upset because she couldn't reach of Max. It had been two hours since the accident, and Cristian was worried Jessie hadn't woken up yet. Maggie swore that her school would become a reality some day; even though the building might be gone, Asa hadn't killed her dream.

Over in front of Jessica's room, Clint, Bo, and Kevin were discussing Asa's possible involvement in the accident. Clint was sure that Asa would never do anything to hurt Jessie. However, Asa hadn't known Jessica was there and the building was supposed to have been empty, Kevin pointed out. A nurse walked out and asked Clint to go inside, because Viki wanted him to join her. Across the room, Maggie tried to stand up and almost passed out. Fortunately, Mel was right there to catch her. Bo went for a doctor. Inside Jessica's room, Clint and Viki watched over a still-unconscious Jessie.

Clint touched Jessica's hand and talked to her, asking her to wake up. Jessie finally opened her eyes and asked where she was. She was in the hospital, Viki explained, but she was going to be just fine. Larry walked in and checked her out, and Clint quietly told Viki he was going to leave for a while; since Jessie was awake, he wanted to talk to Asa right away. Viki was shocked to learn that Asa might be involved.

Clint told Jessie he loved her and he'd be back in a little while. He left the room. Everyone out in the waiting room was thrilled to hear the good news that Jessica was awake. Clint and Bo left to talk to Asa. Kevin wanted to go, too, but Clint convinced him to stay there with Viki. Mel left to check out the scene of the fire.

Viki took Kevin and Cristian in to see Jessica. Kevin gave her a kiss on the forehead and then joked that the next time she got trapped in a burning building, she should call him first -- he had gotten a scoop from Mel Hayes. Jessica apologized for that -- she didn't know what she had been thinking, she joked back.

Next was Cristian's turn. Jessie thanked him for carrying her out of the building and said he had saved her life. Jessica was upset that his studio space was ruined. Cristian didn't care about that at all. He was just happy that she was all right. "You're safe, and that's all I care about right now," he said, holding her hand.

Clint and Bo arrived at Asa's. Nigel tried to tell them that Asa was not there, but they didn't buy it for a second. Nigel called for Asa, who walked downstairs, very unhappy at his unexpected visitors. "What the hell do you want?" he growled. Clint said he would like to string Asa up and watch him twist in the wind.

Upon hearing that Maggie's warehouse had burned down, Asa responded in true Asa fashion, "Good riddance, that was in the way of my mega-mall." Clint accused Asa of burning the warehouse down and almost killing his granddaughter in the process. Asa was very concerned about Jessica and swore that he'd had nothing to do with it. Asa didn't know who had done it, but when he found out, they had better say their prayers.

Asa, Clint, and Bo arrived at the hospital. Kevin immediately yelled at Asa, asking him if he knew what he had done. Viki quieted Kevin, then confronted Asa herself. She really hoped that he'd had nothing to do with the accident at the warehouse. Asa swore, "so help me God," that he'd had nothing to do with the fire. Viki believed him. Kevin was still a bit skeptical, but did tell Asa that he thought Jessie would like to see her grandfather.

Asa went in to see Jessie and told her whatever she needed to just ask him. She did want one thing. She wanted Asa to stop looking so sad, because she was going to be just fine. Asa told her that whoever had caused the fire, he was going to make them very sorry.

Marty was intently studying a map of Ireland in preparation for her honeymoon there. Patrick had to tell her that the honeymoon had to be postponed. Right after their wedding, some investigators from Ireland were heading to Llanview to question him about the newly reopened case of Lord Whiting's death. Marty was naturally worried, but Patrick assured her it would all be okay, and they would have their honeymoon. Patrick said he had been involved in Lord Whiting's murder. "God save my soul, I'll live with that for the rest of my life," he said.

Patrick insisted that they hadn't had any proof of his involvement then, and they still didn't have any proof. He'd just answer their questions, and they would go away. Marty worried about Michael Mahoney, the co-conspirator that Patrick had told her about. Liam and Patrick's reasons for going after Lord Whiting had been personal, but Mahoney's reasons had been purely political. After that night, Patrick had sworn he would never be involved in political violence again. The last Patrick had heard, Mahoney was in Paris, and he thought Mahoney had probably made it to Africa. Both Kenneally and Mahoney would be putting themselves in danger if they stepped forward with information at that point. Patrick was hoping that they would just stay wherever they were.

Mr. Kenneally, wearing a red fez, was enjoying a belly dancer's performance when a man joined him. The man knew Kenneally, but it took Kenneally a minute to recall the other man's name. He finally did; it was Michael Mahoney. They had last met five years before, in Algeria, Mahoney told him, and before that, they had met in Belfast, where Mahoney had told him the details of the Whiting bombing. Mahoney was very upset that Kenneally had told Todd Manning about it.

Mahoney wondered what would happen if Patrick gave Mahoney's name in order to save himself. Patrick had never been "one of them." Patrick had been involved in the bombing for one "selfish" reason: to avenge the death of his sister. Patrick had no loyalty to the cause and no reason to keep his mouth shut. Mahoney asked if Kenneally knew anyone else Patrick might have told the story of the bombing to. Kenneally admitted Patrick might have told his fiancée, Marty Saybrooke. "So, there's still three people that can cause me serious trouble: Manning, Thornhart, and his fiancée," Mahoney said.

Patrick said that after he was questioned, they'd go on their honeymoon to Ireland as planned. They'd fly into Dublin and stay there a few days before going on to visit his parents. His brother Seamus lived in Dublin, and Patrick felt that Seamus would be the bridge for him back into his parents' hearts. Seamus had tried to help him after their sister died, but Patrick had been so filled with grief that he hadn't kept in touch. He regretted that he didn't even know if his brother was married or had children. Patrick wanted his brother back, and he thought the best way to do it would be to introduce Seamus to Marty, his beautiful bride. Marty hugged him.

Mahoney wanted Kenneally to return with him and help him deal with Todd, Patrick, and Marty. Kenneally refused; he had no intention of walking into the arms of American Immigration. Even if he got through, all three of them knew what he looked like. Mahoney wouldn't take no for an answer. Kenneally knew all the people involved, and he knew the lay of the land. Mahoney revealed the gun he was carrying. "Agree to go to Llanview now, or you'll die in that chair," he told Kenneally. Kenneally wisely chose to go. Mahoney said he'd contact Mahoney later with the plans and then left.

Marty suggested having the wedding in Ireland instead. They briefly considered it, but then decided to keep it in Llanview. It would be small; neither of them had family to be there. Marty suggested that they could have Bo and Nora stand up for them, and Patrick agreed.

Maggie was sitting on a bed in another room of the hospital after her near collapse. Max rushed through the door and hugged her. Maggie said she was just having a delayed reaction to being trapped in the warehouse. She flashed back to the warehouse for a second. All she had been able to think about was that she'd never see Max again.

"What were you doing in the warehouse?" Max asked. Maggie explained that she had been showing Cristian and Jessica his studio space when there was an explosion. Max asked if they knew what had caused the fire, and asked if it had been the boiler. Maggie replied that the fire inspector had said it might have been the boiler, or the fire might have started first. Either way, Maggie knew who was responsible: Asa Buchanan.

The doctor had examined Maggie and, except for a sore throat from the smoke, she was fine. Maggie wanted to go over to Asa's and confront him that night. Max insisted that she had to rest. It had just been a terrible accident. There was no proof that anyone had caused it, he told her. Maggie insisted that Asa was to blame. Max finally convinced her to wait until the next day to confront Asa.

At home and in bed, Max asked Maggie if she was feeling better. She said she was until she closed her eyes, then she was back in the burning warehouse. "I'm so sorry," Max said, and assured her she would build her school someplace else. That was what Max had always wanted, Maggie observed. Not like that, he replied, and they started kissing.

At the warehouse, Mel took a look around the charred remains. He ran into a fire inspector there who said the explosion and fire had been no accident. Someone had caused an override of the thermostat. While poking around, Mel found a matchbook from Rodi's on the ground.

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