OLTL Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on One Life to Live
Mel bought a houseboat. Antonio shot Javier in defense of Andy, and he almost lost his grant. Todd and Téa got married, to no one's happiness. R.J. met Jacara, the owner of Blue Jay records. Blair remained in a coma, which left Starr with Todd, to Dorian's dismay.
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Monday, July 14, 1997

Todd & Téa....

both get invited to Asa's. Dorian signed off on divorce papers. Todd and Téa plan to be married today. Nora tries to warn Téa about Todd...she wouldn't listen.

Andy and Antonio...

are planning their wedding. Andy told Antonio she couldn't go to St Jude's because she had to be "someplace." Javier shows Jackie Andy's picture and offers to take care of her. Jackie offers Andy a "job" in accounting. He gives her some chips and tells her to familiarize herself with the casino. Andy drops a coin in and wins. Javier is watching her. Javier loads his pistol. Mail comes...a letter from Berkeley...it's thick...he got in...the quickest acceptance in history. Carlotta tells him to go. Tonio gets call warning him that Andy is in trouble at the Sand Dollar Casino in Atlantic City.

Hank & Carlotta

Carlotta asked Hank to be her date at the wedding. Hank gets invited to Asa's.

Mel & Dorian

Mel woke up with the mother of all hangovers with the memory of writing a check for a houseboat. Calls Paddy...Paddy confirms that he bought a houseboat with engine problems. Dorian shows up...dressed to kill...not sounding like a controlling shrew, but like she was worried about Mel. He tells her about the houseboat. Dorian..."normal people don't live on houseboats." Mel..."Guy Armitage did." Dorian...."Look what happened to him." Mel..."Let's go see it." Dorian supports his every decision. She loves it...right. Dorian's $200 hat fell in the river. The inside of the boat looks worse than the outside...Dorian is in shock. Mel loves it. Mel is now Captain Hayes...they proceed to "christen the boat" in a way that only Dorian and Mel could.

Bo, Nora, Clint, Nigel, Patrick, Hank, Todd & Téa...

show up at Asa's. Asa comes in...what are you doing here? Bo shows him invite...he didn't send it, Asa tells them. A messenger arrives at door with a video tape...surprise...it's Alex...in a swim suit drinking champagne...wishing all of her loved ones a proper farewell. She starts with Hank......then Bo...Clint...thanking Nora for being her maid of honor...and declining everytime she needed an attorney...Patrick for their sleepover...and the bubble bath...Todd...offering to testify on tape in the custody hearing...Téa...brilliant legal mind with the exception of hers...Nigel...if you ever need a job...Asa...my loving cowboy...then Carlo appears...shows the case he still has from Asa's $30 million dollars...then they say goodbye...Asa and Nigel immediately leave to find out where the tape came from.....Téa tells Nora and Bo about the wedding.

Tuesday, July 15th, 1997


At the courthouse, Téa and Todd go over the prenuptial agreement. Todd wants to know what the fine print means in English. Téa says that he has to agree that if he abuses her in any way, there will be an automatic divorce and she will go public with the whole arrangement. Téa asks Todd to sign the papers, but he says he can't do it and walks off. Cassie sees Téa and wonders what she is doing there. Téa says she is working on a prenuptial agreement and would Cassie like to stick around. Cassie says she doesn't cover weddings. Téa says, "Not even mine?" Cassie asks who is the lucky guy. Téa says that Cassie should be happy because she is no longer a threat to Cassie and Kevin's affair. Cassie says that their "relationship" is none of her affair. Todd walks in with a bouquet for Téa. They get called in for the service. Cassie opts not to attend as a witness and calls Kevin to say that he should run a blurb in the paper about the wedding. Kevin is stunned. Cassie hangs up and goes in search of Dorian. Kevin hangs up and goes in search of Téa. The judge asks if they are ready. The next scene is them being pronounced man and wife. The judge says that Todd can now kiss the bride. Todd says that he has a cold. As they walk out of the room Kevin meets them. He wants to talk to Téa alone. According to Téa, Kevin can say what he needs to in front of Todd. Todd, realizing where the conversation is headed, slumps to the floor to await the end of the discussion. Kevin tells Téa that she is making a big mistake and that she is just on the rebound. Téa insists that she loves Todd and that is that.


Mel looks at a bridal picture of his wife as Dorian is on the phone with Blair's doctor. She tells Mel that Blair's condition remains the same. Dorian is preoccupied waiting for the lawyer to call. She can't handle Starr being with Todd another night. Mel says he doesn't share her concern. He says when Todd is around children he seems at ease. Mel is not convinced her worst fears are accurate. As Mel is packing his stuff to move into the boathouse, Dorian asks him again to move into her place. He professes his feelings for her, but has to decline. Dorian tries to help Mel pack, but he doesn't want her to. She gets angry and wonders why he doesn't want her to help. He says it's not about packing. He wants to know what it is about Todd that makes her so angry. Cassie finally finds Dorian at Mel's and says that Todd and Téa are getting married and that he may be using this as a way to get custody of Starr. Cassie tells Dorian about the quickie divorce in San Domenico and that she checked it out and it is legal. Dorian checks on her divorce papers and finds that the lawyer did as Dorian had requested. The papers are filed and cannot be retracted. Dorian says she must get to Starr


Todd and Téa come home and tell Judith that they are now married. Judith goes upstairs and Todd suggests that they have some gingerale. Téa goes over to Starr and tries to get Starr to warm up to her. The doorbell rings and Dorian bursts in before Todd can barely get the door open. She goes straight to Starr. She says that he will not get away with this. Now that Todd and Blair are divorced, Todd and Dorian are not connected. Dorian reminds him that because of Starr, they are connected. Dorian picks up Starr and Todd gets furious because Dorian hits a sore spot when she starts bad mouthing his loyalty to Blair. Todd tells her to get out. Todd is shaken by the conversation and needs to leave. He tells Téa he is going to go over to the Sun and write and article about the wedding. Todd leaves a set of keys for Téa, but says that she may want to have the key-chain redone.....it has Blair's name on it.


Andy can't believe the run of luck that she had with the slots. She decides to call it a night and heads out to her car. As she is trying to put the key into the car, Javier walks up behind her. She says that she thought he was working for the Russian mob in New York. He says that Atlantic City suits him better. She says that he did a good thing by testifying for Antonio. A drunk couple enters the parking garage. Javier pulls his gun and tells her to keep quiet. The drunk couple think that Andy and Javier want to be alone so they leave. Andy struggles with Javier and manages to kick the gun away from him. They struggle, but Javier gets the upper hand and starts strangling her. Antonio arrives, sees the gun, sees the struggle, picks up the gun and shoots Javier. Antonio goes to Andy, who is unconscious. The paramedics, police and press arrive as Antonio is holding Andy in his arms. Jack tells the police that he doesn't want any trouble associated with his respected establishment and that he has no idea who Javier is. Javier is critical but not dead yet. Andy wakes up and Antonio tells her that he shot Javier. She knows what this will do to his career and she is very upset. He says that he doesn't care about law school or the grant as long as she is okay. The police officer asks who shot Javier and Antonio says that he did.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

For the residents of Llanview, this Wednesday is a day of good works for the children and unpleasant surprises for the adults. Todd puts his memories into a box and Téa briefly lets hers out. Antonio receives bad news about his future. And no one congratulates the bridal couple, even when the shock of the moment wears off. Starr gets a new Mommy, Eli gets medicine from Todd and Maggie starts a performing arts program for pediatric Aids patients. R.J., the business man/bad boy, gets a mixed message from a far off friend that makes him frown and then smile.

The Rectory- Andrew, Maggie and Cassie

Andrew agrees to lend support from the Carpenter Foundation so that Maggie can start a performing arts program for pediatric AIDS patients. She knows he is in a funk lately and wants to lift his spirits by giving him something useful to do. He admits it has been difficult lately and that his faith is moving away in a fog. The doorbell rings and Andrew asks Maggie to stay as a buffer. Cassie is due for her visit with River and he doesn't want to be alone with her. He opens the door and she immediately tells them that Todd has divorced her cousin and remarried. Andrew doesn't need more than one guess who the bride is. This infuriates Cassie. She can't stand that he would give sympathy to Téa and say that there is more to Todd's new wife than what Cassie chooses to see. Andrew may be a shepherd, but Téa is no lost sheep, she is the same cold hearted mercenary who defended Alex for money and now she is helping Todd to win his custody suit for money. Andrew accuses Cassie of being harsh because she is feeling guilty. Téa is doing this because Kevin dumped her when Cassie left their marriage for him. Kevin and Cassie have done a great deal of damage to a lot of people. Cassie excuses herself and goes upstairs to see her son. Maggie tells her cousin she feels like a UN observer and she thinks that Cassie is jealous because he cares about Téa. He is angry and it is not doing him any good. Cassie has destroyed their family and their family was all he ever wanted. Maggie thinks good works will prove a good distraction and they head for the hospital.

Todd's Penthouse- Téa, Starr, Bird and Todd

Téa tiptoes down the stairs in one of Todd's shirts. He has the bird on his shoulder and the paper in his hand as he enters the living room and tells her no fair swapping clothes. After all, he doesn't have the legs to wear those short skirts of hers. Téa says she forgot to pack a robe and this was all she could find in her room outside of Blair's stuff. Todd replies that he will have the clothes removed and asks her to come to the hospital with him for Starr's checkup. He reads "Mrs. Manning" the article in the Sun which quotes the groom as saying how happy he is with his new wife and what a great stepmother she will make for his daughter. Yes, they are just a couple of lovebirds. Bird squawks in protest. Téa begins to think now that the news is out, it might be a mistake to put in an appearance at the hospital.

Club Indigo-Rachel, R.J., McNaughton, Bo and Alex

McNaugton calls R.J. He informs him about what happened with Andy, Javier and Antonio. Now the kid is in the hospital. Turns out he was right and his new "accountant" was LPD. He just wanted to give R.J. the heads up. Andy didn't have anything solid, but he wanted to warn him there may be some heat from the cops.

Later, Rachel comes in with the mail and the phone messages. R.J. is pleased to hear that J. Principle of Blue Jay Records left a message about arriving later today. Everything is beginning to go his way. The record label and the festival. Rachel says that she found the home number of Erica Badew and she is gong to book her for the jazz festival. Their triumphant mood is shattered with the arrival of Bo, who takes R.J. on a trip down memory lane. He wants to know about the old days when Atlantic City was R.J.'s stomping grounds. R.J. knew Jackie McNaughton then and he will admit he even saw him just a few weeks ago, when he told him he was completely legit and had no need of his money laundering services. Bo says that R.J. is a smart man. Then he drops the bomb. Did he hear that Alex left town with either Mortimer Bern or an undead Carlo Hesser and they have Asa's 30 million dollars? It's a complete surprise to R.J. Bo says for a smart man, R.J. doesn't know a lot. R.J. replies that sometimes knowing nothing is the smartest thing of all.

R.J. looks through his mail and opens a package with a videotape from his good buddy Alex. She tells him her companion is below deck and she has a very special message for her very special friend. This is a farewell just for him. Alex begins to slowly remove her clothes and R.J.'s face lights up like a candle. "Alex, I always knew you had it in you!", he says aloud, as a big smile forms on his lips.

Carlotta's House-Hank, Carlotta, Antonio, Andy, Cris and Téa

Carlotta shares breakfast with Hank, teaching him some Spanish along the way. She is about to leave for the diner when Antonio walks in with Andy and fills them in on what happened in Atlantic City. Carlotta is distressed to hear about Antonio shooting Javier. Andy tells Hank her cover is blown. Carlotta worries what will happen to her son. Andy assures her that Bo and Nora spoke to the ACPD and no charges were filed. Hank is mad at Antonio and thinks that he acted in a foolhardy manner chasing down Andy in hot pursuit without asking for backup from the LPD. Could his history with Javier influenced the outcome? Antonio accuses Hank of saying he deliberately gunned Javier down and Hank says not to put words in his mouth. Carlotta stops the argument. They apologize and shake hands. Cris shows up and shows them the front page of the Sun. It was picked up from a wire service and will be carried nationwide. Carlotta is concerned how this will affect his scholarship at Berkeley.

After his family leaves, Téa arrives and asks if his mother read the paper. Their wires are crossed with Téa referring to her wedding to Todd and Antonio referring to the shooting. When things get sorted out and Téa figures he means the front page story, she quickly scans the copy and says it is a good thing he is going into the law with all the trouble he gets into. Antonio wonders what it is she has been talking about. She shows him the blurb a few pages back about her wedding. He tells her she is nuts and in a lot more trouble than him. She gives him the party line about being calm and competent. She and Todd have a deep understanding. Antonio bets that as soon as the divorce became final, Téa drafted a prenup to keep her in the best zip codes for the rest of her life. Does she honestly hate who she is and where she came from so much that she would sell herself to that animal rather than let her roots show? Téa wants to leave, but Antonio says that is what she always does when she doesn't want to listen to the truth. She is ashamed of anything with a Spanish accent. She goes through the door to the back yard and Antonio follows. Suddenly, the calm, cool and collected Téa starts to cry. Antonio says that she never wanted anyone to know that she lived in the basement of that fine apartment house on Park Ave. She didn't fool anyone when she chose to go through the front door and take the elevator up to the 10th floor and back down to the basement. Téa is carried back to her wounded childhood. The basement was all walls and all darkness. She went to a birthday party when she was three. It was on the 10th floor, a whole different world full of light and magic, sunshine, everything was white, everyone and everything glowed. Happiness was on the 10th floor with all the white people. Then it was back to the basement and the darkness. She knows she never measures up. She will never be like Cassie, fitting in with Kevin at Llanfair and the Latinos see her as a sellout. In her tirade, Téa grabs clothes off Carlotta's laundry line and dumps them. Todd is like her. He doesn't fit in anywhere either. So why not team up and get what she wants. Antonio warns that she may just get more darkness. Téa replies that if he does not agree with how she runs her life, it is his problem. Don't agree. She has to go to the hospital to see her husband and her step daughter.

Antonio receives a call from the chairperson of the grant committee. She tells him one of the conditions of the grant was for him to stay out of trouble with the law. The committee saw the paper and unanimously cancelled the grant. He tries to explain, but she says he is automatically disqualified. She is sorry. He says he understands and hangs the phone back on the hook. He is overcome by this one more setback.

Llanview Hospital-Marty, Todd, Starr, Téa, Andrew, Maggie, Eli

Eli is standing with Marty when Todd arrives with Starr. The boy recognizes Starr and knows that the hospital saved her life with a bone marrow transplant. He asks Todd if his daughter has HIV. He says no. Eli says that means she gets to go home. The only way Eli will go home is in a box. Eli wants to know why Todd buys him all that medicine. Todd jokes that he knows how badly the boy wants to croak, so he figures if he makes him stick around a while, it will tick him off. A nurse escorts him off to his floor and Todd tells Marty to congratulate him. His daughter has a new stepmother. Marty is at first puzzled and then flabbergasted when Todd reveals he married Téa. She can't believe he would divorce Blair right after she had a stroke. Todd lays the blame for his ex wife's condition on her Poet. He loaded Blair's mind with garbage about him until her blood pressure went sky high. Marty says this is a pattern with him. Todd killed Armitage and set up Patrick as sure as he put Blair in the position she is in now. Todd says sarcastically that he is a people person: he sings, dances and reads to kids and his only crime is that he fell in love. Marty replies that any love he has starts and ends with Starr. She even believed he honestly loved Blair, but after this move, she sees he is so sick. Blair is better off without him. Maybe Téa thinks she will be happy with Todd, but Marty just hopes she will be safe.

Téa comes to pick up Starr and the nurse won't release her until Andrew comes to the rescue and vouches for her new identity as Mrs. Manning. Maggie goes off to discuss her new project with Marty and Andrew wishes Téa the best, but this is not the best for her. She went by her judgment, just like he did when he married Cassie. He says they loved each other. Téa counters, look where it got them. Andrew wonders if she thinks about the consequences this will have on Starr. How is Starr going to feel when the contract expires and her new mom disappears. Téa said the same happened to her. Andrew asks how right this situation feels to her now? Todd arrives and takes Starr and Téa home.

Andrew and Maggie discuss the project with Marty and Dr. Saybrooke thinks it is a great idea. Eli shows up. Marty yells at him for leaving his floor again. He steals her stetoscope. She tells Andrew he is out of control . He wonders where the boy's folks are. Marty explains that Eli has no father and his mother has terminal AIDS. Andrew wants to know what will happen to Eli after his mother dies. Marty says she has no answer to that question.

Todd's Penthouse- Téa, Starr, and Todd

The Mannings discuss Starr. Téa thinks she is beautiful and tells Todd she was watching the little girl at rest when she couldn't sleep herself. Todd reminds her again that she'd better love her. She tells him that Andrew gave his best wishes like the rest of the town. Todd says to keep her eye on the prize and all that money. Blair's clothes are in a box. She picks up one of the dresses and Todd does not want her to discuss what he is going to do with the clothes, nor does he seem to like her touching Blair's things. A messenger comes to the door and delivers court papers from Dorian about Starr's custody hearing. Todd tells Téa to put her lawyer hat on.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

THE DINER-Antonio, Carlotta, Hank

Antonio tells Carlotta about his grant being cancelled. Everyone is sad, but he says he will go to law school anyway. Hank leaves the diner, saying he will do something about this. After he leaves, Téa arrives. Carlotta tells her about the grant being revoked. Téa can't believe it. She says he will make it somehow. Téa says she will loan Antonio the money. Téa tells Carlotta that she married Todd, Carlotta drops her glass. Téa tells her that their relationship is very unique. Carlotta tells her that she deserves love. Andy arrives at the diner, she sees Antonio and tells him that they all went to talk to the grant people. Nora and Bo come in, too. As they are talking, the phone rings. It is the grant committee, they gave back the grant.


R.J. is in his office, a woman walks in. She is Jacara. She is here about Blue Jay records, which R.J. is buying into. She is the owner. They discuss the upcoming music festival. She seems interested. Jacara tells R.J. she will only be involved in a business that's on the up and up. R.J. assures her everything will be fine. They chitchat about their lives. They talk about what they would both like for their music business. It seems like their partnership will work out very well. Rachel comes in, all excited because she just signed a great artist for the festival. She is introduced to Jacara. They make plans to meet tomorrow and discuss their plans further. On her way out, Jacara runs into Hank, who has just parked in the handicapped space. She tells him he should be ashamed of himself. She places him under citizen's arrest. She calls the police. He asks if she does this kind of thing often-she says yes. When the police arrive, Hank tells Benny what happened. Benny asks if Jacara wants to press charges, she says yes. Benny cuffs Hank and they all go down to the station.


Rachel is making phone calls, when Téa walks in. She tells her about the wedding. Rachel tells her she made a mistake. Téa tells her it is all a business deal. She apologizes for not telling her about the wedding in person. She tells Rachel that she cherishes their friendship. She doesn't want to lose her. Rachel tells her she loves her, too. Téa leaves a check for her half of the rent.

ANTONIO'S GRANT- Bo, Nora, Hank and Andy

Bo and Nora get together to hang out. Bo tells her about R.J. being connected with Jackie. Bo is upset because R.J. won't admit being Jackie's counterpart. Hank comes in and tells them about Antonio losing his grant. Hank calls the grant committee and speaks to a woman about Antonio's story. Hank tells her they will be there in an hour to talk her into giving the grant back. On the way out they run into Andy, so she goes with them. When they arrive, they all try to talk the grant woman into giving the grant back. She thinks Antonio has not put his past behind him. Bo assures her that Antonio has changed, and only shot Javier to save Andy. Hank says nice things about Antonio. Andy says it doesn't make sense to punish Antonio for saving her life. The grant committee will discuss it and get back to Antonio this afternoon.

Friday, July 18, 1997

Antonio, Andy, Carlotta, Cristian, Jessica, Hank, Bo and Nora

Antonio, Andy, Bo and Nora are in a booth at the diner celebrating Antonio getting his grant back. Cristian comes in and is very happy when he hears the news. Bo's phone rings and he answers it. At about the same time, Jessica arrives to pick up some burgers for everyone down at the community center. Bo tells everyone the news, Hank has been arrested, but he doesn't know why. Carlotta wants to go with him, but Bo convinces her to stay there while he goes to find out what's going on. After Antonio asks to see it, Cristian shows the poster he made for the upcoming community meeting to fight Asa. It has a rather unflattering, but accurate, characature of Asa in a cowboy hat.

Everyone likes Cristian's poster for the meeting, showing Asa stepping on Angel Square with his cowboy boots and money overflowing his pockets. Even Jessica isn't upset and suggests that she will show one to Clint so he can put it in the Banner. Cristian agrees and give Jessica one of the posters. Carlotta brings over Jessica's order and she leaves. Nora goes over to Carlotta at the counter and asks if she and Bo can throw Antonio and Andy a pre-wedding and pre-California party. It's fine with Carlotta. They are a bit unconfortable with each other and finally both mention the topic they are trying to avoid, "Hank", they both say at once.

Andy and Antonio are sitting in a booth and Andy is working in her "wedding notebook." She hasn't had time to ask Marty to be her maid of honor yet. Antonio hasn't asked Cristian to be the best men yet either, and Andy convinces him to do it right now while Cristian is there. When Antonio walks over to him, Cristian ends up asking Antonio first if he's going to ask him to be the best man. "Like I would ask anyone else", Antonio says, hugging him.

Where did you park, Carlotta teases Hank when he arrives at the diner. Where has he been, she asks. Hank explains that he went to dinner with R.J. prospective business partner to check her out. Hank thinks that Jacara will give R.J. fits and a run for his money. Carlotta guesses Hank isn't hungry anymore. Not for food, Hank replies suggestively. Carlotta quickly gets Cristian to cover for her and the two lovebirds quickly leave. Andy thinks that Hank and Carlotta are look natural together, but Antonio still isn't happy about the relationship. Be happy for her, Andy continues, Carlotta's got a sparkle in her eye. He'd better not do anything to make it go away, Antonio says threateningly.

Bo, Hank and and Jacara

Bo arrives back at his office, but only Linda is there, Benny and Hank haven't arrived yet. Benny and Hank come in, "Look ma, no hands", Hank jokes about his handcuffs. Bo tells Benny, who's got a big grin on his face, to take off the handcuffs. Bo is amazed to hear that this whole thing is about a parking violation. Bo asks Linda and Benny to leave them alone for a minute and they go, grinning all the way. Instead of prosecuting himself, Hank agrees to plead guilty and pay a two hundred dollar fine. Jacara finally agrees to the arrangment after Hank swears never to park in a handicapped spot again. Hank mentions his last name and Jacara asks if he's related to R.J. Gannon.

I'm his brother, why do you want to know, Hank wonders. Jacara explains that she met R.J. this moring and is thinking of going into business with him. She's the president of Blue Jay Music and R.J. has offered to invest in it. Hank has heard of Blue Jay and some of its artists and is impressed. Jacara wants to be sure that R.J. is the right person to team up with and asks Hank to have dinner with her later to discuss R.J. Hank accepts. After Jacara leaves, Hank asks Bo for his impression of her. Bo thinks Jacara is legit. Hank doesn't think she's hiding anything either, but he'll try to find out at dinner.

At the Palace Hotel, Hank and Jacara are having dinner. Jacara tells him about he father losing his right eye and arm in Vietnam. Her father would never have said anything to Hank about taking the handicapped spot, but it upsets Jacara. It was because of her father that Jacara is interested in music. After he was injured, he came back and gave piano lessons to some of the best kids in the area. Jacara was surrounded by music as a child. She was given the money to start Blue Jay Music by her former husband, who was a rapper. They've been divorced four years now and she paid him back every penny. Her job is now her life. She knows that the reason Hank agreed to have dinner with her is that he wants to find out if she's legit. I am, she assures him, but what about R.J.?

Jacara knows about R.J.'s shady past, R.J. himself even brought them up himself today. If R.J.'s still involved with them, then there will be no deal. Blue Jay Music is her baby, her whole life. It started as just an idea she had and now it is a reality and there's no way she's going to risk it. Does Hank think that she should make this deal with R.J.? Hank hopes that R.J. has gone straight, if only for Rachel's sake. Jacara mentions meeting Rachel, she liked her and looks forward to being able to work with her. Rachel is closer to R.J. than anyone, and she insists that R.J. is legit, says Hank. Hank also thinks it's a positive sign that R.J. wants to hook up with Blue Jay. R.J.'s no fool, he reads people well and must already know he can't put anything over on Jacara.

Kevin, Cassie and Jessica

Kevin and Cassie arrive home at the carriage house discussing whether Javier was trailing Andy since he got out of jail, or if it was just a coincidence he was working for McNaughton. They agree that there is a connection between R.J. and McNaughton. As they talk, they are undressing and kissing.

Jessica knocks on the carriage house door, wanting to show Kevin the poster. When no one answers, she opens the door and steps inside. Kevin and Cassie are 'occupied' on the couch. "What's up", an embarrassed Kevin asks.

Jessica rushes back outside and waits on the porch while Kevin and Cassie frantically try to get dressed. Cassie feels horrible that they didn't lock the door, she doesn't want Jessica to feel uncomfortable coming to the carriage house. Kevin goes outside to talk to Jessica while Cassie rushes upstairs, wearing a blanket, to go get dressed. Jessica apologizes for just barging in. We should have locked the door or taken it upstairs, Kevin says. He doesn't want Jessica to feel that she can't come over now that Cassie's moved in, she's always welcome there. Jessica shows him the poster and Kevin gets a good laugh out of it. He thinks Clint will definitely want to see it. Cassie comes out on to the porch, now fully dressed, and insists that Jessica stay and have dinner with them.

Kevin's outside in the yard cooking (actually, it looked more like burning) the steaks, while Cassie and Jessica are inside. Cassie asks Jessica how things are with Chris. Jessica explains they're not seeing each other anymore because she was too much of a "baby" to sleep with Chris. Cassie tells her she's not being a baby and when the time is right for her to be with someone, Jessica will know. Jessica wonders how Cassie knew that she loved Kevin so much that she left everything in her life to be with him. Jessica can't imaging feeling that sure and strong about it. Cassie really doesn't have an answer, it just happens. Cassie thinks that Jessica is very lucky that she hasn't had to grow up so fast, it can be very, very difficult. Cassie advises that she take her time and get to know herself, because that's what growing up is all about.

Later, after Jessica has left, Kevin takes off his apron and joins Cassie, who is sitting on the stairs. Kevin puts his arms around her (minus his cast, I just noticed). I really liked having Jessica here, Cassie tells him. Kevin does too, but next time they have to remember to lock the door. "Do you believe in true love", Cassie asks. Give me a kiss and you'll find out, Kevin replies, teasing. Do you think it lasts forever, Cassie asks serious. Kevin thinks about it, when he married Lee Ann, he thought they would be together forever, but they weren't right for each other. He does believe that when the right person does come along, the love never dies, and if she wants proof, just stick around sixty or seventy years. Cassie wishes she could be so optimistic, the statistics say one out of every two marriages end in divorce, they'd be fools to ignore that. We've ignored everything else up to now, Kevin thinks they should keep doing what they've be good at up to now and remain fools. They kiss and start heading up the stairs.

Mel, Kelly and Dorian

Mel is making yet another gin and tonic when Kelly arrives, bearing a gift. It's a weighted cup, so it won't tip over when the houseboat rocks. She just wanted to check out Mel's new place, she's on her way to babysit for River. Kelly also brings Mel an envelope which was sent to Dorian's house. It's full of brouchures for rehab clinics from his daughter, Dorothy. Mel decides to christen his new cup, he needs a drink. His daughter is worried that he is drinking himself to death. Well, are you, Kelly asks. It depends on what you call death, and what you call drinking, Mel replies. Kelly would be very mad if that was what Mel was doing, he's been like a father to her lately. Kelly also hopes that she wasn't the reason he moved out of Dorian's. Not at all, he assures her, he and Dorian are going to need some "elbow room" for their relationship to survive. Kelly goes to the kitchen area to get more club soda, so Dorian doesn't see her when she comes down the stairs in a somewhat nautical looking outfit. "Permission to come aboard, Captain Hayes, sir", she says. Mel likes her nautical look and Dorian says she plans to slip out of it immediately. Just then, Kelly steps around the wall to where a shocked Dorian can see her. Kelly quickly excuses herself and leaves. Mel has bought a present, too, which he gives to Dorian and they kiss.

Mel is lying impatiently on the hammock waiting for Dorian to model her gift. She appears in a bathing suit and sarong. Mel thinks she looks great and wants her to hop in. Dorian doesn't really want to make love in "this glorified cargo net" again, but finally agrees and hops in beside him.

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