OLTL Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on One Life to Live
Blair suffered a stroke due to a blood clot. Dorian and Todd argued over custody of Starr. Andy wanted to take a job with Jackie McNaughton. Nora didn't feel well. Carlo returned for Alex. Todd and Téa agreed to marry.
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Monday, July 7, 1997

Todd gave Téa a retainer to represent him with the Guy Armitage murder andBlair's divorce. Téa agreed to represent him with the divorce and acustodybattle. Alex strolls in asking for one last tiny little favor.

Dorian and Mel arrive at the hospital to find that Blair has suffered astroke. Cause...a blood clot...Dorian insists that Todd caused thestroke.

Carlotta and Hank (in bed) discuss their past together. Hank says it was the fish she fell for. She says it was his smile at Bo's birthday party. Carlotta explains that Hank is only the second man ever in her bed. Of course, Diego was the only one until he died. She then explains that she and Clint never consummated their relationship...because of the kids.

Bo and Andy talk about Jackie McNaughton. Andy tells Bo about the scamshe,Max and Maggie pulled. Andy wants to ask Jackie for a job in the casinososhe can follow up leads with R.J. Bo warns Andy to be very careful.

Antonio gets his LSAT scores and he aced them.

Mel tries to tell Dorian that Todd can't cause a stroke. But of course,hard-headed Dorian will hear none of it. Dorian tries to weasel her way outofadmitting that she told Blair about Todd being involved in Guy's murder.ButMel was able to get her to admit it. The doctor insists that Todd becalled(over Dorian's objections) as Blair's next-of-kin. They can do notreatmentwithout Todd's approval.

Alex's little favor? Todd pick up the tab for a picnic she is having atthefireworks display tomorrow and to pay her $5,000 fine. Todd says OK, thengets the call from the doctor about Blair. He leaves immediately for thehospital.

Tonio, Andy and Bo discuss Tonio's plans for law school. He applied toschools within a hundred mile radius and far away. Berkeley. That schoolspecializes in Public Interest Law. Bo offers to write a letter ofreccommendation for Andy to go anywhere. Antonio takes off to showCarlottahis scores just as Carlotta and Hank finish another go-round in bed. Hankoffers to make the coffee while Carlotta showers. In the kitchen, Hank islooking for coffee, in only a towel, when Antonio walks through the door. Imagine their surprise!!! Tonio gets the coffee while Carlotta comes indressed in a robe. Hank goes upstairs to dress. Tonio starts to get anattitude. Carlotta tells him she wants to hear nothing negative aboutthis. Why Hank Gannon? Carlotta replies, Because I wanted him. Tonio thensayshe is very happy to and tells his mother about his test scores. Carlottaisso proud of her eldest son. Tonio talks to his mother about going toBerkeley. She encourages him to go to California. Tonio leaves and HankandCarlotta breathe a sigh of relief.

Todd makes it to the hospital and gives his approval for the treatment.Dorian proceeds to tell Todd that she is taking custody of Starr fromhim.Todd says she will NEVER see Starr. Dorian leaves the hospitaldeterminedto get Starr before Todd gets home.

Antonio returns to the Diner and tells Andy that Mommy and Hank weretogether. Andy, of course, thought it was great. Then they talk aboutgoingto California together.

Tuesday, July 8th, 1997


Dorian arrives and tells Judith that she is going to take Starr to Philadelphia to visit Blair in the morning and so she will just take Starr for a sleep over. Judith doesn't know anything about it. Dorian said that she and Todd had just talked about it at the country club party. Dorian tells Judith to go and get Starr ready. Judith attempts to call Todd. Dorian walks up the stairs to go get Starr, Judith sees this and hangs up and rushes over to block Dorian from going up the stairs. They get into a shoving match on the stairs and then Todd and Téa walk in. Todd asks Dorian what she thinks she is doing. Judith explains that she was trying to keep Dorian out. Todd tells her thank you and to go see if Starr is okay. Dorian says her sole interest is to protect Starr from Todd. Téa tells Dorian that there is no reason to think Todd did anything with the Armitage bombing. Dorian says that she will be appointed Blair's legal guardian and make all of the decisions for her. She will follow through with Blair's wishes. Todd tells her to leave. Téa tells her she will file charges if she doesn't leave. Dorian says to go ahead and that she will be back.

Téa asks if Todd is all right. He says that Dorian is right and Blair could die, but he will not lose both Blair and Starr. Téa says they can't make any decisions until they find out Blair's condition. Todd says he doesn't want to wait. They discuss the different scenarios that would happen if Blair were to fully recover, be disabled or die. Téa says that Dorian will try to prove that Todd is unfit, but at the moment she doesn't have a case and they should act preemptively by building a case as him being the model father. She says that what Todd is missing from this picture of domestic stability is a wife. Todd looks at her with interest and then says he wants to get a quick divorce.

Téa asks him is he is sure about the quick divorce because she knows how much Todd loves Blair. He says she doesn't know anything and his feelings have nothing to do with it. Blair says it is over. Téa said that Pennsylvania is quick in it's divorce proceedings when the divorce is uncontested. Todd tells her to get to work on it fast before Dorian throws a wrench into the works. Téa suggests flying to San Domenico for a 48 hour divorce. Todd says that is cool and calls Lou to have his jet ready and a flight plan filed for the trip. Todd tells Téa that there is something missing though, a wife. Téa says that he can't remedy that in 48 hours. Todd tells her he has a very interesting proposal for her. He'll give her 5 million to marry him. Téa is shocked. Todd says he is serious. He'll give her a million now as a retainer, a million on the day they get married, two million the day he gets custody of Starr and the last million on their first anniversary. Téa is stunned. Todd says that he is non-traditional, he doesn't expect her to come home and make dinner and dress like Donna Reed. He says that it will be very casual and if, after a certain time, she wants to pursue other interests, feel free as long as she doesn't embarrass him in public or jeopardize his custody of Starr. Todd says he'll pay her bills and she'll get social standing. She says the payment plan didn't include a bonus for consumation. Todd says it is a business deal. There is no sex involved. Sex always screws things up for him anyway. Is she interested or what? She tells him to get his divorce and she'll think about it. And if she decides not to do it, she'll help him find another suitable candidate. He says that there is no other candidate, she is the only girl for him.


Nora is cleaning and fidgeting around, which makes Bo wonder what is wrong. She says he knows what is wrong. He was at the 4th of July picnic eating all kinds of junk food and having too much fun. Bo says he may have gone overboard with breaking off from his diet, but he just hasn't felt right lately with Drew leaving and all. Nora says she understands and is sorry, but she is having reactions of her own. Like Hank and Carlotta and the other thing. Bo says "Hank & Carlotta"? Nora says that they were holding hands and trying to exercise restraint acting like a couple of high school kids. He thinks it's great. Why is she so upset? Is she jealous? She says she is a little jealous, which Bo gets a bit hurt at. She says she is sorry. He says it's okay. She doesn't know how he can cope with the maniac she has become. She feels lousy. She doesn't know why and she hates it. She doesn't understand why she is feeling this way. She has never felt this way before. Bo says that she has never been at this particular place before dealing with these particular situations before so therefore she has never felt his way before. She says that she is worried about herself. Bo says that she is physically fine. Nora says that the doctor told her to change her life and she did. She went on that stupid diet and did the exercises. Bo says that she needs emergency treatment and goes downstairs for something.


Dorian bolts into the house very upset saying she failed Blair, herself and Starr. Kelly and Mel are worried about her. Dorian can't stand the thought of Starr being with Todd. Kelly tries to point out that Todd is a good father. Even Blair thinks so. That is why Starr is with him now while she recovers. Dorian says they don't know what Todd is like behind closed doors. Mel asks if she knows something they don't. She says she just can't bear the thought of Starr with a man who rules by terror. Mel tells Dorian to take a deep breath and go upstairs to lay down with him for a while. She says that she is very tired and goes up with him.

Dorian is under the covers very upset. Mel says that he tried to tell her not to try to get Starr. He says that Kelly is right, Todd is a good father. Dorian asks if he is defending Todd. He says he's not defending him, he has only observed that Todd is the finest father with Starr. Dorian reminds Mel of all Todd's crimes. She says that for a brief period of time he is fine, but underneath he is an animal and they don't know when he'll break out with rage and violence. Mel says it isn't about Todd and Starr. It is about her and what? She says it has nothing to do with her, he says he thinks it does. She says he is wrong, she is not a frightened, lonely child left in the hands of a deeply depraved, brutally cruel person. She then breaks down and cries. Mel holds her as she sobs.


Alex talks to herself, saying that she doesn't care what anyone thinks, she is going to run for mayor and win. Carlo/Mortimer walks up behind her clapping and says "bravo, bravo." Before Alex turns around she says "Darling, is that you?" She turns and walks toward him.

In his limo, she says he could have come sooner. She needed his help. She almost wound up in jail. He says she didn't need his help. She says that it doesn't matter, she didn't kill him anyway and by the way, who was shot? Was it Mortimer playing Carlo as only she could have taught him? He asks if it really matters. She says of course not, it's just that if he is Carlo, it is important for him to know she understands completely everything he did. She knows she misled him with the fake baby and all. She acted out of love and compassion for him. On the other hand, if he is Mortimer, then she wants him to know that she had no idea that Carlo was planning to deceive him and take all the money and send it to Switzerland. But it doesn't matter, they are together now and everything will be okay....if only they had Asa's 30 million. He does have 30 million doesn't he? Carlo/Mortimer says he understands her actions and forgives her. She is the love of his life. She says that he really did come back for her didn't he? They kiss and she says how afraid she was. He says she'll never be afraid or uncertain again. He has Asa's money and more. She gets very happy and says they could be destitute and she wouldn't mind...as much. He says even if she doesn't know exactly who he is? She says that only she can tell the difference between Carlo and Mortimer. He closes the divider between them and the driver and we hear heavy breathing and giggling. Then Alex says "ooh darling, I knew it was you."


Dorian is still crying in Mel's arms, but then they turn to each other and begin to kiss.............

Bo has arrived and has a bunch of stuff for Nora. He scoops up some ice cream, pours chocolate syrup, sprays whipped cream, drops a cherry and sprinkles sprinkles onto Nora bare stomach. They then proceed to eat if off of her with spoons.

Todd lays on his couch and starts to write a prenuptial agreement.

Wednesday, July 9th, 1997

Dorian's house- Dorian, Kelly, Cassie, Carol Robinson

Dorian updates the Cramer Women on Blair's health status. She is still unconscious and her prognosis is uncertain, but she is at least no worse and they all know she is a fighter. Kelly blames herself for her cousin being in the hospital at all. Dorian blames Todd for being his despicable self and Cassie reminds her mother that she shouldn't have rushed off to tell Blair about Mel's suspicions. Dorian says that Cassie is just annoyed because she is critical of Kevin being the love of her life. Her only advice to her girls was to follow their minds, not their hearts. If they had listened, Cassie would not have married Andrew. Joey would not have broke Kelly's heart and Blair would not be in the position she is in now with Todd. She called the Cramer Women meeting because she is seeking guardianship of Starr. She is expecting Carol Robinson, her lawyer, any moment. She needs support from both of them. Kelly would do anything to help Blair, but Cassie believes she would not be an asset given her present living situation with Kevin. What would Todd's lawyer do with that information in a custody suit? Dorian can't disagree since Todd's lawyer is Téa, Kevin's ex lover.

The doorbell rings. Kelly leaves to escort Carol Robinson into the living room while Dorian emphasizes the importance of a united front to her daughter. Carol Robinson, the same attorney who represented Blair in the last custody fight, does not think the chances of Dorian gaining custody are good. She has had the opportunity to observe Todd first hand and knows him to be a tireless fighter. The outcome was decidedly in his favor and the hearing was only halted when Starr became ill. Todd made a decided impression on her as well as the social worker. Dorian believes that may be she should get a new attorney to represent her. Cassie says that they should stick with experience and Carol Robinson already knows what Todd is capable of. Carol's game plan is to attack Todd as a man and then present Casa Cramer as the ideal home in which to raise Starr. Blair will be returning to Dorian's house when she gets better. Todd can't compete as a spouseless parent. The attorney explains that she can't remove the little girl from Todd's custody yet, but she is ready to get things started. Dorian is uplifted enough to suggest they all pay Starr a visit at the Penthouse.

Rachel and Téa's Apartment- Rachel and Téa

Téa is curious about Hank and Carlotta's newly blossoming romance, but she is perplexed that Carlotta would pair off with the man who almost put her son in jail for life. She comments how happy they looked at the Fourth of July picnic (say as compared to Kevin and Cassie, MEOW). Rachel says she is happy for them and that her roommate has something nice to say about romance. Téa refutes that assumption. She is not interested in romance, however she did get an interesting proposal recently. Rachel kiddingly replies that Téa Del Gado does not marry for LOVE OR MONEY. Téa smiles and says she is only half right. She swears Rachel to secrecy. Then drops the bombshell- the man who proposed to her is Todd Manning. Rachel is nearly struck dumb at the absurdity. Téa explains that she has been representing Alex for Todd and acting as his attorney on other matters. They hit it off well. Compared to the men she knew at her old law firm, he is practically St. Francis of Assisi. He loves children and animals, or at least, one little girl and one bird in particular. Blair wants a divorce because she things her hsuband is the mad bomber who killed Armitage. Rachel asks if he did it? Téa reminds her that she went to law school too and she knows that Todd is innocent until proven guilty. He hasn't even been charged with anything. Blair's Aunt Dorian wants custody of Starr and Todd asked her what his chances were in a court battle. Téa naively mentioned he would be better off with a wife and he asked her to marry him for a large sum of money. Rachel is incredulous. Téa tells her that Todd is on his way to San Domingo for a quickie divorce and is expecting an answer when he gets back. Rachel says she should run as fast as she can.

Rachel fills Téa in on Todd's history. Three years ago Rachel went to a Frat Party at Llanview University. She and Kevin were an item at the time. Todd and two of his friends gang raped Marty Saybrooke the night of the Spirng Fling. Rachel saw Marty after the attack and she will never forget how she looked afterwards. Téa replies that she knew that Todd was convicted of the rape, but not the details. However, he did pay for it. Yes, Rachel agrees, but when he went to trial he took Kevin down with him because he did not approve of Kevins relationship with Rachel. Todd is evil and she doesn't deserve to be subjected to him and neither does Starr.

Téa says this is only a temporary situation until Todd gets Starr back. Rachel wants to know, Todd aside, why would she want to marry for anything less than love . Téa replies that she is doing it for the most respectable and age old of reasons- property, power and allegiance. The Bride wears white and the groom wears green. Rachel can't believe Téa's cynicism. To think she used to envy her view of the world. Doesn't Téa realize there are some things money can't buy. Téa says she doesn't want those things and Rachel is literally sick of the whole thing. Téa speaks her mind and tells Rachel that she needn't worry about measuring up to her parents expectations. She is just as self righteous as either of them.

The Diner- Hank, Carlotta, Andy, Antonio, Cris

Workaholic Hank is a little less anxious to get to office the usual hour early. Carlotta teases him that one day he might just elect to get in just on time. Before he leaves, he stops off at the table where Andy, Antonio and Cris are seated. Antonio is dressed impeccably for his day at Hank's office. Hank says he will see him a little later and after he leaves, Antonio and Cris have a difficult time imagining the DA having a sex life particularly with their mother. Andy reminds Carlotta's sons that their mother has always been a part of their lives and now it is their turn to give her the right to live her own life. Andy leaves and begs off a lunch date with Antonio. Cris isn't sure how he like this, but Antonio says maybe it would be good for Mommy to have Hank in her life because he won't be as worried when he starts law school at Berkeley. This is the first Cris is hearing of this. He can't picture Angel Square without his brohter. All their worlds are expanding. Carlotta hugs her sons and they vow they may have to reach out farther to each other, but they will never let go.

Hank's office- Hank, Antonio, Bo and Carl

Antonio reports for work and compliments Hank on his tie. Hank says his is nice, too. In fact, he will bet his tie against Antonio's that by the end of the day, he will understand why Hank indicted him. Antonio does not agree. Hank uses Patrick's case to illustrate how you must follow the law and evidence. At first, Antonio thinks they should only go by what they know about the man, but Hank says that would not be just, not to prosecute because he is a friend. He goes over the evidence and asks Antonio to distance himself from what he knows about Patrick, look at the evidence against him and honestly answer whether he would indict him on the weight of it. Antonio reluctantly says yes, he would. Next Hank tells him about a perp in lock up who robbed a convenience store with a partner. The clerk has identified both suspects. He might lose his eye from the attack he received at their hands. Until he hears that the partner is suspected in the killing of a little girl in Allentown, Antonio is ready to throw the book at the perp in lock up. Hank reminds him that all is not black and white. The perp can give them valuable information leading to the capture of his baby killer partner. Hank introduces him to Carter Ryan, his assistant DA. While Antonio prefers street justice, he can see that in Hank's world things are done differently. Hank sends him down to lock up with Carter to interrogate the suspect about his partner's whereabouts.

Hank takes the time to make a call to Carlotta and they talk about their plans for the evening. He suggest she wear that sexy black silk dress that comes off easily. He cuts the call short when Bo arrives and tries to pretend he is speaking to a colleague, but Bo doesn't buy it. He tells Hank that after the picnic, everyone in town is onto Hank and Carlotta's secret. It all started after Alex was let go with just a slap on the wrist and he sought out Carlotta to talk things over. They always had strong feelings toward each other. He thought that what Carlotta felt was anger, but...He changes the subject to Andy and McNaughton. Bo tells him about the clandestine meeting with R.J. He shows him the surveillance photos. Hank says, outside of this, what is there. Andy is now in Atlantic City trying to shake some info out of the casino owner's tree. Hank is worried. McNaughton is a dangerous criminal.

Atlantic City- McNaughton, Andy and Javier

Assuming the alias of Cynthia Lee Webber, Andy pretends to be a CPA working for an off shore bank in Delaware who occassionally seeks excitement in Atlantic City to beat off the boredom of a job she is too good for. She does not want dinner, but she did do him a favor and she would like him to return it by offering her a job at the casino. He is dubious about her motives. She has been reeling him in since she came through the door. He wants to know why. Andy says she just wants a job. She is observant. She can tell from the way the gamblers act what is on their minds. She give him her analysis on several nearby people and says his security is lax. She then puts her powers to the test on McNaughton himself. She knows he cares about image, he has a good eye for people and that he is good at turning over foreign money for profit. She pretends to leave. McNaughton stops her and says that paranoia is necessary in his business. He asks if she would like to take a stab at a position this weekend. He will comp her for a room. She tells him a meal will be fine. As she leaves Javier walks in.

Javier tells his boss that Andy is a cop. He knows because she is the one who had him thrown into Statesville. McNaughton has to question why she is here in his casino.

Back at Hank's office- Antonio and Hank

Antonio comes back from his foray to lockup and the assistand DA got the info they needed on the perps partner. Hank tells Antonio in the real world, you get the baby killer off the street. Sometimes perps take a walk. Sometimes people like Patrick get arrested. The world is not so black and white. Antonio admits he can see that now. Hank asks for his pay off on his bet and Antonio relinquishes his tie. Hank leaves for his hot date with Mrs. Vega and asks Antonio to finsh the deposition. Antonio sees the file Bo left on R.J. and McNaughton and immediately knows that Andy is involved. Andy, what have you gotten yourself into now, he moans.

Todd's Penthouse- Jessie, Bird, Dorian, Cassie, Kelly

Jessie tells Dorian and the other Cramer women that Todd, Starr and the nanny left town and should be back the next day. She is here for the bird. Her mother is less than thrilled that Todd has asked them to bring his feathered friend to Llanfair while he is away. Jessie does not know where her Uncle went with Starr, but Bird says Todd is on the lam. Dorian and her two girls case the penthouse, but cannot find Starr. Dorian is in a panic and cannot believe that Todd really left for just a day. Cassie says she is sure he will be back and does not understand why her mother is muttering that she cannot believe this is happening again. Cassie reminds her that Todd has never hurt or neglected his daughter. Dorian is adamant that the child is in the hand so a vicious cruel man and she loves Starr too much to abandon her to Todd Manning.

Thursday, July 10th, 1997

THE RECTORY-Kelly and Andrew

Kelly goes to Andrew to discuss her community service. She thinks she is to blame for Blair's life being messed up. He tells her that god loves her, always. She tells him she can't find god. She asks if god is always there for him.

ATLANTIC CITY-Javier, Jackie

Javier tells Jackie that Andy is trouble, and he should watch out. Jackie says that if they find out Andy is in Atlantic City to cause trouble, he will let Javier take care of it.

THE DINER-Antonio, Andy, Téa, Bo, Nora

Andy walks into the diner, Antonio says, "good morning, stranger." She tells him he knew she would be out yesterday. He asks if she was on a stakeout. He says he knew where she went. He says she knew he wouldn't like it, and she asks if she needs permission from him to do things now. He tells her that he doesn 't want the woman he loves to die by trying to prove herself to the police. He tells her Jackie is dangerous. She won't listen to him. She doesn't want him to worry. She says maybe if he can't handle her job, maybe they shouldn't get married. He says it is ok, he will try to be better about it. They leave the diner.

Téa asks Carlotta if they are in love. She says yes. She also tells her that she will find true love one day. She says she likes being alone. Carlotta says she is being cynical. Téa says that nobody respects her as a woman. Cassie walks in, so Téa leaves. Cassie sits with Bo. They chit chat, she tells him that she saw River today. She says she has to get herself together before she sees Kevin. They discuss their marriage ending, she says she should have never married Bo. He asks if she has forgiven him(for divorcing Cassie when Sarah Gordon 'returned from the dead'). They hold hands as they talk. Nora comes in and asks if they were supposed to bring dates. She sits down with them. Cassie leaves for work. She tells Nora that she and Bo were just working through some old issues. Nora asks what it is all about. He says that Cassie needed closure on what they had. Nora is jealous.

MAX'S PLACE-Maggie, Ian, Max

Max is listening in on Ian talking to someone - Maggie. He is trying to talk her out of using the warehouse for her school. He suggests leasing the warehouse to get some cash flow. She says no, because she wants to use the warehouse. She tells them to grow up and stop badgering her about the warehouse. She storms out of the house. She goes to Dorian's. She wants to draw up the papers for the warehouse. Dorian gets a call. Mel chats with Maggie about her plans with Dorian. Dorian is trying to find Starr. Maggie mentions the warehouse, Mel is surprised. He asks when it came up. Maggie tells him it was sudden. He wants to know why she is selling it. Dorian tells him it was to get Asa off her back. He asks why she didn't just tell her the truth in the first place. She tells him it is a bad time, because she is still upset about Starr. He says he knows she is worried, but he wants to discuss it. She asks if he wants to move out. He tells her to just ask if he wants to live there. He says no, he needs a place of his own in order to preserve the relationship. She tells him he can live in his own wing. He still doesn't want to. He leaves for work.

THE PARK- Téa and Andrew

Téa is in the park, Andrew comes by. She invites him to sit with her. She tells him about Todd proposing to her. He can't believe it. She tells him all about the deal, in confidence. She asks for his opinion. He asks if it is a business deal. She says yes. She says it is a marriage of convenience. She thinks Todd is nice, and they get along well. She asks why he doesn't think it is a good idea. He says he thinks she already knows what she wants to do. He asks her if it feels right. She says no, but it feels right financially. He tells her she shouldn't do it.

Friday, July 11th, 1997

Todd and Téa

Todd, Starr and the nanny return from their trip to San Domenico. If anyone asks where they went, just play dumb, Todd tells the nanny. The nanny works up her courage enough to tell Todd that Starr needs her mother. If Blair recovers, then Starr will have two parents, Todd promises. But if Dorian gets custody of Starr and Blair doesn't recover, then Starr will have no parents. Todd is doing what he feels is in Starr's best interest. Go do whatever I pay you to do, Todd rudely dissmisses the nanny and then calls Téa. Téa has sent Dorian the papers for a Pennsylvania divorce, but she doesn't know if she's signed them yet. It doesn't matter now that Todd has his San Domenico divorce. Does Téa have an answer to his proposal? She'll discuss it with him in a few minutes when she gets there.

Is there anything else I need to do before I can get married, Todd asks Téa. You need to find a wife, Téa replies. Thinking that she's refusing to marry him, Todd gets angry and starts yelling at her that he thought they settled this. She can't be demanding more money, he already promised her five million dollars. That's not the guarantee she wants, Téa says calmly, despite Todd's anger.

This is about more than money, Téa says, this is about her life. She's confident that Starr is safe with Todd, but she's not so sure about her own safety. Téa wants to propose some terms to the agreement. If he doesn't agree, they'll call the whole thing off, but she promises to still help him in the custody suit. What is it that she wants, time off every other Sunday, Todd asks. Don't treat me as a servant, even as a joke, Téa demands. Todd agrees to respect her at home and in public, but draws the line at respecting her friends. Alright, then at least he won't alienate them, Téa compromises. She's free to come and go as she pleases, Téa continues, and she'll be allowed to have her friends over. Anything else? Téa wants a guarantee for her "physical safety", she's sure he can understand. No he can't understand, could she spell it out for him, he leans over her from his higher position on the stairs.

Téa has looked up past newspaper articles about him at the library and they were..."disturbing." They both have a lot at stake and Téa thinks they should discuss some "incentives." To ensure my good behavior, Todd asks. If you attempt to abuse me in any way, the deal is off, but I still get the 5 million dollars plus an additional million as penalty, Téa tells him. Todd asks her to define abuse. "Any attempt to use shame or intimidation to try to control me. Emotional abuse, using words to hurt me deliberately, yelling, cursing. Physical abuse, from jabbing an angry finger in my face, hitting, slapping, shaking, anything that hurts, including rape." "Don't worry, you're not my type", Todd replies. "Rape isn't about sexual attraction, it's about violence, and if you can't understand that, we have nothing more to discuss." Don't worry, Todd tells her simply. Téa suggests they draw up a contract. Not yet, Todd has a condition of his own.

Todd wants Téa to be a mother and role model to Starr. Téa's smart, gutsy and independent, Todd compliments, and she's a survivor. What he needs is someone to take Blair's place. Téa doesn't have much practice with mother-daughter stuff, her mother left her when she was 7, Téa reveals. As much as she likes Starr, she's not Blair and she really doesn't have any parenting skills. Todd thinks that as long as Téa tries to do her best, she'll be just fine. Téa promises to do her best to be the best mother she can be to Starr. OK, everything's settled, Todd declares. This has all the romance of a stock merger, Téa complains. Todd turns on some music (the theme from Romeo and Juliet, I think) and dims the lights. Téa Delgado, will you marry me, he asks, pronoucing her first name wrong. It's Téa, she corrects him, and says yes. Todd immediately turns off the music and turns up the lights. "So, how soon can we start", he asks. If they get the liscence and blood tests done today, they should be able to get married in City Hall tomorrow. There's one more thing, Todd says, handing her a ring box.

Téa opens the box, looks at the ring and says "Oh my God." Ever-practical, her next question is does this ring come out of her five million. No, it doesn't. Téa tries on the ring and it fits perfectly. They shake hands to seal the deal.

R.J., Rachel and Gabriel

R.J. is looking at a faxed picture of Andy that McNaughten sent him when Gabriel arrives with good news. Blue Jay Music is interested in making a deal with R.J., they're coming to check out the club and R.J. the day after tomorrow. R.J. is excited to hear this, the music business is going to be his life. Gabriel wonders if there's anything from R.J.'s past that might cause problems for him. "Now that you mention it", says R.J., pulling out the faxed picture of Andy.

R.J. shows the picture to Gabriel. He can't decide what to do. If he identifies Andy, McNaughton will kill her. If he doesn't say anything, he might be in trouble himself from Hank if Andy connects him with McNaughton. He met with McNaughton to tell him that he's had to be so squeeky clean with the cops watching him, that he hasn't had anything to "launder" recently. That must be how Andy made the connection between the two of them. "What do I do?", R.J. ponders.

R.J. decides to buy himself some time. He calls McNaughton and claims that the picture's too fuzzy to identify her for sure. R.J. will check into it and get back to him. Rachel comes in and R.J. quickly ends the conversation. Gabriel apologizes for introducing Rachel to Track. Rachel tells him it's OK, she's over Track. She's surprised to hear that Camilla forgave Track and the wedding is back on. "If somebody tries to sell me a bill of goods, they're out of my life forever, no second chances", Rachel declares, "if there's one thing I don't forgive, it's dishonesty." R.J. looks unconfortable for a minute, then changes the subject to Rachel's news. She's very close to signing a hot performer for the jazz festival.

R.J. thinks if they get this performer to agree, it will impress the people at Blue Jay, who are interested in a deal. It looks good, but R.J. doesn't want Rachel to be disappointed if it all falls through. Rachel, however, is confident they are on their way and she can't wait to show all the people in this town that doubted R.J. Remember when Andy came to the club pretending to be there to listen to the music and she was really just snooping around, Rachel says.

Asa, Renee, Mel, Dorian, Marty and Patrick

Asa is having a drink at the Palace Hotel and moaning to Renee about losing "his" warehouse to Maggie. Renee reminds him it was Dorian's warehouse and tells him he doesn't need that waterfront development he was planning. Renee spots Mel and goes over to speak to him. Something must be terribly wrong, she decides, he's not drinking martinis. After Renee sits down, Mel explains, I drink only gin and tonics during the summer. He also tells her he plans to be using his hotel room much more frequently. He then turns the topic to Renee. Was she married before she was married to Asa? Renee was married once before, and then she used to run the "Palamino Ranch", she reveals. Mel has heard of it, it catered to politicians, movie stars and rich tycoons. Her girls never "accomodated" Mel, she would remember, she tells him. That explains Renee's understanding of men's more self-destructive habits. But sometimes it's hard to just sit back and watch, Renee says, looking at Asa across the room.

Dorian arrives and wants to talk to Mel, could Renee please leave them alone. Renee leaves to get Mel another gin and tonic and Dorian sits down. A real home implies permanence, which is something he abhors, Dorian begins. That's why he works for a newspaper, the news changes every hour, every minute. He rushes off from one assignment to the next. That's why he couldn't write his novel, it was doing the same thing day after day. This isn't a wise approach, Mel warns her. Well, she's not wise, or careful, or tactful, Dorian replies. She's like the news, a constant surprise, and that's why you don't really want to walk out on me, she tells him with a smile. The topic changes and she tells Mel that the private detective finally found Todd and Starr, now that they are back in town. Never one to give up, Dorian starts in again, "you need a home." You sold the warehouse, Mel replies. It wasn't done to control him, Dorian insists. In fact, she'll help him find his own place. Thanks, but no thanks, Mel will find his own place. He managed fine before he met Dorian and he will not let her have control over it now. "When you sober up and realize how much you miss me, you know where to find me", Dorian says. "Well then, I'd better keep drinking", is Mel's reply. "That was an unnecessarily cruel thing to say", Dorian tells him and leaves.

Patrick and Marty enter and ask if Mel would like some company. Mel agrees, as long as they don't comment on his behavior(his drinking). Marty brings up the fact that she's an alcoholic and starts to lecture, but for once stops herself. Mel decides they need a neutral topic of discussion, "Intimacy as a weapon in the war between the sexes" is his choice. Patrick laughs and wonders why he would want to talk about that. Patrick and Marty both have their own places, Mel points out, he wishes that Dorian would see the sense in that arrangement. Marty has a suggestion, why doesn't Mel move into Patrick's garret after they are married and he moved in with her. Patrick is not pleased by that suggestion, where will he write? Marty then also takes offense and wonders how much space he'll need, separate checkbooks, separate vacations? Mel apologizes for starting this and offers Patrick a gin and tonic.

Marty and Patrick continue to argue briefly, but are interrupted by her beeper going off, she has to go to the hospital. Patrick apologizes, he's sure they can work this out. They sort of make up and Marty leaves. Patrick and Mel sit back down, Mel wants to fill Patrick in on the Armitage case, but he's afraid the news isn't very good. They don't have enough to arrest Todd. Even the money that Todd paid Keneally can be explained as Todd paying for information on a story, there's no way to directly connect it with the bombing. Bo's going to keep the case open, but he thinks it's a dead end. Their only chance is to rattle Todd's cage enough to make him show his hand. Patrick doesn't know what else he can do, he practically strangled Todd the other day. Fear doesn't press Todd's buttons, Mel explains, it's Todd's hatred of Patrick that does that. Mel decides they need to go outside and they take a thermos of gin and tonic with them.

Dorian comes back to the Palace Hotel dining room and asks Renee where Mel is. Renee explains that Mel and Patrick went to take a walk with some gin. Out on the docks by the Llantano River, Mel and Patrick are enjoying the gin and singing Irish pirate songs in Gaelic. They run out of gin and stop to enjoy the view. Through blurry eyes, Mel takes a look at a nearby houseboat.

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