OLTL Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on One Life to Live
Kelly caused a car accident, which in turn caused Blair to lose her baby and Starr's blood marrow donor. Marty tried to comfort Patrick. Rachel decided to work for R.J. Kevin and Cassie made love. Alex was a match for Starr.
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Monday, April 28, 1997

Alex and the parrot

Out of prison, Alex calls Todd's penthouse and the parrot says hello. Alex comments how horrible Todd sounds, but she keeps on talking. She's in a "dive", but she thanks Todd for hiring Téa, who has gotten her out of jail. Alex did have herself tested as a possible donor for Starr, it was the least she could do. She does have one more favor to ask of Todd, she needs $50,000 to hold her over until she is re-elected. The parrot makes a sound which Alex takes to mean no, so she lowers the amount to $40,000.

Kelly, Cassie and Andrew

Kelly doesn't like Cassie's advice that she should just let Joey go. How could Cassie possibly know how Kelly is feeling anyway, she's married to a minister. What does that mean, that my life is easy, Cassie asks, that it's safe and certain. No, that's not what Kelly meant, but Cassie is in a different place than she is. Kelly's nuts in love with Joey, she can't go five minutes without thinking about him, she remembers how he held her and kissed her. "And you don't think I ever feel that?", Cassie says, obviously thinking of Kevin. Cassie's already got her man, Kelly claims, she doesn't know what it's like for the person she loves to wake up one morning and never want to see her again. Kelly shows Cassie Joey's letter and Cassie reads some of it out loud. Cassie comments that the letter could have been written by Kevin. It has all of the Buchanan arrogance, the selfishness, you can't miss it, Cassie rants. "He wants what he want, when he wants it" and to hell with what it does to anyone else's life. Andrew appears in the doorway as Cassie says this.

Andrew finishes reading the letter and feels that Joey acted honorably and appropriately, he tried to let Kelly down as easily as possible. Kelly doesn't agree that a sleazy take-a-hike note is honorable and appropriate and neither does Cassie. It's too easy to blame just one person for the failure of a relationship, Andrew tells her, Joey did ask her to come to Paris many times and she refused to go. She had to stay in Llanview, Blair and Starr needed her, she had to put her family before her trip, Kelly defends herself. Kelly and Joey chose to be apart, Andrew insists, it's understandable that they ended up broken up. Forget about Joey, he recommends, and get on with your life here in Llanview. Kelly, not thrilled with Andrew's advice, gets even more upset and storms out. Andrew turns on Cassie and wants to know why she agreed with Kelly that the breakup was all Joey's fault. Cassie tries to leave and follow Kelly and see how she's doing. Andrew thinks the question they need to answer once and for all is how the two of them are doing.

It's raining and Kelly is driving her car, crying hard. She puts in the tape of her and Joey's song and remembers the time they were in Paris and jumped into the fountain.

Back at the rectory, Cassie doesn't have anything to say, she didn't know she was being interviewed. She's not, Andrew's trying to attempt an honest conversation, does she remember what that is, he asks. Why is he so angry, it has to do with Kevin and the fact that Cassie thinks about him all the time. "You're in love with him", Andrew accuses. Cassie denies it, but Andrew doesn't believe her. He noticed how preoccupied Cassie was with Kevin and Téa up at the Mountain Sunset Inn, and how upset she was about the young women in Statesville whose boyfriend stabbed her steady, but dull, husband. That's crazy, Cassie claims. That wasn't her staring at Kevin and Téa at Rodi's and again at them dancing at Bo's birthday party, asks Andrew, "Be honest with me, at least I deserve that." Andrew knows that all of her anger at Joey a little while ago really had nothing to do with Joey, it was all about her attraction to Kevin. Andrew's tried to be patient and give her space, but enough is enough, "do you want to be in this marriage, or is it over?"

I love you, Cassie tells Andrew, I would never walk out on this marriage. Probably not physically, Andrew agrees, but she's been gone emotionally for quite some time now. He tried to put some fun back in their relationship with that night at Logan's, but it wasn't enough to keep Kevin away and he's totally empty now. How can Andrew be empty, Cassie wants to know, he's the one person people always come to for help. He's watched her be attracted to Kevin for a long time now and he's run out of ways to win Cassie back. You can't give up on me, Cassie insists and asks him for another chance to work things out. Andrew asks her to be honest with him, if Kevin were to call right now, tell her he broke it off with Téa and ask her to go with him, she would go, wouldn't she? Cassie doesn't say anything, but she can't look at him either. Not that it matters, but he loves her more than she'll ever know, Andrew tells her. Andrew turns to go up to bed and Cassie sinks down on the arm of the sofa and cries. Andrew turns and calls her name, but she either doesn't hear or doesn't respond. After he's gone, she turns and calls his name, but it's too late. She grabs her coat and runs out of the house.

Soaking wet, Cassie arrives at the Llanfair gatehouse and pounds on the door. Kevin comes downstairs putting on a shirt and is shocked when he sees Cassie outside the door. He flings open the door and the two of them stand there, just staring at each other.

Marty, Patrick, Blair, Todd and Viki

In the hallway of the hospital, Marty is yelling at Patrick to give them permission for the premature delivery and get the birth of the baby over with already. Marty has explained there is very little risk and she has tried to be supportive, but still Patrick keeps obsessing over it. Marty sees this baby as a threat to their relationship, it has become the center of Patrick's universe, this baby that no one even wanted. Viki steps off the elevator and stands quietly and listens. Patrick wants to wait to perform the procedure until the last possible second. They are out of time, Blair tells him and asks Todd to tell the doctors to get Starr ready for the bone marrow transplant. Blair rushes to the elevator, saying that she is going home to get some of Starr's favorite toys. Patrick misses the elevator, but says "I'll take care of this", and rushes down the stairs after her and catches up with Blair in the parking garage. Patrick convinces Blair to let him drive, she's too upset.

Todd chastises Marty for her unprofessional behavior about the baby. She's a doctor, she's supposed to be impartial and after her outburst, Todd doesn't want her on Starr's case anymore. Todd goes in to see Starr and Marty comments that you know things are bad when Todd says something about you and it's true. Viki tells her it's completely understandable that she exploded, she's been bottling up her anxiety about the baby for months. When Viki first met Marty she was a very frightened little girl. She was drunk half the time and had a very sad look in her eyes, but she had a watchful look too. She was looking for her Prince Charming to come along and save her and give her love. When she found Patrick, it was like all her dreams came true, but real life is not a fairy tale, Viki reminds her. Real life is complicated, love is complicated, but the great thing about love is there is always more to give to one more person. Patrick will love the baby when it is born, but Viki has the feeling that Marty will grow to love the baby, too. And if Blair doesn't get back together with Todd, she'll eventually find someone else and won't be as dependent on Patrick and will leave them in peace. It's not a fairy tale ending, but in this life, that's not half bad, says Viki. Marty leaves to go apologize to Patrick and Blair.

Down in the garage, Blair tries to make it clear to Patrick yet again that she would never have consented to the induced labor if she thought there would be any risk at all to the baby. Patrick realizes that now. Took you long enough, says Blair. I'm Irish and stubborn, Patrick admits and tells her to put on her seatbelt. Blair insists that the belt will be too tight, it cuts into her and the baby hates it. Put it on anyway, says Patrick, but Blair finally convinces him she'll be fine without it. Patrick starts the car.

In Blair's car, she and Patrick are talking about the baby. He's worried that they haven't bought anything for the baby yet, not even a crib. Blair tells him not to worry about it, Todd bought so many things for Starr... No, Patrick says, his child isn't going to start his life with hand-me-downs, especially from Todd Manning. Blair suggests a compromise, Patrick can set up whatever he wants at his place for the times that the baby is there and Blair will use what she already has. Patrick agrees. Now they have to pick a name, and Patrick suggests Brenden. Blair considers it.

Back at the hospital, Todd is reminiscing with Starr about the fun they had in Logan's toy department. Todd promises Starr that she will have fun again soon. Todd tells Starr to think about how many people want her to get well and how hard Todd is pulling for her and how much he loves her. Todd joins Viki out in the hallway. Viki thinks he has a real natural talent for parenting, but Todd denies it. Viki knows he likes to promote the idea that he will never change, but he almost did once, when he almost died in Ireland. He came back to Blair a different person until he saw her with Patrick. His wounds may heal again when he least expects it. Todd always thought things go from dark to darker. But the baby Blair and Patrick made will be able to save Starr. Todd now sees that no matter how bad things are, something good can come out of it. "Even for Todd", Viki adds. Blair and Patrick's baby is not only just a good thing, in this case, it's a miracle.

In the car, Blair is rubbing her stomach and talking to the baby. Once Starr is better, she promises to pay much more attention to the baby than she has been and to spoil him rotten. Patrick starts teaching Blair and the baby to sing the Irish National Anthem. In her car, Kelly is still crying hard. She hits the gas and bends over to turn the radio up. In that instant, she swerves into the other lane, right in front of Patrick's car. Patrick beeps the horn and Blair reaches to put her seatbelt on, but it's too late. Patrick reaches out and puts a hand in front of her as he swerves out of the way.

Sitting in her stopped car, Kelly is leaning on the steering wheel and sobbing. Using her cel phone, she calls in the accident to 911, saying that was passing by and saw it. She then drives away without even getting out of the car. Blair's car looks like it hit a tree and the windshield is completely gone. Patrick seems OK, but he can't get Blair to wake up. Unable to get out his door, he climbs through the empty windshield and tries to open Blair's door. He flags down a passing car, which just happens to be Marty.

Viki and Todd are talking to the doctor about Starr's treatment. They will start her on the radition tonight, but the doctor warns that it will leave Starr even more weak and listless than before. But once the transplant is complete, Starr should begin to recover almost immediately. Viki wishes she could stay, but she has to go home.

Patrick's on the phone trying to get some help. The ambulance hasn't arrived yet and Blair is still trapped in the car. Patrick tells Marty the EMS will be there in two minutes. Marty is worried that it won't be soon enough, she can't feel a pulse.

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Tuesday, April 29, 1997

by Susan Richmond

Kevin, Cassie and Kelly

Kevin, surprised to see her, pulls a dripping wet Cassie into his arms and leads her inside. They start to kiss each other and Cassie drops her purse and gloves on the couch behind her without looking. Without saying a word, Kevin picks Cassie up and carries her up the stairs, kissing all the while.

Kevin carries Cassie into his bedroom and shuts the door. He slowly lowers her to her feet and takes off her coat. (There's a great song playing in the background "All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore") They continue to kiss. "Tell me this is real, please, tell me this is not a dream", Kevin begs, "because I've been wanting this and hoping for this." He takes her shirt off and they continue kissing and caressing each other. The scene cuts to Kevin and Cassie in bed under the covers...(use your imagination here)...After making love, they curl up together.

Lying in bed together, Kevin strokes Cassie's hair and Cassie runs her hand over his chest. Kevin comments he's feels like he was caught in a wave and is just coming up for air. "What just happened here?", he asks. Cassie didn't want to be alone, and she needed him. Kevin tells her she's very brave, what did Andrew say when she told him? Andrew doesn't know, he doesn't have any idea that she's with Kevin, Cassie replies. Kevin is very upset when he hears this, "then what are you doing here!", he demands. He thought the reason Cassie was there was that she left her husband for good. Is she just going to go back to Andrew now like nothing happened? He thought that they were finally going to be able to say they love each other, but Cassie obviously thought Kevin was available for some "rainy night recreation." Cassie strongly denies it and promises to make everything all right. Andrew knows that she has been just going through the motions of their marriage for months and he called her on it tonight. Andrew knows Kevin is always in her mind and in her heart. After their fight, there was only one person she wanted to be with, one place she wanted to be, so she just grabbed her coat and came over. "This is not good, this is a mess", he tells her. Just then, they hear a noise downstairs, it's Kelly coming home. She's sopping wet and trying to tell herself to stop crying. Maybe it was all just her imagination, she unsucessfully tries to convince herself.

Cassie, frantically getting dressed, begs Kevin to help her, she can't let Kelly find her here. Kevin sarcastically suggests lowering her out the window on bedsheets. Cassie asks Kevin for some understanding, she knows he's disappointed in her, but she promises to work things out. I'm sorry, she says again, hugging him. Kevin tells her he loves her and they kiss. He starts to leave, then comes back for one last kiss before going downstairs. At the rectory, Andrew enters the living room. Seeing that Cassie isn't there, he sits down on the couch, hugging a pillow.

Back at the gatehouse, Cassie makes a dash for the door as Kevin distracts Kelly in the kitchen. She makes a clean getaway, except for a glove, which drops on the floor. Kevin tries to cheer Kelly up with some ice cream, but she is practically hysterical. Kevin notices the glove on the floor and quickly stuffs it by the leg of the couch. "It's terrible", Kelly keeps saying over and over. Kevin helps her sit down on the couch and gently asks her what is wrong. "I didn't mean it", says Kelly and seems about to tell Kevin about the accident, but she doesn't. What she meant to say was she didn't mean to lose it like this over the fact that Joey dumped her. She'll be fine, she assures Kevin and goes upstairs.

At the rectory, Cassie goes in quietly, only to find Andrew waiting for her in the living room. Where have you been he asks. She claims she went for a walk and he tells her not to lie to him. Cassie insists that she went for a long walk, she had a lot on her mind. She really doesn't want to discuss it right now, she doesn't want to say the wrong thing. She's going to go up and take a shower and go to bed she tells him and then goes upstairs, leaving him standing in the living room.

R.J. and Rachel

R.J. is listening to a saxophone player perform for him when Rachel walks into Club Indigo. The sax player, Jamal Pepper, is only 18 years old, but he is already very good. Rachel's very impressed with his playing and thinks it's a shame that no one else has ever heard of him before. R.J. plans to start his own record company, Indigo Records, and use the club to audition new acts. R.J. promises to call Gabriel, who recommended Jamal, to set up plans for the future for Jamal. Jamal plays another song for them before leaving. On the phone, R.J. convinces his friend Gabriel to come to town and teach him everything there is to know about the record business. Rachel decides to become R.J.'s personal assistant for the record company and no, she doesn't care what her parents say.

Blair, Patrick, Marty, and Todd

At the accident scene, Patrick begs an unconscious Blair to hang on as the ambulance finally arrives. Patrick and Marty are held back away from the car as the emergency crew tries to pry the door open. In the next scene, Blair is on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on. Because they have no equipment on the scene to monitor the baby, Marty urges them to get to the ER as soon as possible. Patrick shows a police officer his liscence and explains what happened, he swerved to avoid a car which had drifted across the median. Patrick really can't describe the car, it had two sets of lights, headlights and foglights. He also thinks it was a light color, beige or gold, but he's not sure. Down the road, Kelly has stopped at a rest stop. What did she do, she wonders aloud, crying. "Oh God, help me", she cries. Back at the accident site, the police officer learns from Patrick that Blair wasn't wearing a seatbelt and comments that there wasn't a passenger side airbag either. Patrick starts to blame himself for Blair getting hurt, but Marty tells him not to go there. An officer tells them they are ready to transport his wife to the hospital. She's not my wife, she's just a friend, Patrick replies testily.

At the hospital, Todd watches as Starr begins her first chemotherapy treatment to destroy her own immune system. They are basically poisoning her to get her body prepared for the transplant, which makes Todd very upset. Todd goes to take Starr her toy bunny, but Dr. Sands stops him and explains that from now on, it's very important that everything be sterlized before it can go near Starr. Keep your focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, Dr. Sands suggests. These treatments will end in a few days and Starr will be just fine after she gets the transplant. Dr. Sands has to leave and Todd tells Starr through the window that he hopes she understands that she has to go through this to get better and that if Todd could take this pain for her, he would gladly do it. "Hang in there Shorty", he tells her. Todd is standing outside Starr's room looking in at her when Marty arrives. Todd needs to come with her, there's been an accident.

Down in the emergency room, Todd arrives and demands to know what is wrong, what did Patrick do to Blair? Patrick tells Todd about the accident. Dr. Sands comes to give them a report, the news isn't good. Blair is in surgery, she has a broken hip, pelvis, vertebra and fractures to both of her legs, but she should pull through. Todd is relieved, but doesn't understand, when Dr. Sands arrived, she said it was bad news. The baby died on impact and the umbilical blood was compromised, it's no longer possible to do the bone marrow transplant.

What about Starr? They are pumping her full of toxic chemicals and now there is no donor, Todd asks. Dr. Sands that they will be giving Starr a growth factor to counteract the chemotherapy she's been given. The growth factor should help build Starr's immune system back up while they look for another donor. Dr. Sands leaves to go see to Starr and Todd turns on Patrick. He accuses Patrick of purposly running into the tree and killing his baby to save his relationship with Marty. Patrick left saying "I will take care of this", and he did, by killing the baby, rants Todd.

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Wednesday, April 30, 1997
by Laura Simurda

Bo and Nora's House- Bo, Nora and Rachel

Bo wakes up to find Nora with her back against the side of the bed. He can't figure out what she is doing. She explains she is hot, can't sleep, thought she would do yoga and got stuck in a position. Bo laughs as she shows him a book and he tells her that she should take it slower. She is doing the advanced exercises. Nora says she doesn't have time for gradual. She is seeking true serenity. She is still trying to understand how to breath in and out of one nostril. Bo decides to humor her and leans over the side of the bed holding her legs up in the air as she stands on her head with a pillow underneath. While they are in this awkward position, Rachel walks in, saying she saw the light on. Embarassed and confused as to just what is going on, she says "oh my God" and hurries out the door, muttering that she has to find a place of her own. Nora calls through the shut door that it is not what it looks like and then lets her in the room. Bo asks Rachel "hows trick?" and Rachels answers funny, but that is what she was about to ask them.

Nora tells her about her sleeplessness and Rachel suggests restful tapes of the sea or birds singing. She neatly segues to the subject of music and the company R.J. is starting. Nora diplomatically states it is a good idea for R.J. to venture into a legit business. But when Rachel springs on her that she wants to work with R.J. on this, Nora loses it and says emphatically "NO!." She reminds her that R.J. was only recently implicated in Carlo's murder. Which he was completely cleared of, Rachel says. And as for her drug addiction, R.J. was against drugs, it was Javier who fed her habit. Bo says the force is watching Club Indigo and that the music business can be dirty too. Rachel replies she is in this for the love of it and not the drugs. It is the first thing that got her excited since her recovery, she sobs. Nora asks if Hank knows. No, they are the first parents she told. Then she must have wanted Bo and Nora to join in strongarming her father into agreement. Rachel is not interested in their approval. She is over 21 and will do as she wants and if they don't like it, tough. She leaves in a huff. Nora is exasperated. Bo jokes and imitates the one nostril breathing they spoke about earlier.

Llanview Hospital-Todd, Patrick, Marty, Dorian, Kelly, Cassie

Todd is certain that Patrick caused the car accident deliberately. How convenient! Didn't Patrick say he would take care of it to Marty? Get rid of a baby who was a stone around his neck and nearly kill Blair. All for his precious Marty! If Starr dies, Todd will take his miserable life too. Patrick jumps at Todd and a fisticuffs arrives. Todd connects with a right cross and Patrick bear hugs him and rams him against the wall. Dorian arrives and she and Marty call on some orderlies to break it up. Dorian asks if Todd doesn't have enough to worry about. He replies she is right. He is going to see his daughter who is pumped up with toxic drugs for a procedure that is not going to happen. Marty fills Dorian in on the accident and how the placenta was separated and the cord deprived of oxygen. Once the baby died, so did hopes of a bone marrow transplant for Starr. Blair is in the Operating Room. She has a lot of internal injuries. Dorian goes off to call Cassie and Kelly. Patrick comes back from nursing his wounds, a tissue in his hand, dabbing at his bloodied mouth. He tells Marty he is going to see Blair ...alone.

Starr's doctor talks to Todd as Marty looks on. Todd is worried because they have stopped the seratoxin treatment and if a donor appears, she will not be ready. He believes his child will die one way or another. The doctor says that is not what she is saying. They are stabilizing Starr's immune system with the growth factor and they are waiting for a donor, pursuing the only option open to them. She leaves Todd with Marty. His reaction is to toss a stand acroos the corridor towards the nursing station. Marty tells him to be hopeful. Todd wants her to stay away from him. She and her imported wordsmith. He knows she is getting back at him for the rape. Congratulations, Marty, he says, you picked a fantastic way to do it.

Gatehouse-Téa, Kevin and Kelly

Téa arrives at the Gatehouse and tells Kevin she needs to get her own place. She can't stay with the Vega's tonight, so she went to Rodi's and met up with Drew, who told her Kevin was alone. She heard Kelly went out. Kevin says that actually, Kelly is home up in her room. Téa is beginning to think he wants to get rid of her. No, Kelly is in bad shape. The reason Téa has come over is that she has good news and a bottle of champagne for a celebration. Her day in court was a success. She got Alex out on bail. Kevin is not thrilled about "this model citizen" taking a walk and he is so whipped he is not in the mood to celebrate. Kelly bounds down the stairs and informs them about the accident. Looks like Kelly's night just got worse, Téa says. She tries to tempt Kevin with the bubbly and her, but he repeats he is not in the mood. She feels rejected and that mabe she should have called first and not shown up unannouced. Just a rough evening, that's all, Kevin says. Téa sees Cassie's glove on the floor. Kevin says it's Kelly's but Téa remarks it is not Kelly's style and leaves.

Back at Bo and Nora's

Nora is upset that Rachel deliberately provoked them and then left, ignoring everything they had to say. Bo says it is a good daughter's job to infuriate her Mom. Not funny to Nora, but Bo says that the intensity of Nora's reaction really is funny. Nora can't discourage Rachel by going for the bait. Fact is Rachel and R.J. are close and being the beautiful, determined brilliant girl she is, if they fight her she will dig in her heels more. He and Nora need to muster all the cunning, guile and deception they can. They can handle it togther. Sure, Nora replies, they can do that. She smiles and they trade high fives. But later, Nora is still plagued by sleeplessness. She loves her daughter and the person she is. She feels useless in this situation. Bo says Rachel is an adult and Nora, being a good parent, is missing mothering her. Rachel knows Nora cares and they will get through this. Nora says he is smart about parenting. Bo replies that he has his moments but he is no shining example with Drew. They discuss the pregnancy test and Nora wonders what there reaction would have been if it had been positive. Bo says she should stop torturing herself with conjectures. They are just what if-ing and won't know unless it happened. He asks about the other tests the doctor took and Nora says she has not gotten the results back yet, but may learn tommorrow.

Back at the Hospital

Kelly and Cassie show up and Dorian talks about the accident. Cassie wants to know if they found the person who drove across the median. Dorian says it must be some drunken maniac. Kelly asks where the accident occurred and the location - Route 9- is the same as the place she was driving earlier that evening, but she says nothing. Instead, after she hears that Blair is still in surgery, but will pull through, she asks if Dorian thinks if the driver had stopped, it would have helped Blair. Dorian doesn't think so because the baby died on impact. Cassie sobs and Kelly looks sick and sinks into a seat as her aunt says who ever did this is a murderer. Dorian notices how ashen her niece looks and offers her water. She also wonders where Andrew is. With River, her daughter replies. He doesn't know about the accident. She didn't want to disturb him. Dorian realizes that Andrew must be sleeping in River's room and remarks about the couple sleeping apart.

Todd comes back and says that the operation is over and Blair is headed for the recovery room. They did the best they could to patch up his wife. She has a broken hip, a broken pelvis, smahed up legs, all kinds of internal injuries. Specifically what internal injuries, Dorian asks. Todd reminds her she's a doctor, not him, all he knows is that Blair sustained neurological damage. He has to look in on her and Starr too. He gets to chose which life or death crises to look in on first. Dorian asks Cassie to take the obviously exhausted (really guilty) Kelly home. Cassie asks Dorian to call her on her cellular phone so River will not be disturbed. Dorian agrees and as she walks away, Kelly sighs and tells Cassie she does not want to go home yet. They both agree that they should go for a bite to eat. Kelly asks her cousin to drive and she will leave the car at the hospital and come back with together with Cassie in the morning. Cassie tells Kelly Blair will be OK.

Meanwhile, Dorian meets Todd in front of the glass windowed recovery room. He tells her he thought something good would come of this. Instead there is more life in the machines in this hospital that in Blair. The baby is dead, the chance of a transplant is dead and Blair is just this close to....Dorian says she knows Tood loves Blair and Starr as much as she does. Todd says she is presumptuous and denies what he is feeling is love for Blair. The man who did this to him, to Blair, to Starr- to all of them- will pay.

Llantano Mountain-Marty and Patrick

Marty finds Patrick on the mountain. His head is propped on a tree stump an he is staring into the dark evening sky. He asks how Blair is and Marty tells him she is out of danger. He says he was being driven mad by the sights, sounds and smells in the hospital. Marty apologizes for blowing up at him tonight. He explains that Blair and Himself were naming their son. The boy's name would have been Brendan. He never felt pain like this in his whole life. No other loss he endured ripped his soul apart like this one. But right on the edge of that rip there is a sense of relief, mostly for Marty. It's been hard on her. Patrick does not know how to live with himself, what kind of man loses his firstborn and in the midst of all this grief, feels unmistakable relief. Marty tells him not to beat himself up. This is not a relief to her. She wanted the baby to be born, not gone. She wanted a person to relate to, not an obstacle to hurdle. She couldn't take the waiting. Marty explains that she has learned some things are so huge there is no comfort. They must mourn his son's death togehter. Patrick says he can't do this without her and hopes he never has to.

Carlotta's Diner-Antonio, Téa, Kelly and Cassie

Téa makes a pitstop at the Diner where Antonio is manning the counter singlehandedly. He jokes whether she is there to be served or to serve a summons. Téa indicates she needs time to adjust to something she is taking too seriously. She changes the subject to him and his plans. He tells her about summer school, waiting for graduate school acceptances and scholarships to roll in. Cassie and Kelly walk in and they almost walk out, but for Antonio personally ushering them to a table. It is not lost on him that Téa had a reaction when she saw Cassie. He likes Cassie, he tells Téa. She looks up and says "oh, please"

Cassie and Téa trade looks. Téa says Antonio knows spit when he figures her foul mood has to do with Kevin. Téa watches as Casssie twirls around with one glove and looks down at the floor for the other and not finding it, just hangs up her coat. Antonio warns Téa to keep it quiet, simple and keep the property damage and blood down to a minimum. She says she never make promises she doesn't keep. She walks over to Cassie. She tells her she noticed she lost a glove. She should look for it at Kevin's. Téa was over there earlier and maybe Cassie should ask him "what we did earlier."

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Thursday, May 1, 1997
by Kathy Esch

The Palace Hotel-Hank, Nora and Rachel

Hank and Nora are having breakfast, she tells him about Rachel's plans to work with R.J. to start his music business. Of course Hank isn't happy about it. He says he is afraid Rachel will get into trouble again, but Nora tells him it will all work out. When Rachel arrives, Hank tells her a lot of people try hard in the music business, and he's sure she will be one of them. He says there will be all kinds of people around, but she will be able to handle it. Rachel tells him about the fight she had with Nora. She tells him that was better than Hank trying to manipulate her. She says he doesn't trust her. Hank says it is R.J. that he doesn't trust. Rachel says nothing can be as bad as her life on the streets. She says she needs a new kind of life for herself, and the music business is just what she needs. She says she'll make him proud.

THE HOSPITAL-Dorian, Mel, Todd, Blair, Patrick, Marty, Kelly

Mel walks in to find Dorian in the waiting room. He tells her that she should have woken him last night to tell him what happened. She says she tried. He asks how Blair is doing. She tells him that Blair is out of surgery. She says the doctors say she will be able to recover after a while. She tells him that Blair has a broken hip, pelvis, ribs and vertebrae. She tells him that Blair still doesn't know that her baby is dead. Mel asks how Starr will do now that her donor has fallen through. Dorian tells him that things don't look good. Mel gives Dorian his mother's rosary to help her feel better. Dorian tells Mel that this is all Marty's fault, because she upset Blair and Patrick, which caused them to leave the hospital in the first place. Kelly walks in and Dorian gives her the update. She asks if they have any news of the driver. Mel and Dorian both say they think the other driver should suffer for this. Kelly tells Dorian about Joey breaking up with her. She says that one day she will get over him and find someone better, like she has found Mel. Kelly says that she doesn't like Mel, because he scares her. Dorian says that Mel is intimidating, and that Kelly will learn to like him.

Patrick goes into Blair's room and is talking to her about the baby dying, and the funeral they held this morning. Blair is unconscious while he is talking to her. Patrick says they will pick out a tombstone for him when she is better. He says that the angels were waiting for Brendan in heaven, and he will be OK. He goes into the hall to talk to Marty. He tells her that he wanted to give Brendan a proper burial. She says she wished she had been there, and that she feels responsible. She asks him to show her the grave. He agrees. They are heading out when they run into Andy, she has some questions about the accident. She apologizes for having to bother him at such a difficult time. Patrick doesn't remember anything except the color of the car. He says it was white, with floodlights. Andy says that will be helpful, along with the tire tracks they found. Dorian and Kelly walk over, and Dorian says it isn't much to go on. Kelly looks very pale and nervous. Kelly goes home. On her way out, Andy says maybe Kelly will feel better after they find the driver of the car. Kelly asks what will happen to the driver. Andy says the driver will end up in jail.

Patrick and Marty go to the cemetery to look at the gravesite. He tells her that he met a little boy at the funeral, and he reminded him of himself as a boy. He says he wishes Brendan could grow up, too.

Todd and Viki are talking about the donor situation. Todd is impatient to find something out. Viki says she is so sorry about everything. Todd tells Viki he thinks it is all Patrick's fault. He bursts into the office where the doctor is on the phone. He takes the phone from her and asks if there is a match yet. There isn't, he hangs up. Starr's doctor tells him they have 4 possibilities for a match and she will tell him as soon as they know anything.

Starr has a donor! Dorian wants to know who the donor is, but the doctor won't tell them. It is procedure not to tell whom the donor is until a year has past. She says that they do psychological screening to make sure the donor does not try to seek out the recipient of the transplant. As she says this, Alex comes and says " How's my little Angel?" Alex found out that she is Starr's donor through a medical student. Alex asks how she can ever thank Todd for the chance to save his little girl's life.

THE BANNER-Mel and Kevin

Mel arrives for work, and Kevin greets him. He shows him to his desk. Cassie comes in, Kevin asks about Blair. He then introduces her to Mel. Kevin tells her he's not alone, and says he couldn't stop thinking about her after she left. He asks how she resolved things with Andrew, and she tells him she didn't have time to talk to him yet. Kevin says there will never be a good time to tell Andrew that she is leaving him. He says he will stay with her if she does leave him, and that he can't stand the thought of sharing her with anyone now. Mel is upset that he can't smoke inside the building. He goes out for a smoke. Kevin asks Cassie what last night meant. She tells him that she knows Téa was there after she left. She asks if he wants both of them, he says no. He tells her he wouldn't lie to her and that Téa was there last night, but he sent her away. He says he wants her to decide what she wants. She says she knows she gave up Andrew a long time ago. After last night she can't give Kevin up. He says they should go somewhere where they can be alone. She says it will be really hard to tell Andrew the truth.

Viki walks into her office to find it filled with smoke, and Mel sitting at her desk. He apologizes for the smoke. Viki tells him he isn't aloud to smoke anywhere in the building. He tells her he is writing a story about Patrick and Todd, and about how the fates have brought them together. Mel leaves after thanking her for the "involuntary hospitality."

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Friday, May 2, 1997
by Susan Richmond

Alex, Todd, Dorian and Blair

Alex is thrilled that she will be Starr's donor, but Todd and Dorian aren't as overjoyed. "You'd think I just shot someone", Alex complains. "Again", adds Todd sarcastically. Todd doesn't really care who the donation comes from, just so long as there is a match for Starr. Alex blabbers on about Starr having her good bloodline, beauty, intelligence, etc. Now we know why they keep donors anonymous, Dorian mutters to herself.

Dr. Sands comes back to tell them that they've resumed chemotherapy. Starr will have her transplant in 4-5 days. In the meantime, they will start Alex on medication to stimulate stem cell growth. After getting the news, Todd rushes off to Blair's room to tell a still unconscious Blair that they have a donor. Blair finally comes around and says Todd's name. They have a donor for Starr, Todd repeats. Blair knows, her baby, Brendan, is Starr's donor.

Blair starts to remember that she was in Patrick's car and she didn't want to put her seatbelt on. She moves one of her hand's over her stomach and realizes the baby is gone. What happened to the baby, she demands Todd tell her. The baby's "not here", Todd says cautiously. She assumes that they did a C-section after the accident to help save Starr. The baby's OK, isn't he, Blair asks.

Todd tries to avoid her questions as long as he can, but finally admits that Brendan was killed in the accident. Blair starts sobbing hysterically. "I'm sorry", Todd says, sitting quietly by the bed.

Just as Todd reaches out to stroke Blair's hair, Dorian comes in a demands to know what is going on. He didn't do anything, Todd denies, he just told her what happened. As soon as she opens her eyes you tell her her baby's dead, how cruel can you be, Dorian rants. Dorian goes over and sits besides Blair on the bed and tries to get her to calm down.

Drew, Asa, Guy Armitage, Max, Maggie and Ian

On the terrace of the Palace Hotel, Drew is showing Asa the information he collected about the waterfront property. Most of the land is owned by small businesses struggling to hang on or vacant buildings owned by real estate trusts. Some of it is Dorian's though. Asa thought Dorian was broke. She's cash poor, Drew explains, but she still has a lot of assets. Drew thinks that he can convince Dorian to sell, he and Dorian have a mutual interest, Kelly, and they've sort of become friends. Asa agrees to let him give it a try. Asa changes the subject to the radio station WVL and tells Drew he plans to sell it today to Guy Armitage.

Inside the restaurant, Ian, Maggie and Max are having lunch together. Ian announces that he's decided to stay in Llanview a while, now that he has real family there. Ian thinks that since he's staying, he can help Max with WVL. Ian worked in a small radio station for 2 years, his father's idea of "working your way up." Ian thinks that he and Max should get control of WVL and make it a great station. Guy Armitage arrives for his meeting with Asa and stops by the table to belittle Ian. Guy then joins Asa on the terrace. Asa introduces Drew, who then quickly leaves them alone. Asa offers to sell Guy WVL for 15 million dollars. Guy tells Asa that he can't be hustled like that, he's had to work hard to get to where he is today. Guy and Asa trade "how poor was I" stories. Guy was raised in London during the war with bombs dropping down on them. Asa replies that's nothing compared to East Texas, he and his brothers all had to sleep in one bed, with a leaky roof, etc. Guy doesn't believe Asa exaggerated story and just laughs at him.

The first thing they'll need to do is buy out Asa's share of WVL. Ian has a trust fund, but it's under Guy's scrooge-like control. But Ian does have some stocks that he's sure Guy would buy rather than let Ian sell them to just anyone. Out on the terrace, Asa has decided that, to his surprise, he likes Guy. They finally agree that Guy will buy the station from Asa for 8.5 million dollars (Asa originally got it for 5 million). Guy and Asa go inside to break the news to Max that Guy has bought WVL and he's out of a job. Asa consols him with the fact that Max is now a few million dollars richer since Asa made a profit selling to Guy. That's not what I wanted, Max tells Asa, I wanted to run the station. Why did you do it, Max asks Asa. "Money", Asa replies simply and he and Guy leave. "Welcome to the wonderful world of Guy Armitage", Ian says. Even though they lost WVL, they can still work together, Maggie tries to encourage Max and Ian. They just need to find a project that will leave those "two old buzzards" in the dust. "Or bury them", Ian agrees.

Kelly, Téa and Drew

Kelly is lying on the couch at the gatehouse hugging a pillow and crying when Téa knocks on the door. Téa's looking for Kevin, but Kelly hasn't seen him. Kelly then begins asking Téa what will happen to the driver when he's caught. Since the driver didn't actually hit Patrick's car, she doesn't think that vehicular homicide for the baby will stick. Most likely the charges will be reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident.

Drew arrives home, he hasn't seen Kevin either. Téa leaves and Drew mentions that he lost Kelly in the rain last night. "You followed me?", Kelly asks, worried. Did something happen last night, Drew questions her, why was she asking Téa all those questions? "What are you, a cop", Kelly blows up at him and rushes upstairs. Later, Kelly comes back downstairs and starts babbling about Kevin and Téa's relationship to Drew like nothing ever happened. Drew asks her, "Did you cause that accident last night? Were you the one in the other car?" Kelly just looks at him and doesn't answer.

Kevin and Cassie

Kevin and Cassie arrive at Viki's mountain cabin. Cassie says "this may be a mistake", but Kevin disagrees. He needed to touch her, he says, putting his arms around her from behind and holding her. He turns her around to face him and holds her close again, he realizes how much she has at risk, but he he loves her. They start kissing, he takes her jacket off and she unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. Next, her top comes off before they move to the couch and kiss some more.

Afterwards, Cassie is sitting at one end of the couch wearing Kevin's shirt and Kevin is laying against her. Say it again please, she asks, and Kevin tells her he loves her again. He mentions that he hasn't heard her say those words to him, but she seems unwilling to say them until she tells Andrew the truth. It's all so complicated, she says. Andrew's been nothing but kind, helpful, patient, generous, and now she's going to break his heart. But she's not sorry, she tried to live without Kevin and she couldn't. She's got to tell Andrew as soon as possible, they can't go on lying. Kevin can't do this for her, but he promises to be right there for her once it's done.

Kevin and Cassie are getting dressed, Cassie feels really sick. If she keeps saying to herself 'Kevin loves me' over and over, she might be able to get through the next couple of hours. Cassie's sure that Andrew's going to take one look at her and ask her where she's been all afternoon. She's going to have to decide whether to stick the knife in his heart then, or wait. Kevin tells her the longer she waits, the harder it'll be on her. Andrew might even surprise her and take this well, Kevin suggests hopefully. She has to do this by herself, but Kevin can do one more thing for her. Kevin holds out his arms and they embrace.

Cassie arrives home at the rectory, arms loaded with groceries. As she closes the door, she drops some and Andrew comes over to help her. Andrew tells her about Alex being Starr's new donor. He's surprised she doesn't already know, he thought she was over at the hospital. Where was she all afternoon, Andrew asks. "Well, I've been all over the place. I took the winter coats to the dry cleaners, and I finished my story on the low income housing initiative and...well, and before I went to the grocery store I went up to Viki's cabin and I made love with Kevin", she tells Andrew in a calm, matter of fact voice.

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