OLTL Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on One Life to Live
Blair learned that her baby was a match for Starr. Marty felt intimidated by Patrick and Blair's connection. Ian planned revenge on Guy. Andrew and Téa fantasized about getting back at Cassie and Kevin.
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Monday, April 21, 1997

Marty, Patrick, Blair and Todd

Marty and Patrick are arguing about Blair and baby. Marty only feels secure when she's in Patrick's arms, then she thinks she can handle things. She's worried that the connection between Patrick and Blair created by the baby will end up separating her and Patrick forever. Blair finds out from Todd that the baby she is carrying is a match for Starr. It is only a gross match, more DNA testing must be done, but she is so happy, she thanks Patrick for his support. Patrick is very reluctant to give his permission for an early delivery, but finally agrees.

Téa, Kevin, Antonio and Carlotta

Téa and Kevin are at the diner having breakfast and discussing dancing at Bo's birthday party and the fun they had afterwards, when in walks Antonio and he confronts Téa on her being a lawyer for Alex, and tells her to remember where she's staying (with the Vegas)! He's questioning her about her loyalties when Carlotta walks over to the table and asks Antonio and Téa if they could ever be in the same room without fighting! Antonio tells Carlotta that Téa is representing Alex. Téa explains that Alex needs a lawyer and Carlotta assures Téa that she can still stay at the house as she's been a friend of the family's for a long time. Téa tells Kevin that she thinks she can win the case. Then she asks Kevin if he wants a roommate. Kevin says that with Drew and Kelly also in the gatehouse, it wouldn't work. But that he does plan on spending more time with her. Kevin instead offers to help her find her own apartment and visit her there a lot.

Blair, Dorian and Cassie

Blair and Dorian and Cassie are talking about Dorian's night with Mel Hayes. Dorian tells Cassie and Blair how passionate Mel is and Cassie says he can't be that good! Cassie asks Dorian if she had a one night stand, Blair asks Dorian about Ms. Little(the photographer) and Dorian tells them she landed Ms. Little and that Mel landed on top of her in a bar room floor! Dorian says she has to leave or she's going to miss Mel's interview with Viki. Cassie talks about her feelings for Kevin to Blair. She has very strong feelings for Kevin, but they haven't become lovers yet. She told Kevin find someone else, but now she's jealous of his relationship with Téa.

Viki, Clint, Dorian and Mel

Viki walks into Clint's office and ask where Mel is and Clint tells her he thought Mel was with her. Clint tells Viki that he'll call the front office to see if they know anything because he was sure the appt was for 11:00. Mel does not show up and no one can locate him, even when Dorian tries to call him at home. Viki gets madder and madder until she's so furious she wouldn't give him a job if he showed up with a brand new Pulitzer Prize in his pocket. Later, Viki goes back into her office and finds Mel there, asleep and snoring in a chair.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Andrew, Maggie and Ian

Andrew is talking on the phone to Father David about Bishop Carpenter's funeral. When Maggie comes in, Andrew welcomes her back and she tells him that she not going to the funeral or the graveside service. Andrew asks Maggie what happened down in New Orleans? Maggie tells Andrew that she and Ian are brother and sister and guess who Ian's father is? Maggie is so angry because her father wanted to keep it a secret and took it to his grave rather than telling them the truth. Ian comes in and asks Maggie if there is a problem and she says no, I just thought you might want to get to know your cousin(Andrew) better! Ian says that he's not going to tell Guy the truth because he want revenge on Guy for how unhappy Guy made his mother(Eleanor) all these years. He asks Maggie and Andrew not to tell him. When Ian gets revenge on Guy and makes him pay enough, then Ian will tell him the truth and have the last laugh! Maggie and Andrew are reluctant, keeping this a secret has already hurt so many people, but they finally agree not to say anything to Guy.

Cassie, Kevin and Téa

Cassie is snapping at Kevin and tells him to get on with his life. They argue loudly over Téa and everyone in the city room of the Banner stops what they are doing to listen. Kevin tells Cassie that the Banner is not the time or place for the argument. Cassie tells Kevin she hopes he is happy with Téa, Kevin says "the hell you are!" Later, after leaving Nora's house(see below), Téa shows up at the Banner and Cassie watches her walk by. Téa goes to Kevin's desk and asks how someone can get an advance ad on apartments for rent. Téa tells Kevin he owes her an apology about not wanting her to move in with him and that she is not leaving until she gets it. Kevin prints up a list of apartments for Téa and apologizes to her. When Téa sits on Kevin's lap, Cassie gets upset and races from the room. Téa and Kevin leave together to go apartment hunting.

Viki, Mel, Clint and Dorian

Viki goes to her office and finds Mel Hayes asleep in a chair. Viki wakes him up and asks Mel if he is ill, Mel says no, I'm just hung over! Viki asks Mel if he would like to do the interview another time. Mel says no. She asks Mel if this happens all the time, Mel told Viki it's happened more and more often recently. Viki asked him if it interfers with his work. Mel responds by saying Clint told him the job is only possible with Viki's approval. Mel asks Viki if he blew his chances, Viki comments that it his dedication that's in question. After talking with Mel for awhile, Viki decides to take a chance and hire Mel against her better judgment. She goes to Clint's office, where Dorian is waiting to hear news about what happened to Mel. Dorian is so happy when Viki reveals that she hired Mel, that she almost hugs Viki. Viki tells Dorian to pick up Mel on her way out before she changes her mind. Viki then informs Clint that Mel is his responsibility.

Nora, Rachel and Téa

Nora comes home and Rachel says you're home early. Nora tells Rachel that she doesn't need to be cross examined. Nora says she has been at the hospital waiting for Larry to examine her and he took some blood to do some tests, but Larry said she's probably just overworked and needs to get some rest. Téa shows up at Nora's and Rachel answers the door. Téa has some papers in her hand and asks Rachel to give the court papers from Antonio's court hearing to Nora. Nora says, I'm here, why don't you give them to me yourself. Téa says she was hoping just to put the papers back in Nora's box. Nora, not acting like herself, tells Téa to be careful because she's on her own now. Nora tells Téa, just because you're in Llanview and not New York, don't think you can run over the locals because Nora could eat her for lunch. Nora told Téa not to try to take over any of her cases without her permission or she would bring Téa up on charges in front of the Bar. Nora explains she must be having a bad day and goes upstairs to rest. Rachel and Téa have a discussion about Kevin and Rachel tells Téa it didn't work out for her and Kevin. Then Téa asks Rachel about Kevin and Cassie and that she wonders if Kevin always goes after women that he can't have. Rachel tells Téa that like her mom said earlier, you could eat Cassie for lunch, so you go for it girl!

Wednesday, April 23, 1997

The denizens of Llanview pack a lot of living into a weeknight. Romance, confrontation, fantasy, celebration, alliances, betrayals and secrets permeate the air as Dorian takes Mel Hayes on a not always magical mystery tour of the town's nightspots.

All aboard! First stop...

THE PALACE HOTEL- Rene`, Mel and Dorian

Dorian helps Mel check into the Palace. Mel asks the charming proprietess, Rene Buchanan if she is related to his new boss, Clint. Close, she says and then tells him she is the 6th of Asa's many wives and one of the few remaining to tell the tale. As soon as Mel steps away for a moment, Dorian warns Rene` to stay away from her man. Rene` is unmoved by the threat. Dorian offers Mel the 10 cent tour of Llanview. Mel is not interested in any landmarks unless they include a well stocked bar.

RODI'S- Maggie, Max, Andrew, Cassie, Dorian and Mel

There is a celebration at Rodi's. The bar has been renovated and Maggie is very impressed with the result. Max welcomes Ian into the family and Andrew jokes that no one can be either too thin or have too many cousins. Max, Cassie and the newly discovered wonder twins clink their glases together and Andrew proposes a toast to Carpenters past, present, future and absent. Guy Armitage enters the bar and Ian asks everyone to take a vow of silence about what he has learned about his true paternity. Ian tells Guy he is going to Baltimore for the Bishop's funeral, which the Senior Armitage finds strange. He upbraids Ian for not taking care of business and impetuously absconding with the corporate jet for the trip to New Orleans. Ian lies and says that he was following a lead and Max covers for him further by saying Maggie and he went along to help out. Ian tells Guy that he found out something interest in the Big Easy which changes everything.

Dorian proudly enters Rodi's on the arm of Mel Hayes and she cannot wait to introduce him to everyone. Cassie beats her to the punch and tells the infamous Mel Hayes she is honored to have him as a colleague at the Banner. He charms her with compliments about the article she wrote in this morning's newspaper. Cassie attempts to introduce him to Guy, but Mel feels a sudden chill and says he would love to meet their family, but perhaps another time. As soon as he gets a safe distance away, he mutters to Dorian that Guy is a "Nazi Creep." Dorian and Mel leave and Ian tells "DAD" they will talk about New Orleans when he gets back from the funeral. After he is gone, Ian thanks Max for covering for him and they both admit they like each other better now that they know Maggie and Ian are siblings.

CARLOTTA'S DINER-Antonio, Carlotta, Mel, Dorian, Hank, Nora, and Bo

Antonio is sitting at the counter filling out applications for law schools when Carlotta asks him as a favor to her to ask Hank to write him a recommendation.

Hank, Nora, Bo and Rachel are engrossed in an interesting conversation about the trial of the Chicago 7. Hank reveals his younger more radical self as he speaks about the legal issues involved which were blurred by the circus atmosphere of the courtroom. Bo surprisingly (for a Vietnam War Vet) agrees with Hank's assessment that the charges against the protestors of crossing a state line to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention were trumped up. Nora believes the most important aspect was that the only African American defendant, Bobby Seal, was the only one chained during the trial. Antonio interrupts the discussion to ask Hank for the recommendation he promised him. Rachel giggles and wonders if he knows what he is getting into to, she's been to law school and they are not happy memories. Antonio says his eyes are wide open.

Mel and Dorian arrive. She introduces him to everyone. Nora recognizes him as a three time Pulitzer Prize winner and Mel recognizes Hank as the big college football star- Hank the Cannon Gannon. He grabs Hank's beer and asks about the sports scene in Llanview. He is not interested in Philadelphia teams. He wants to know about the local high schools. College players have been corrupted by big business, to which Bo says Amen.

Dorian takes Carlotta aside and enthuses that she feels like she has fallen into clover. Mel is great in bed. Carlotta confesses that it has been so long, that she does not know what that is like. Dorian tells her it is just like riding a bicycle. It all comes back in an instant.

Back at the table, Nora remembers an article Mel wrote about shopping with his wife and how he linked it brilliantly with the Reaganomics of the 80's. She asks him about her and he informs her that she died in a plane crash 18 months ago. He and Dorian get ready to leave and he offers to pay the bill, but comes up empty. He reaches behind the counter for a beer to go and winks as he asks Carlotta to start a tab for him.

After everyone has left, except Antonio, Carlotta thinks of her conversation with Dorian and imagines herself in romantic clinches with first Mel, then Bo and then Hank. Antonio snaps her out of it and asks if she is ok. She says she has not been okay for a long time.

LLANVIEW COUNTRY CLUB- Todd, Viki, Kevin, Téa, Mel and Dorian

Todd and Viki talk about Starr and the test the doctor's made on her unborn brother's imbilical cord. He tells Viki that it was a gross match, but they will still need a DNA test to confirm compatability. The McPoet has agreed to an early delivery of the baby if Starr takes a turn for the worse during the next 6 weeks. Viki says considering that Patrick is trying to help Starr, Todd should refrain from cute nicknames and just be grateful for this chance. Todd is dancing in the streeets over this good news, as much as he is capable of. Viki thinks he and Blair may also have a chance to change things for themselves. Todd accuses her of being a Pollyanna, but Viki is still hoping.

Kevin and Téa arrive and Viki's eldest comments that he hopes that his mother is not trying to persuade "old Todd Vader" away from his dark side. It's a lost cause. Todd just glares and Viki changes the subject to Starr's possible recovery. Kevin congratulates his uncle, while Téa asks him to to introduce her to his mother. Téa tells her that she is defending Alex in Carlo Hesser's murder case. Kevin adds that Uncle Todd is bankrolling Alex's defense in exchange for an exclusive. Todd's attitude is so what. Kevin can say that the Sun is guilty of yellow journalism, but his paper will blow away the Banner when it comes to circulation. No offense to Viki. Kevin can't resist lowering the boom and brags about the Banner hiring the best reporter in the business. Todd replies that the Banner is running scared. Again, Viki changes the subject and asks Téa about where she will be staying. Todd interrupts and says that Téa ought to keep Kevin's mind off the preacher's wife. Viki asks them both to quit it. But Kevin won't let up. He tells Viki they both know that Todd can't grasp the concept of a relationship based on mutual consent. Todd and Kevin both stand up and square off, but Viki calls her cocky son off and Téa graciously takes Kevin by the hand and bids Viki goodbye. Viki tells Todd that both of them are driving her crazy. Todd says it was a cheap shot on Kevin's part and that his nephew is an obnoxious little twerp. While Viki hardly approved of what her son had to say, she is not sympathetic to Todd's name-calling of her first born.

Dorian and Mel arrive and after introductions to Todd, Mel mentions Victor as a formidable journalist. Todd calls his father a formidable pervert. Mel says, that too. Dorian tells her new love that Todd owns the most famous rag in town, the Sun. Todd reminds her that when he bought it from her, it was appropriately named the Intruder. Journalism runs in his family and the Sun is a play on words. Todd says he is making it his business to destroy the paper Victor Lord founded and he hopes it doesn't comprise Mel's new position.

Dorian and Mel take a table and Mel missteps and lands on the floor when he tries to pull up a chair. Viki sees and suggests a little sleep might be in order, given that so far he does have a job to go to in the morning. Mel tells Dorian the fancy surroundings of a country club have an effect on him and he reverts to what he is- an Irishman from the Bronx. Dorian says it is time to call it a night. When Dorian and Mel leave, Viki tells Todd to take a shot. He laughs and says it's just too easy and gives her a "good-night, sis."

BACK AT RODI'S-Maggie, Ian, Max, Andrew, Cassie, Téa and Kevin

Max, Maggie and Ian leave to get some rest for the trip to Baltimore. They tell Cassie and Andrew they will pick them up tommorrow.

The preacher and his wife take a turn on the dancefloor and the mood is definitely romantic as they move to the strains of "If Tommorrow Never Comes." Alas, it doesn't last as Téa and Kevin arrive arm in arm and the music switches to a loud rock tune. Andrew asks Cassie if she wants to leave, but she insists that she is having a good time. Andrew fantasizes about confronting Kevin about his eyeballing his wife whenever he is within 3 miles of her. In his daydream, he grabs Kevin by the shirt and slides him along the bar until his rival is knocked out. Cassie can't help but notice Andrew's withdrawal. She gives him a penny for his thoughts and he quotes a scripture. Meanwhile, Téa is just as upset by the long longs shared between Cassie and Kevin and she fantasizes about confronting Cassie and grabbing her by her long hair and pushing her face into a cream pie.

Back at the Rectory, a curious Cassie looks up the quoted scripture which begins "Vengeance is upon them."..She is confused and asks her husband what this is all about.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Téa begin to make love and she tells him that she is going to make him forget he ever heard of Cassie Carpenter.

BACK AT THE PALACE - Mel, Rene`, Todd, Dorian

A charming and very drunk Mel greets Rene' and after perusing the front page of a newspaper, launches on a tirade about Guy Armitage's editorial position on Northern Ireland and then, just as quickly, thanks Dorian for a delightful evening. He wants a nightcap. Dorian thinks she has something better to offer if he forgoes the martini and comes upstairs with her. Mel ignores her and when the waiter brings his drink, he tells the young man to come right back with yet another one. Dorian walks out on him while Todd watches in the shadows. With drink in hand, Mel stumbles outside onto the roof of the Palace Hotel looking for Dorian and screaming her name over and over, all the time swearing "As God is my witness, I will never drink again." Todd calls the Sun and orders a photographer with a telescopic lens. Mel is hanging over a railing while a frantic Dorian, afraid to look, is certain that if she acknowledges him, he will lose what little control he has left and fall. Mel lurches over the railing with both arms outstretched, swearing off liquor forever and shouting "DORIAN."

Thursday, April 24, 1997

Todd, Dorian, Briggs and the parrot

Todd is in his office looking at a copy of the day's Sun. The headline reads "Top of the World, Mel" "Banner's new star flying high" and has a picture of a drunken Mel on the roof of the Palace Hotel. "God, I'm good", Todd gloats and calls his secretary to set up a senior staff meeting, NOW. This is just the beginning Viki, Todd says to himself.

At the staff meeting, Todd announces that today's front page is just the first shot against the Banner, he wants to take it down completely. No one says anything and Todd asks if there is a problem. Briggs points out that the Banner just hired Mel Hayes. Didn't Brigg's read the story in the Sun, Todd questions. Yes, but he feels that while Mel may have a small behavioral problem.... "He's a lush", Todd declares bluntly. But he can still write, which makes him a threat, Todd's staffers insist. "Mel Hayes is a threat to my liquor cabinet, and that's all", Todd replies. Mel Hayes is a walking time bomb, and Todd wants his newpaper to be there when he finally explodes. If they keep after the Banner, how long could it be until The Sun rules the city? Todd opens the window and a blue and yellow parrot lands on the window sill. "Nevermore", it says, either answering Todd's question or mistaking itself for a raven.

While everyone stares, Todd walks over to the parrot and gets it to sit on his hand. "Quoth the parrot, nevermore", it'll never work Todd tells the bird. Todd, still holding the bird, gets back to business. He wants Briggs to set up a "war room" for their campaign against the Banner. He also wants an anti-Banner article in every edition of the paper, real going for the jugular type articles, affairs, addictions, embarrassments, whatever they can find. He tries to get one of his staff members to take the bird, but he refuses to take it. Todd ends up putting the bird on the back of his desk chair and dismisses everyone at the meeting. Briggs stays behind to ask when he can talk to Todd about vacations for the staff. "Nevermore", the parrot answers. Todd thinks the bird is a born publisher. Briggs suggests that they try to find out if anyone has reported a parrot missing. "On the lam", the bird says. Todd agrees, but tells Briggs not to let anyone know why they are enquiring about a parrot. "Feed the bird", the parrot demands.

Todd's trying to feed the bird, giving it cheese doodles, cold pizza, even marshmellows, but it won't eat anything. "Eight billion birds in the world and I get the one with an eating disorder", Todd complains. Next he tries chicken nuggets, which, not surprisingly, the bird won't eat either. Todd tells the bird he's going to have to learn to adjust. He picks up the bird and again asks it what it wants. "Clam sauce", the bird tells him.

Dorian barges into Todd's office, not seeing the parrot, which is in a corner of the room, and demands to know how Todd can call the article on Mel news. It's evil-minded, simple-minded, cruel, she tells him. The bird repeats Dorian's last few words and she turns around and sees the parrot. After briefly wondering what it's doing there, she goes back to complaining about the article, it's character assasination. Todd tells her to consider it a warning about "good old Mel." He won't be around for long, says Todd, and then Dorian will have to go and find herself a new plaything. "Mel Hayes is worth ten of you", Dorian defends him. He certainly drinks like ten of me, Todd retorts. Besides, he's not Dorian's type, Mel's old enough to shave. Todd takes the parrot on his hand again. The bird begins to squawk and Dorian wonders what he's doing. He hasn't eaten in a while and he's trying to figure out what food group Dorian is, Todd threatens. Sic her, Todd tells the parrot, which spreads it's wings and flaps them. Dorian backs away and leaves quickly. Todd tells the bird he has a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Brigg's comes in to tell Todd he's had no luck finding the parrot's owner. Forget about it, Todd says, he's decided to keep the bird. He asks Briggs to get a copy of the Banner, he needs something to line the parrot's cage with, and to also call the pet store for some parrot things. And some clam sauce, the bird's asking for some. Briggs leaves and the phone rings. It's the doctor with the baby's test results, the baby is a match for Starr.

Clint, Viki and Mel

Clint enters his office at the Banner with a copy of The Sun in hand. There's a message on his answering machine from Viki, she's very disappointed in the Sun's story about Mel. Clint was supposed to be responsible for him. Clint laughs. This is no laughing matter, says Viki's message on the answering machine, which only makes Clint laugh some more. Viki doesn't feel Clint having a talk with Mel will be enough, so she wants to see them *both* in her office as soon as she gets back from the funeral service in Baltimore. Assuming that he can find Mel, that is. Clint says to himself that Mel might be a pain in the neck, but he's a star and they will probably sell 15-20,000 extra copies the day his name hits the by-line.

Mel walks into Clint's office and announces that he's sober and ready to work. He supposes, thought, that he has incurred Viki's wrath with his little stunt last night. Viki wasn't too thrilled, but as for Clint, he'll be satisfied if Mel's stuff is on his desk on time and accurate. Viki's so anxious to get back and have a chat with Mel that she has hired a helicopter to bring her back from the funeral in Baltimore, Clint informs him. Clint's done everything he can, it's up to Mel to convince Viki he's serious about his job at the Banner.

Clint is alone in his office when Viki arrives and she is not very happy. She briefly describes her trip as bumpy and expensive and asks where Mel is. Just then, Mel enters and apologizes for any embarassment his actions may have caused the Banner. Viki's not really upset about the article itself, she's more upset because she feels he's lied to her. He said that he wanted the new job to save his life, which Viki assumed meant he wanted to *change* it. He still does, Mel assures her. How can Viki trust him now, she can't even trust him to show up for his first day of work with a clear head. Can she trust that Mel will never appear like this on the cover of the Banner's competitor again?

Mel doesn't take being accused of dishonesty lightly. Mel said his behavior was stupid, not dishonest, his behavior will not change overnight. For what they are paying him, Viki expects big results and expects him to work as hard as any other reporter on the paper. Mel realizes that things in Llanview are different than they were in Washington. His fellow reporters and readers are also his neighbors and friends. When he behaves disrespectfully, he's being disrespectful to them. For that and the embarassement he caused the paper, he is truly sorry. Viki accepts his apology, but he had better not make a habit of it. Viki leaves and Mel tells Clint he meant every word.

The Bishop's Funeral

At the graveside, Maggie tells Max and Ian that she thought today would bring her some kind of peace, but throughout the service all she wanted to do was jump up and tell the truth about her father. There's no point, the truth would only be painful, Max and Ian say, finally agreeing. That's funny, that's just what her father would say, Maggie says. Kevin and Viki arrive. Viki is explaining that she needs to go back to Llanview right after the service, she can't stay and go with them to Tidewater. She needs to go back and talk to Clint and Mel Hayes. It's also been very hard for her to go to Tidewater since Sloane died. Kevin thinks that Viki is overreacting a bit about Mel Hayes, but she disagrees. Andrew, in full robes, thanks them all for coming and performs the graveside service. He hopes that he can live up to the Bishop's high standards. The Bishop was a perfectionist, he begins.

The ceremony ends and everyone throws their flowers down onto the coffin, which is already in the ground. All of a sudden, Maggie calls for them to wait, she can't let it end this way. There's something she wants to say. Ian tries to stop her, but Max insists that Maggie be allowed to say what she wants to say. Maggie says the she and her father shared a lot of things, stubborness, impatience and a total lack of faith in each other. They haven't really communicated in years about things that matter, life, love, hopes for the future. Since his death, she's seen that there are other John Carpenters than the man she knew as her father. She wishes she had gotten to know these other sides of him, they wasted so many opportunities. Maggie's learned a lesson through her mistakes with her father and thanks him for that. She throws her flower on his coffin and stands there, crying. Max goes over and hugs her.

On the porch of Sloan's house in Tidewater, Max, Maggie and Ian are talking about the funeral. It seemed very strange to Ian because the person they were burying was his father and he hardly knew the man. Neither did I, Maggie says, at least not the man they were eulogizing. The man she knew at home was so different, cold and remote. At least now she knows why, it would have always been a mystery if Ian hadn't come along. Andrew and Cassie join them. Maggie says all sorts of people were coming up to her today and telling of kindnesses that the Bishop had done for them, he really had a calling for his work. Everyone goes inside, leaving Max and Maggie alone on the porch. Max assures her that he will never betray the trust she has in him.

Cassie is alone on the porch when Kevin comes outside to join her. Cassie tries to go inside and Kevin accuses her of trying to avoid him. They are starting to flaunt their partners at each other and Kevin thinks they are getting out of control. Cassie denies that she is flaunting Andrew, she's married to him, Kevin's just upset that she's ignoring Kevin and Téa. "Ignoring me, it's more like you're stalking me, you're in my face ever time I show it in public", Kevin says, grabbing Cassie by the arm. Kevin agrees that this is not the place, but he thinks they need to get together and talk. Don't you trust yourself away from Andrew for an hour, Kevin asks. If she's truly happy with Andrew, fine. If not, they can decide what will happen next. Kevin just wants her to be honest about what's going on between them.

Dorian, Mel, Asa, Drew and Renee

Dorian brings a room service cart to Mel in his hotel room. She hands the very hung-over Mel a cup of coffee and then shows him a copy of The Sun. Mel had better get up and get to his job at the Banner, if Viki hasn't already decided to fire him. Dorian tries to find him some clean clothes to wear, but his suitcase looks like he packed trying to flee a hurricane. She tries to call the valet to come iron them, but Mel has other things on his mind. He has some clean clothes in a garment bag, he assures her while starting to undress her.

Sitting at a table in the dining room of the Palace Hotel, Asa offers Drew a job with Buchanan Enterprises. Since he's new, he'll have to start at the bottom, as Vice President of Development, Asa invents. Drew is thrilled. Asa shows him a map of the Llanview waterfront, along the Llantano River. Asa owns about 25% of the waterfront. Drew's first job is to go to the Hall of Records and find out who owns the adjacent properties, prior sale prices, tax assesments, liens against the properties. He's also supposed to keep Asa's name completely out of it. Asa calls what he's planning a "consolidation and development of underutilized local resources."

Asa complains to Renee that the Palace Hotel has really gone downhill since he gave it to her to run. First, he complains about his eggs, then about the people Renee lets stay there, namely Mel Hayes. Mel is a real cutthroat Asa tells her. Then Mel and Asa should get along famously, Renee replies, unconcerned. Asa tells her about Mel going after someone they know, Billy Thomas, and because of Mel's articles, this person got in trouble on "trumped up" tax evasion charges. Just then, Mel and Dorian walk in. Mel apologizes to Renee for any harm his actions may have caused the hotel. Don't worry about it, Renee tells him and introduces him to Asa and Drew. Mel and Asa debate the innoncence of their mutual acquaintence, Billy Thomas. According to Mel, Billy's worst mistake was hiring an honest bookkeeper. Besides, he only got 18 months in a minimum security prison. Dorian and Mel go sit at their own table and Drew leaves to go check out the records Asa asked for. Asa tells Renee to steer clear of Mel Hayes. Renee finds that funny, Dorian gave her exactly the same advice.

Across the room, Mel asks Dorian for the story on Asa and Renee. Renee loves Asa, Dorian explains, and she's the only one that can tell him the truth without getting her head taken off. Next, he asks about Drew and Dorian explains that he's Bo's son and was raised by his mother. Mel doesn't know why, but he has the feeling Drew is the last person he'd want to have sitting across the poker table from him.

Friday, April 25, 1997

Patrick, Marty, Dorian and Mel

In the Palace Hotel dining room, Patrick is telling Marty he hopes another donor will be found before it is necessary to induce Blair's labor. Marty suggests that they take a trip to Ireland and visit his parents after they get married. Patrick tells her it isn't possible, his parents will never forgive him for his sister's death. Mel and Dorian stop by the table to introduce Mel. Mel surprises Patrick by quoting an obscure poet and the two of them talk about the situation in Ireland, past and present. Later, in Mel's hotel room, Dorian tries to convince Mel to move in with her. Mel refuses, he's much too big a slob he claims, but does agree to a "sleepover." They leave to go to Dorian's house.

Kelly, Drew, Kevin and Cassie

At the Llanfair carriage house, Drew offers to take Kelly out to relieve her depression. At first she agrees, but changes her mind when she receives a letter from Joey. In the letter, Joey says he's going to stay in school in Paris for another whole year. Besides that, he's not even coming home for the summer, he'll be spending his time on a research project in Rome. Kelly is devastated and cries on Drew's shoulder. Kevin arrives home and tells Kelly she'll get over it, she and Joey weren't planning to settle down anyway. Kelly leaves, very upset, to get some advice from Cassie. After listening to the story, Cassie tells Kelly to let him go, but she's thinking more about Kevin than about Joey. Kevin accuses Drew of scheming to get Kelly away from Joey.

Todd, Blair, Starr, Patrick and Marty

The pet store delivers a cage and other items for Todd's parrot to his penthouse. The delivery man is impressed with the bird, but then mentions an old superstition that if a bird flies into the house, someone will die. Considering Starr's condition, Todd is not very happy with the deliveryman, who quickly leaves. Blair arrives home and Todd gives her the good news about the baby being a match for Starr. Blair is not thrilled that Todd brought a "dirty bird" into the house when Starr can get sick so easily. The nanny comes down the stairs to tell them something is wrong with Starr. She thought earlier that Starr was just tired, but now she seems pale and listless. They rush Starr to the hospital, where the doctor tells them the bone marrow transplant must be done very soon. They will prepare Starr and induce Blair in the next few days when Starr is ready for the transplant. Blair calls Patrick to get his permission. Marty throws a fit when Patrick is reluctant to allow the induced labor. Marty also wonders where she will fit into the sceme of things once the baby is born.

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