OLTL Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on One Life to Live
The judge threw the book at an out-of-control Asa. An unhappy Ian introduced Maggie to his father, Guy, who chose Max to close a deal instead of his son. Marty hated the thought of having Blair in her life. Téa sought advice from Javier Perez.
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Monday, March 31, 1997

Andrew tries to interest Antonio in lending a hand to his newest project. He and Cassie are putting together an outreach program to aid the families of prisoners. He thinks Antonio would be the perfect candidate since his family suffered so much during his stint at Statesville. Andrew points out that a disportionate number of Latinos are in prison, some for crimes they did not commit. This is no news to Antonio. After all, he grew up in East Llanview. His mind is distracted about the recent attempted hit made on him by the New York mob. Prison might not be the ideal place to visit with R.J. fingering him as a police informant. He may be a hero in Angel Square but he would be a sitting duck in Statesville. Andrew will have to do a lot of fancy talking to convince him to join this otherwise worthy project.

At the courthouse, Nora is at her wit's end on how to handle her difficult and loud mouth father in law. He seems to have forgotten the old axiom of the man who is is own lawyer has a fool as a client. He completely overspeaks Nora's pleas to hanging Judge Atwater and ignores all warnings from the court. Never a fan of Nora and totally disgusted with Asa's avarice and lack of empathy for the innocent man he could have cleared, Atwater throws the book at the silver haired cowboy and refuses to grant bail. Nora sighs, "Bo,how could you do this to me?"

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Max arrives back in town with Guy Armitage in tow. It seems the media mogul is quite taken with Mr. Holden. For Ian, this will mean the end of his sweet interlude with Maggie and the continuation of his father's iron fist rule. He manages to introduce Guy to Maggie but it is obvious that he is none too happy to have the old man around. After Max and Maggie leave, Guy Armitage coldly denounces his son for his debacle in Winnepeg. It is his fault that the big cable deal went sour.

Hank and Bo return from their fishing trip reeking of mud and cigar smoke. They are almost giddy from the male bonding experience and a sight to see when Nora comes home from the courtroom. She informs them that Asa is still in jail, a fact that amuses them both. After Hank leaves, she and Bo dance and make love in the living room.

Téa and Kevin go to Statesville to see Javier. Téa promises to help R.J.'s best boy get back on his feet when he is released by using her New York contacts. All he has to do is testify for Antonio. When this doesn't do the trick, Téa pulls the rabbit out of the hat and uses her feminine wiles to seduce Javier into agreement. Téa may regret this false promise when payup time rolls around!

Antonio meets with R.J. and asks him to call off the mob. He tells him he is no threat to their operations. R.J. is more denial of his actions than committed to a change of plans.

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Statesville Prison-Téa, Kevin, Antonio, and Cassie
Téa tries to deny thaat she went to Javier to reopen Antonio's murder case. She says she ws just accompanying Kevin on a story. Antonio is not buying it. He tells her that Hank told him that she requested a visit with his rival. Kevin interrupts to say that it would not be to Antonio's advantage to put the brake on Téa's plans. Antonio is livid. He wants Téa to stay out of his business. She asks him if he wouldn't want to know what Javier had to say. Antonio does not take the bait. He says in no uncertain terms that there will be no testimony, there will be no trial. Nora agrees with him. Téa should stop pretending she is his lawyer. She replies that he is blowing off the best chance he'll ever get. Javier agreed to take the stand. Antonio knows R.J.'s best boy would not do something for nothing. What did Téa use to sweeten the deal? Téa says she promised to get Javier on his feet by using her New York connections. Antonio thinks she is being conned and that Javier would not testify for him since he hates his guts. Kevin's attitude is that there is no downside to this. Antonio cannot be any worse off than he was before, no matter what happens. Antio tells the Banner's star reporter to stop editorializing and leave him and his uncleared name alone. He departs in a huff, causing Kevin to state that he's sure they'll never hear from Antonio again. Téa is undeterred by the heated exchange.

Cassie shows up just as Téa and Kevin are necking. She wants to know why she is seing them everywhere. She is there for a meeting with the warden for Andrew's outreach program. What is Téa still doing in town, anyway? She is here to make Antonio's conviction go bye bye, among other things. And Kevin? Why is he here? A great story that he couldn't resist. "I sure you couldn't", Cassie replies accusingly as she looks at Téa' knowingly. As Cassie walks away she tells Kevin how amazing it is how Cassie shows up everywhere they do.

Carlotta's Diner- Andy, Carlotta, Téa and Antonio
Andy stops by the Diner looking for Antonio and Carlotta and she discuss Antonio's tempermental and prideful disposition. Mrs. Vega shows Andy Hank's peace offering. Antonio arrives just in time for the fish fry. He informs his girl that his discussion with R.J. was what he thought it would be - he accused,R.J. denied. It is Téa he is worried about. He won't be her legal guinea pig. Andy tells him that he is scared that he wont be cleared. He admits that the thought of sitting in that courtroom drives him nuts. Last time he just got lucky and at the last moment. Téa arrives and informs Antonio of the golden opportunity he is passing up. He says get lost. Téa snidely wonders aloud if Andy wants to crawl in a hole with him. Andy replies, forget the insults, Téa is right. The ambitious lawyer tells her childhood playmate that time is awasting. In 24 hours, Javier will be free to do and go anywhere. Antonio must make up his mind and soon.

Palace Hotel-Ian, Guy, Max, Maggie
Guy tells his son he is sending Max to close the deal in Winnepeg. Max made a good first impression on him. Ian is appalled ththis father won't let him repair the damage he did. Guy says he will go with Max because he is hungry and can think on his feet. "A predator in the true Armitage mold", counters Ian. Max knows what he wants and how to get it which is more than can be said for his son, Guy replies. Ian feels cheated. He believes his father is setting him up for one failure after another. The media mogul replies that the list of those failures is growing rapidly. Ian states that Guy never notes his successes, all accomplished when Guy did not interfer. Guy issues his son a challenge. Why not strike out on his own? Starting at the bottom is not appealing to the billionaires son. Pity, Guy says, since that is where all foundations are built. Ian insists that the Winnepeg deal be put back in his hands, but Guy refuses. If he wants to prove himself, he can start with staying away from women.

Meanwhile back in Maggies room, she begs Max not work for Armitage. Just stay home. Max knows this is about Ian and not her missing him. He tells her that Ian is all show and no go. He was the talk of the conference in Geneva. Maggie calls it Eurogossip. Max is sure that Ian is suckering her into trusting him by playing on her sympathies while what he is after is Maggie herself. He asks if Ian has made any advances. Maggie denies Ian has done anything. She says she knows the real Ian, not the one Guy's cronies gossip about. Max says if Ia is not getting between them, why is it that he just got back into town and they have barely touched. Neither one knows why they are arguing. Max unwraps some Swiss chocolates and lets them melt in Maggies mouth as he kisses her and then gently lays her on the bed.

After they make love, Max goes back downstairs and is confronted with the none too happy Ian. Ian wants to know if Max will accept his father's offer. He wants to issue a warning. Max is a big fish in a small pond. He can not swim with sharks like Guy Armitage. He is going to be eaten alive. Maggie arrives for her dinner date with Max advises Ian to watch out for himself. He tells him to take his precious locket, put it in his pocket and move on. As they Maggie sits with Max at their table, she asks what Ian and he were talking about. Career moves. He informs Maggie he is taking the job. Maggie thinks he is being unfair to Ian. Max says Ian did this to himself and they should celebrate and have champagne. He wants Maggie to be in his corner. Everytime Ian's name is mentioned it is like Maggie goes into a deep freeze. Like she is under some spell. Maybe it is that Ian and Maggie share similar histories. Whatever it is, he wants to drop it. As a risk taker,being in the big time will pump up her adrenaline too. Max sees Guy and wanders off to speak to him as Ian slips into his vacant seat and proffers two stemmed glasses and a bottle of bubbly. She tells him that Max didn't take the job to rub it into Ian's face. She knows Ian is hurting. He says she is his biggest booster and holds her hand.

The Gatehouse and Todd's Penthouse-Viki, Dorian, Starr, Todd and Blair
At Todd's Penthouse, the not so happily married parents are trying hard to build a nest for their little fledgling. Todd asks Starr is she remembers her home. One of many, Blair reminds him. He agrees and informs Blair of the cleaning crew he had hired to make the top floor spic and span. He fixed the master bedroom for Blair because he know she will want to be close to Starr. Todd will sleep on the sofa bed and that is fine with him. Blair plays with her toddling daughter and Todd gets a dreamy look and tells Starr that there are a lot of lights out there and somewhere there is someone who will help her. Blair is thankfl for all Todd has done. Todd laughs and calls himself Mr. Helpful. An instant happy family, just add water. Blir jsut hopes that this perfect family will encourage investors and donors. They are amazed at how well Starr looks, how deceiving it is. Todd says Starr will grow up healthy and strong and have the life he and Blair only dreamed of as children. Todd goes down to the limo to get their daughter's things. Blair calls Viki at the Gatehouse and tells her the good new of her cohabitation with Todd. Viki wishes them luck and Blair says they will need it.

Dorian arrives at the Gatehouse just as Viki hangs up the phone. She thought she would be seeing Blair and Todd. Viki informs her that her brother and his wife have moved back into the Penthouse with Starr. Dorian thinks that is insane and Viki must have put this thought in Blair's head. She has returned her niece to the heart of darkness. She does not believe Viki that it was Blair's decision. Saying it is temporary, cosmetic and for Starr's sake is a smokescreen for Viki's true intentions. She wants to get Blair under Todd's control to get her hands on Starr. Viki thinks Dorian is demented. It is no plot. Dorian is only concerned with what she wants. Dorian asks"Did I want Todd to be a rapist, a kidnapper, a bully. That's what he is and I will do everything to get him away from Starr and Blair." Viki argues that the bitterness the lives in Dorian is every bit as malignant as the disease that lives in Starr and that pulling their family apart will cost the little girl her life. Dorian says that Viki is being melodramatic but Viki replies that people want to help a child who has a shot at happiness. If Blair and Todd are willing to go so far for their daughter, who is Dorian to try to stop them. Dorian is defensive and Viki tries to focus her attention on the task at hand, but Dorian claims she cannot concentrate on the fashion show, thinking of Todd and Blalir together. Viki advances the idea of she and Dorian joining the young couple in a united front. Dorian says the idea makes her want to throw up. A Happy family will help Starr whether she is ill or well and maybe, Todd and blalilr's feelings will resurface and the pretense will become a reality. Dorian replies it will be over her dead body.

At the Penthouse, Todd has finished setting up the crib and interrups a domestic scene between his wife and child. Blair is feeding a bottle to Star when her unborn child kicks her. Blair laughs about Starr's little brother. Then she sees the look on Todd's face and quickly apologizes. Todd shakes it off. Blair thanks him again. Todd says it's no big deal for him to sleep downstairs. He can watch the sun come up. Blair agrees that it is her favorite time of day too. He tells Blair there is no food in the kitchen, but he would be happy to order her favorite dumplings for delivery. He offers to take his daughter upstairs to finish her bottle and be tucked in. As he leaves with Starr in his arms, he says it won't be so bad having the two of them around. When he returns, he find Blair asleep in a chair. He gently awakens her and tells her that her room is ready. They are obviously fighting their feelings for each other s the silence between their words and th long longling ut cautios look speak volumes. As she departs, Todd mutters sadly, Welcome Home.

Thursday, April 3, 1997

THE CARRIAGE HOUSE-Jessica and Cristian
Jessica is on the phone when the doorbell rings. It's Cristian; he has brought the advertising posters for the benefit. Jessica looks at them and thinks they're great. She tells him he keeps getting better and better. He starts to leave. Jessica stops him, and apologizes for her behavior during the trial. She says she feels terrible, and she thinks that she failed him when he needed her the most. She missed him, she says. Cristian apologizes, and says he made mistakes, too. He was angry about what was happening to Antonio. Jessica says it was not only about the trial. He says he knows it was also about him wanting to make love the night of the snowstorm, too. He says if she just wants to be friends, that's fine. She asks if that's what he wants. He says no, it isn't. She tells him that she wants to be with him, too. She asks what they should do. She thinks that they should stay together and see what happens. He says that's a good idea. They look at the dress Kelly wants Jessica to wear at the benefit; she goes to try it on. She comes down in the dress. She looks wonderful. Cristian says "You look...", he kisses her instead of finishing his sentence. He says he's missed her. She says she missed him, too. The phone rings. She takes a message. They are kissing again when the phone rings again, he say it won't work. Jessica says she thought this was what he wants. He says he wants all of her, not just what he can get between phone calls and classes. She asks him to be her escort to the benefit. She says that soon they can find time to be alone.

STARR'S BENEFIT-Kelly, Drew, Dorian, Blair, Todd
Kelly is at the warehouse, getting ready for the benefit. She's worried that things aren't going well. Drew assures her everything will come together by tonight. Drew tells her to not worry about what isn't done, but to think about what they have done. Kelly says she would never have been able to do it without his help, and gives him a hug. Dorian arrives and says everything looks marvelous. She tells Kelly that she has done a fabulous job. Kelly says Drew deserves the credit, too. Dorian shows them the sun headline. There is a picture of Blair and Todd together. Kelly says it's great that they are back together. Dorian thinks it is awful, of course. Kelly goes to get the programs, so she can show them to Dorian. A package arrives from Paris. Drew wants to let Kelly open it, but Dorian opens it instead. It is a stuffed tiger, with a note of encouragement. It says," go get 'em, tiger! Love, Joey." Dorian tells Drew that this is exactly the kind of thing that makes Joey and Kelly's relationship unhealthy. She says Joey thinks of her as a little girl, which is why he would give her such a childish gift. She tells Drew that Kelly needs someone like him, who will treat her like a grown woman, and encourage her in a mature way, the way he has. She says he has to break them up. She says he should do whatever he has to in order to get them apart. He asks what he should do. She says whatever he is man enough to do. They throw the stuffed tiger in the trash. Kelly comes back over and shows Dorian the program. Dorian thinks it focuses too much on Todd. Kelly says that Todd is a part of Starr, so of course he is in it. Kelly says Dorian needs to interfere less. She says Blair and Todd, and Cassie and Andrew and She and Joey all have a right to be with who they choose to be with. Dorian says she's just trying to advise, and share her knowledge with her family. Kelly says that Dorian may be the queen of the Cramer's, but she's not queen of their hearts. She says Dorian needs to let everyone make their own mistakes. Todd and Blair arrive. Drew shows Todd the invoices. Drew leaves. Kelly wants to show Todd something. He says ok, because it's no fun to hang around Dorian while she's being nice. Dorian tells Blair to sit down. She tells her about her conversation with Kelly, and says that Kelly wants her to stop interfering. She tells Blair that her moving in with Todd makes her look desperate. Blair says she is desperate. Dorian says Todd will never let her go. She says it's not about Starr. Blair says it's what Starr needs. Blair says she doesn't mind being with Todd if it helps Starr, she doesn't care about herself, she'd do anything to let Starr live, even kill herself. Todd walks over as Blair is saying that.

Meanwhile...Kelly is looking for a phone number for Jessica. She remembers that she threw it away. As she is looking for it in the trash, she finds the stuffed tiger and note from Joey. She asks herself, "who would have wanted to throw this away?"....

Marty arrives at Patrick's apt. He isn't there. She finds something that says," to my son." She is reading it when Patrick comes in. It is a book of poems, featuring one about the baby. The editors of the poem magazine chose the one about his son out of a few that he sent in. He says the poem is about his life, and the baby is his life right now. She says," is that all?." Patrick says of course not, she is the biggest part of his life. Marty calls to tell Todd about the donor station being set up for tonight. While she's on the phone Blair tells her that she and Todd are back together, and living in the penthouse. Marty tells Patrick. Patrick says his worst fear has come true, Todd manning is going to raise his child. Marty asks what Blair did wrong. He says Blair promised that he wouldn't have to worry about this happening. Marty says she's glad that they are back together, and Patrick can't believe she feels that way. She says it's a good way to get Blair off their backs. Marty says she thought her love came first. Patrick says it does. Marty says she thought it was all about how Patrick feels about her, but this is really about how he feels about Blair. Patrick says it is about Todd. He says he hates Todd. If Blair was married to anyone else he would be happy, he says. Marty says that Todd has been doing a good job raising Starr. Patrick is afraid Todd will use the baby to get to him, the way he used Starr to get to Blair when he kidnapped her. He says Marty is forgetting how cruel Todd is. Marty says,"yeah, right, I'm forgetting how cruel Todd is " Patrick apologizes. Marty says Blair has a right to choose to be with whomever she wants, the same way she and Patrick have chosen each other. She says she thought that is what it's all about, the two of them making a life together, not Patrick making a life with Blair. Patrick says "I love you with all my heart, but Blair is the mother of my child, and as long as he is in my life, Blair will be in my life, too." Marty says, "I understand that you slept with my worst enemy, and now I have to live with her forever ." She says that people are always looking at her, pitying her. He says nobody pities her. He says he thought she had made peace with it. Marty says she hasn't made peace with it, and she's exhausted from trying to cover how she feels. Patrick says he didn't know she was covering up anything. She says every time she leaves, she has to stop off on her way to work to try to find her dignity again, and look for her strength. She always wants to be ready in case she runs into Blair. She says she used to be able to convince herself that she's strong enough and That he really loves her more than anyone else, but it is getting harder and harder. He says he's sorry, he had no idea she was just trying to be brave for him. He was hoping that she didn't need help. He promises to make it better. She says she thought it would work a few months ago, but now she doesn't know how she can live with it. She says it's a disaster, and it is just beginning. She's not ok, and all of his love can't make her ok. She says she doesn't want to think about it anymore, because she has to go to the benefit. She leaves to go see about the donor drive.

THE PENTHOUSE-Blair and Todd
Blair comes downstairs, she slept late. She asks why Todd didn't wake her. He says she needed the sleep. He tells her that he and Starr have been up for a long time, playing and watching cartoons, but she is upstairs with the nanny now. He says she is full of energy. They talk a little about what Starr's words mean. Todd says it's hard to imagine she is that sick. Blair says she is, and if they don't find a donor tonight things will be even worse. They eat breakfast, he has remembered all her favorites. He says they have a big day of pretending to be happy ahead of them. The phone rings, its Marty. She tells them they are back together. Marty is surprised. Marty tells her that everything is all set up for the donor station tonight. Blair says it's a day for good news. Marty congratulates them for reconciling. They leave for the benefit. They are looking around at the backstage setup. They talk about the benefit. Todd says no matter what happens, they did their best. Blair asks if this entire time he has been thinking it won't work. He says everyone hates him, and Blair, why would they help them? Blair says they'll do it for Starr. Kelly comes in and tells them that hundreds of people have signed up to be tested, and she's sure they'll find a donor. Todd and Blair hug, they are so happy.

Friday, April 4, 1997

The Fashion Show

Kelly finds the present Joey sent to her in the trash, but Dorian claims to know nothing about it. Viki doesn't appreciate the advice Dorian give Jessica about sex. Kevin, who didn't remember volunteering, is reluctant to be a part of the fashion show, but finally agrees.

Asa, Bo, Drew and Nigel

With Nigel there to shine his shoes and Drew helping out as well, Asa has turned his prision cell into an office. Bo returns from his fishing trip and Asa yells at him for not being there to help. Bo reminds Asa that he brought this on himself by not coming forward with what he knew about Carlo's murder. Anyway, there is nothing Bo can do, it's up to the judge. Drew, who's been sucking up to Asa, doesn't like the fact that Bo's refusing to help and tells him so.

Nora, Téa, Antonio and Javier

Nora is furious that Téa went to Statesville prison to talk to Javier Perez against her wishes. Téa isn't Antonio's lawyer and had no right to talk to Javier on his behalf, Nora tells her. Téa warns them that Javier will only help Antonio if she (Téa) works on the case. Nora wonders what Teࢱ promised Javier. Téa explains she promised to help Javier find a job in New York. Nora finally agrees to let Téa try to get Antonio's conviction overturned. Later, the judge grants Téa's motion to overturn the conviction and Antonio's family celebrates. Téa has a problem, though. Javier feels that he deserves something 'personal' from Téa for his testimony.

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