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Monday, February 17, 1997


They are at the bank and discussing who will interview the banker. Kevin finally gives in (since he can hardly stand) and Cassie goes in to see him. She introduces herself as a reporter from the Banner. The banker denies knowing Carlo or anything about an account in the bank. He sends Cassie out and calls R.J. Rachel is in his office and takes the call. R.J. comes in and she tells him who it is. R.J. brushes him off and calls him after Rachel has left. He tells him that he doesn't want Cassie to find out anything and for him to take care of it. Cassie comes back in the office and asks to speak to his supervisor. He tells her that he isn't in. She says she will come back tomorrow. He tells her that he won't be in then, he'll probably be celebrating (marti gras type parades). She tells him that she will be back until she speaks with someone. She then walks out and gathers up Kevin and leaves. They go to the motel and find that there is only one room booked and there are none available. Cassie winds up going in search of some medicine for Kevin. She gets lost and can't find the hotel. While standing in the street and looking for the right direction she is surrounded by people all dressed up for the parade. With a very frighened look on her face, she just watches and waits as they circle her.


They select the jury. There is one woman from Angel Square and Hank tries to expel her, but Nora tells the judge that the only reason to expel her would be that she is latino and from Angel Square. The judge questions her and she told him that she would have no problem convicting Antonio if the evidence points to that. She is allowed to be a juror. As soon as the jury is selected, the judge calls for a recess for lunch and then opening statements. Nora tries to postpone it, but the judge told her that he knew of her reputation for stalling and it wouldn't work with him. The trial begins. Alex came in after lunch, just as the statements were about to begin. She brought her press agents with her and made the statement to Antonio that she would stand behind him and hoped that the people of Angel Square would remember that when she ran for mayor again. Nora just looked at her and told her that this wasn't the time to be making political speeches.

Hank then made his opening statement. He told the jurors that even though Carlo was a crook, a gangster and no one liked him, he still was a human being and that his killer needed to be punished. Nora then got up and told them that Antonio was a good kid and that everyone liked him. Antonio had gone undercover and helped the police to get info on Carlo. He had helped the children of Angel Square. She told them that Carlo had made a video stating that if he was killed, Antonio had done it. He had done this because he was going to fake his murder and blame it on Antonio. She told the jury that the real killer knew about this video and he used it to blame the murder on Antonio. Rachel is in the courtroom and after listening to everyone talk about the real killer wanting Carlo's money, she gets up to leave. Bo notices that she looks uncomfortable and goes out to see if she is OK. He asked her if she needed to talk to someone or if anything was bothering her, she didn't say to him, she just left.

From here she went to R.J.'s office and told him that he should talk to a lawyer about what he knew. He told her that he didn't know anything that he hadn't already told them. She reminded him that he knew about the bank account in Reo. She told him that she was tired of covering up for him. He told her that there wasn't anything to cover up.


Maggie and Max enjoyed a romantic evening. After leaving to go to the trial, Ian showed up with a bunch of orchids that he grew at his estate. He apologized for being such a pest, but that he was going to stay awhile to see if he couldn't find out what happened to his mother's locket. He also told her that he thought she knew more than she was saying. He then left. She immediately called the Bishop. She told him that she didn't think she could deny telling him everything anymore. She also asked him about the locket. He told her to just forget it, everything was taken care of, and to forget it. While telling her this, he is holding the locket in his hand.