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Monday, February 10, 1997

Maggie and Max

Max is busy with radio station plans. Maggie is excited about renovating Roadies. She sees it as a 19th century saloon and wants to remodel. While chipping away at the ceiling, she finds a 19th century tin ceiling under the plaster. Of course, Max doesn't appreciate it since the plaster that fell from the ceiling fell on his desk and all of his work. Max tells her that he has great plans for the radio station. He then tells her his budget is around 2 million. She says Dollars???? He asked her what she thought it would be and her answer was 30 to $40,000. Max then said he wanted someone special like Howard Stern. Maggie said, for that much money you could get the real Howard Stern. Max then told her that was who he wanted. Maggie is trying to get Max to come help her with the customers when one walks in. He sits down and orders a drink. After talking with Maggie a few minutes, he goes to the pay phone and makes a call. He tells the person on the other end that he has found her and how to get to Rodi's. He then says he will send his bill and hangs up.

A little while later, a man walks in and sits down at the bar. Maggie is giving drinks to a couple and telling them she is sorry she doesn't have any parasols for their drinks, and anyway they are dangerous, she had a bad experience with a parasol... The stranger orders a whiskey. Maggie tells him, Oh good your not going to make my life a living hell. She hands him a bourbon and he asks what is this. She tells him. He then says that he had wanted a scotch. "Oh, I forgot in America when you order whiskey this is what you get", he tells her in a heavy English accent. Maggie hollers for Max to take a time out on being Citizen Kane and come help her. She then turns back to the English stranger and he then asks her if she is Maggie Carpenter. She says that she is. And he says that he has come to town to see her. He tells her that the stranger that was in earlier was an employee of his that he had hired to find her. He then asked her if she knew who Eleanor Armitage was. She said she saw the obituary and she was the wife of a prominent very well known man. He then told her that he is the son of that well known man, Ian Armitage.

Antonio, R.J., Cassie and Kevin

The fight between Antonio and R.J. is broken up. During the fighting, Kevin does grab the letter out of R.J.'s pocket. Téa walks up to Antonio and asks him if this ugly brawl was to impress the judge and jury. Nora steps up and tells her that she will handle this. Nora asks Antonio if he is finished or if he was trying to make the 11 o'clock news. She then tells him to follow her. Andrew steps up to the mike and tells everyone that it was all over and to go back to dancing and enjoying themselves. Alex steps up to the mike and says, "Thank God no one was killed", and then to herself she says, what a heck of a time to have to go to the ladies room. Rachel confronts R.J. and asks him what is wrong with him, she hasn't ever seen him loose control like that. He told her that he was in control and that he did what he had to do for a man in his kind of business.

Kevin and Cassie have in the meantime stepped out in the hall and are reading the letter. It is asking for the power of attorney before monies can be turned over to him. Cassie said that R.J. wouldn't kill for money. Kevin said for MONIES, I'd think about it. They then learn who his contact is in Brazil and Kevin tells Cassie that they have to go to Brazil to follow through on this. She says that she can't leave Andrew and go traipsing to Brazil. Kevin tells her she can get a bunch of microwave dinners for Andrew and he'd be fine. Cassie says, you don't understand. Kevin then says he will go alone then. Cassie asks if he is going to tell Bo about this. He said Bo could read it in the Banner. Kevin then tells Cassie to divert R.J.'s attention so that he can get the letter back in his pocket. She says why don't you divert him and I'll put it in his pocket. Kevin told her that she had to do it because she was more diverting. Kevin walks up to R.J. and asks him if he would like to make a statement about why he came here and started a fight. Nora then came up and said yes, I would like to know that too. Why, R.J., did you come here where Antonio was. You think he was suitable for framing?? R.J. said he didn't pin anything on anybody. Nora told him that there was alot of talk, and that for Rachel's sake, she hoped that they are wrong. Now why don't you leave. R.J. asked for his jacket and Cassie handed it too him, with letter intact. After everyone walked off, Alex walks up to R.J. and tells him "that was a brilliant idea. Why don't you just let him hang on the evidence we have on him and quit worrying about him." R.J. told her he wasn't worried.

Antonio went to Andy and told her that she didn't have to say anything, he knew that he blew it. I'm sorry, I was stupid. But now maybe they will see that R.J. is hiding something and is guilty. Hank won't want to look at any new evidence because he has his mind made up. Andy told him "any new evidence that is found Bo will follow up on it and You know it." Kevin walks up to Téa. She tells him no comment. Kevin says, I'm off duty. She says that reporters are never off duty. Kevin then asked her about defending her rebel without a pause. Do you think you can get him off? She says no, no, yes. He looks at her and says, I only asked 2 questions. Téa says, yes, I will go out on a date with you, that is what you were going to ask me next. Kevin says, well, then where would you like to go. She said anywhere that has a dry martini and no questions. Kevin told her he knew the perfect place, but he couldn't promise no questions. She said that was OK, she could promise no answers.

Carlotta then steps up to the mike to thank everyone for coming."It's sad that innocent people have to pay for justice to buy freedom. With this we can buy $11,432.25 worth of justice. Antonio- WOW! "I'm sorry about what happened. It was uncalled for. This is alot of money from the people of East Llanview. All the money of the world doesn't matter to me as much as the honor you have in giving it to us. Thank you. I know I can't reveal names, but I want to thank the ones that helped me to disappear. I know that alot of you think that I was crazy for staying and called me a hero. No, I'm not a hero. You are the heros. Everyday you take care of other people's families when you have families of your own that need caring for. You do jobs that no one else will do to give a better life to your children. The people of Angel Square don't run from trouble. I will no longer run from mine. He then walked over to Téa and told her that he had $11,425.25 and that she owed him $50 for the bet she lost.

Blair, Todd, Marty

Blair is pacing the floor. Todd is late with Starr. Dorian tells her to calm down. She calls the police and they tell her she is overracting since he is only 15 min. late. They ask to speak to Bo. He comes out to the house and asks what is wrong. Blair tells him that Todd has stolen Starr. He did it before, you know he did. Bo asks how late he is with Starr. It has been 20 min. now. Bo also thinks that they are overreacting but will call the station and put a APB out for Todd's limo. Dorian calls Patrick to come see if he can calm Blair down.

Todd, seeing that Starr is feverish, goes to get Marty. After checking Starr out in the limo, she tells Todd that they need to take Starr to the ER for a complete checkup. Todd wants her to do it in the limo and then just go the pharmacy to get some medicine. Marty tells him that she has done all she can do in the car, they have to go to the ER. When they get to the hospital, Marty checks Starr out and calls for another doctor. Todd stops her and says no more doctors. Marty tells him that he is too wrapped up in the custody battle to know what's best for you daughter. Her fever is high and her lungs are not free and clear. Todd tells her, "what are you waiting for, get the doctors in here." The pediatrician checks Starr over and tells Todd that she won't know anything until the tests are back. Todd tells them that Blair had mentioned something about Starr's lungs not being right. "Is it that?" She again tells him that she won't know until the tests are back. He asks if he can pick up Starr. Back at Dorian's.

Patrick has arrived and is trying to calm Blair down. He tells her that he doesn't believe Todd has kidnapped Starr. "You don't believe me either. I want to hold my baby. Something is wrong I tell you, I can feel it." Patrick tells her that she isn't doing herself any good getting upset. It's not helping Starr and it's not helping the baby inside you. Dorian then tells Bo that she is beginning to think that Blair might be right. "This isn't the behavior of a man trying to impress a judge." Bo gets a phone call that tells him that they have found the limo. "It's parked at the emergency room." Blair screams, "what has he done to by baby!" Just as Todd picks up Starr and talks to her telling her that she will be alright, in bursts Blair. "What's wrong with by baby? What have you done? I'm her mother, someone tell me what's wrong with Starr!!! Oh, she's hot. She then looks at Todd.