OLTL Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on One Life to Live
Patrick was entranced with a sonogram picture of his son. Something was wrong with Starr. Dorian enlisted Drew's help to stop Kelly from going to Paris with Joey. Patrick's poems were published. Marty was unhappy with Blair and Patrick's connection.
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Monday, February 3, 1997

Kevin, Kelly, Joey, Cassie and Dorian

Kevin and Joey are talking at the gym. Joey tells Kevin that Kelly might not go to Paris. He then explains all to Kevin. Cassie then comes up and he tells her that he hopes he can get Kelly safely away from Dorian. He has to explain all to Cassie. She says that she is sorry her mother ruined things for him and Kelly. "She has to make a choice." I know I did. Kevin jumps in and Cassie and Kevin start arguing about choices and decisions and it is clear that they are no longer arguing about Joey and Kelly but more about themselves. Joey leaves. Kevin tells Cassie that he is expecting a call back from his source and would she like to go get some coffee with him and wait for the call and then do the story together. She tells him that Andrew is at home waiting for her and she has to go.

Back at Kelly's, Dorian comes in upset and tells Kelly a sob story about wanting her to go to Paris and not think about her. Just because you are my only connection to my sister, Melinda, and I have supported you since you were a child, I made a covergirl out of you. Just this once, be selfish, think only of yourself, go to Paris. Dorian then turns on the tears and says, just because I may not be able to find a suitable model to replace you with the cash flow problem I have. I don't want you to worry about that a bit, but I could use just a little more of your time before you give you whole life to Joey. Kelly, upset, goes upstairs. Drew enters. He offers to fix Dorian a drink. She says, what do you know, a chivalrous Buchanan. Of course you weren't raised by them. He tells her he knows that this has been hard on her, losing all that money. Dorian- it's just money. She then starts talking to Drew about what he can do to help Kelly. He just comes out and asks her "what do you want me to do?" " You and Kelly are good friends and she talks to you and asks your opinion. You know that her and Joey are not going to make it. This will be devastating to her. She will need a real friend to help her make the right decision. It will hurt her less if they break this off now than later." Drew asks, "You want me to break them up?" Kelly and I are just friends, I care about her. Dorian then tells him that Joey will just get her to Paris and then dump her. "Don't you know that a woman needs one man in her life and one in the wings?" After planting all this in Drew's mind she leaves and Kelly comes down. Just as she is about to ask Drew's opinion, in comes Joey. He asked Drew if he could have some time alone with Kelly. Drew goes upstairs but stops at the top to listen. Joey asks "What are we going to do?"

Blair, Patrick, Todd and Marty

Blair called Patrick over to take her to the doctor because she had been cramping and wanted the doctor to check her over. Dorian has let her driver go, so she had no one to drive her (guess she can't drive, because she sure didn't look in pain) Patrick told her it was no problem because he was going to the hospital to see Margaret anyway. This really made Blair happy, (haha) she smiled that fake smile of hers and said how happy she was for her. Patrick then told Blair that he and Marty were getting married after the baby was born. Blair was Real happy about that. At the hospital, she asked Patrick if he would like to see "our" baby. Patrick asked about Marty and was told she was with Todd in his plane. Blair's reaction was immediate. "What she gotten him into now?" Larry explained that a patient needed a kidney transplant and that there was a kidney in Boston, Todd volunteered his plane to go get it. Patrick goes in and sees the ultrasound. Seeing the baby made it real to him. He told her that now he could imagine himself holding the baby and playing rugby with it. He then found out that the baby is a boy. "A Son!" Patrick was thrilled. Larry then came in and told them that something was wrong. Blair's first words were "somethings happened to Todd." He then told them that Todd's plane had disappeared off the screen.

In the plane... Lightning (in a snowstorm) caused the plane to go down. Todd and Marty are not hurt, but the pilot, Vince, has a broken leg. Todd gives Vince a thermal blanket, food and water and he and Marty set out to find help. Before leaving, Todd gives Marty his gloves. She refuses them and he tells her that she is a doctor and needs her fingers, all he does with his is count his money. She takes the gloves. Marty finds an old cabin and while looking around, in comes Todd. "I thought you were going in the opposite direction." "I was, but who can see, here I am. The path is covered with snow. We aren't going anywhere. We have no choice but to stay here." Todd tries to light a lantern that he finds, but his fingers are frozen and he can't. He gives the last match to Marty and she lights it. "This place is colder than my ex-wife's heart. If I get out of here, I'm quitting the good deed business cold turkey. I can't feel my fingers, like the rest of me. Starr is the only good thing going in my life. I have to get out of here and get to her before she finds out how the rest of the world feels about me." Marty tells him that she feels sorry for him. You had the chance to get back with Blair. The world treats you the way you treat the world. You blame Patrick for losing Blair, but you could have won her back. Todd tells her, no, she is lost to me, I see it in her eyes. Marty- that's no true. Yes it is. Our wedding night was a freak moment. Our chance for happiness. I wrecked it just like I wreck everything in my life. Todd finds a large canvas and hands it to Marty to cover up with. He stands off to the side freezing. Marty looks at him and tells him to get under the canvas with her. "The last thing I want to do is explain your death to Blair. Todd said she might get a kick out of it. Marty said, I think you'd be surprised.

Tuesday, February 4, 1997

Antonio, Téa, and Nora

Nora found out that Antonio went to Philadelphia with Téa and she wasn't too happy. She reminded him that he was out on bail and that it could be revoked. Antonio told her that Van Henkle admitted making passports for Carlo. Téa comes in and Antonio wants to know why she is still there. She said she had a file of a case that is very similar to Antonio's that they won by convincing the jury that he was framed. Antonio yelled at her that he WAS innocent and he HAD been framed. They argue some more and Téa says she will just take her file and go home. Nora tells Antonio to go read files and she talks to Téa and tells her that she can go back and carry her boss's briefcase or she can stay and help her win this case and make a name for herself. Nora then tells her that her boss is an old classmate of hers and that she can have a leave of absence from work to stay if she wants to. Antonio comes in about this time and says no way. I don't need her. Nora says that she is smart, has good instincts, and is a latina. This angers Téa and she says she is no token. Nora reminds her that this isn't a perfect world and that she needs to make up her mind. She tells Antonio and Téa to work it out and she would be back. After a heated discussion about who was the worse person, Nora comes back in. After peeking in the door she says, good no blood, that's a good sign. Téa says since she has the time off she will stay. Antonio reluctantly agrees. He tells Téa that if it means anything, he's innocent. Téa tells him that the only word that means anything is Nora's favorite, winning.

Kevin, Cassie

Cassie is obviously upset and Kevin says, I know that look, Dorian. Cassie starts telling him that Dorian had called her and wanted her to go make Blair go home because Todd isn't worth it. Kevin calms her down and they start talking about R.J. Cassie tells Kevin that she is going to call R.J. and make an appt. to talk to him. Kevin convinces her that a man like R.J. has to be handled differently. You can't just make an appt. you need to just show up and surprise him. He then tells her that he needs to go too so that they can play good reporter, bad reporter. They go together. R.J. isn't there and his secretary doesn't want them in R.J.'s office, but they just barge in. When she tells them they have to wait outside, Cassie fakes a asthma attack and the secretary runs to get water. They then proceed to go through R.J.'s desk. They find a letter from Brazil but R.J. comes in. He tells them that they should have made an appt. that he would have been glad to speak to them. He says he has already told the cops everything about Carlo's last day. He said that Carlo was planning on disappearing and using the ball as a cover up. Cassie told him that he had a very lucrative friendship with Carlo and had come out very well. R.J. just smiled and said he had, but that he would have anyway. The only person that had something to gain from Carlo's death was Antonio. Cassie and Kevin leave and go back to the office. Cassie gives Kevin a hard time about his telling her not to make an appt. Kevin just told her that he was being cooperative. In fact a little too cooperative. He is smart enough to make us think he is willing to help. Did you notice how fast he took that envelope and put it in his pocket. They both agree that they have to get ahold of that letter. Now how?

Todd, Marty, Blair and Patrick

Patrick and Blair are at the police station trying to find out something about Todd and Marty. Bo wants them to leave, but Patrick says he can't go anywhere until he finds Marty. Word comes in that they have found the plane crashed into the side of a snowdrift. Patrick tells Bo that he wants to come along. Blair says she does too. Both Bo and Patrick tell her to stay here they will get word to her as soon as they know something. Blair tells them that she sat around waiting and wondering once, she can't rest wondering what happened to Todd. She was going. She went. Patrick tells Marty that she needs to think about her feelings for Todd. She says she could care less about Todd, he could disappear forever. (methinks the lady protests too much) Marty and Todd are laying on the floor sleeping. Marty awakens and jumps up. Todd stirs and tells her to go back to sleep. She says she would rather die. Todd tells her that if no one finds them soon that could be her only choice. They have no heat, the lantern is out of fuel, and no food. Marty is taking inventory. Todd gives her a frozen candy bar that he had. She tries to break it in two pieces. It's frozen, I can't. Todd takes a hammer and smashes it. Marty shares. Todd decides to go out and try to find the plane and check on Vince. He returns later, half frozen. He couldn't find the plane. Todd begins to show the effects of frostbite and hypothermia. Mary is shaking him trying to wake him up when Patrick hears her hollering and comes in the cabin. They embrace and Marty tells Patrick that they have to get Todd to the hospital. Blair appears and heads straight for Todd. "Why Todd. Why do you get yourself in these things. Is it for her? Do you have to die? She puts her hands on his face and looks into his eyes. He opens his and says Hi, Blair. Marty asks Todd how his fingers feel. He said he left them outside. Bo comes in and says the chopper is here to take them back. Patrick helps Todd up and he looks at him and says, we have to stop meeting like this. (I wish we could see more of this side of Todd) They get back to the hospital and Marty tells the doctors what is wrong with Todd. They take him into the examining room. Marty comes in to check on him and he is now on the phone telling the reporters for his paper that his has a story. "Play it up big, don't forget that we were in the plane to get a kidney for the kid, show a picture of the kid. Marty takes the phone away from him and tells him that he needs to quit trying to destroy Blair and take this chance to get her back. You need to remember how you were feeling when you thought you were dying. I saw the concern in Blair's eyes. (It's not over, till it's over)

Wednesday, February 5, 1997

Kelly, Joey, Drew and Dorian at the Gate House

Kelly is making a breakfast tray for Joey. She is humming to herself, clearly in a happier mood than she has been since Joey issued his ultimatum. Joey comes down the stairs and they discuss how great the night before was. Kelly mentions how wonderful it is that he is putting off Paris until next semester. Joey replies, what gave her that idea. Kelly thought their beautiful night of lovemaking sealed the deal and that Joey had agreed to stay in Llanview with her. Wasn't the point to stay together? He replies that he thinks last night was their way of avoiding talking about this. Kelly counters if it was his intention to avoid her, he seemed pretty focused upon the evening's activities. Joey admits he was just as responsible for what happened as she was but she has to make a choice. He has already made his decision. Kelly implores him that she can't leave Dorian now. He is being unfair. Joey explains that he it is too late to register at Llanview and he is already enrolled for the semester in the extention program at the Sorbonne. He can't afford to lose 6 months of college. He is certain if they wait till next semester, Dorian will find a new excuse to make Kelly stay in town. She only has a few days to make up her mind. He tells her that his grandfather wants to meet with him before he goes to Paris so he's going to Rodi's to say goodbye to Asa and his favorite watering hole. He wraps his arms around her shoulder as he walks toward the door and explains that he thinks for the next few days they should keep both feet on the ground and all their clothes on at all times. He assures her they will talk things through. "No matter what, I love you", he says as he kisses her and leaves.

Drew notices Kelly is upset as he comes down the stairs. He asks her what is the matter and tells her she can tell him anything. Kelly says that she and Joey made love all night long. Drew says she doesn't have to tell him everything, just what's wrong. She explains that Joey has given her an ultimatum and that she has to leave with him for Paris or she will lose him. Drew thinks Joey is being harsh. He is treating Kelly like a doormat. Kellly thought she and Joey would be happy. Drew takes her in his arms to comfort her and Dorian spies through the glass paned door. She is smiling like a Cheshire cat. She knocks and Kelly opens the door. Dorian remarks on the dark circles under her eyes and asks if she has made her decision yet. Kelly inquires if Dorian feels better since she sold the house. Dorian tells her that she doesn't want to cause her any anxiety, she'll leave that to Joey. She looks at Drew and tells Kelly to wash her hair.

When she gets Drew alone she asks him if he still thinks Joey is right for Kelly. If he wants to help Kelly, he has to do more than listen. Drew says that Kelly does not take notice of him and that he might as well be a part of the furniture. Dorian flatters him and tells him that Kelly adores him. She is comfortable with him while Joey just makes Kelly nervous and edgy. If Joey wasn't around, she would notice Drew more. People like herself, and Drew and Kelly will never be accepted by the Buchanans. They are used to getting what they want. They don't have to work hard. She says she has some pointers for Bo's "long lost son." Kelly is fragile and has no father and a mother in the mental institution. Dorian wants Kelly to be accepted and to have a better life. She behaves totally different when she is with the Buchanans. She tells Drew she has to leave to pick up Blair at the hospital. As Drew helps her on with her coat, she explains that she needs Drew to be a friend to Kelly and stop her from going to Paris before both of them lose her forever. When Kelly comes back from her shower, Drew mentions that he thinks Joey is like Asa and that just as Joey left without eating the breakfast she had prepared for him, Asa had failed to follow through on an appointment he made with Drew. Kelly replies, " You're right, Drew. Joey and I have to get away from our families quickly." Drew realizes this not going the way he intended it. He tells her she misunderstood her. He thinks going with Joey to Paris would be a mistake. He is worried about her. Joey doesn't know what is like not to have a family. She is luck to have her aunt and cousins. If the shoe was on the other foot and someone in Joey's family asked him to stay, he would do it. He just wants her to see it his way. Kelly tells him she doesn't agree with his opinion but she is glad to have him around.

Max, Maggie, Asa and Joey at Rodi's

Maggie has big plans to renovate the bar. She has done research in the Llanview archives and it turns out that Rodi's was built in the late 19th century. She tells Max under the plaster and paper is architecture just screaming out to be uncovered. Max is not certain he wants to follow through with the renovation. He wants to sell Rodi's to raise the capital necessary to purchase the radio station Todd has put up for sale. He says that Rene has no objections. She is so busy, she has more than she can handle as it is. Maggie is against selling Rodi's. She is worried if Max does, it might be torn down and she argues for him to think of the place as part of history- his and the town's. Besides, what would his regulars do. Max admits that there is some truth to what she has to say but the property is valuable and would demand a high price for the right investor. He doesn't see any way out except selling the bar unless he could find someone willing to take a long short on a local radio station.

Just as he's saying this, Max and Maggie look up to see Asa. Max immediately switches to his charming mood. He tells Asa to make himself comfortable. The oil tycoon refuses to be disarmed by the royal treatment. He knows Max is up to something and that something has to do with money. He is not surprised in the least when the next words out of Max's mouth have to do with a "special offer" Max wants to make him. He rebuffs him. Maggie intervenes and asks Asa if he has ever lost money with Max before. "Technically, no", he says and then goes on to remind them both that Max never got back the $30 million dollars Carlo stole from him. He tells them he is only at Rodi's because he has a meeting with his grandson, Joey and expects to leave there poorer only by the price of a few drinks. Max baits the hook and mentions that he will have to go with the other investor. Asa begins to show some interest. But when Max tells Asa he needs extra capital to buy the radio station, Asa sarcastically asks him not to forget to show him the prospectus on some Louisiana swamplands. Max tries hard to convince Asa that he could make the radios station a profitable enterprise. Asa doubs this is so in these changing times. He is no Ted Turner or Guy Armitage. He does not want to be a media mogul He comes back to the subject of Armitage and turns the discussion to the death of Mrs. Armitage in their hotel in St. Martin's. Maggie is visibly uncomfortable. He points out that Max was there at the same time. Asa says Armitage's wife must have been cheating on him and it just goes to show all the money in the workd won't keep two people together or make them happy. Maggie excuses herself. Max reminds Asa that he helped him catch Olivia. Asa says he doesn't owe Max a thing. Cord is gone and he is not investing in a sinking ship with Max at the helm. Max wants to know since when does Asa shie away from risk. Old age must be catching up with him. Asa doesn't believe Max has the talent. He is being arrogant. Max says he has experience in running a TV station from the days he and Bo were producing "Fraternity Row." Asa concedes this is true. Max has it all mapped out. He is sure he can get a hot talk show for drive time. He has the ratings from LA. The demographics for audience appeal are similar. Max is sure that the show would work in Llanview. Least he remind Asa, radio is the cheapest media to run and advertisers will clammer for time, spending lots of money for spots on the talk show. Furthermore, Asa will get a tax break. Lastly, it hurts Max probably more than Asa to say it but they make good partners. Max asks Asa what's it going to be.

Joey interrupts the conversation just as Asa is becoming convinced. Asa takes his grandson over to another table to discuss Kelly. He tells Joey to dump her if she can't get Dorian out of her hair. Joey is angry at his interfernce. Asa accuses him of being disloyal. Joey thinks he is being extreme. Asa advises Joey to get a taste of adventure in Paris and by the time he gets back, maybe Kelly will have rid herself of Dorian. Joey feels he may be risking losing Kelly by having issued his ultimatum. Asa tells him to keep taking risks because once you quit taking risks, you might as well be dead. With the conversation concluded with Joey, Asa informs Max he will help him buy the radio station. Max and Maggie rejoice and do not notice a man standing at a pay phone. He is saying he has found the woman he saw in St Martin's at the Buchanan Enterprises suites and it is Asa who led him to her right here in Llanview.

Blair, Todd, Patrick and Marty at Llanview Hospital

Conversations switch back and forth between Blair, Todd, Patrick and Marty - four people whose lives have been entwined for more time than they would like. Blair tells Patrick she doesn't know how she feels about Todd. If he had asked her yesterday, she would have said she hated him. But when she thought he was lost, it awakened in her the same feelings she had when she thought he had died in Ireland. She can't explain them, but she felt them. Meanwhile, Marty is talking with Todd as a doctor bandages his frostbitten hands. She tells him if there was a time to repair his relationship with Blair, now might as well be it. When the doctor finishes up, Todd heads for the door and asks if Marty is through yet. She tells him he has a choice. He can turn what has happened into a front page headline and use it in his battle for custody or he can reach out to Starr's mother.

In the waiting area, Patrick offers to take Blair home but she tells him that Dorian is going to pick her up and she is going down to the lobby to wait for her since there is no reason to stay here anymore. Just as she is about to leave, Todd comes through the swinging doors and calls her name. Patrick steps away and goes into the ER to speak to Marty. He is wondering if Todd harrassed her while they were lost in the storm. She replies no and informs him that actually she ws just trying to convince Todd to work things out with Blair. Patrick wants to know why she would do that. He wants Todd to be as far away as possible from HIS child. He apologizes for his outburst and says he just wants him to be out of their lives. Marty explains that she tried hard to keep Todd out of hers and she wound up on the plane with him despite it. Patrick ponders what cruel twists of fate the gods have in store for her. She tells him if she knew that, she'd avoid them With Todd, maybe the gods are telling her to kill him, she jokes. She is tired of trying to figure it out. But if she can get Todd and Blair back together, they are more likely to stay out of their lives.

Meanwhile, Todd sheepishly asks Blair how she is feeling. She asks him back, how he is. He holds up his bandaged frostbitten hands and replies,"You know what they say, Cold hands, warm heart." He wonders why she went out looking for him. He thought she would have wanted him to freeze to death. Maybe she just wanted to make sure he was gone. She admits she did not know why she was there. She heard he was lost and wanted to find him. After all, he is Starr's father. Of course, she'd be concerned. he recalls when he went over the cliff in Ireland, he kept thinking about the same two things he did yesterday when he was out in the cold. He thought of Starr and Blair. Blair is surprised he would be thinking of her. Todd tells her he knows he isn't going to heaven but he started thinking hell wouldn't be so bad. After all, she knows she would be going there too. Blair tells him that when the plane went off the radar, she felt the sam as when she thought he was dead. Todd replies maybe he could save her a whole lot of trouble if they could talk it over. She thinks he's joking. He assures her he isn't and asks if she wouldwant to do just that. Talk it over.

In the ER, Patrick fills Max in on why he was in the hospital when he got the new of the plane going down. He tells her about Blair's cramps and how he took her to the doctor. He does not mention that he went into the examination room with her and when the doctor gave Blair a sonogram, they learned together that the baby was a boy. In the hallway, Blair tells Todd she is ready to talk but asks him to go first. He admits he flew Matthew to Boston for his transplant to get the edge over her in the custody battle. But when he opened his eyes and saw Blair's face this morning, it was a big deal. Maybe they should take another shot at it. Before Blair can answere, a copy boy interrupts their conversation to show Todd a mock up of the front page of the Sun. It reads "Alive - Publisher a Hero." He tells Todd is just the way he wanted it. Now Blair is convinced that Todd was just softening her up. She tells him they don't have a shot at anything anymore. She pushes people out of her way as she runs for the elevator. Todd is devastated at another lost chance. Blair meets Dorian downstairs and tells her that Todd suckered her in again. She is not sure how she is. When she sees Marty and Patrick leaving, she decides that Marty is to pay for this. She tells Marty that Todd is a minor factor in her life. She is more interested in her baby and its father. She shows Marty the sonogram of their son and gives it to Patrick to keep.

Back at the Sun, Todd tries to stop the edition from hitting the streets, but it is too late. The paper has already been loaded on the trucks and shipped to the newstands. He says to himself, "I don't know how, but I have to fix this."

Thursday, February 6, 1997


Nora and Rachel are in the coffee shop, discussing Antonio's case. Nora says there is a lot to do, so Rachel offers to help with the research. Andy enters the shop and walks over to them. She asks how the case is going. Nora tells her that Antonio is more upbeat about it now, and that they have more help now. Andy says,"oh, right, Téa." She is worried about the tension between them. She asks if Téa will be commuting, Nora tells her that she will be staying with Carlotta. Andy feels like she is out of the loop. She is still looking for the real killer, and says she thinks it could be R.J. She heads off to work. Rachel asks Nora when R.J. is going to be in the clear, Nora thinks R.J. had a good motive and could have done it. They both get up to leave, Nora going to the office, and Rachel heading to R.J.'s club to get some answers.

Viki and Marty

Marty meets Viki at the coffee shop, they sit down and order coffee and biscotti. They look at the front page of the Sun, which depicts Todd as a hero. Marty tells Viki all about the crash. Viki senses that all is not right in Marty's world, so she asks her what is wrong. Marty tells her that she is upset about Blair and Patrick. She tells Viki about the sonogram picture, and says that she always imagined herself going through this with Patrick, not Blair. Viki tells her not to worry, because Patrick loves her, and he'll never love Blair. Blair can't destroy what they have unless she lets her. Marty's phone rings at this point, he asks her to come over right away. Marty thanks Viki for the advice and splits. Viki stays to finish her coffee.

CARLOTTA'S DINER-Antonio, Carlotta, Téa, Cristian, Linda

Antonio arrives for a meeting with Téa. He is upset that Nora isn't there also. Téa tells him that she knows he doesn't want her on the case, but she's here and she will work hard for him. Antonio says the only reason she is here is to score brownie points with her firm in New York. Carlotta walks over and says it's great that Téa is staying to help. They all sit down to discuss how much the defense is going to cost. Téa says it will be very expensive. Carlotta says they will come up with the money somehow, anything to get Antonio a first rate defense. Antonio says he'd rather go to jail than see her go deeper into debt to Clint. Chris and Linda come in, and Carlotta introduces Téa to Linda. Téa thinks it's great the Vegas are connected to a rich powerful family like the Buchanan's-she asks Carlotta to call them and ask if they'd be willing to help out some more. Antonio tells her that they won't beg from the Buchanans or anyone else. Téa asks him if he ever gets sick of being so self-righteous, and says they need money if they want a good defense. Chris and Linda say they know how to raise money, they have already raised $362.00. Téa says that's pocket change. Antonio thanks them and yells at Téa for being rude. Antonio thinks they won't be able to raise the money, but Carlotta gives him a pep talk and he realizes it are possible. He organizes a fundraiser for that night at the community center. Téa doesn't think it will work, they make a bet on it working or not. Alex drops by the fundraiser and gives him a lot of money, so does Viki.


Patrick is sitting at his desk looking at the sonogram picture of his son, when Marty walks in. She mentions the picture, and Patrick goes to put it away. Marty stops him, saying that she loves him and wants to be a part of that part of his life. She doesn't want to get in the way of his relationship with his son. Patrick says he wasn't prepared for how he'd feel seeing the pictures. He says he hopes they have children one day, and they talk about how dreamy their life together will be. Marty heads out to meet Viki, and Patrick settles down to do some writing. There is a knock on the door. It is a package; there is a book inside. Patrick says,"wait until Marty sees this", and calls her and asks her to come right home. When she arrives Patrick tells her that he has something special to give her as a wedding present. He gives her the book- it is a book of his poems, dedicated to her. She is surprised, she didn't even know he was trying to get them published. She wants to call his parents to tell them the good news, but he says they should do it another time. She says that's ok; they can show them in person when they go to visit. Patrick changes the subject by showing her a poem he wrote about her.

CLUB INDIGO-R.J., Alex, Rachel

R.J. is at his desk looking at a letter from Rio de Janeiro when Alex comes in. She tells him she's been on vacation in the Cayman Islands. R.J. asks her if she was looking into the banks there. She admits that she is trying to find Carlo's money. Alex thinks she deserves his money. She thinks R.J. found stole all the money, but he tells her that he is looking for it, too. He tells her that Carlo was planning on leaving town. Alex says all they have to do is figure out where he was going and they'll find the money. R.J. agrees, but says Carlo didn't tell him where he was going. R.J. has a list of countries where he thinks Carlo's money might be. He suggests they split up the list and start looking. Alex takes her half of the list and leaves for Antonio's fundraiser. R.J. makes a phone call when she is gone. He is talking to someone in Rio about getting access to Carlo's account. Rachel walks in while he is finishing his call. She wants to know what it was all about.

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Friday, February 7, 1997

by Susan Richmond


On the balcony outside Patrick's apartment, Patrick and Marty are standing together wrapped in a blanket and Marty's reading poetry from his book. Marty's glad he shared his poems about her with the world. They kiss.

Andy calls Marty from the community center and tells her about the fund-raiser. Marty agrees to meet her there. Patrick gladly agrees to go, he remembers what it's like to be accused of Carlo's murder. They grab their coats and leave.


In R.J.'s office at Club Indigo, Rachel walks in and overhears the very end of R.J.'s conversation with the Banco de Rio. She wants to know what's going on, why does he have power of attorney for Carlo and why is he trying to access Carlo's bank account in Rio? Rachel's worried about her uncle getting involved in Carlo's business, it's what got Carlo killed.

Is Rachel really worried about him, or the fact that with this power of attorney, he could cover his tracks as Carlo's murderer, R.J. wonders. R.J. shows Rachel a picture of a house on St. Croix. He claims he's going to buy it from Carlo's estate as soon as he gets Carlo's will out of probate. That's why I killed Carlo, so I could buy things like this house, isn't that what the D.A. thinks, R.J. asks. What can he do to allieviate her doubts? R.J. suggests that they go to Antonio's fund raiser and make a large donation. If Antonio's cleared, R.J. will be a suspect again, Rachel reminds him. R.J.'s not worried about it since he's innocent.


At the community center, the room is starting to fill up and a stage has been set up for a band. The band arrives (they are members of Kamar de los Reyes's family) and they greet Antonio. Téa walks over and is introduced before the band members go to set up. Téa's encouraging Antonio to play with the band tonight when Antonio spots Andy walking in. Téa warns him not to talk to "the cop." Antonio ignores her as usual and walks over to Andy. Andy's happy all these people have shown up, she hopes he makes a lot for his defense. She has to go, she says, and Antonio tells her he's happy they had time in the same room together, happy to see her smile. Clint and Jessica arrive. Cristian and Jessica go to see the band, leaving Clint and Carlotta alone. Clint gives her a donation, he has faith in her son. Kevin walks in, makes a donation and wishes Antonio good luck. He goes over to Nora and gives her a kiss on the cheek for tipping him off to this story. Nora explains that a good defense will cost alot, what with forensic experts, video tape experts, etc. Nora introduces her new assistant, Téa, to Kevin. Kevin excuses himself and after he leaves, Téa points out to Nora that Andy and Antonio are talking to each other again. Nora breaks up their conversation, telling Andy that she knows it's hard, but it's just for now.

Kevin spots Cassie and goes over to say hello. Cassie's not there working for the Banner, she's there to help Andrew, who's in charge of the community center since Dylan left. Kevin's about to tell her an idea he has about R.J.'s letter from the Banco de Rio when Andrew joins them and takes Cassie with him. Carlotta and Viki have a brief talk and Viki says if she can ever do anything for Carlotta to just call. Alex makes a speech, thanking them for standing by Antonio, and for standing by her. Alex also announces that she will be running for mayor in the special election and asks for the support of the people of Angel Square. Téa comments to Antonio that Alex makes Evita Peron look sane. Antonio tells her Alex is the one who found Carlo's will, giving Antonio the motive to kill Carlo. Antonio goes on stage to perform with the band.

As the band plays, everyone starts to dance. Viki and Eddie, Cassie and Kevin (but Andrew cuts in), so Kevin starts dancing with Téa. After the song ends, Rachel and R.J. walk in. R.J. goes over to Andy and says it's a shame she doesn't have a camera to capture Antonio's moment of freedom before it's gone. The band plays a slow song and Téa asks Kevin to dance with her. Cassie dancing with Andrew, notices them together and watches them. Nora, talking to Rachel, is upset that R.J. is there. R.J.'s the reason that Antonio needs a defense, Nora claims. Rachel defends R.J., she talked to him and he swore to her he wasn't involved. Nora reminds her R.J. is making a fortune taking over Carlo's empire. Nora then goes over to greet Patrick and thanks him for coming. Téa and Kevin go outside to get some air and Cassie watches them leave.

The band leaves, they've got another gig to go to. Antonio says goodbye to the band, then notices R.J. standing in the corner and wonders what "that slime" is doing there. Patrick and Marty are still at the community center when Marty's beeper goes off. She doesn't recognize the number, but goes to call back. As she goes to pick up the phone, Todd stops her. He needs her help with Starr, something's wrong with her. Antonio walks over to R.J. and tells him to leave, he doesn't want any of R.J.'s blood money. He accuses R.J. of killing Carlo and setting him up to take the fall. R.J. pulls out a wad of cash. How much do you think it will take to prove you didn't kill Carlo, R.J. asks.

Antonio knocks the hundred dollar bills out of R.J.'s hand and tells him to leave or Antonio will throw him out. R.J. takes off his coat and puts it down on the stage. In the pocket is the letter from Banco de Rio, which Cassie spots. R.J. goes back to Antonio, whose back is turned and says, "Vega." Antonio turns around and punches R.J. so hard he almost goes down. Cassie points out the letter in R.J.'s coat to Kevin. Patrick goes to break up the fight, but is pulled out of the way. Punches are exchanged and Antonio knocks R.J. to the floor.


At Dorian's house, Dorian is ranting about The Sun article proclaiming Todd a hero. She's disgusted by the part of the article which tells of Todd giving his gloves to Marty to protect her "doctor's hands." Blair says that Todd had her suckered for a moment, too. She thought that Todd had actually done it because it was the right thing to do, not to make brownie points in their custody battle. The doorbell rings, it's Todd arriving to take Starr for the evening. Todd didn't come to see Starr right now, he came to see Blair, he tells her.

Todd apologizes for printing that article to impress the judge, he never should have done it. She has every right to be angry, especially since they were finally getting somewhere, talking together. Todd wants them to find a way to make this work, for Starr's sake if nothing else. Dorian interrupts, but Blair sends her away, asking to talk to Todd alone. They go into the living room and Blair asks why she should trust him, because she doesn't. Todd knows he's screwed up alot, but he really does care for Starr. Todd claims the cover story in the paper was a reflex action. He did try to stop it, but it was too late. Blair really wants to believe him, but every time she does, he hurts her. He can't help himself. Dorian enters with the social worker. Todd wants to go upstairs and visit with Starr alone. Dorian and Blair object, but the social worker sides with Todd, the judge didn't specify his visitations must be supervised. Blair's worried if Todd takes Starr, will he bring her back.

Blair brings Starr downstairs and the social worker assures her Todd will be on his best behavior to impress the judge before she makes her decision. Blair reluctantly hands Starr over to Todd, warning him if he is one minute late bringing her back she will call the police. Todd leaves with Starr. The social worker then leaves, telling Blair to call her if there is a problem. Blair wonders if Todd would hurt Starr, just to get back at her.

In the back of his limo, Starr is crying and Todd is showing her stuffed animals to try to get her to stop. Todd asks Starr if Blair's goodbye speech freaked her out, making Todd out to be the Big Bad Wolf. Todd suggests they stop by the toy store and Starr can pick out something she likes. Starr is now quiet, but Todd wonders if she's sick. He feels her forehead and she must have felt hot, because he says, "don't you do this to me."

Back at Dorian's, Blair is pacing the floor. Todd's going to be back in 15 minutes, does she want to give Todd the satisfaction of seeing her this way, Dorain asks. All Blair wants is to hold Starr again.... Todd is now 5 minutes late. Blair knew this would happen, she let it happen. Dorian tries to calm her down. Blair calls the police to report a kidnapping. In Todd's limo, Todd asks Marty to take a look at Starr, he thinks there's something wrong.

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