OLTL Recaps: The week of November 25, 1996 on One Life to Live
There were several suspects in Carlo Hesser's murder. Patrick and Marty escaped from an explosion at the Wild Swan Inn. Both Alex and Carlotta offered free meals for the poor for Thanksgiving. Bo remained unconscious.
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Monday, November 25, 1996

Bo is still unconscious at the hospital in ICU and hooked up to numerous machines including oxygen. Nora talks to the unconscious Bo reminiscing about their times together and all the dancing they did etc. She leaves to talk to Andi and informs her that Bo made it through the night, still has swelling on the brain. Dr. Wolek also joins with an update and tells Nora and Andi to get some rest. Antonio comes in and asks about Bo. Andi, hostile towards him (after he saved her life), updates him on Bo's condition. She says it's pretty bad, but, the guy who shot him is in custody.

Asa and the Buchanan boys also arrive and Asa goes on the attack with Antonio wanting to know what he's doing there. As they are updated with Bo's condition, Andi pulls Antonio to the side away from them. She then tells Antonio about Carlo's death. She asks him what happened when he went after Carlo. They both argue about who killed Carlo. She suspects Antonio did.

At Hesser's, Alex comes in looking for Carlo and starts rummaging through his drawers when he didn't answer. R.J. comes in from behind and asks her what she's doing at Carlo's. They bicker back and forth on who's going to answer first about being at Carlo's place. She then tells him she's looking for the annulment papers Carlo server her with yesterday at the party. As they talk about this, in walks Hank with some members of LVPD to search Carlo's place. He also wants to know what they are both doing at Hesser's place. They both ask for a search warrant and Carlo. Hank tells them Hesser is at the morgue. Alex faints - pleeeaase! R.J. then explains to Hank that he had a business deal with Carlo and since Carlo had mentioned that he would be out of town, he wanted to get the signed papers from him before he left. Hanks asks to see the papers. R.J. does not have them. Alex, on her part, explains that since Carlo served her with annulment papers, she just came by to discuss the annulment with him and now she won't get to do that.

Hank then wants to know where Alex was when the lights went out at the barge. She's miffed that Hank would ask her such a thing implying that she may have killed Carlo whom she loves very much and could not do such a thing to him (yawn). R.J. tries hard to hide his amusement at this declaration of love and Hank rolled his eyes. She explains that she had left after making her speech and her limo driver had taken her straight home. Hank says he will verify that. As for R.J., he says he was talking to Hank at the time when Hank was giving him a hard time, therefore, Hank is his alibi. Hank tells them both to leave. As they leave, outside the door, R.J. tells Alex to relax, she didn't off her hubby, but, he may know who did it. He then tells Alex about Antonio working undercover for Bo while on Hesser's payroll, therefore, Antonio may have done it.

Meanwhile, at Dorian's, Todd forces his way in. Blair begs him to leave that they have nothing to say each other. He didn't. Dorian butts in and threatens to call the police. Todd tells her his wife already did that (referring to how Blair told Hank about the kidnapping and his violent temper). Blair asks Aunt Dorian to butt out and leave them alone and if she needs her she will call for her.

Todd accuses Blair of telling Hank that he's a murderer. She denies it and explains that she told him about the fake passports and the kidnapping. She further tells Todd she's not sure what to think, she's scared to death of him. Todd tells her he didn't kill Carlo and he's not the monster she thinks. She cries and asks why then he kidnapped her baby. Todd explains about leaving Ireland and coming to their matrimonial home to surprise her and finds her frollicking and getting wild with Patrick on the floor and he lost it. He tells her how much he cares for Starr and how he would never hurt her etc. Blair is still angry. Todd tries to go to Starr and Blair screams "Don't you go near her." Todd talks some more about his feelings then leaves dejectedly when he sees he's not getting anywhere with Blair. As he leaves, Blair tries to call for him, but, didn't.

Dorian comes downstairs and tells Blair to divorce Todd. Blair defends him. Dorian tells her to do something to protect herself and Starr before Todd destroys destroys them.

Todd gets back to his office and Hank is waiting for him there along with a high powered attorney Todd hired. Hank asks Todd why he killed Carlo. Todd denies and tells him to go ask Patrick since Patrick is the one with the ongoing problem with Carlo and the Men of 21.

In the meantime, at the WildSwan, as Patrick picks up the 21 gold coin evidence and he and Marty try to leave, Keneally stops them with a gun. They ask why, he scoffs and tells them he's the last of the lad of 21 and will reorganize the group again of he has to by himself and forces them to go towards the back door to the cellar. Patrick and Marty try to reason with him that they will plea bargain with the judge and tell him how he helped them in Ireland. Keneally says it was all planned and he doesn't need their help. He locks them in the cellar with a gas trap set for 22 minutes to explode with them in it.

Patrick and Marty find a window and Marty is able to climb through it so she can go open the door for Patrick. They have 11 minutes to go.

Back at the hospital, Clint asks Asa about the gun he had. He says he didn't kill Hesser. The gun is at home. He's sorry he didn'nt kill Carlo first after what he did to his boy. Meanwhile, Nora pulls Andi aside and finally tells her the truth about Antonio. Her jaw dropped.

Back at the WildSwan, Marty finds a bunch of keys and is trying them all to try and get the door unlocked. Patrick tells her they don't have time to save herself. She refuses.

At the hospital, Antonio goes into Bo's ICU room and tells him "what's up Commish? I could really use your advice. I'm in big trouble."

At this same time, the WildSwan explodes!

Who died? Who survived? What trouble is Antonio in? Who killed Hesser? Is he really dead this time? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 26, 1996

Source: ABC DayTime
Max took Maggie to the airport to see her off on her flight to the Philippines. Patrick and Marty escaped from the Wild Swan Inn just before the building was engulfed by an explosion. Marty and Patrick hurried to the airport where they enlisted Max and Maggie's help in catching Kenneally. Maggie agreed to help, and missed her flight to the Philippines in the process. Hank got Grant to admit that he was working with Kenneally. Andy and another officer then went to the airport and arrested Kenneally. Clint and Viki worried that Kevin was hiding something about Carlo's murder. Kevin swore that he had nothing to hide about the murder, but refused to tell his parents where he was when the lights went out on the ship. Cassie then began to worry that Kevin was getting himself into trouble to protect her. Todd showed up at the doctor's office where Blair had taken Starr for her booster shot. Todd and Blair grew closer, but the moment was ruined when Todd referred to Blair and Patrick as the "Dream Téam." Blair then realized that Todd had set the fire that destroyed the sets for her play in Angel Square over the summer.

Wednesday, November 27, 1996

Source: ABC DayTime
Andy told Antonio that she knew that he was working undercover for Bo. Antonio feared that he would be arrested for Carlo's murder and tried to push Andy away. Andy didn't want to waste another minute being apart and told Antonio how hard her life had been since they had broken up. Antonio admitted that it had been hard for him too, and they then made love. Antonio revealed that Carlo might have known that he was working undercover. Andy worried that Antonio might have killed Carlo when Antonio admitted to her that he still hadn't found her missing gun. Hank questioned Andy about Antonio's whereabouts on the night of Carlo's murder. Antonio arrived and told Hank that he would tell his own story. Hank felt that Antonio's story checked out, and then agreed to let Antonio tell Carlotta about his undercover work. Hank got the forensics report on the bullet that killed Carlo. Hank told Andy that all they needed now was the gun, and Andy hoped that the gun they were searching for wasn't hers. Nora worried about the still comatose Bo. Hank questioned Patrick and Marty. Patrick admitted that he had both the motive and opportunity to kill Carlo, but claimed that he was innocent. Marty told Patrick that she knew that he could never kill anyone. Max urged Maggie to listen only to herself in making a decision about her future. Maggie told Max that he had helped her reach a decision and she rushed off to speak with Mother Helene. After Maggie left, Max felt that he should have fought for her. Dylan agreed to go to a concert with Linda.

Thursday, November 28, 1996

Source: ABC DayTime
Nora was alarmed when Bo failed to regain consciousness. Asa threw a tantrum when he thought that Bo was not being attended to at the hospital. Drew talked to Asa about the possibility of losing his newfound father, and Asa reassured him. Viki's Thanksgiving celebration floundered without Bo and Nora. Viki and the family then moved their Thanksgiving dinner to the hospital. Cord told Joey that he was suspicious of Olivia. Rachel thanked Drew for helping her through a tough year. Jessica timidly mentioned the power of prayer and then asked everyone to pray for Bo. Bo then squeezed Nora's hand. Carlotta and Cristian served the customers at the diner and were shocked when Antonio revealed his undercover work against Carlo. A relieved Carlotta then opened the diner to all of Angel Square, but was unaware that Antonio's problems were far from over. Jessica and Cristian noticed the distance between them and tried to resolve it. Antonio's old friends questioned him about his future in light of Carlo's death. Antonio responded that he could only plan his future one day at a time. Alex tried to repair her public image by offering her constituents in Angel Square a free Thanksgiving dinner. Carlotta, however, inadvertently ruined Alex's planned photo opportunity by opening the diner to their Angel Square neighbors. Alex blamed R.J. for Carlo's death, and R.J. thought that Alex was responsible. Hank questioned Alex and she told him that she had been with Cassie and Kevin when Carlo was murdered. Alex, however, was unaware that Kevin had already told Hank a different story.

Friday, November 29, 1996

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, One Life to Live will not be shown. On behalf of the entire Soap Opera Central family, I'd like to wish you and your family the happiest and healthiest Thanksgiving holiday.
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