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Today's show opens with Antonio Vega peeking sadly at his mother through the window outside her house. As she turns around he tries to make a run for it, but she saw him and calls out to him. They do the usual talking with Carlotta expressing her disapproval of his lifestyle and the company he keeps. He tells her that things will change, but she counters and says that she knows why he's working for Hesser, but, will never understand or judge his actions. That is for God to do. In the meantime, she will like to make him dinner since he looks skinny. That's quite a change for the usually angry Carlotta. Cris comes in from school and hugs his brother and they all sit down to dinner.

In another part of Llanview, as Marty prepares for bed, a figure in black clothing breaks in through a window. Marty hears a sound, thinks it's Patrick and calls out to him. when he does not answer, she panics and starts looking cautiously through the house for a possible intruder. As she searches, she notices the broken window and freezes trying to think of what to do. She makes a run for the phone, but before she could dial, the intruder grabs her and covers her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He warns her not to scream otherwise...... He asks for "the book" and at first Marty tries to play dumb till he tells her firmly not to play games. He wants the Irish Airs book she and her friend Patrick took from him in the park earlier in the day.

While this is going on, Patrick rushes in to Bo and Nora's and asks for Bo. He is not in. As he waits around, he calls over to check on Marty. As the phone rings Marty manages to elbow the guy in the tummy (ouch), he keels over and she runs to grab the phone. She manages to babble in panic to Patrick on the other line before the intruder yanks to phone cord from the wall and phone goes dead. Patrick rushes out to her rescue with Nora at his heel. Marty and the intruder begin struggling and it looks as if the intruder is going to overpower her, then Patrick bursts in the door to her rescue. (Bo's house must not have been too far). The intruder runs off and Patrick is unable to catch up with him.

Across town at the Waterside Inn, Room 10, where Viki is pointing a gun at her first-born son, Kevin, the gun goes off but no one is hurt. Viki continues to rant, rave and insist that she needs to do the "right thing" as the looks at the painting of the "LOVERS" (the trigger buried in her sub-conscious) above the bed. She screams at Kevin that he is interfering in someone else's marriage. Kevin tries a little Psychology of his own and reminds Mom (like a little boy) of the time he got in trouble when he wouldn't listen to his mom and dad. He reminds her that she talked to him and taught him with love and wisdom then, not fear or anger. This seems to sink into Viki and she seems to be listening. It looks as if she's going to give the gun up, but one look at the painting again and she loses it. As Viki tries to shoot, something in her snaps her out of it and she puts the gun down. Phew! what a relief. Bo bursts in and takes over. Viki recalls the events of the evening to Bo - how she was lured to the rendezvous location by Dr. Feel Good. She sees the painting again and recoils in terror saying she can't bear to look at it. Bo orders Kevin to put the painting somewhere else and Kevin puts it in the bathroom as Viki calms down once again. Kevin explains that he was given an annonymous tip to come to Room 10 and Cassie had followed him there. When Dorian was asked what her business in the room was, she explains that she was having drinks at the hotel and notices her daughter going up to the room and she had followed her to see what she was up to. You guessed it, Cassie almost had a cow, but, she didn't say anything at that point. Everyone prepares to leave so the police can take stock of the room and run checks on everything.

Later, at Dorian's house, Cassie confronts her mother on this latest lie and insisted on the truth. She tries to brave her way through it and goes on about how she is persecuted for "saving her daughter's life" when Viki the "saint" gets away with nearly killing her own son. This does not wash with Cassie and insisted on the truth a few more times. Finally, seeing that she was not getting anywhere with her lying mother, she threatens her that if she ever finds out that she has been less than candid about this whole affair, Dorian will never see her or her grandson again. With that, she storms out on Dorian.

Meanwhile, at Viki's house, Dr. Larry Wolek rushes over to assist in settling Viki down. Jesse arrives home and Kevin fills her in on the night's activities. Bo explains to everyone that it was a setup and it is clear that post-hypnotic suggestions have been planted into Viki's mind with a trigger of the painting, LOVERS. this painting is not owned by the hotel management, so it is obviously part of the plot. The investigation continues.

Kevin and Bo discuss how Hesser is responsible for the events of the night with help from Dr. Durbin, Feel Good who Hesser assisted in paying off his gambling debts. Kevin threatens that he will kill Carlo when he sees him to make him pay for trying to destroy his mother. Bo orders not to do anything foolish or go near Hesser, the police will take care of the whole mess and deal with Carlo accordingly. Do they ever learn or listen? Stay tuned.