OLTL Recaps: The week of November 4, 1996 on One Life to Live
Viki tried to shoot Kevin. Todd revealed that he was no longer afraid to be around Starr. Alex was arrested and promised to reveal Carlo's secrets. Patrick and Marty were in danger. Carlotta's attitude toward Antonio softened.
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Monday, November 4, 1996<

Today's show opens with Antonio Vega peeking sadly at his mother through the window outside her house. As she turns around he tries to make a run for it, but she saw him and calls out to him. They do the usual talking with Carlotta expressing her disapproval of his lifestyle and the company he keeps. He tells her that things will change, but she counters and says that she knows why he's working for Hesser, but, will never understand or judge his actions. That is for God to do. In the meantime, she will like to make him dinner since he looks skinny. That's quite a change for the usually angry Carlotta. Cris comes in from school and hugs his brother and they all sit down to dinner.

In another part of Llanview, as Marty prepares for bed, a figure in black clothing breaks in through a window. Marty hears a sound, thinks it's Patrick and calls out to him. when he does not answer, she panics and starts looking cautiously through the house for a possible intruder. As she searches, she notices the broken window and freezes trying to think of what to do. She makes a run for the phone, but before she could dial, the intruder grabs her and covers her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He warns her not to scream otherwise...... He asks for "the book" and at first Marty tries to play dumb till he tells her firmly not to play games. He wants the Irish Airs book she and her friend Patrick took from him in the park earlier in the day.

While this is going on, Patrick rushes in to Bo and Nora's and asks for Bo. He is not in. As he waits around, he calls over to check on Marty. As the phone rings Marty manages to elbow the guy in the tummy (ouch), he keels over and she runs to grab the phone. She manages to babble in panic to Patrick on the other line before the intruder yanks to phone cord from the wall and phone goes dead. Patrick rushes out to her rescue with Nora at his heel. Marty and the intruder begin struggling and it looks as if the intruder is going to overpower her, then Patrick bursts in the door to her rescue. (Bo's house must not have been too far). The intruder runs off and Patrick is unable to catch up with him.

Across town at the Waterside Inn, Room 10, where Viki is pointing a gun at her first-born son, Kevin, the gun goes off but no one is hurt. Viki continues to rant, rave and insist that she needs to do the "right thing" as the looks at the painting of the "LOVERS" (the trigger buried in her sub-conscious) above the bed. She screams at Kevin that he is interfering in someone else's marriage. Kevin tries a little Psychology of his own and reminds Mom (like a little boy) of the time he got in trouble when he wouldn't listen to his mom and dad. He reminds her that she talked to him and taught him with love and wisdom then, not fear or anger. This seems to sink into Viki and she seems to be listening. It looks as if she's going to give the gun up, but one look at the painting again and she loses it. As Viki tries to shoot, something in her snaps her out of it and she puts the gun down. Phew! what a relief. Bo bursts in and takes over. Viki recalls the events of the evening to Bo - how she was lured to the rendezvous location by Dr. Feel Good. She sees the painting again and recoils in terror saying she can't bear to look at it. Bo orders Kevin to put the painting somewhere else and Kevin puts it in the bathroom as Viki calms down once again. Kevin explains that he was given an annonymous tip to come to Room 10 and Cassie had followed him there. When Dorian was asked what her business in the room was, she explains that she was having drinks at the hotel and notices her daughter going up to the room and she had followed her to see what she was up to. You guessed it, Cassie almost had a cow, but, she didn't say anything at that point. Everyone prepares to leave so the police can take stock of the room and run checks on everything.

Later, at Dorian's house, Cassie confronts her mother on this latest lie and insisted on the truth. She tries to brave her way through it and goes on about how she is persecuted for "saving her daughter's life" when Viki the "saint" gets away with nearly killing her own son. This does not wash with Cassie and insisted on the truth a few more times. Finally, seeing that she was not getting anywhere with her lying mother, she threatens her that if she ever finds out that she has been less than candid about this whole affair, Dorian will never see her or her grandson again. With that, she storms out on Dorian.

Meanwhile, at Viki's house, Dr. Larry Wolek rushes over to assist in settling Viki down. Jesse arrives home and Kevin fills her in on the night's activities. Bo explains to everyone that it was a setup and it is clear that post-hypnotic suggestions have been planted into Viki's mind with a trigger of the painting, LOVERS. this painting is not owned by the hotel management, so it is obviously part of the plot. The investigation continues.

Kevin and Bo discuss how Hesser is responsible for the events of the night with help from Dr. Durbin, Feel Good who Hesser assisted in paying off his gambling debts. Kevin threatens that he will kill Carlo when he sees him to make him pay for trying to destroy his mother. Bo orders not to do anything foolish or go near Hesser, the police will take care of the whole mess and deal with Carlo accordingly. Do they ever learn or listen? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 5, 1996


Dorian is trying to call Elliot, instead she finds out that he's gone. Blair drops by per Dorian's summons. Dorian tells Blair most of the truth about Elliot. Dorian tells Blair that she saw Elliot with Carlo in the park. Elliot told Dorian Carlo's plan for revenge against Viki.

Dorian tries to warn Cassie but Cassie ignores her warnings to stay away. Elliot later tells Dorian where the 'revenge' will take place. Dorian again tries to protect Cassie. Dorian relates to Blair what took place at the Waterside Inn with Viki attempting to shoot Kevin. When Bo arrives, she (Dorian) is made out to be the criminal.

Blair tells Dorian that when they were putting together The Sun's expose, they came across the material about Johnny D and Viki. Blair sees this as another story after Dorian tells Bo what she knows then The Sun can do an exclusive with her.


Viki's at the hospital. Larry tells her that his acquaintance the hypnotherapist is on his way from the airport. Viki's doubtful that this doctor can help her, but Larry tells her to be positive. Todd drops by to check on Annie "Viki" Oakley, who's the talk at the nurses' station.

Larry doesn't appreciate Todd's comments, but Viki assures Larry that's just Todd's way of showing concern. Todd asks Larry if there are any sick kids that The Sun can photographed for their charity ball. Larry tells him that he'll find some kids.

Todd asks Viki, off the record, why did she try to shoot Kevin. Viki explains it was revenge from Carlo. Todd tells her that The Sun was nastier than the Banner was with Carlo. Viki tells Todd it was revenge for Carlo's son, Johnny D's death. Viki tells Todd about Tina and her involvement with Johnny D. How Niki killed Johnny D.

Viki is troubled about her anger, the curse. Todd tells her to be careful about what she says, because Bo might lock her up for real. Todd tells Viki that there's no maid service, she won't like the one-style-for-all uniform nor the food. Viki tells him that she's tired of always using her excuses. Todd offers to take her excuses, but he's concerned that she's giving up on herself.

Todd tells Viki that when he first came back, he was afraid to be around Starr. Now, he's not scared. Starr laughs and she's not afraid of him. Todd tells Viki that the legacy of abuse stops with them (Viki & Todd).


Bo meets with Antonio in a parking garage. Bo thanks Antonio for the information. Antonio tells him that he can't wait until this undercover assignment is over. Elliot can now give the police information on Carlo. Bo gives Antonio the bad news that Elliot has disappeared.

Antonio tells Bo that he'll take care of things on his own. Bo warns him off. Antonio tells Bo since Carlo is losing friends all around maybe Carlo will open up to him (A). Bo tells Antonio that Dorian knows more than what she's telling so he's going over there to talk to her again.


At the Country Club, Carlo's on the cell phone ordering his accomplice to make sure that Elliot's disappearance cannot be tied back to him (C). Kevin saddles up next to Carlo and pulls out a gun. Kevin tells Carlo that maybe his mother couldn't pull the trigger but he could. Carlo becomes bored with Kevin's threats.

Cassie interrupts their conversation. Carlo pushes the gun away. Kevin shows that the gun was a 'cap' gun, shooting Carlo as he leaves. Cassie tells Kevin that he needs to be careful, because she does care what happens to him.

Kevin tells Cassie that Carlo was behind the Waterside Inn. Kevin tells Cassie that another doctor is being brought in to help Viki. Kevin also tells Cassie that he's going to go after Carlo in print. Kevin hints that Clint might ask Cassie to come back on the Banner permanently. Clint was humming after the circulation figures came in on her series. Kevin tells Cassie there is more story out there and it's with Dorian.

Cassie agrees that Dorian knows more. Cassie tells Kevin that Elliot was at her mother's. Cassie tells Kevin about the other things - Dorian telling Cassie to stay late at the Community Center; trying to get her, River and Andrew out of town; and don't forget when she tackled Viki at the Country Club thinking Viki was pulling a gun out of her purse. Cassie tells Kevin that she'll ask her mother more questions about what she knows. Kevin does point out to Cassie that Dorian was doing all of this out of her love to protect her daughter and he can't fault Dorian for that reason.


Carlo's having coffee. He's lamenting to Antonio that he (C) nearly had victory but it slipped through his fingers. Carlo tells Antonio there's a leak. Antonio concurs. Antonio tries to finger Elliot. Carlo tells him Elliot's 'disappeared'. Antonio tries again with Dorian. Carlo tells him that Elliot said Dorian was just a flirtation.

Antonio offers to help Carlo. Carlo is first suspicious of Antonio's offer, but then he tells Antonio that he does need someone to 'trust'. Carlo tells Antonio he can't trust Alex and he never trusted R.J. since R.J. has always had his own agenda.

Carlo asks Antonio would he understand his(C) drive to revenge. Antonio assures him that he would, after all, he (A) spent six years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. That revenge is just a nasty word for justice. Carlo comments about Antonio's attitude change.

Antonio tells him that when he first joined Carlo it was because he didn't have a choice. Antonio tells Carlo that he felt some remnants of loyalty towards Bo since he got him out of Statesville, but it came with strings. Then Bo showed up at his(C) wedding and the way that Bo talked to him made him realize that he owed Bo nothing.

Antonio tells Carlo that he also dropped by his mother's house and he visited with her and Cris. Cris is doing so well in school. Antonio tells Carlo that his life and family's has been better. Antonio simply wants to pay Carlo back for his fortune.


Bo stops by to ask Dorian more questions. Bo tells Blair that this is on a news blackout which Blair responds that Todd will act accordingly. Dorian asks Bo if Viki's being treated in the same manner. Bo ignores her and tells her that he's thinking about charging her with accessory to attempted murder especially since Elliot has disappeared and it appears that Dorian knows more than what she's telling.

Bo presses Dorian for the name of her friend that she was meeting with. Blair reluctantly speaks up and tells Bo that it was her. She wasn't able to get away and that's why she was there now with Dorian. Bo doesn't really buy the alibi and warns both of them that he'll be back for more answers.

After Bo leaves, Blair tells Dorian she didn't like lying to Bo. She's concerned that Carlo will come after Dorian. After what Carlo has put her (B) through - Todd's 'death' and Starr's 'kidnapping' - she doesn't want to see her family hurt anymore.


Kevin runs into Todd at the hospital. Kevin questions Todd about his being there, was he there to exploit Viki. Todd asks him what if he was. Todd tells Kevin that he's there to get pictures of sick children for the charity ball to benefit the same. Todd gives Kevin an invitation which Kevin throws away.

Viki returns from her session. Viki goes to Kevin and they hug, comforting each other over the ordeal at the Waterside Inn. Todd leaves the two of them alone.


Carlo is taking a phone call. Carlo tells Antonio to call the Parks Commission and ask if they have accepted his proposal. After Antonio leaves, Carlo tells the party at the other end that he wants that book back no matter the cost.

Wednesday, November 6, 1996

As Max goes attending his bartending business at Rhodi's, in walks Joey and Jessica to meet with their father, Clint. They go and chat with Drew and Kelley while they wait. Enter Maggie (the Nun?) and makes a beeline for Max at the bar. As they discuss events of the past and Maggie's upcoming meeting with Mom Superior. She also tells Max that she has made a list of her defense on the Hesser incident/stake-out/trap and how she is going to convince Mom Superior. Max gets increasingly angry and asks Maggie why she won't keep her end of the bargain to stay away from him and as he did when she was trying to decide whether to wear the habit or not. She claims that she is only at the bar to play video games ........ yeah right! Max turns his back on her after yelling at her to leave him alone and make up her mind; she finally leaves for her meeting.

At home, Bo prepares to go and rendezvous with Marty and Patrick in order to get the infamous Irish Airs book from them before anyone gets hurt and before the book disappears into the wrong hands. Nora at the same time prepares to go and meet with Clint to discuss strategies for Viki's case when they meet with Judge Fitzwater. As they leave, guess who's about to knock on the door ...... no less than Ms. Beckie Lee foaming at the mouth demanding why she is being investigated by Bo and Did he do the same thing with Nora? I hate to disappoint you, Ms. BL, he does not need to she's not the one disappearing every time he turns around. Nora carefully escapes for her meeting while Bo is left to deal with BL.

Bo and BL discuss her motives for coming back to Llanview and the scam she and her son are trying pull by trying to pretend that she's dead. BL says that was a "small misunderstanding." BL says things have been hard for raising Drew by herself all these years and she just needs about $75,000 to $100,000 to cut a new CD and put her career back on track, but she can "scrape by" on $50,000. Bo explodes and tells her that he would have been glad to help, but he is not sure that BL is on the level with him. He also says he would have helped raise Drew, but, BL disappeared with him and he had no way of contacting them to assist let alone even get a chance to see his son. After going back and forth on this with BL agreeing that they need to work things out, Bo finally softens and agrees to give BL the money on the condition that she prepares a full budget detailing how the money will be spent etc. They both leave the house with Bo off to the library to meet with Patrick and Marty.

In the meantime at Rhodi's, Joey is tries to convince Drew and Kelley that they will be much better off at the library to study for the upcoming school exams and Kelley finally agrees to leaves for the library while Joey and Jessie go sit with their father and discuss the possible legal problems their mother could face with this latest psychiatric development. Nora walks in and stops to talk to Drew. She explains to him that she does not hate him for things he did, but, rather is very disappointed with him considering he almost single-handedly brought Rachel back to her senses when she was hooked on drugs. As they talk and finally reach a happier level, (you guessed it) Beckie Lee crashes in as usual and tells Drew that Bo will be giving her the money for her new CD. Nora leaves to go discuss legal angles with the Buchanan's.

At the library, Patrick explains to Marty that he has hidden the book in the library and all they have to do is wait for Bo. As they talk, the mysterious stranger from the park walks in and follows them to where the book is hidden. As they leave the location, the man holds them at gun point and demands the book. Patrick at first refuses then gives "the book" to the stranger and they make a run for it. The man looks inside the bag containing the book and sees it's the wrong book and chases them. He corners them and holds them at gun point again asking for the right book. They lead him back to the location in the library to get it and as Patrick leads him astray, Marty grabs Irish Airs and makes a run for it bumping into Maggie and they both run to her car. Patrick wrestles with the stranger as it looks as if he would overpower him, Bo walks in and yells "freeze." The stranger grabs Kelley who had also just walks and holds her hostage telling Bo to drop his gun. He drops it and the stranger was able to make his escape and let Kelley go.

Meanwhile, Marty and Maggie have car problems. The car stops and would not start up again. Marty decides to go call for help at a nearby phone booth while Maggie stays in the car. Marty hides the book under the car seat before she leaves. While Marty is gone, Maggie talks to herself and the statue of Holy Mary on the dashboard imagining a conversation with Mother Superior and also about her life past and present. She begins to get jittery with all the complications in her life - Max, Hesser issue and impact on her status with the church, her decision to become a nun - she decides to ease her burden and light up with a cigarette. All of a sudden, Marty comes back and is being held at gun point by the mysterious stranger.

Thursday, November 7, 1996
by Susan Richmond

Location: Rodi's

*Andy and Dylan are playing pool at Rodi's. Dylan is living back at Max's house. Andy says she never sees him anymore, he leaves early and comes back after everyone's asleep. Is he afraid to talk about what's going on, Andy asks.

*He's been spending a lot of time regaining the strength in his legs and working at the community center. And, he admits, he's tired of talking about the "Lonely Heart's Club", with Andy and Max. Andy promises that she and Max will drop the subject from now on.

*Andy knows how he's feeling, she used to look around everywhere she went for Antonio. She saw him the other day at the Halloween Party and it was like "Who cares." She's completely over him, now she's just waiting to see if she can get her job back. Dylan asks her if she could arrest Antonio if she had too. "In a heartbeat", she tells him.

*Andy pays Dylan the $.40 cents she lost playing pool against him. Dylan's going to hang around for a while, and no, he's not looking for Marty. Andy tells him not to worry, he'll get over it, just like she did. Antonio walks in the door and he and Andy stare at each other for a minute. As Andy leaves and walks by Antonio, he calls her name.

*"It's good to see you", Antonio says. "Whatever. I've go to go", Andy replies and leaves. Antonio follows her to the door, but she shuts it in his face. At the bar, Dylan asks Renee if he can have his old job back. Renee would be happy to have him back.

Location: Carlo's place

*Carlo's on the phone, yelling at someone for not getting the book back. Antonio walks down the hall and stops to listen at the door for a second. He hears Carlo say he wants the book back. R.J. catches him eavesdropping.

*Antonio claims he was checking to see if Carlo was off the phone yet, he had asked for some privacy. R.J doesn't believe him and they start arguing loudly. Carlo comes out to see what all the noise is about and suggests they take it inside.

*Once inside, Antonio explains again he was checking to see if Carlo was off the phone and R.J. claims he was eavesdropping. Carlo tells R.J. that he's just jealous of Antonio and that R.J. is the one Carlo tends to be concerned about. Carlo accuses R.J. of knowing that Alex wasn't preganant. Before R.J. can answer, Antonio steps forward and says that he saw R.J.'s face at the wedding and R.J. was as surprised as everyone else that Alex was faking the pregnancy. R.J. tells Carlo that if Carlo doesn't want him as an ally, that's fine, R.J has his own business to run. Carlo apologizes, things have been confusing lately. Carlo asks them to leave, since Alex will be arriving in a few minutes.

*Out in the hall, R.J says that Carlo is unravelling and Antonio is just waiting around to pick up all the pieces when Carlo is gone. R.J. has the same thing in mind himself, he admits. So how long do you think Carlo has, Antonio asks. It won't be long, he's losing his sharpness, R.J replies.

*Alex has arrived and Carlo mentions there are rumors that a petition is being circulated to have her recalled as mayor. Alex laughs it off. Alex tells him she hardly has enough money to pay her hotel bill, and wouldn't Renee enjoy kicking her out into the street. Alex came to tell him that she loves him. Carlo hold out his hands to her and tells her to come over to him(they are both sitting on the couch).

*Alex moves over into his arms and Carlo holds her. "I gave it a great deal of thought, and once this business about the recall was in the papers, I thought, by God, if Alex is going to go down, I'm going to help. (I'm not sure if he meant he was going to help Alex fall, or he was going to help Alex, but Alex takes it as the latter). She's so happy that he still loves her and will use his influence with the city counsul to stop the recall. Carlo says to protect both of them, he needs to know where she keeps her sensitive files. Alex took them out of her office and put them in her hotel room. Carlo tells her to shred them, she can't leave anything incriminating. She'll do anyting he says. And maybe once she's done, she can come back to Carlo's room, she suggests. Alex leaves and Carlo gets a very bad look on his face.

Location: Llanview University library

*Bo's on the phone with the police station and Max is demanding to know why Maggie would take off with Marty and what is going on. Bo asks the person he's talking to to check the station and see if Marty and Maggie are there. Patrick explains he'd hidden a very important book there and when he and Marty came to retrieve it, there was a man with a gun waiting. Marty escaped with the book and must have run into Maggie. Bo learns that they haven't shown up at the station, and thinks they could be in serious trouble.

*Bo calls Marty's house, but she's not there either. Max wants to know what is going on and how a book can be so important. Patrick and Bo explain that something in the book may be able to prove that Carlo is Poseidon. Marty's car is still in the parking lot, they must have taken Maggie's. Max says that Maggie has a horrible car and it's probably stalled already. He gives Bo a description of the car, and Bo puts out an APB. Max remembers that Maggie had a very important meeting with her superior at the school where she teaches, maybe she and Marty went there first. Max offers to go out to the school to check.

*Bo asks Patrick if he's sure that the guy with the gun today was the same man who broke into Marty's house yesterday. Patrick is absolutely positive that it is. Bo's phone rings, the police found Maggie's abondoned car about 2 miles away on College Road.

Location: Maggie's school

*Max is at Maggie's school, waiting for her to show up. He has a flashback of kissing Maggie. Mother Helene comes in a introduces herself, she remembers Max from Maggie's ceremony in Boston. She mentions that Maggie is late for their meeting and Max says she's helping a needy friend and he's going to leave now to go look for her. Max explains his presence at the school by saying that Maggie had left a paper behind on which she had jotted down notes about what she wanted to say at the meeting. He gives Mother Helene the paper, but says the most important stuff, about how much working with the kids means to her, isn't on there. Mother Helene says she knows all about the good things about Maggie, but isn't there something that Max would like to tell her?

*Max says Maggie's a hard worker, very tenacious. He tells about Maggie helping him accept his son's deafness. No matter how much he pushed her away, she wouldn't give up. She helped teach Max how to sign. If she'd given up, Max would be lost, he wouldn't have his son in his life. "You fell in love with Maggie", Mother Helene says to Max.

*Max tries to deny it, what he feels is gratitude, maybe a little love in his heart for all that she has done for him. "You're not buying any of this, are you?", he asks. No, she's not. Max admits that he does love Maggie and he thinks that she's in love with him. Just then, Maggie comes in, blaming her car for the delay. Max asks her if everything was OK, what happened with the guy with the gun(See below). She very quickly explains everything is fine, she burned the guys hand, etc., etc. Maggie asks what Max is doing there.

Location: Maggie's car

*Grant is standing next to the car with Marty and is pointing the gun at Maggie, sitting inside. He tells Maggie to slowly hand him the book. Maggie doesn't know where the book is. Marty tells Grant she hid it on the other side of the car, Maggie didn't see it. Grant allows her to go around to the other side of the car to get it. Marty gets in the back rear passenger side and says "here it is." Maggie has a lit cigarette in her hand.

*Marty shows him the book and then gets out of the back seat to come and give it to him. Just then, Maggie burns Grant's hand with the cigarette, opens the door and sends Grant and the gun flying, and yells for Marty to run. Maggie hurt her leg and insists that Marty run without her. Maggie frantically looks for the gun, while Grant struggles to stand up.

*Grant spots the gun and dives for it at the same time Maggie does. They struggle, Grant gets the gun, but Marty hits him over the head with the book and he hits his head on a rock on the way down. Marty and Maggie run away.

*Bo and Patrick are looking around by Maggie's abandoned car. There's no sign of Marty or Maggie, they may have run away into the University Arboretum. Marty and Maggie are running down a path in the Arboretum when they hear something behind them. It's Grant, searching for them with a flashlight. The hide behind a canvas barrier lining the path. Grant pauses right on the other side of their hiding place.

*He's just about to find them, when he hears Patrick calling out for Margaret. Grant runs away and the girls debate whether to call out to Patrick. They decide against it, which is a good thing, because the next shot shows Patrick back at the car with Bo. Bo has the police searching the Arboretum. Patrick suggests that Marty may have gone to the Wild Swan, which is nearby. Patrick and Bo drive off, just a few seconds before Marty and Maggie emerge from the woods, screaming for them to wait.

*Maggie's worried that she's very late for her meeting. The two of them stand there and chit-chat about their adventures so far this evening. Maggie mentions that she was upset when she heard Marty and Dylan broke up. If Marty, who seems so strong couldn't keep her vows, what would happen to Maggie. Marty explains that when she married Dylan, she meant to stay with him forever, thinking her love for Patrick would die. But that kind of love doesn't go away, the more you deny it, the stronger it gets. In the woods, Grant hears them talking and is just about to attack them again when a police car pulls up.

*(Outside the Wild Swan) Patrick hugs Marty, glad that she's safe. She hands Bo the book, she's never been so glad to get rid of anything in her life. Bo's going to show the book to Hank and then give it to forensics to work on. He'll get Marty's statement tomorrow morning. Bo leaves. Marty and Patrick kiss, then go inside and sit on the bench by the fireplace. Patrick offers to go get them a drink, but all Marty wants to do is go home with Patrick. Meanwhile, Grant is lurking outside the window of the Wild Swan, gun in hand.

Friday, November 8, 1996<

There is a surprise in store for you viewers on this show today......read on! Patrick and Marty are at the Wild Swan Irish Pub run by their old friend Mr. Keneally. They discuss the day's events all the while being watched by the mysterious stranger from a window - waiting for his chance to attack them and try to get the book back again. As they try to leave for home so Marty can get much needed rest, Mr. K. convinces them to stay the night at the Pub and fill him in on their adventures. He says he has a room very much like the one they stayed in at the Irish Crag Moon in Ireland. They agree, but, not before Mr. K. promised to send the mysterious stranger on a wild goose chase should he show up.

Meanwhile, Maggie meets with Mom Superior, and as she gets there, Max is also there supposedly to talk with Mom about Maggie's dedication to the Lord's service etc. Mom explains to Maggie that Max has been very forthright about Maggie and that Maggie is in love with Max. Maggie almost had a cow. While Mom leaves the room for Max/Maggie to discuss, Maggie reads Max the riot act on saying too much to Mom. When Mom gets back, Maggie apologizes for everything that's been going on with her. Mom calms her down and tells her that she figured out on her that she and Max were in love which was why she had sent her on the retreat. She goes on to explain that she would not be kicking her out of "nun-hood", rather, will be sending her on a rewarding and fulfilling assignment to allow her to think about what she wants to do and also fully digest her decision to enter into this ministry. Guess where Maggie will be going next ........ St. Augustine's Academy in the Philippines! To say she is shocked is an understatement. Mom leaves her to discuss this development with Max.

At the DA' s office, Andy paces the hall and waits while Bo and Hank try to decide whether to give her her badge and put her back on the force. They discuss the pros and cons of that including the fact that Andy may still have feelings for Antonio and may try to go after him not knowing that he is working undercover and on the same side she's on. Bo convinces Hank that he can keep Andy so busy that she wouldn't be able to have any time for extra-curricular activities or get close to Antonio while he's working for Hesser. They decide to give her the badge.

At the Palace Hotel, dear Alex decides to move her office to her room at the hotel. The poor movers get yelled at every step of the way and her Chief of Staff included. While a poor man who had been yelled numerous times waits for instructions on where to place a heavy box, he accidentally drops it and guess what fell out .... a paper shredder (I wonder what for). The Chief of Staff remains speechless. Alex explains that her laptop and fax did not arrive and she decided to order a shredder - not that she needs one immediately. Yeah right! What a lame excuse. Her chief of staff promptly tells her that an office decor would not be complete without one! With that, Alex literally pushes the poor man out of her room. After Alex closed the door, he calls over to the Banner and informs Cassie of the latest development in the Alex corruption scandal/cover-up.

In the meantime, Hesser is having lunch at the Palace Hotel where Antonio meets him. Hesser boasts about he's going to get his revenge on Alex who thinks she has him wrapped her little finger. He also says that Alex thinks because she's pretty, she can get everything she wants, well she's going to and this will be a night to remember - in Hesser's words. In walks the dynamic or shall we suicidal duo - Mr. & Mrs. Manning. Todd goes over to Carlo's table and goads him with the latest headline on Carlo where Manning exposes him for trying to bribe a newspaper editor - Manning. He also invites him to attend his charity ball for his daughter's birthday party where Todd will donate $1000.00 to a hospital fund for very sick children for every guest that shows up. As he leaves, Hesser contemplates ways in which to punish Todd and then kill him.

He then turned around to make an anonymous call to Hank informing him that Alex is busy shredding up corruption evidence in her hotel room and they can go see for themselves. I wonder why Hank did not recognize Carlo's voice?

Bo and Hank promptly leave to arrest Alex. Andy does the honors to handcuff her and read her rights. Reporters swam the hotel and her room asking the usual reporter questions. She protests threatens saying that this is a false arrest and that they will be sorry. Also, that Bo has always hated her ever since she married Asa. She further states that her constituents will rise and protest this arrest very visibly. Yeah right!

Meanwhile, Carlo proposes a toast with Antonio to Johnny - a son that he lost; Carlo Jr. - a son he will never have now; Antonio - a would be son? As they drink to the toast, Alex walks through the restaurant (the back way to avoid the reporters) and comes face to face with Carlo. It dawns on her who snitched on her and she promptly turns around and tells Todd (who's been waiting to get more scoop on the Alex story) that she will give him an exclusive on how Carlo was the one that tried to blow up the Palace Hotel with thousands of people inside, how Carlo is Poseidon and she can prove it all. Bo and Hank smile, obviously can't wait for Alex to spill her guts.

Now for Friday's dynamite. While the arrest is going on, Patrick and Marty settle in for the night at the Wild Swan and begin to make love. Downstairs, the mysterious stranger meets with Mr. Keneally. They discuss the fact that the book is still not in their hands. The stranger then says they have to find a way to delay giving the news to the "boss." Mr. K. replies that they have to get to Marty and Patrick to get the book even if they have to kill them both!

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Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Port Charles
Sunset Beach
The Young and the Restless
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