OLTL Recaps: The week of October 28, 1996 on One Life to Live
Becky Lee made a scene. Elliott hypnotized Viki into wanting to kill Kevin. Dorian tried to get a message to Kevin. Dylan presented Marty with divorce papers. Patrick and a stranger fought over the same book. Andrew didn't want to adopt Emily's baby.
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Monday, October 28, 1996

Kevin and his cousin, Drew are having lunch at the Llanview Palace with Kevin trying to cheer his cousin up and telling him of his past problems (not in so many details) with his mother because of his association with certain people. Drew teases him that the unsavory relationship wouldn't be with a certain married woman, Cassie Carpenter. Kevin shrugs off the remark and notices Dorian entering the restaurant and runs for "his life." He claims that Dorian has been hounding him all over town and would rather not see her again. He takes off out the back door so Dorian of course never gets a chance to tell him what she came for - though I don't know how you tell someone that your beloved mother is going to try to kill you.

Rachel and her mother, Nora walk into the restaurant and Nora sees Drew, the subject of so much discussion lately. Rachel tries to take off saying that she would rather not see him because he has hurt her with his lies. A fine one to condemn Drew. WE haven't forgotten how many lies she's told in the past that hurt her parents and all those around her, including Drew, when she only cared about getting high. Anyway, Nora convinces her to stay and just ignore Drew if that's what she wants. Further, they are not going to be driven out of town as they've done nothing wrong. They sit down to lunch.

Dorian in the meantime, tries to get information out of Drew on Kevin's whereabouts and couldn't and proceeds to write him a note. Drew seeing Rachel across the room rushes to her side and Dorian is left seating there and still did not get a chance to deliver a message to Kevin or Cassie.

Drew goes over to say hello to Nora and Rachel and both answered him coldly and continue to ignore him thereafter. Mother dearest, Becky Lee, stumps in and starts to rant and rave about Bo having them investigated at the bank where she goes to open an account, because the bank manager asks her to fill out a standard application and consent to pull a credit report.......hello, this is almost the 21st century and these things are standard sweetheart. She then continues with her disparaging remarks about Nora, Bo and their drug addict daughter, Rachel. This was the last straw and Nora gives Becky Lee a piece of her judicious mind. Drew was upset by the whole incident, but, still continues to try to apologize to Rachel and they both talk for first time since this whole charade came out. But wouldn't you know that in the middle of their discussion, mother dearest, Becky Lee, interrupts again and tells Drew he has to come with her. When is Drew going to see the light about! his m other?

Across town in the chapel, Cassie and Andrew discuss the problems with their marriage. Cassie now wants to adopt Emily's child claiming it will fix their problems. Andrew disagrees and explains that he needs a wife and River needs a mother to be there for him. Also, asks Cassie when was the last time they sat as a family to dinner, spent time together or tucked River in to bed at night. He also puts Kevin into the equation which does not sit well with his wife. Cassie does not agree saying she can handle her career and family (not doing a good job so far) and Andrew needs to ignore Todd's remarks from the other day. In the middle of this, Kevin calls from the Banner that their source at the bank was willing to deliver the remaining goods on the Alex corruption story and insists on seeing Cassie. Andrew tells his wife to do what she needs to do and left. Cassie then went back the office and takes it all out on Kevin and poor Kevin is wandering what's going on.

Meanwhile, with Carlo hiding in the secret room behind Elliot's patient room, Viki continues her final session with her Psychiatrist. Elliot proceeds to plant the trigger Carlo had given him into Viki's sub-conscious that when she sees Kevin and Cassie together, she will fall into violent rage and kill her first-born son. Viki wakes up from the hypnosis and expresses her concern to her doctor that she feels unsettled after the session. Dr. Feel Good tells her not to worry about it, go home, process the information and everything will fall into place. After Viki leaves, Carlo satisfied that Viki will carry out his wishes, tells Elliot coldly he will contact him with the next step.

Elliot then goes to Dorian's to see if she had contacted Cassie to take Kevin out of town so Viki will not kill him. Dorian explains the events of the day and they both contemplate what to do next.

Tuesday, October 29, 1996
Written by Janice Beydler


Blair/Starr/Todd are at the park. Blair has tried to read the comics to Starr to lull her to sleep, but she's unsuccessful. Todd tells Blair maybe she should try to read the police blotter, after all Starr's his daughter.

Blair tries a fairy tale about the beautiful Blair who marries the handsome Todd because, as Todd comments, no one else will have them. Blair continues that T&B become the King and Queen of Llanview making Starr a little princess. Blair tells Starr that all the people read The Sun and in celebration they throw a party, using charity as the excuse for people to come.

Todd first ridicules her idea then goes along with the idea. Todd even suggests that they make the cause for those really sick children that have those diseases that are nearly incurable. Tell how much it costs to keep those children alive, etc.

Blair tells him that they'll publish in the paper who accepted. Todd tells Blair that people will then call her tacky and exploitative and buy The Sun up, leaving the Banner in the dust. He likes the idea.

Blair suggests using a luxury liner as the location. One like the Titanic. Todd likes the idea of all those ghosts that never crossed the Atlantic - Coming Back from the Dead. Blair tells him it's a Rebirth, to show they're together.

Todd tells Blair that he'll call Briggs and tell him to save some room for the first phase of this party. Blair tells him not to make it too sad. Todd's going back to the office. Todd tells Blair she's the woman, so she should take care of Starr and get her home. Blair reminds him that Starr is his daughter and she's her mother. They banty back and forth but Blair finally gets him to promise that he'll help plan for the party at home. Blair tells Starr that her daddy is coming around.


Viki watches Kevin and Cassie put together their next part in the series on Alex. Viki's somewhat upset (which Kevin notices) and asks what are the two of them doing. Cassie tells Viki that she could finish the story on her own, so if Viki could take Kevin away, she would appreciate it.

Kevin tells Viki that they tried to get the banker who laundered Alex's money, but no luck. Kevin tells Cassie that he has notes from Alex's driver.

Clint stops by as Viki is leaving the two and asks Viki if she's okay since she's appeared to be upset ever since she returned from Dr. Durbin's. Viki tells him, low blood sugar. Clint suggests dinner to all of them to read over C&K story. Viki tries to back out but the others persuade her to come. Cassie tells them she'll have to call home and tell Andrew.


Elliot finally succeeds in making Dorian understand the full repurcussions of what he has programmed Viki to do. Elliot pleads with Dorian to find Kevin and get him out of town since he (Elliot) cannot do so himself with Carlo's men watching him.

Dorian is concerned that if Cassie is with Kevin then Viki could be triggered to harm not only Kevin but Cassie. Dorian is frantic and she tries to locate Cassie, first at the Banner then at home. Dorian tells Elliot that she wished she had never found out about his gambling debts and involvement with Carlo. Elliot reminds her it was she who played her little sexual games with him trying to find it all out.


Marty and Patrick are searching for the antique book dealers in the area for Siobhan's missing book that holds the possible clue in proving Carlo Hesser is Poseidon. They're at the Country Club having a bite to eat while looking through the directories when Dylan stops by.

Dylan asks Marty to talk with him in private. Dylan tells Marty that he didn't go to the Mountain Sunset Inn but to the San Dominico to get a divorce. Marty is stunned. Dylan tells her that it's over between them as soon as she signs the papers. Marty apologizes for what happened. Dylan tells her that he went into their marriage with his eyes opened. He knew that she had mixed emotions.

Marty asks if they can still be friends. Dylan tells her no that he can't pretend something didn't happen between them. Dylan tells Marty that he doesn't regret marrying her and they'll both have some fond memories. But, Dylan wants some distance between the two of them. They wish each other well.

Dylan is at the Community Center and Andy joins him there. They're making free throws and wishing for clean breaks, being singled, dates, friendship.

Patrick is at the Wild Swan and he has found the book. Mr. Kineally asks Patrick what has he been hunting since he's found his Margaret. Marty goes to the Wild Swan and tells Patrick about the divorce being final. Patrick tells Marty about finding the book and that it'll be back in Llanview by the next day. Soon, they will be able to start their future without Carlo Hesser.


Dorian tracks Cassie down at the Country Club having dinner with Clint, Viki and Kevin and discussing the expose on Alex. Dorian drags Cassie away from the table. Dorian tells Cassie that she's made arrangements for Cassie to get out of town for a family vacation at a spa. Dorian uses Carlo as the excuse and even tells Cassie that she even received an anonymous phone call threatening Cassie and her family. Cassie tells Dorian she's not leaving.

While Dorian and Cassie were away, Viki excused herself to check on Jessica. Clint and Kevin discussed some story ideas Kevin has. Clint invites Kevin to the next editorial meeting so he can share them since Kevin will run the paper some day.

After Cassie returns to the table, Dorian sees Viki returning to the table as well getting something out of her purse, thinking it's a gun Dorian intercedes. It's only a pen that Viki was getting out to sign for their check. Dorian trying to cover up her mistake offers to pay for dinner. Cassie leaves shortly after that and Dorian tries again to get Cassie away from work. Cassie tells her that she's staying home to play with River. Dorian's relieved.

As Viki leaves Dorian asks Viki if they can call a truce for their families' sakes - Cassie, Joe/Kelly, Starr/Blair/Todd. They can double their family time together if they can make peace. Dorian offers brunch at her home with Viki. Viki agrees.

Dorian leaves and calls Elliot to tell him about the arrangement. Meanwhile, Clint reminds Viki that she has the Pennsylvania Press Corp synposium so she won't be able to have brunch with Dorian.

A mysterious stranger finds the bookstore owner that will have Siobhan's book. He offers the owner $50 to hold the book for him when it arrives tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Today's show opens with Carlo Hesser reading Kevin and Cassie's 2nd installment on Alex as well as references to him and his mob activities as his new right hand man Antonio walks in. He reads very calmly without emotion and even sarcastically makes fun of Kevin's "attempt" to destroy his reputation (but not for long). He tells Antonio "I take care of my friends and enemies one by one." Speaking of which, Alex walks in at the tail end of the conversation. Alex really has met her match in Carlo and I believe, she is actually scared to death of what Hesser might do not to mention her ruined reputation and lack of power and money - all of which she can get if she can get Carlo to stay married to her. She gets on her knees and begs with tears streaming down her face for Carlo to forgive and forget and they should start over. Carlo all the while, ignores her coldly as if she didn't even exist and continues toad his paper and eat his shrimp cocktail with zest as if that was the most important thing in the world. Finally, he tells her that he lost his first son and she dashes his hope for a second child when she pretended to be pregnant. He later agrees to think about it. With that, Alex left. As soon as she leaves, Antonio makes a comment about Hesser forgiving Alex quickly and reminds him about the annulment he has told his lawyers to start working on. Carlo then asks Antonio to call the lawyer and tell him to stall the annulment. As soon as Antonio leaves to make the call, Carlo calls Dr. Feel Good Elliott to let him know that tonight is the night, he should call Viki to meet him for a session at the Waterside Inn Room 10. By the way, this happens to be Kevin's room. Antonio who really did not leave yet heard the whole plan and contacts Bo to rendezvous with him so he can fill him in.

In the meantime, at Dorian's house, Dr. Durbin asks Dorian if she had made any headway in getting Viki to come over so he can de-program her. Dorian explains that Viki canceled out of the brunch due to some journalist function she needs to attend. Elliott tells Dorian of Hesser's plan for the night and this throws them both in a frenzy. Dorian then goes to the Waterside Inn room 10 and waits for the arrivals. As she is waiting, she hears footsteps and hides out on balcony. Well, you know who came in - Carlo. He surveys the room to make sure there is no one around and pulls out a gun. As he looks around, Dorian in her nervousness on the balcony from seeing the weapon, knocks over a plant. Carlos hears the crash and goes to check it out, gun in hand. What is Dorian going to do now?

At the community center, Cris and Jessica prepare for Halloween festivities. Cris's college friends arrive and tell him that they have come to rescue him from these "young" people and are inviting him to a party. They also ask Jessie to come along and she agrees. Cassie arrives with River dressed up in a Halloween bat costume and they goof around for a while.

At the park, Antonio and Bo meet and Tonio fills Bo in on the plan Hesser and Durbin have for the night.

Our amateur detectives, Patrick and Marty, meanwhile go to the book sale to meet with the dealer who bought the boxes of books that includes the Irish Airs. The dealer explains to them that another interested party already put a $50.00 deposit on the book for when it arrives and if he changes his mind, he will sell it to Patrick. Until then, it belongs to this mysterious stranger. Patrick waits. The mysterious man arrives to collect his book. Patrick pleads with him that the book actually belongs to him or rather his grandmother and it is a collectible and special to her. He had mistakenly put it in the box of sold books and now needs it back. The stranger refused saying the book was out of print and he also needs it since he had been looking for it for many years. In desperation, Patrick and Marty pretend to have an argument and stage a faux fight knocking over the book stalls and the stranger at the same. Patrick seizes the book and he and Marty run off with it, the stranger at their heels. They manage to elude him and he returns to the book dealer. The dealer offers the man his money back and informs him that he will call the police to report Marty and Patrick. The stranger hastily tells him to keep the money and forget about the police and leaves. He walks to a secluded area of the park and calls another mysterious person to let them know about the events and that he still does not have the book, but, will be getting it soon.

Thursday, October 31, 1996
Written by Donna

Community Center

The Halloween Party is in full swing. Max, Andi and Dylan come dressed as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Linda speaks to Dylan and he checks her out as she walks away. Maggie is there, dressed as a rabbit, with some of the children from her class. Al is happy to see Maggie. He says that it must have been scary trapped in the cave but his father says if you have to be trapped in a cave, be trapped with Maggie. Max informs Maggie that the counterfeit money was spirited away by Carlo so there is no proof that Carlo is a counterfeiter. Max asks Maggie what her feelings are toward him. She is confused. She loves teaching, she loves the kids, but she is about to be thrown out of her order by the Mother Superior. She shouts at Max-she is fighting her feelings toward him.

Joey and Kelly are at the Halloween party talking to Cassie and River. Joey tells Cassie that the articles she has been working on with Kevin are terrific. Cord comes in with Cameron (wow, what a costume she had--cut down to here!). He brings her to meet Joey and Kelly. She quickly raises a mask, but Joey and Kelly feel they have met her somewhere before. They are invited to a party at Buchanan Enterprises and will go to question Cameron. Kelly and Joey catch up with Cord and Cameron in the park to tell them they'll attend the party, Cameron disappears.

Carlotta tells Andi that she thinks of her as family and hopes she will still think fondly of her too. Andi tells Carlotta that while she loves Carlotta, she must get past Antonio. She has asked Bo to reinstate her to the police force, but Bo is still thinking about it. Antonio comes in reminiscing about his younger days at the youth center to Andi. She walks away.

The Park/Llanfair

Antonio meets with an undercover Bo at the park relating that Elliott is controlled by Carlo and something big will be going down tonight. Bo had Elliott investigated and found that he had run up big gambling debts--which they surmise Carlo has paid. Bo leaves to see Viki.

At Llanfair Viki is giving candy to trick-or-treaters. Kevin scares her by showing up with a fake hatchet stuck in his head. Viki is very tense and nervous around him. While at Llanfair, Kevin receives a phone call with a tip. Kevin wants to send another reporter and take Viki out to dinner. She declines, he leaves. Kevin calls Cassie to meet him in Room 10 of the Waterside Inn to talk to an informant.

Bo shows up to find out about Viki and Elliott Durbin. Is Viki aware that Elliott has amassed gambling debts? No, but what does that have to do with her therapy? Bo thinks Elliott is under the influence of Carlo and maybe trying to get back at Viki. Viki is certain that Elliott's professionalism will prevent him from doing something like this. After Bo leaves, Viki gets a call from Elliott. He pretends he is suicidal, and Viki agrees to meet him in Room 10 of the Waterside Inn.

Waterside Inn

Carlo hears a noise on the terrace, he pulls out a gun to investigate but finds nothing except a small shrub that had fallen over. He returns to ready the room for a Viki/Kevin confrontation. He places a picture "The Lovers" over the bed (this will trigger Viki's murderous rage). He places a loaded gun on the bedstand. Carlo calls Kevin (with his voice electronically disguised) saying he's from the mayor's office and wants to meet with Kevin in Room 10 of the Waterside Inn to tell everything about the mayor's money laundering scheme. Satisfied that everything is in place, Carlo dons his Nixon mask and leaves. Dorian, who has been hiding on the terrace enters the room. She daydreams (in black and white) of Viki entering the room, grabbing the gun, trying to shoot Kevin, Dorian grabbing Viki, saving the day, Bo coming to the room to arrest Viki, and Viki shattered crying on the floor. While this is tempting to Dorian, she would much rather Viki be on death row. After an attack of conscience, Dorian removes the gun from the bedstand, hears Kevin entering the room, runs to take cover on the terrace, drops the gun. Kevin retrieves the gun and searches the room for more evidence. The door opens and Viki enters the room.

Friday, November 1, 1996
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Blair and Todd's apartment

*Blair, dressed as a witch, is handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Starr, who is sitting on the couch with Todd, is dressed in a matching outfit. Blair wishes Todd was in costume. I am, Todd tells her, I'm Todd Manning, the dead guy. The doorbell rings and Todd answers it. It's Carlo Hesser, he wants to talk to Todd and Blair. Todd tells him to go haunt someone else. Carlo says he plans to, after he's finished here.

*Blair says not to let Carlo in. He's to blame for kidnapping Starr and she's glad that Alex fooled him about her preganancy. Carlo denies having anything to do with Starr's kidnapping, but they don't believe him. Todd sends Blair upstairs with Starr. Carlo wants Todd to stop the attacks against him in the paper. Todd is making Carlo angry, he threatens.

*Todd starts taunting Carlo by saying isn't a little late for him to be out. It's hard to find good babysitters and he wouldn't want Carlo's pillow in unsafe hands. He wouldn't want to hear about some psycho teenager suffocating Carlo's pillow with a baby. Todd laughs. He respects Carlo, not every man would raise an illegitimate pillow as his own. Carlo is not amused. He tells them (Blair came back downstairs) to have their laugh, but he is close to attaining his goals. He's giving them the chance to back a winner, and receive all the benefits. He's got worldwide connections that could help them build a media empire. Why be his enemy, when they can be his friend. No one has ever suffered from an association with him, Carlo claims.

*What does he have to do to become Carlo's 'partner', Todd asks. Just change The Sun's editorial position about him. Carlo's got some nerve, Blair rants, after what he did to Starr. Carlo shouts that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Todd says lets just stick to the offer right now. Carlo wants him to make a deal with the guy who had him shot in the back, stuffed in the trunk of a car and pushed off a really, really, really high cliff? Forget it, Todd tells him.

*They're making a grave mistake, warns Carlo. Carlo doesn't forgive or forget. Well neither does he, Todd tells him. As far as Todd is concerned, Carlo is Poseidon, and he's already killed Todd once. Carlo leaves.

*Blair comes down the stairs with Starr. Todd is on the phone, he wants to talk to Briggs about making changes to tomorrow's front page. Blair hugs Starr and tells her she's scared. Todd's taking a big chance, standing up to Carlo. Blair's got to talk to Todd about playing it safe in the future, for Starr's sake. She takes Starr back upstairs.

*Todd tells Briggs to make tomorrow's headline "Pillow Papa pursues Press Ploy" and tells him to print everything about Carlo coming to Todd's apartment and threatening them. Blair tries to warn him that Carlo is dangerous, he's capable of anything. Todd's just going to provoke him. "I'm Todd Manning, I'm already dead. What's he going to do, kill me?", Todd replies.

Location: Marty's house

*Patrick is on the phone trying to reach Bo, but he's not available. Marty is surprised that the police haven't come to ask them about the book they stole. Maybe a book of Irish Airs wasn't worth calling the police, Patrick suggests. Marty decides they should go out and try to find Bo. When she opens the front door, a person in a black robe and skeleton mask is standing there.

*It's only Larry Wolek. He heard that Marty and Dylan had gotten a divorce and he stopped by to see how she was doing. Marty's fine, better than she's been in a long time. Patrick suggests they stay and talk and he'll go run that errand they were talking about (finding Bo). Patrick makes sure Larry will be there for a while, he doesn't want Marty alone, and then leaves.

*Larry asks if Marty is happy. She is very happy. She says she knew the minute that she met Patrick in Ireland, that he was the right man for her. She wanted to be the wife that Dylan needed, but she couldn't. She hurt Dylan badly, which is why she was worried that Larry didn't think much of her right now. Larry admits he never thought that Dylan was the right person from her. He's happy that Dylan could be there for her and help her deal with the rape, but Larry thinks Patrick is the right man for Marty. Someday Dylan will find the right person. Larry is paged by the hospital, and he has to leave.

*Patrick calls Marty from the police station. He hasn't found Bo yet, but he's going to stop by Bo's house to see if Nora knows where to find him. Patrick is worried when Marty tells him that Larry left to go back to the hospital. Patrick will stop by later as soon as he finds Bo. They hang up and Marty goes upstairs to bed. A figure dressed in black and wearing a black ski mask breaks the glass in one of her windows and pushes up the window.

Location: Dr. Durbin's office

*Elliot, still drinking, recalls his last therapy session with Viki, where he told her to kill Kevin. He stumbles from his desk toward the door. Just then, Bo opens the door and asks him if he's going somewhere. He's going to miss his flight, because Bo's got some questions to ask him. Bo's learned lately that Elliot has a serious gambling problem, and is associated with Carlo Hesser. Bo wants details on what's going to happen with Viki and Kevin tonight and he wants them now. Elliot denies that Carlo has anything to do with it. He does remember hearing that Viki was meeting someone at the Waterside Inn tonight, Room 10. Bo warns Elliot not to leave town as he rushes out the door. Elliot's back sitting at his desk when Carlo walks in. Elliot tells Carlo that Bo knows something, but he didn't tell him anything. Elliot tells Carlo he has to get away where no one can find him. That's what I'm here for, Carlo replies ominously.

Location: Waterside Inn - Room 10

*In a repeat of yesterday, Kevin picks up the gun with a handkerchief and almost discovers Dorian's hiding place, when there's a knock at the door. He puts the gun down on the table next to the bed and opens the door. It's Viki. They're surprised to see each other. Viki asks where Elliot is. She turns, and sees the painting of "The Lovers" hanging on the wall. She turns again, this time to stare at Kevin with a wierd expression on her face.

*Viki starts to rage at Kevin again. Kevin tries to explain that he got a tip to come here and he did tell Cassie because its her story. Viki tells him not to deny what's going on, why he came here, she's not stupid. She looks at the painting again. "I am so angry", she rants, and spots the gun lying on the table.

*Viki walks over and picks up the gun. She wants to know why it's there. Kevin tells her he doesn't know and ask her to put the gun down. Kevin tries to reason with her, that she was there when he got the call to come to the Waterside Inn about a tip. Viki claims that it's a lie, he came there to meet Cassie. Why is Viki there, Kevin asks her. She's here to help Elliot. Kevin tells her that every time she meets Elliot, she gets angrier and angrier. Elliot is not helping her. Kevin tells her he loves her and asks her to put the gun down, he doesnt' know if it's loaded. Viki's looks like she's just about to put the gun down, when there's a knock at the door. It's Cassie. Viki accuses Kevin of lying and Kevin shouts to Cassie not to come in. Viki, looking at the painting again, shouts for Cassie to come in, which she does. (Dorian is still eavesdropping on the patio throughout these scenes)

*Kevin tells Cassie to go, but she doesn't listen and tries to reason with Viki and asks her to put the gun down. Cassie tells Viki she did come to meet Kevin, but only because of the story. Dorian rushes into the room and screeches at Viki to put the gun down, they'll help Viki. Viki doesn't want help, she wants the anger to stop, she has to do the right thing. She yells at everyone to stop talking. She tells Cassie to take Dorian out of the room, this is between Kevin and her. What is, Cassie asks. Viki doesn't know, but it has to stop now, tonight. Cassie tells Viki she'll leave, but let her take the gun with her and Viki and Kevin can work this out. It's too late, says Viki. Dorian and Kevin try to force Cassie to leave.

*Viki insists that Cassie take Dorian and leave. Kevin pushes Cassie and Dorian out onto the patio and shuts the door. Cassie sends Dorian to go call the police. Viki's torn, she doesn't want to hurt Kevin, but she keeps looking at the painting and saying she has to end this. When she is distracted by the painting, Kevin grabs for the gun and forces her arm upward. They struggle over the gun. Dorian comes back and she and Cassie are standing outside on the patio when they hear the gun go off.

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