OLTL Recaps: The week of October 14, 1996 on One Life to Live
Todd and Blair met with Carlo. Rachel learned that Drew had been lying to her. Becky Lee returned to Llanview. Kevin and Cassie followed a lead on a story. Carlo and Alex were married, but Carlo learned of Alex's betrayal.
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Monday, October 14, 1996

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Blair accuses Todd of being willing to ruin The Sun rather than sharing it with her. Todd, in turn, accuses Blair of believing that everything he does revolves around her. The paper has one vision, one opinion, he tells her, and that opinion is his. Blair explains that she has grown to love the paper while he was away and thinks that they can work together as a great team. She convinces him to let her help a little, like with the writers, but she's not going to change Todd. Todd and Blair leave to go to the Palace Hotel.

Todd and Carlo meet for the very first time at the Palace Hotel. Carlo welcomes Todd back as someone who has also recently arisen from the dead. Carlo tells Todd that Blair used to give him a fair chance until Blair started listening to Patrick. Patrick convinced Blair that Carlo is really Poseidon, and is therefore responsible for Todd's 'death'. Carlo asks if the Sun will be treating him more fairly now that Todd is back. Todd says that it's up to his editor-in-chief and looks at Blair. Blair tells Carlo bluntly, "not in my lifetime".

Blair is curious if Todd meant what he said about her being an editor. Todd says that "editor" will mainly be just a title, but grudgingly admits that she did OK while he was away. He tells her The Sun needs more stories with an edge, not warm and fuzzy stories with happy endings. Todd suddenly decides to go back to work and tells Blair that he'll drop her off at the penthouse on the way.

(Todd and Blair's penthouse) Todd comes downstairs after saying goodnight to Starr. He decides not to go to work after all, but he sleeps downstairs on the couch while Blair goes upstairs to bed.

Rachel called Hank to Rodi's because she needs someone to talk to. Rachel tells Hank that Drew's mother, Becky Lee, is still alive. Drew has been lying to everyone for months about her. Rachel's hurt, she thought Drew was the only one who was completely honest with her. Hank says he'll always be grateful to Drew for helping Rachel, but Rachel never really knew where she stood with him and now she finds out he's been lying to her. Hank suggests that it might be a good idea if Rachel keeps her distance from Drew for a while.

Bo steps out onto the patio and sees Becky Lee. After he gets over the shock of seeing her, he tells the waiter that he will take care of the bill and demands to know from Drew what is going on. Renee comes out on the patio at this point and recognizes Becky Lee, they hug. She suggests that they take the conversation someplace more private. Bo drives Becky Lee to his house and Drew is going to drive himself and meet them there.

(at Bo's house)Bo tells Becky Lee he did feel terrible when he heard that she died, but he also feels terrible that Drew's been lying to him all this time. Drew arrives. Becky Lee explains how bad her career's been lately, how much money it takes, etc. Bo figures out that Drew didn't come back to Llanview to meet his father, but to get money from Bo. Drew tries to explain, but Becky Lee cuts him off. Bo's got plenty of money. He wouldn't even miss it if he gave some to Becky Lee. What's the big deal? Bo isn't upset really about the money, but about the fact that Becky Lee kept Drew hidden from him all these years. Bo wanted to be a part of Drew's life. When Drew showed up, Bo thought he was getting a second chance, but all he was to them was a cash machine.

Becky Lee claims that if Bo had found them, he would have taken Drew away from her. Bo says he would never do such a thing and if he ever gave her that impression, he's sorry. It's very late, Bo says. He'll get Becky Lee a room at the Palace and they will discuss everything tomorrow.

Andy is sitting at the bar talking to Max. She is upset because Antonio is still working for Carlo, even after everything that happened in North Carolina with Max and Maggie. Antonio says that he's staying with Carlo for the money, but Andy thinks that something is not right. Max tells her that it is time to accept the truth about Antonio. Andy thinks that Antonio is trying to get inside information about Carlo. Max tells her she's dreaming. While Andy is there, Renee calls Max to let him know that Carlo and Antonio are having dinner together at the Palace Restaurant.

Carlo talks briefly to Renee on the way in and gives the impression that he thinks Renee was involved with his hot dog being poisoned on the 4th of July. Carlo spots Todd and speaks with him. (see above) Carlo tells Antonio to relax about working for him, it was Antonio's destiny. Antonio replies that he had no choice but to work for Carlo. Carlo announces to Antonio that he's going to be marrying Alex soon and want Antonio to be his best man. Antonio accepts.

Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Marty drops by Patrick's apartment. They greet each other with a kiss. Marty tells Patrick she hasn't seen Dylan and she hasn't wanted to deal with the divorce. Marty smells something burning. It's Patrick's breakfast. Marty tells him she'll have dry cereal and orange juice please.

Asa is unhappy with Cord since he's letting Alex have more than what the pre-nuptial agreement said she could have. Alex's assistant, Brian is helping Alex move. Cord asks Asa why hasn't he let Nigel in on the deal. Asa tells Cord the fewer the people that know his true condition, the better.

Cord tells Asa that he suspects that Asa is still planning revenge towards Alex. Asa clarifies it for Cord that it's not revenge but justice. Alex comes down with her trunk and tries to leave with a diamond necklace but Cord takes it away. Asa tells 'doc' to take her portrait. Alex offers to leave it but they insist she take it. Alex says good-bye to Asa telling him that she will always love him.

As they are leaving, Asa pulls Brian aside and tells him to jump ship when he gets the chance because Alex will be going down. Meanwhile, Alex offers Nigel a job which he refuses.

Carlo, R.J. and Antonio are discussing the wedding plans that will take place later that day on the rented yacht. R.J. asks Carlo does he really want to have this wedding on a yacht after that last time when Patrick Thornhart trailed the yacht and nearly drowned. Carlo asks R.J. that he hopes he doesn't mind that Antonio was asked to be the best man. Carlo gives Antonio a tuxedo for the wedding to wear.

Carlo talks about the wedding. After they exchange their vows then they'll set sail, just Carlo and Alex. The crew will be discreet. Carlo tells Antonio about the baby and Antonio congratulates him.

After R.J. leaves Antonio asks Carlo why does he let R.J. talk to him the way he does. Antonio also asks about Patrick's little caper. Carlo asks Antonio why is he asking. Antonio replies that it's his job to keep things from going wrong. Also, he has a shipment that arrives weekly at the docks. If there's someone that he needs to know down there...Carlo tells him that R.J. may not have a regular person. Carlo tells Antonio that Alex wants to keep their wedding secret for now. She may lose votes if the announcement is made now. Later there will be a public ceremony

Nora's at the Palace Restaurant finishing breakfast and as she's leaving she overhears Becky Lee ordering and charging her breakfast to Bo's account. Nora confronts Becky Lee asking her what does she think she's doing. Becky Lee tries to tell Nora who she is, but Nora won't believe her. Renee makes the introductions.

Nora is amazed at Becky Lee. Nora can't believe that Becky Lee kept Drew away from Bo all those years. Becky Lee tells Nora not to blame Drew for any of this. Nora asks Becky Lee what was all this deception about. Becky Lee tells Nora that she and Drew needed the money for a recording session.

Drew stops by Bo's. Drew asks Bo if Nora's back but Bo wants to talk to Drew about all the lies he's told since he's been back. Bo tells Drew that he didn't understand why Becky Lee had the idea that he (Bo) would take him (Drew) away from her. More importantly, why did Drew keep lying?

Alex shows up at the Palace. Alex asks Renee if there's some place safe that she can keep her portrait. Renee doesn't have a safe place large enough. Alex offers her portrait to be hung in the hotel, but Renee tells Alex no thanks. Renee does offer her lawyer's name for Alex to use in the future. Renee points out that she got the Palace Hotel as part of her settlement.

Alex tells Brian that he's to call Carlo and tell him that she wants orchids and a champagne fountain. Brian asks her when was it that she was suppose to be there and where. Alex reminds him it's at Yacht for All Seasons by noon.

Patrick asks when can they be together forever. Marty tells Patrick she wants to do things right this time. Marty tells him she likes the idea that he'll be there when she comes home at night. Patrick promises her that he won't let her out of bed. Patrick tells her to get use to happiness.

Patrick gives Marty her first tour of his place. He had some stuff in storage that he had shipped from Ireland. They unpack one box of his mementoes. Another box to unpack is Siobhan's. She didn't have family, so the authorites sent it to Patrick. Patrick tells Marty it's about time he took care of them.

Nora goes over to the mansion. She asks Asa why hasn't he told Nigel that he's okay. Cord agrees with Nora. Asa rants a little about Alex getting away with some clothes and all the cops surrounding the mansion. Renee calls and tells Asa she's overheard Alex's wedding plans. Asa gets off the phone and tells Cord and Nora that he's going to take a nap, so they can leave but send Nigel in.

When Nigel checks on Asa, Asa finally reveals himself to Nigel. Nigel tests Asa by asking him the closing price of BE stock. Asa tells him.

The police come in to tell Cord that they see Asa trying to get away. Nora and Cord return to the library and see that a bust and some pillows now lie in Asa's place. They all run out to catch up with 'Asa' (Nigel wearing Asa's cowboy hat). After they leave, Asa walks out from the other room heading for the door.

Drew tells Bo that he was fed a steady diet of Bo being this bad person. But once he got to know him he didn't know how to stop the lies. Becky Lee sacrified alot for him. Drew tells Bo that he was afraid that he would lose Bo's respect if he exposed his lies. Bo tells Drew that respect is something that is earned everyday.

Bo questions Drew about Becky Lee, in particular this edge that she has now. Drew tells Bo that Becky Lee has trusted alot of the wrong people through the years. Bo asks Drew about this Roy. Drew doesn't know that much about him.

Becky Lee shows up at Bo's place. She asks if they cleared the air. Bo tells her that some air has been cleared. Bo asks Becky Lee what did she do with the money. Drew asks that they not bring up the money and Becky Lee gets herself and Drew out of there.

Drew says that he's to meet up with Rachel and explain all of this to her. Bo tells him that she's staying at Hank's so he'll have to deal with him too. After Becky Lee and Drew get out the door, Becky Lee asks if Drew covered for her. Drew tells her he didn't have any choice.

Bo calls a private investigator. Bo tells him that he wants to check on the checks he wrote to Drew. Where they went and for what. The money should have gone into an account for Becky Lee and he wants to know what she did with it.

Alex is asking R.J. for help in choosing her wedding dress. Alex tells R.J. that she needs to get married because right now she's in limbo, in between fortunes. Her salary as mayor isn't enough.

Alex asks R.J. to be her 'maid of honor'. Then asks for advice on how to keep Carlo's hands off of her for the honeymoon. R.J. tells her to come up with some medical reason. Then Alex admits she took taxpayers' money to pay the monthly installment to the mother-to-be who's having their (Carlo's and Alex's) child. R.J. can't believe she did it.

Carlo tells Antonio that the secret of his success is clean hands. He pays others to dirty theirs. Also, write nothing down. But then Carlo goes on to say that there might be something out there but unless you knew what you were looking at, it could slip by unnoticed.

Wednesday, October 16, 1996

Kevin and Cassie are at the Banner sneaking looks at one another.Cassie goes to sharpent the point on her pencil, Kevin breaks the point on his pencil so he can follow her. He begins making small talk about her big story and trying to pump her for information. Finally she breaks down and tells him some of the inside scoop of an unknown woman going to the bank to cash checks from Alex. Andrew and River come in and invite Cassie out to lunch. Viki watches as Cassie leaves and Kevin looks uncomfortable. At lunch Andrew reassures Cassie that he trusts her and she tells him how things are working out and she is happy at the Banner. At the Banner Kevin grabs Cassie's ringing phone and follows a lead on Cassie's big story to the bank. Later Kevin is at the diner following a young woman. He starts a conversation with her about her being pregnant and if she has a husband. She admits she isn't married and that the baby she's carrying is for someone else. Then she gets nervous and leaves. Kevin goes back to the paper where Cassie jumps on him for stealing her story. He tells her he was just helping out and together they go to Clint and Viki to give them the news. Kevin is sure Alex is paying Emily, (the pregnant woman) to have the baby for her but he has no concrete evidence and Clint will hold the story till he and Cassie can come up with it. Kevin hints strongly to Cassie that she will have to find a way into Alexs' suite at the Palace Hotel.

Alex is dressed and ready for the wedding when R.J. arrives to escort her. R.J. tells her Emily wants more money. Alex is pleased with herself for using the city money to pay Emily until she can get her hands on Carlo's money. She plans to repay the city every penny after the wedding. On the yacht Carlo is bubbly and happy. He can't wait to get married. He will now have everything, Alex, a son and the destruction of Asa. Asa is peeking through a porthole waiting for his moment. In the meanwhile, Nora and Cord are trying to persuade Nigel to tell them where Asa has gone to. They are sure he has gone to the wedding and that Nigel knows where it is. Bo comes in and screams at Nigel so loudly that he blurts out all the details of the wedding location. Cord, Nora and Bo take off after Asa. The ceremony begins and ends uneventfully, but before the kiss, Alex want to read the Psalm of Psalms to her beloved Carlo. When she finishes Asa busts through the doors, yelling about the wiley coyote spookin' the cattle. Alex jumps into Carlo's arms, Cord, Nora and Bo rush in and everyone is screaming. Asa refuses to leave the yacht until he has given Alex her wedding gift. He goes up to her and rips off her dress, revealing her pregnancy cushion, which he also plucks off. Carlo is stunned, Alex is screaming at Asa that he is a crazy slime, Asa is yelling back at her that she and Carlo are slithering snakes and that he is not crazy. Asa tells Carlo she's all yours Papa. Carlo is angry and Asa is ready to duke-it out with him when Alex steps between them yelling at Asa for lying to her all these months. Asa fills in Carlo about Alex having had her tubes tied and faking the pregnancy. Carlo totally loses control and rages at everyone to get out. Antonio menacingly tells Bo to leave (part of their act). Asa congratulates Carlo on his marriage and leaves. Bo congratulates Carlo on not having a boring wedding. Antonio look threateningly at Bo. Nora recommends to Carlo he can get a speedy divorce from the same judge that just performed his wedding. Carlo can't even look at Alex as she tries to explain what she was trying to do. Carlo tells her that he has lived with one rule his whole life, "that noone ever betrays me." He is shaking and livid with anger.

Patrick and Marty are opening the box of Siobhans stuff. Patrick is afraid to open the box and Marty offers to give him privacy. Patrick feels that if they strong enough to face the future then they need to be strong enough to face the past. They open the box and find an old Irish flute, music, needlepoint canvas. Patrick becomes overwhelmed by the memories. Marty helps him talk about Siobhan and his memories of her. Patrick is afraid he can't get on with his life until Carlo is behind bars or in his grave. Marty reassures Patrick that she knows he loves her differently than he loved Siobhan. She loves him without thinking. Patrick is grateful to her for her understanding. He decides to give the Siobhan's instruments to the music department, books to the library but he will keep her tapestry as a reminder of the work he still has to do.

Thursday, October 17, 1996

At the stables, Blair tells Araby that Todd is the only one who can tame her and she's the only one who can tame Todd. She says that Blair and Todd love each other very much. Todd comes to the stables. Blair reminds Todd of life before he died--the night Todd and Blair spent at the stable. Todd says that is all in the past. Blair asks Todd to go for a ride. She pledges that she is not afraid to go anywhere or do anything for Todd. Todd says they share the paper, that's all. Blair wonders what it will take to make Todd her husband again. Patrick shows up and asks Blair if everything is fine between Blair and Todd. Patrick once again asks Blair if she has told Todd the truth about what happened between them. Blair then learns from Patrick that he and Marty saw Todd at the Wild Swan before Todd came home to Blair. Blair is extremely angry. Patrick leaves; Todd comes back ready to go for a ride. Blair hits him with her anger (not literally, figuratively). Blair asks Todd for an explanation why Todd met Marty before he came home to his wife and daughter. She also admits she is tired of trying to get Todd to answer her questions and let her back into his life.

In the classroom, Professor Thornhart explains jealousy by using Othello as an example while Todd listens in the background.

Kevin suggests Cassie and he break into Alex's room at the Palace. Cassie says it's illegal; Kevin argues it's semantics. Cassie should find evidence that Alex is using city funds for her own personal gain. Kevin offers to break into Alex's room, but Cassie doesn't trust him. She goes with him but to wait outside the door (that way the Rector's wife will not be doing anything illegal--can you imagine what that would do to Andrew's job prospect). Kevin slips into Alex's room but finds no papers. Cassie steps into the room to look for Alex's purses. She finds a bank statement, proof that Alex has been making regular payments to Emily. When Kevin and Cassie are ready to leave, Alex returns with R.J.

Alex tearfully begs Carlo to give her a chance to explain. Carlo begins to choke her, but R.J. and Antonio break it up. Alex believes, however, that Carlo loves her and won't hurt her. Carlo threatens Alex that if she isn't truthful, they will find her lifeless body floating in the river. Carlo's question, were Alex and Asa acting in concert to humiliate him? Alex vehemently denies saying she gave up everything for Carlo. Alex tells Carlo she made up the baby story out of love for Carlo. She explains that she's arranged for Carlo and her to adopt a baby. Carlo angrily tells Alex that he wanted a son from his loins to replace the one that Viki killed. Carlo demands R.J. take Alex back to the palace. Antonio suggests Carlo take a vacation, but Carlo says no--never show weakness.

Alex confides in R.J. that she may not have lost everything; she's still mayor. Carlo confides in Antonio that Alex is the only thing he's ever let get to him. As Carlo takes off his wedding ring, he tells Antonio that no one will ever betray him (Carlo) again and live. Carlo leaves, Antonio calls Bo to set up a meeting.

Kelly spies Cameron/Olivia having a business lunch with a Japanese official. Joey meets Kelly; they discuss Drew, Becky Lee, Bo and lies during Kelly's photo shoot. Kelly tells Joey she saw Olivia speaking Japanese during a busienss luncheon. Then Olivia comes out to the terrace. Kelly and Joey ask her why she's so business like. She explains she got a job with a "big international outfit." Cord shows up; Olivia blows off Kelly and Joey; Cord wants to introduce her to them. Olivia stalls until Joey and Kelly have left. Cord wants her to meet the whole family.

Friday, October 14, 1996

Starting Location: Alex's hotel room

Cassie and Kevin are very excited about finding Alex's personal bank statement proving that she was using city funds to buy a baby. Suddenly, they hear Alex and R.J. returning and hide under Alex's bed. R.J. tries to cheer Alex up and pours her a drink. She calls the Buchanans "hypocritical, pious, ego-centric blowhards." R.J tells her tomorrow will be better. Alex wants her money back from Emily now that she doesn't need the baby. Alex lays down to take a nap and R.J. leaves. Once Alex is asleep, Cassie and Kevin crawl out from under the bed and head for the door.

Down in the Palace dining room, Clint is telling Joey and Kelly the "Alex and the pillow" story and tells them that Alex and Asa are divorced. Kevin and Cassie rush into the dining room, they need to talk to Clint right away. Kevin strongly hints that Joey and Kelly should leave, which they do. Kevin and Cassie have Alex's bank statement that proves that Alex was using city money to buy a baby. And how did they get this bank statement?, Clint asks. Kevin says they have an anonymous source they need to protect. Cassie backs him up. As long as nothing was illegal, Clint says. Clint tells Cassie to get started on Part 1 and have it on his desk in the morning. Kevin offers to help her, but Cassie turns him down. They leave to go back to the Banner.

Starting Location: The Palace Hotel Dining Room

Bo is telling Clint about Asa ripping Alex's dress off, exposing her pillow. Then they talk about Becky Lee being alive. Bo knows that Becky Lee is still keeping something from him. Bo has to leave to meet with someone.

Antonio has a flashback of telling Andy that he's working with Carlo for the money. He then gets into a limo, the driver is Bo. Antonio tells Bo that Carlo mentioned the one mistake that he has made. Carlo keeps clean by making sure he's never directly involved with anything and by never writing anything down, except this one time, the "Irish Air." Bo's going to talk to Patrick and see if he has any idea what that means.(see below) Antonio should be able to get closer to Carlo, he's going to need a friend right now. The sooner they nab Carlo, the sooner they can get back to real life. "If it's not too late", Antonio says, getting out of the limo.

Location: Dr. Durbin's office

Dr. Durbin is writing a note to his attorney saying that if he is murdered, Carlo Hesser was responsible. And if Kevin Buchanan is killed, Viki is in no way responsible. Dorian enters the office. Dorian mentions the boxes in the office and Dr. Durbin tells her that he's moving to another office. Dr. Durbin tells her that he's not taking on any more patients and he won't discuss Viki with her. Dorian wonders aloud why Dr. Durbin is so close with someone like Carlo Hesser. He admits to knowing Carlo, that's all. Does it have anything to do with confidentiality between a gambler and his loanshark, Dorian wonders. Durbin says she's wasting her time. He's in debt and barred from every casino, says Dorian, Carlo could pay off his debts. But what would Carlo want in return, something to do with Viki? Durbin tells Dorian that he doesn't care what Dorian knows, or thinks she knows. He'd better start to care, Dorian threatens. What if Viki found out he isn't all he seems to be? Dorian suggests that he tell her everything about Carlo, or else.

Location: Palace Hotel Dining Room

Andy rushes in late to meet Marty for lunch. Marty had to start her lunch because she's meeting Patrick soon. Marty asks how Dillon is. He's OK, he went up to the Mountain Sunset Inn. Marty's afraid Andy must hate her for what she did to Dillon. She doesn't hate Marty, Andy assures her, and neither does Dillon. Andy didn't do much better with her relationship, she fell in love with the wrong guy. Antonio's working for Carlo now. Marty leaves to go meet Patrick. (See below)

Just as Andy's paying her lunch check, Antonio comes into the dining room. He's shaking hands with an art dealer Carlo asked him to meet, when Andy walks by. She hears Antonio say that he's authorized to act on Carlo's behalf.

Location: Llanview University - Patrick's Classroom

Patrick is teaching a class about Othello and jealousy when Todd appears in the classroom doorway. "Jealousy out of control can destroy the lives of the ones you love the most", Patrick says, and asks if there are any comments or questions. Todd raises his hand and says, "I have a question." Patrick says he's happy that Todd wants to learn, but this time is for his students. After getting no other questions, he dismisses the class. Kelly and Joey, out in the hallway, discuss how strange Todd is. Kelly thinks that it has something to do with Blair, because she and Patrick were seeing each other while Todd was away. Inside, Todd asks Patrick if he's going to make a habit of ruining Todd's life. Patrick plans to mind his own business. Good, Todd says, butt out. Is this about Blair finding out that Todd didn't come home right away, Patrick wants to know. Blair and Patrick helped each other through a rough time, but Patrick's heart belongs to Marty. Todd warns him to stay away from Blair.

Patrick wishes that Todd hadn't taken his place and gotten shot, making Patrick feel guilty. Patrick never asked Todd to go out and play hero. He thinks that Todd did it because of Marty, to get rid of some of the guilt he feels about what he did to her. (Marty is standing in the doorway, but they don't see her) Patrick tells Todd thank you for saving his life, but he'll never forget what Todd did to Margret, the woman he loves, and he'll make Todd pay. Marty steps forward and asks what is going on. Marty tells them to stop it and Todd just leaves without saying anything. Marty tells Patrick to forget about it, she has. They hug. They should think about the future, not the past. Marty has to check out a book from the library. Patrick will wait for her there. Bo comes in and asks Patrick if the words "Irish Air" mean anything to him.

Starting Location: Llanfair

Jessie is playing with Starr and talking to Viki. Jessie says Blair must have been so surpised when she saw Todd. Jessie thinks she probably would have fainted, but it kind of makes you believe in miracles. The doorbell rings and Viki answers it. It's Blair, looking ver upset. Why did Todd go to see other people before coming home to her, Blair asks Viki. Jessie brings Starr out to Blair, but Viki asks her to take Starr to the kitchen so she can talk to Blair. Viki suggests that perhaps Todd was overwhelmed when he came back and needed time to adjust before he saw his family. But why would he see Marty and Patrick first, of all people. It doesn't make sense to Blair. Todd's hiding something from her. He looks at her like she did something wrong, like he can't stand her. Viki tells Blair that she can tell Todd love Blair by the way he looks at her. Viki suggests that Blair just take a break and go up to her cabin for a day or two. Viki will take care of Starr for her. She tells Blair to be patient with Todd, he doesn't know how to accept love yet. Blair leaves.

After leaving Patrick at the University, Todd comes to Llanfair looking for Blair and the baby. Blair's already left, she was very upset and Viki suggested she take some time for herself. Viki wants Todd to tell Blair what he saw that night he came home so they can work it out. She finally tells him that Blair went to the cabin. Todd leaves. Outside, he calls Zeus and tells him to hurry up to the cabin and be sure that they didn't leave anything behind. Blair arrives at the cabin and goes inside. Near the fireplace, on the floor, is a photo of Todd and Starr together, but Blair hasn't noticed it yet.

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