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Monday, October 14, 1996

This marks the beginning of the Recaps Archive.

Blair accuses Todd of being willing to ruin The Sun rather than sharing it with her. Todd, in turn, accuses Blair of believing that everything he does revolves around her. The paper has one vision, one opinion, he tells her, and that opinion is his. Blair explains that she has grown to love the paper while he was away and thinks that they can work together as a great team. She convinces him to let her help a little, like with the writers, but she's not going to change Todd. Todd and Blair leave to go to the Palace Hotel.

Todd and Carlo meet for the very first time at the Palace Hotel. Carlo welcomes Todd back as someone who has also recently arisen from the dead. Carlo tells Todd that Blair used to give him a fair chance until Blair started listening to Patrick. Patrick convinced Blair that Carlo is really Poseidon, and is therefore responsible for Todd's 'death'. Carlo asks if the Sun will be treating him more fairly now that Todd is back. Todd says that it's up to his editor-in-chief and looks at Blair. Blair tells Carlo bluntly, "not in my lifetime".

Blair is curious if Todd meant what he said about her being an editor. Todd says that "editor" will mainly be just a title, but grudgingly admits that she did OK while he was away. He tells her The Sun needs more stories with an edge, not warm and fuzzy stories with happy endings. Todd suddenly decides to go back to work and tells Blair that he'll drop her off at the penthouse on the way.

(Todd and Blair's penthouse) Todd comes downstairs after saying goodnight to Starr. He decides not to go to work after all, but he sleeps downstairs on the couch while Blair goes upstairs to bed.

Rachel called Hank to Rodi's because she needs someone to talk to. Rachel tells Hank that Drew's mother, Becky Lee, is still alive. Drew has been lying to everyone for months about her. Rachel's hurt, she thought Drew was the only one who was completely honest with her. Hank says he'll always be grateful to Drew for helping Rachel, but Rachel never really knew where she stood with him and now she finds out he's been lying to her. Hank suggests that it might be a good idea if Rachel keeps her distance from Drew for a while.

Bo steps out onto the patio and sees Becky Lee. After he gets over the shock of seeing her, he tells the waiter that he will take care of the bill and demands to know from Drew what is going on. Renee comes out on the patio at this point and recognizes Becky Lee, they hug. She suggests that they take the conversation someplace more private. Bo drives Becky Lee to his house and Drew is going to drive himself and meet them there.

(at Bo's house)Bo tells Becky Lee he did feel terrible when he heard that she died, but he also feels terrible that Drew's been lying to him all this time. Drew arrives. Becky Lee explains how bad her career's been lately, how much money it takes, etc. Bo figures out that Drew didn't come back to Llanview to meet his father, but to get money from Bo. Drew tries to explain, but Becky Lee cuts him off. Bo's got plenty of money. He wouldn't even miss it if he gave some to Becky Lee. What's the big deal? Bo isn't upset really about the money, but about the fact that Becky Lee kept Drew hidden from him all these years. Bo wanted to be a part of Drew's life. When Drew showed up, Bo thought he was getting a second chance, but all he was to them was a cash machine.

Becky Lee claims that if Bo had found them, he would have taken Drew away from her. Bo says he would never do such a thing and if he ever gave her that impression, he's sorry. It's very late, Bo says. He'll get Becky Lee a room at the Palace and they will discuss everything tomorrow.

Andy is sitting at the bar talking to Max. She is upset because Antonio is still working for Carlo, even after everything that happened in North Carolina with Max and Maggie. Antonio says that he's staying with Carlo for the money, but Andy thinks that something is not right. Max tells her that it is time to accept the truth about Antonio. Andy thinks that Antonio is trying to get inside information about Carlo. Max tells her she's dreaming. While Andy is there, Renee calls Max to let him know that Carlo and Antonio are having dinner together at the Palace Restaurant.

Carlo talks briefly to Renee on the way in and gives the impression that he thinks Renee was involved with his hot dog being poisoned on the 4th of July. Carlo spots Todd and speaks with him. (see above) Carlo tells Antonio to relax about working for him, it was Antonio's destiny. Antonio replies that he had no choice but to work for Carlo. Carlo announces to Antonio that he's going to be marrying Alex soon and want Antonio to be his best man. Antonio accepts.