RILEY Family Tree
Unknown Parents (deceased)

c. Eileen Riley
    m. David Siegel (deceased) (died 1972)
        c. Timothy Siegel (deceased) (died 1976)
            m. Jenny Wolek (deceased) (married 1976; died 1997; see Wolek)
        c. Julie Siegel
            m. Mark Toland (deceased) (married 1971; dissolved 1975)

c. Joe Riley (deceased) (died 1979)
    a. Cathy Craig (see Craig)
        c. Megan Riley (deceased)
    m. Victoria Lord (see Randolph and Lord)
        c. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan Sr. (born 1976)
        Legally adopted by Clint Buchanan (see Buchanan).
        c. Joseph Francis Riley Buchanan (born 1980)
        Legally adopted by Clint Buchanan (see Buchanan).

c. Tom Dennison
Tom was the long-lost and presumed dead twin of Joe.
    m. Lee Halpern (deceased) (died 1988)
        c. Mari Lynn Dennison
            m. Wade Coleman (married 1988)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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