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For the Week of July 25, 2011
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The story of the two Todds picked up momentum and basically carried the show last week, since just about everything else was silly or boring.
The story of the "two Todds" picked up momentum and basically carried the show last week, since just about everything else was silly or boring. I am glad that Roger Howarth's character finally got to do something other than sneak around Llanview and eavesdrop on conversations. When he and Todd came face-to-face, we got a huge cliffhanger, especially for a Monday!

Unless Todd is doing a spectacular job of acting, he doesn't know anything about Roger Howarth's character or why he looks how Todd used to look. If he is an imposter, no one told him about it, and that's really all we found out from this confrontation. Todd remained relatively calm as he confronted the man with his old face and even when he was led at gunpoint back to his house, but he seemed equally confused by the whole thing. Of course, neither Téa nor Blair saw Roger Howarth's character, since Agent Baker swooped in and shot him. I don't know what agency this agent is from, but they are ruthless there. We've seen Roger Howarth's character be shocked and now shot and dumped in a river. No wonder he is so mad. It's been a rough eight years!

Todd was haunted by the confrontation after the fact, but he thinks Roger Howarth's character is dead, which of course he isn't. I hope they see each other again soon. It will be interesting to see what happens on Monday, since Friday's episode ended with John McBain seeing Roger Howarth's character. At least he knows that Sam's "imaginary" friend with the line on his face is real now!

Elsewhere in Llanview, Nate and Deanna caved to Rick's blackmail and created a porn movie together. I don't know why this story is necessary. Actually, I don't know why Nate and Deanna are necessary, but this story certainly didn't do them any favors. Nate acted like doing the porn movie would solve all of his problems, but Matthew isn't dead, and Bo and Nora can still find out what happened to him.

Meanwhile, Deanna took Rick's word that the documents in the file were legit, when there is little reason to assume that they were. I hope that Rick was telling the truth about the file, though. That way, Deanna can stay in California. I wish she had taken Nate with her. Now, we get to wonder when Nate and Deanna's movie will be discovered because it obviously will. Dani is about to learn not to believe everything that everyone says.

In another room at the Minute Man Motel, Echo kidnapped Dorian, tied her to a chair, and covered her nose and mouth with duct tape. She also decided she had to get rid of Dorian so she wouldn't be caught. I can see why Echo has issues with Dorian, but trying to kill her was going too far. Fortunately, Sam showed up just in time as Spider-Man and saved the day. He was adorable in those scenes, even if it was unbelievable that Echo was trapped by silly string. I know kids' toys have gotten more sophisticated over the years, but that asked us to suspend all reality. I am glad the kidnapping story didn't last too long. Kim Zimmer and Robin Strasser can make even the weakest material entertaining, but I hate to see their talent squandered in a story like this. I am also glad that David and Dorian got their happy reunion. As Dorian's time in Llanview is coming to an end, I would hate to see her time wasted in a frivolous story such as the one with David and Ionia.

Joey and Kelly got their happy reunion, which was underwhelming. Maybe it's the fact that they have glossed over the fact that Kelly left Joey for Kevin or that they are being reunited because it's convenient from a writing perspective, but I don't think it was the right direction for these characters. I am glad that Kelly is getting her "happily ever after," even if it's not the one I would have picked. Kelly hasn't had a decent story since Gina Tognoni returned to the show, and I'll never understand why. It continues the trend of bringing characters back, making a big deal out of it, and then not knowing what to do with the character. It doesn't make sense.

The truth about Liam's paternity continues to be kept a secret by Todd, Vimal, and Brody, and it's trying my patience. I know Todd will never tell John the truth because he wants to make John suffer. However, Brody has no business keeping this secret. He knows from personal experience how lying about paternity affects people, yet he is doing it anyway, and blackmailing Vimal in the process. I hate what has happened to Brody since he slept with Natalie and lied about it. He had turned his life around, and now his character is being ruined. It's a shame.

Vimal seems to be the only person with a conscience in Llanview. I like him. He is keeping the secret about Liam's paternity, but he is suffering because of it. Writing John a letter and leaving it on a cluttered desk wasn't the best option to reveal the truth, and it's old-fashioned, even by soap standards, but I guess he should get a little credit for trying. Of course, Brody intervened and took the letter before John could read it. I am pretty sure everyone knew something like this would happen. Fortunately for Brody, he is apparently an expert in reading handwriting and knew it was Vimal's immediately, so the secret of Liam's paternity continues. I don't know how long this story is going to last, but it's already gone on for too long. How many people have to learn the truth before John and Natalie?

Natalie and Jessica's feud continues to escalate, and it doesn't look like it will end any time soon. I can see both points of view. Jessica feels she isn't responsible because of her illness, and Natalie felt abandoned by Jessica while Tess was in control. Neither argument is outrageous. Natalie deciding to get involved with Brody wasn't the best choice, considering the circumstance, but she thinks she has a child with him, so I can see why she felt close to him. However, Natalie doesn't seem to be that interested in Brody. He painted a nice picture of their life as a family, and since she knew John wasn't an option, she went for it. It doesn't seem any deeper than that. Meanwhile, Jessica doesn't seem to be interested in winning Brody back, making this story weak. They are all mad at each other because they are supposed to be; that's what it seems like, anyway.

I still don't see the appeal of Robert Ford. I didn't like him when he was bad, and I don't like him as an alleged good guy. Every time he talks about wanting Tess to come back, I cringe. It's almost as bad as when he willingly kept Jessica from getting treatment by marrying Tess. Now, he tells Jessica that he's sad Tess is gone, even though Jessica is in control and is doing better. It doesn't make sense, it's weird, and I don't see how this is a good basis for a relationship. Tess and Ford falling in love in the first place came out of nowhere, and this story continues to be more twisted by the day.

Rex continues to channel Clint, as he has started to avenge Gigi's death and threaten anyone who does anything he doesn't like. I am glad that John figured out what "Origami Cogs" was, even if it was a little convenient. Rex needed the warning John gave him about going too far. That warning didn't do much, though, since Rex threatened Dorian soon after. It was odd to see him defend Echo to Dorian and Bo. I guess since she helped him forge Gigi's legal documents, she has proven herself to him. Clint would be proud that Rex values that kind of family loyalty!

Finally, people have been asking me a lot of questions about the recent news that One Life to Live will be moving online. I don't have any information beyond what has already been reported, which isn't much at all. We have to wait and see what happens. However, I do think that people should continue participating in various campaigns to save the soaps. The show could go online and be great, but it could also fall apart or even end up being a completely different show. We just don't know and shouldn't take anything for granted. I recently had a dream (seriously) that the show was moving to TBS, and then I woke up and realized it wasn't true. However, it reinforced the idea that there are many ways to save the soaps, and the effort to do that shouldn't end.

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