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At a turning point?
by Dawn
For the Week of June 13, 2011
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Last week was eventful in Llanview, as many stories reached or were about to reach turning points.
Last week was eventful in Llanview, as many stories reached or were about to reach turning points. Marty left Llanview, Clint finally told more of his family that he is dying, Bo and Nora were faced with a terrible situation, Viki took drastic action to get her daughter back, and Shane decided to fight back. We still had some filler scenes interspersed throughout the episodes, but I am glad that at least some of the stories are moving forward.

Marty was reunited with an unseen Patrick and left Llanview, after being coaxed by Todd. That's a good deal for someone who has recently committed murder. I know a lot of viewers wanted to see Marty held accountable for her actions, but since few people in Llanview are, it was a long shot. It was interesting that Marty had a moment of clarity with Todd, of all people, about everything she had done. Her pangs of guilt didn't stop her from reuniting with Patrick, but at least she acknowledged what she did. I guess this is the last in a long line of stranger interactions that Todd and Marty have shared over the years. Their interactions won't be missed.

It looks like Todd won't be keeping his promise to tell John the truth about Liam's paternity. Why would he when he can torture John just for fun? I don't know why Marty believed that Todd would tell John the truth; she's never been able to trust him before! Maybe she didn't care that much, or she still wasn't thinking clearly. Anyway, I can't say I'll miss Marty, and I am sure the truth about Liam will come out some other way. I just wonder what Patrick would have to say about Marty's recent actions if we could see or hear him. I guess we'll never know!

It's good that Téa is still suspicious of Todd and Tomas' sudden friendship, especially after Liam was found in Todd's pool house. She needs to be, especially since Blair is ready to trust Tomas with little reason. I couldn't believe when she went to see Tomas, kissed him, and repeatedly called him a hero, even when he disagreed with her assessment. For someone who has been deceived by multiple men before, I would hope Blair would be more cautious. She doesn't know Tomas is a bad guy, but she doesn't know that he isn't either. I don't want her to be a victim of yet another bad man, so I hope she comes to her senses and slows down with Tomas!

I still think the story with Todd and whoever Roger Howarth's character could be is interesting. Roger Howarth's character believes he is Todd and was confused by everything he observed. His scenes with Sam at the pool were great. He acted very much like Todd, and Sam is a cute kid. Of course, if Roger Howarth 's character is the real Todd, Sam wouldn't be Todd's son without a major rewrite of history. That's just another thing to consider as this story unfolds. I think this story will have a lot of twists and turns before it's over, so I won't draw any conclusions about who is and isn't Todd yet. I just hope we get to see Roger Howarth's character do more than skulk about Llanview and eavesdrop. Talking to Sam was a start, but we need to see more interactions between him and other characters.

I am glad that Clint finally told Natalie and Joey that his days are numbered. I know Clint didn't want to burden them with the truth, but after all of the harm his other secrets have caused, he should know that keeping a big secret like that is a bad idea. He seems to have accepted his impending death and has made peace with it, which is interesting, since Clint has never taken no for answer to anything. It's like we are seeing a whole different character. I don't believe that Clint will actually die, but it's still interesting to see how he is dealing with his bad prognosis.

Natalie and Joey now feel obligated to follow Clint's dying wish that they reunite with their loved ones as soon as possible. I will never understand why Natalie and John make such a great couple. I actually like the bond that is growing between Natalie and Brody, and I never thought I would say that. I would prefer to see Natalie explore that than run back to John, but it looks as if John is her destiny, at least for now.

As for Joey and Kelly, I still think their reunion doesn't make sense. After all of their history, it doesn't seem like they would ever want to get back together. I thought Kelly had a stronger connection with Kevin, but it looks like the writers have closed the door on that possibility, especially since Gina Tognoni and Tom Dengan will be leaving the show this summer. I wish I could be more excited about John and Natalie's or Joey and Kelly's possible reunions, but neither couple really seems like the final answer in my mind. Maybe they'll prove me wrong next week. Anything is possible.

While Clint waited for a heart transplant, Matthew continued to suffer from his head injury, while Bo and Nora helplessly watched. While it looks like Matthew could be Clint's heart donor, I don't think it will happen that way. I think Matthew is a red herring and that someone else will die and save Clint's life. As of right now, I think it will be Gigi, since her life will apparently be endangered, and if she were to die, it would be a powerful story for her heart to save Clint's life. Rex and Clint would have a new connection, and it would be interesting to see how their relationship would change as a result. I don't know for a fact that Gigi will die, since I don't read spoilers, but that is my current prediction. Gigi could also be a false lead. With the show ending, I don't think any character is safe from death!

I felt horrible for Bo and Nora last week, as they watched Matthew hooked up to machines, without being able to do anything to help him. I also felt bad that they the only guidance they had was from Matthew's impatient doctor who seemed to be exasperated with their questions and search for hope. I don't know if this was an acting, directing, or a writing decision, but it was really difficult to watch this doctor. It seemed like she couldn't wait to pull Matthew's plug and get on with her day. I understand that she is for organ donation, but she needed to give Bo and Nora a little breathing room instead of repeatedly telling them that Matthew is a goner and that they should deal with it. I think it's time for Bo and Nora to get a second opinion!

Nora's reaction to all of this was truly heartbreaking. It was a powerful moment when Nora told Matthew that as long as she was alive, he would be alive too. Her reaction to overhearing Bo and Rex talk about Matthew's blood type was also emotional, as she told them she didn't want to hear about it ever again. It will be interesting to see how far this story goes and if Bo and Nora have to make a decision about Matthew in order to save Clint. Based on what we saw last week, I don't think Nora would ever condone letting Matthew die, but it could happen. I just wish we could see Bo and Nora more than two days a week. This is a major story, and we have only seen it sporadically, which doesn't make sense, given the intense nature of it!

It looks like Destiny might be pregnant, and I am not sure how I feel about that. I would love if a female character could get sick on a soap opera and have it be something other than pregnancy. What a cliché! I also don't know if I am ready for another story about teen pregnancy. However, given Matthew's condition, and depending on his fate, it could bring Bo and Nora comfort to know that Matthew would live on in a grandchild. I am still hoping that Matthew won't die, but it's still a possibility.

I guess I'll have a stronger opinion once we know if Destiny is pregnant, but right now, I don't know what I want the outcome to be.

The story that is the hardest to watch these days is this strange dynamic between Tess and Ford. I don't know why Tess and Ford would suddenly decide that they love each other. When did that happen, and WHY? Their marriage of convenience was pretty miserable from what we were shown. It doesn't make sense, other than to assume that the writers want another Nash/Tess love story. It isn't working! I don't care how much the writers try to redeem Ford; he isn't a good guy. He also doesn't understand that Tess isn't a real person, as he proved when he tried to "teach" Viki about DID. I am glad Viki told him to get lost and decided to take the doctor's advice and do ECT to get Jessica back. I still fear that we will see Tess/Jess and Ford become a real couple before it's over. Everything we've seen between them recently points in that direction. I just don't see the appeal and probably never will.

The feud between Shane and Jack continues to fester, as Shane has decided to retaliate against Jack. I am glad Shane is standing up for himself and that he didn't fall for Jack's latest stunt. I just hope, as Gigi expressed, that Shane doesn't become an aggressor as Jack has. I thought it was interesting that Blair said she was glad that Shane stood up to Jack by dropping the weight on his foot because she knows that someone is capable of standing up to him. Since it looks like she hasn't taken a hard line of punishment with Jack as she claimed she would, it's good to know that she realizes that Jack's attitude and behavior is a big problem. I can't wait to see what happens next week when Gigi takes matters into her own hands. It could be a huge turning point in the story, one that could get Jack to see the error of his ways.

Finally, please don't forget to continue writing and calling ABC and its sponsors to let them know what you think about the cancellation of the show. People have been requesting the contact information, and it can all be found at soapcentral.com/sos. ABC is counting on us becoming complacent about the show ending, and we shouldn't give the network that satisfaction!

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