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Will the truth set them free?
by Dawn
For the Week of December 20, 2004
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After they have been paired with and have almost married other people, there is still a strong contingent of fans that refuse to believe that Bo and Nora's days as a couple are over.

If you saw the promos for ABC's "Don't Miss December," you heard the question "Will the truth set them free?" in reference to the former super couple, Bo and Nora. While I rarely pay attention to ABC's promos, this is a question that stuck in my mind last week as I watched Bo and Nora argue. I believe the truth always sets people free, just not always in the way they want. The bigger question for Bo nad Nora is how will the truth set them free? Bo and Nora have some die hard fans that have been adamant that Bo and Nora will eventually reunite. After they have been paired with and have almost married other people, there is still a strong contingent of fans that refuse to believe that Bo and Nora's days as couple are over. Sadly, it looks like these fans will have to wait at least a little longer for the reunion, a mean spirited argument revealed that Bo has never forigiven Nora for her indiscretion with Sam. When Nora arrived at Bo's loft, he was mad that she disrupted his evening with Paige, but it turns out he was even angrier that Nora cheated all of those years ago. He accused her of not letting go and not allowing him to move on, while Nora accused him of still loving her. Not being able to handle what was said, Bo kicked Nora out and called Paige. Nora found herself "free" to pursue her relationship with Daniel, although she was less than thrilled. A rather humorous discussion with Evangeline sent Nora searching for Daniel in an effort to prove that she was over Bo. Obviously, she is not over Bo and never has been. Bo and Nora's argument took their fans 6 years back in time and brought back some unpleasant memories. This is not the first time we have revisited the break up of Bo and Nora. Just a few weeks, ago that calmly discussed why they never got back together, and Bo said he forgave Nora, which turned out to be a lie. Where does this leave Bo and Nora and their fans? The writers have been teasing us with a Bo and Nora reunion for a long time. They were stuck together in the warehouse on New Year's Eve a few years ago, they found out Matthew was really their son, and just last summer, they were trapped together in various (and contrived) situations without a reunion. However, I think their argument last week will finally get them back on the right track. Don't misunderstand me; they won't be getting remarried next week or any time soon. However, now that they both know how the other feels, they can work on mending the rift that has been between them for 6 years. If this is actually what happens, watching a painful argument between Bo and Nora was well worth it. Daniel and Paige are both rather dull characters, and I would hate to think that they will become a permanent part of Bo and Nora's lives. The writers have not given me a reason to like or care about either character, especially Paige. She was brought in as Asa's doctor, Bo made googly eyes at her, and now we are expected to believe that she is Bo's next great love. I don't think so! With the new writer in place, I think the new year will start with Bo and Nora fans not being teased with a reunion, but with 2 characters finding their way back to each other without contrived situations or Asa or Matthew's tricks. I am optimistic that Dena Higley will finally fix what has been broken for so long.

I suspect few people were shocked that Todd and Blair's latest wedding didn't happen successfully. Margaret's return to Llanview hasn't been shocking, intriguing, or even entertaining. As a side note, the actress portraying Margaret plays the part very well; her return just wasn't needed at this point time. Perhaps I am just tired of the saga of Todd and Blair. They get together, something happens, Blair hates Todd for a while and eventually takes him back. They head to the alter only to have something happen that tears them apart again. Repeat. This time around, I found it odd that Blair never suspected Margaret could have been behind Todd's disappearance. She has been suspicious of Margaret ever since the psychotic character returned to Llanview, yet no one has thought to look for her since Todd and Blair's non-wedding day. Instead, we get to watch Blair cut Todd out of her life forever. Forever meaning until he shows up and she takes him back again. On Friday, Blair put on the good old red dress and went to a bar to get drunk. How many times have we already seen this happen? The answer is too many to count. While I did enjoy her conversation with Nora about their similarities and their mistakes with men, I felt like I was watching the same recycled material we have become accustomed to with Todd and Blair. There are much more interesting stories to be told with this couple. Starr is growing up, and there are many stories that can be told as Todd and Blair help her survive her teen years. An interesting storyline for Todd and Blair could simply be watching them be a family and work through family crises as they arise. We have watched Todd and Blair break up enough over the years to last a lifetime. At this point, it's time to put them together for good or have them go their separate ways. The perpetual seesaw this couple has been on for so many years has gotten old, and it's time to stop the cycle now.

Finally, it will be interesting to see Babe and Kelly interact, both women believing they are Ace's mother. Kelly has been saying for weeks that she wants to do what is right for Ace, but I think her final decision to give up or fight for Ace will be tough. We have been waiting for the truth to be revealed for a long time, and now Kelly is dealing with its repercussions. She isn't Ace's biological mother, but she has grown very attached to him. Kelly's character has taken quite a journey this year. Tina writes " I never thought I would be able to like Kelly after she what she did to Kevin, but she has really changed lately, and I am rooting for her once again." I agree that she has changed a lot. She went from being desperate to keep Kevin to going on a mission to make sure Ace ended up with his biological mother against Kevin's wishes. For a long time, it didn't seem like redeeming Kelly's character was possible, but she has actually become a stronger character. This is yet another sign that One Life to Live is heading in the right direction.

Happy Holidays!

Until next time, Dawn

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