Kassie DePaiva
Family feuds
by Dawn
For the Week of September 13, 2004
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Now that we know for sure that Antonio is a Santi, where does the story go from here?

I was originally planning on writing a column that didn't include the Santis at all. However, there is a problem with this idea; I wouldn't have much to write about without the Santis. I say this not because I am so interested in this storyline and the Santi characters that I can't think of writing about anything else. Instead, the Santis are taking up more time of each episode that it seems like everyone else is fading in the background. We finally found out that Antonio is indeed Manuel Santi II. I am willing to bet that few people were shocked by this revelation, nor were they sitting at the edge of their seats when the truth was revealed. In fact, several readers wrote saying they thought this would happen, and they turned out to be right. I, for one, was sure Antonio would turn out to be Manuel Santi, but was still hoping that I was wrong. Why? The Vegas were such a strong family unit, and while they have not always been a main focus on the show, they still had their place in Llanview. Now, however, the Vega family tree is being altered for the sake of a storyline that few people seem excited to watch. I cringed when Carlotta was telling Antonio she is still his mother, even if not biologically. This scene just seemed wrong. Patricia Mauceri did a great job portraying Carlotta's pain and anxiety, but the whole seen was just uncomfortable to watch. Now that we know for sure that Antonio is a Santi, where does the story for from here? It looks like he and Tico will enter into a feud, but what will happen to Antonio's character? Will be try to be part of the Santi organization, leaving his career in law enforcement behind? Will he try to destroy the Santi organization and continue on as a Vega? Will Tico stay in Llanview now that Antonio does know the truth? He has been busy purchasing Kevin's loyalty (or purchasing Kevin as one reader said), so I am guessing Tico will stay and try to purchase all of Llanview next. Whatever happens, I hope the Santis start to fade into the background so that other characters (i.e. Viki, Bo, Nora, Lindsay, etc) are the main focus again. My biggest wish for fall is for the Santis to fall out of the picture!

Meanwhile, Asa has declared war on Todd and Blair for taking his mansion when he wasn't looking. We once again saw Asa's impulsive side, as he burst in the door holding a rifle. I know Asa isn't going to shoot them, but he certainly did look serious about doing it on Friday. I have had mixed feelings about this story. On one hand, it seems odd for Todd and Blair to try to take Asa's mansion, when Blair has lived there with other husbands. On the other hand, it is also kind of fun to see the feud between Asa and Blair heat up again. Sometimes ex-husbands and wives reconcile and remarry, but we knew this would never happen with Asa and Blair! I like the fact that the writers are using history to build a new story now without redesigning a family tree or changing anyone's parentage. While it seems a little silly for Asa to leave Blair with any land, even a pile of manure, I suppose Asa wanted to let Blair know what he really thought of her. Asa has so many divorces in his past, that having one of them come back to haunt him is a great idea. From what I have read, Asa and Todd and Blair's war is going to get ugly and even includes Asa "disappearing" with some unsolicited assistance. While I do not like the way this sounds, I will withhold judgment until I see how things happen. I have to admit, when all is said and done, I hope Asa does get his mansion back. It is weird to see Todd and Blair living there, and I miss their incredible penthouse!

Finally, the baby switch storyline is moving towards a long awaited resolution. Kelly continues to cope poorly with losing Ace and thinks Kevin will give Ace back to her. Kevin, however, looks disgusted when he is in the same room with Kelly. David and Kelly are going to grow closer as David tries to help her, while Dorian and Todd team up to destroy Kevin. While I do not like the idea of David and Kelly having an affair, I really like the idea of Dorian and Todd becoming a team. Todd and Dorian have never gotten along, but they are both natural schemers. Kevin should watch his back because I have a feeling that Dorian and Todd will be a strong force when they put their minds together. Of course, their plans could be foiled as Ace's true identity is revealed. Babe took a wrong turn and ended up in Llanview, getting to hold her own baby, unbeknownst to her. She felt a connection to the baby, but will she figure out the truth? Paul looked very uncomfortable when he saw Babe holding Ace; will Babe figure out that Paul switched the babies? While I have not been a fan of this storyline, I am anxious to see its resolution involving characters from OLTL and AMC. With Dorian and Todd teaming up and Babe starting to figure things out, I think this story is going to become a lot more interesting!

Have a pleasant week!

Until next time, Dawn

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