Erika Slezak
by Dawn
For the Week of June 28, 2004
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Viki has enlisted Llanview's youth to rebuild the community center. We have all probably seen this scenario in other television programs, but will it work for One Life to Live?

Margaret/Todd/Blair: Todd needs to be more careful about who he chooses to use in his I do not think that Margaret will go as far as say, Georgie Phillips did with Bo and Nora a few years ago, she probably has a few more schemes before she disappears. What I don't understand is Asa's involvement in this scenario. I realize he is very protective of his family and of Buchanan Enterprises, but encouraging Margaret to go after plans to get back at Kevin, as he now has a stalker. Margaret, a seemingly minor and benign character, has turned into a woman scorned just waiting to get revenge. I wonder what she does to someone that she was involved with for a long period of time! Some people have suggested that she is playing a part to help Kevin, but I think she really wants Todd and is willing to go to great lengths to harm him. I doubt that Margaret will have a permanent place in Llanview, but she is doing her best to make a mess of things for the time being. I am relieved that Blair isn't falling for Margaret's schemes and is following her instincts regarding Todd. I will call this Blair's moment of brilliance. She has had her moments where she has been gullible or maybe too quick to jump to conclusions, but she really shined when dealing with Margaret. While Todd as she has been is a waste of Asa's valuable screen time. He isn't on the show much anymore, and I would rather see him interact with his family and Renee than watch him encourage and support Margaret's efforts. Asa is the foundation of the Buchanan family, and he deserves better scenes!

Viki's New Project: Meanwhile, Viki has enlisted Llanview's youth to rebuild the community center. We have all probably seen this scenario in movies and other television programs. Will it be successful for OLTL? I am not sure. Jen, Riley, and Marcie already get along great amongst themselves. Shannon, on the other hand, has proven to be a little unruly. Maybe the purpose of this storyline is to develop Shannon's character a little more and to make the viewers either really like her or really despise her. Now, an interesting twist for this story would be to add Natalie and see how Natalie and Jen deal with having to work together. Marcie and Riley (and maybe Shannon) could help Jen and Natalie be civil to one another and perhaps let go of their differences. However, since Natalie is running around with Paul, and she is not in school, this is not a possibility. I am just concerned that this storyline will become dull, since most of the people involved in it already get along. I am also not that people are invested enough in Shannon McBain to find her participation in the this project intriguing.

Paul and Natalie: Natalie is really putting herself on the line for Paul, and her actions got her arrested. As I said last week, where has Natalie's brain gone? I was relieved to see her stick up for herself when she thought Paul had crossed her on Monday. Some of her good instincts are still with her; I just hope they are enough. Paul has gotten himself into a mess, and I don't know if he will come out of it unscathed. He has dangerous people after him, and now he is trying to harm Kevin and Kelly's already ailing relationship. While Paul is not afraid of how Kelly will react, Todd could end up getting involved again. If and when Paul returns to Llanview, he will not have many allies; he might be better off running away for good......without Natalie! It is amazing how a minor character has become involved in two of the major storylines. I can see why the recasting of this character was necessary. The last version of Paul couldn't have pulled everything off believably. I was hesitant about David Tom playing Paul at first, but he is doing a good job playing the manipulating character of Paul.

R.J./Evangeline/John: A new triangle has emerged. I feel bad for R.J.; he had been alone for a long time before Evangeline came along. I was happy that R.J. finally found someone that seemed to be good for him. Now, however, R.J. doesn't trust Evangeline, and something is happening between her and John. Evangeline is a strong woman, R.J. should have known she wouldn't appreciate his having her watched; can she get past this development? While I have been an R.J./Evangeline fan, the triangle is interesting too. There is the almost invincible defense attorney, the cop, and the man who has broken the law more than once. How do you think this will turn out?

Kelly and Kevin: Kevin is questioning Ace's paternity, and if he really wants to, he will find out the truth. Of course, if he has a paternity test done on Ace, I wouldn't have it done at Llanview Hospital. He should probably have it done far, far away in fact, since paternity tests in Llanview are rarely accurate the first time around. Anyway, he thinks Todd might be Ace's father and is horrified by the thought. If he thinks that possibility is bad, just wait until he finds out the truth! I have a feeling that things between Kelly and Kevin are going to get much uglier in the months to come; there is no way around it since the truth is uglier than the lies....

Have a pleasant week!

Until nex time, Dawn

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