Lynda Hirsch
Why One Life to Live won't be canceled
Posted Monday, December 14, 2009 5:48:13 PM
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One Life to live is the best show on television -- daytime, nighttime, anytime. For the past six months, it has been sublime. The episode in which Jared died is an example of how well crafted OLTL is. The episode blended tragedy, light comedy, secrets revealed, evil personified.

In the past, the return of Mitch Lawrence made me shudder. It did this time, as well, but shudder in a good way. Roscoe Born is so slickly sinister, just writing about him creeps me out. The "who is Rex's father?" story went on for a year too long. Still a brilliant idea. Now Mitch has two biological children to torture. Rex wanting to meet his father is spot on. Rex knows the guy is a monster, but Mitch is the dad Rex always wondered about. This is also a great way to tie Rex even closer to Viki and her family.

How great was it that Erica Slezak did not look picture-perfect at the hospital when Jared died? Viki never has a hair out of place. It was wonderful to see one strand askew. For Viki, that is a fashion faux pas.

Then there is the constant Llanview fashion faux pas Roxy. Roxy looks just like a teenage slut would look if she stayed a slut.

Brian Kerwin's scenes with his dead son were brilliant. Charlie has been on the back burner too long. The minute he proclaimed that he could not believe how his life had turned around, you knew he was about to take a giant slide. Seeing Charlie fight his demons will be fabulous. One of the best things about Charlie is he is this great-looking guy who has a bald spot. I wonder if there was ever any conversation about putting on a hair piece. If there was, it is great that the natural look won.

On the episode of Jared's death, OLTL even wove in a bit of humor. Markko agonizing over Dorian losing the election by one vote was great. Loved the scene where he is making sweet potato pie and Langston remarks that "Dorian hates vegetables that are turned into dessert." How smart of OLTL to make Langston and Markko main characters. These young actors are a pleasure to watch.

A major pleasure was the shower scene between Jessica and Brody. The visual effects were stunning. The scene sensual and sexual. The moral statement of Jessica washing away her guilt for Jared's death a knockout. The recast of Jessica is brilliant. Bree Williamson is so talented, it sometime hurts to watch.

On the subject of hurting to watch... When I was a little girl my mother and I would watch moves late at night. The Picture of Dorian Gray was on every other night. Whenever the aged picture was shown, I know a five-year-old who would scream and put her hand in front of her eyes. Flash-forward a lot of years, and she did the same thing when Nash's body was unearthed. It was Dorian Gray, the Phantom on the Opera, and Freddie Kruger rolled into one. A real shriekfest.

It is also good to know that OLTL does not always listen to the fans. Yes, Ross is sexy, but they are not turning him into an antihero. Too often when fans take to a villain, the show decides to have them stay around. An example is Jerry Jax on General Hospital. Great actor, but having this character on the loose popping up to create mayhem every ratings periods is not great. It is sick.

OLTL was right when they took Brody and made him one of the main good guys. If OLTL had some room on its stove, it would be great to make Ross's brother Elijah a regular. There has to be one really sane voice in Llanview, and this guy could be it.

Not everything is perfect in Llanview. The other day, Schuyler asked, "How dumb do you think I am?" Dumber than even you realize. When a character questions his own intelligence, it gets the audience to thinking. The scenes in which Stacy and Kim were hounding him like a Greek chorus of two were agonizing. I wanted him to tell Kim, "Get out of here. Why are you here?" The why seems obvious. Stacy was not cutting it on her own, so they had to bring in a gal pal from hell.

Stories that are coming up show much potential. Will Rex be suckered in by dear old dad? When will Fish learn that he has spawned a child? How will Starr feel when she learns she has a teenage sister? Can Bo and Nora be happy after betraying Clint. Will Clint make a fool of himself over Kim? That one is easy -- of course he will. Kim getting a job with Clint is a bit too convenient, but certainly not a major misstep.

The storyline I am not feeling is Marty and John. I know most everyone else gave it a major ick factor, but Todd and Marty together was far more interesting. I love Natalie, but did not adore her when she was with the sulky one. With Jared gone, it is obvious we are going to have a Natalie John hookup. Perhaps it will take Marty back to her bad girl days. Is Dorian a gay rights activist or merely a political opportunist? Or both? I think both. Which is great for Dorian. The issue is so major, I would like some clarification. Or maybe I am being as dumb as Schuyler and should not have to ask the question.

The other disturbing storyline has Gigi accepting that Rex slept with Stacy. Even the fact that Stacy claims that she is pregnant by him. Why all the ballyhoo about a drunken Gigi being in Schuyler's room? This is one of those plots that has me screaming at the television, "Just tell him. You were plastered. You did not want anyone to see you in that state. Rex, you can believe whatever you want, but that is the truth." This cover-up is going to be far worse than the blown out of proportion non-act. I want to see more Addie. The character has become the sanest of the Kramer women. Who knew?

That there are even rumors that OLTL might be canceled is scary. I think it is just fodder when a writer needs a few column inches. I hope so. I am not prepared to lose a show that is still truly great. Remember this show survived Eterna. If it could survive that, how can it not survive when it is so terrific?

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