Darci Matthews
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Actor History

Amanda Serkasevich (June 2, 2003 to July 30, 2004; Recurring)


Former employee for the Garden of Eden escort service

Former employee for Vinnie Salierno

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Frank Cooper (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Convincted for extortion and solicitation [1999]

Helped Eden August blackmail men after sex [prior to June 2003]

Accepted payment from Eden August to get close to Frank Cooper [June 2, 2003]

Brief Character History

Darci Matthews's introduction to Chief of Police Frank Cooper was a simple smokescreen. Wanting to distract Frank during a murder investigation involving her escort service, in the summer of 2003, Eden August assigned one of her employees, Darci, to start dating Frank, So in June, Darci approached Frank at his father's restaurant, Company, and began flirting. Her mission accomplished, she succeeded in getting a date with the Police Chief. However, two things would happen on that first date-- 1) another escort would wind up murdered, and 2) Darci would end up liking Frank! Enjoying his company, Darci would soon tell Eden that her "assignment" was over; she liked the cop and would continue seeing him simply because she wanted to. Accompanying Frank on more dates, including his daughter's impromptu belated 18th birthday party, Darci made herself out to be the daughter of an ex-cop and denied ever knowing Eden. Unfortunately, it only took Frank a month to realize that she and Eden knew each other when he saw them talking at the Bauer Barbecue. Confronted by him, Darci admitted that she was supposed to distract him from the serial murder case, but confessed that since the first date, she had genuine feelings for him. After confessing that everything she told him about her life was a lie, Darci was pleased when Frank forgave her and they continued their relationship. However, one person had reservations about the relationship-- District Attorney Jeffrey O'Neill. Jeffrey told Darci he knew about her past as an employee of New York mobster Vinnie Salierno and warned her that any connection to Salierno could hurt Frank. Though Jeffrey wanted her to help him arrest Salierno, Darci declined.

Later that fall, she and Frank finally made love. Afterwards, Darci confessed to Frank that while she may have worked for Eden, she was never an escort. She confessed to setting up men for blackmail, but there was never sex involved. After her admission, Frank told her that her past didn't matter. Weeks later, on Thanksgiving, Frank surprised Darci by asking her to move in with him. Through 2004, Darci remained happy with Frank. Unfortunately, things would fall apart that summer thanks to the federal investigation of the Antimonious drug case, which involved the mob. Although Spaulding executive Brad Green ended up being found to be in collusion with the mob, he died before he was able to name his accomplice, if there was one. However, Frank was certain that Brad had not worked alone and started investigating the Spaulding family. It was at this time that Darci found herself with some additional information. Through her old life, she knew that Brad was often in the company of wealthy businesswoman Alexandra Spaulding. Not certain if this information meant anything, Darci felt compelled to relay this information to police officer, Gus Aitoro. Unfortunately for Darci, Gus, who was Alex's nephew, convinced her to keep quiet by suggesting that bringing up her past may cause her to lose Frank. That same day, Frank proposed marriage. Though thrilled, Darci was unable to accept the proposal unless she confessed all to Frank. Darci admitted that she was indeed a prostitute for Salerno and confessed what she knew about Brad and Alex. His suspicions strengthened, Frank investigated Alex in earnest and then found himself being accused of being in collusion with the mob and after evidence was found implicating him in the Antimonious case, he was suspended from the force! Not long after, Darci unintentionally slipped at when, at the engagement party for Gus and Frank's sister, Harley, Darci called Alexandra by her alias "Mrs. Godfrey." -- Which were Brad's last words. A few days later, Darci was horrified to overhear Harley mention that part of the reason why Frank was under suspicion of being dirty was Darci's past with the mob. Convinced that she was the cause of Frank's professional problems, Darci snuck out, leaving Frank a goodbye letter.

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