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Monday, October 27, 2008

Dinah was relieved when she saw Lizzie alive and bound in the parked van. Grady took exception that Dinah thought he might kill Lizzie. Trust between Dinah and Grady disintegrated when Dinah said Lizzie's kidnapping had become a federal matter. Grady claimed that Lizzie already would have been home safe had Dinah not botched the money exchange by letting her ex-husband tag along. Dinah read her phone messages and accused Grady of sending another text message to Bill. Grady swore that he hadn't, but he threatened to tell the FBI all about Dinah's involvement if he didn't get his money. Dinah left for the mansion, where she attempted to look for the ransom money.

Grady relocated Lizzie to what appeared to be a mechanic shop. As he tied her to a railing upstairs, Lizzie insisted that his compassion for her had caused him to rescue her from the cement pipe. Later, Grady let Lizzie remove her blindfold to eat a sandwich he'd brought her. She saw him limping away in a ski mask with a red bandana tied around his injured left knee. Grady stationed himself beneath the overlook that he'd tied Lizzie to. She said she'd come back to save him because she'd thought it was the right thing to do. Rolling her eyes, she chalked up her rueful deed to Stockholm Syndrome.

After eating, Lizzie said she felt a strange connection with Grady, and she sensed that he cared for her. She wished she'd had a chance to get to know him. Grady accused her of playing him. She admitted she might have been a little bit, but she really didn't care if he went to jail or not, just as long as he freed her. When Lizzie asked him if he had family, he replied that he was nobody. Lizzie didn't believe that he was alone in the world. Masked again, an upset Grady hurriedly retied and blindfolded her. He assured her that he only cared about the money.

When Bill approached the door to the secluded house, a man asked him if he had the money. Bill slammed the man against the house and pointed a gun in his face. Bill demanded to know where Lizzie was, but the man whined that he didn't know. Just as Bill threatened to chew the man's head off, Mallet burst onto the scene and stripped Bill off the frightened man. Mallet said Dinah had asked him to help Bill. He then identified the man that Bill had pounced on as Joel, who suffered from false-confession syndrome. Bill socked Joel in the face, and Mallet told Joel to shut up when Joel quibbled about pressing charges against Bill.

Some time later, Dinah was attempting to crack the wall safe at the mansion when she heard Mallet in the house. She pretended to read a magazine as Mallet entered the parlor to inform her about what had happened with Bill. Mallet felt that Bill was too unstable to be left alone, but Dinah said she wasn't Bill's answer. She believed she had failed Bill. Mallet told her to stop selling herself short when it came to her family. He hoped that she could see that she was a hundred times better than Bill. Mallet saw her passion, her strength, and her love. He wished she could see those qualities within herself. Before leaving, Mallet advised her to stop looking for herself in everyone else's mirrors.

Later, Dinah stood outside on the phone telling Vanessa that she was planning a support party for Bill, and she didn't care what Vanessa thought about it. After her call, Grady limped up to her, anxious for his money. Dinah said she hadn't been able to crack the mansion safe. Grady told her that Lizzie was making him "mental" by trying to get into his head. Dinah rolled her eyes and said she'd check on Lizzie while he relaxed in the van. Grady limped off, warning Dinah not to let Lizzie get to her.

Dinah entered the garage and saw Lizzie tied to the railing upstairs. As Lizzie begged to be released, Dinah took out her phone and crept upstairs. Dinah keyed in a phone number and then left her phone on the ground just out of Lizzie's reach. Dinah hurried out of the place and ordered Grady to leave with her right away. In the van, Dinah spotted a screwdriver and worried that Lizzie could have gotten a hold of it. Grady wasn't worried, but he noted that she had poked holes in the van's console.

Down at the police station, Mel met Bill and told him that he was free to go. While there were no charges against Bill, Joel was in trouble for his false confession. Bill wondered why Mel would help him after what had happened with Remy. Mel said Mallet had called her, and she felt that any hard feelings regarding Max had died when Max had died. Mel confided that Remy had been distant lately, and she said perhaps Remy had "some hot girl stashed away somewhere." Bill became suspicious when she said Remy was often disappearing.

To make matters worse for Bill, Alan entered the station to berate Bill for making a disaster of the kidnapping from the beginning. Alan vowed to hold Bill personally responsible if anything happened to Lizzie. Mel agreed with Alan that Bill should leave the investigation to the police. Alan saw that Bill was being released and asked Mel what kind of justice system would set Bill free. "The same one that keeps setting you free," Mel retorted. She offered Bill a ride, but Bill said he had things to take care of.

Bill left, and Alan complained to Mallet about Bill's release. Alan again insinuated that Bill benefited from Lizzie's disappearance. Mallet told Alan that they had to explore all theories about the kidnapping, even that it could be a family hoax. Alan indignantly rejected Mallet's assumption that he'd kidnapped his own granddaughter. Mallet said he didn't mean to offend Alan, but everyone was under suspicion, including Alan. Alan suggested that Mallet hold Lillian's "feet to the fire." Alan claimed that he was the only one who would lose out as long as Lizzie was missing.

Meanwhile, Remy was locking up his hotel room when Christine, the woman he'd met at the MCAT testing center, called. He declined her invitation to go out because he was babysitting Leah. After Remy left, Bill followed him to another hotel. Bill spied from around a corner as Remy knocked on someone's door. Remy asked the inhabitant to let him in because they had catching up to do. Bill's phone rang as Remy entered the apartment. Bill decided that Remy was temporarily off the hook and then he answered his phone.

Back at the hostage location, a tied-up Lizzie heard Bill's voice come through the phone that Dinah had left on the ground. Lizzie called out to him, wondering if he could hear her. Stunned, Bill asked Lizzie if it were really her.