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Monday, August 27, 2007

While Mallet showers, Dinah holds his silver gun and tries to convince herself that she didn't see Griggs. When Mallet finishes his shower, he tries to assure Dinah that Griggs is in prisonóconfirmed by the phone call he placed to Amsterdam officials. As Mallet is leaving for work at the station, Dinah says she'll just be hanging out in their room. Instead, she goes to Cedars to see her doctor. When she tells him her latest symptoms, the doctor says if her "hallucinations" happen again, she should try to take note of what Griggs is wearing, his cologne, etc., in order to see if there is a pattern that triggers her memory. When she walks outside the hospital, she again sees Griggs. He speaks to her. When she tells him he is a figment of her imagination and she begins to write down notes as suggested by her doctor, he grabs her arm. Having been physically touched by him, Dinah reaches for the silver gun and shoots Griggs. She bends over him and touches his wound, getting his blood on her hand. She wraps her hand in a sweater to hide the blood and finds Mallet on Main Street. She tells her husband that she has shot and killed Griggs and takes him to the scene of the shooting. Griggs is no longer there. Likewise, there is no blood on Dinah's hand. She can't believe that she had imagined the entire thing. Mallet takes her back to their room where she tells him she feels stupid. Mallet says that she's not stupid. He tries to get her to realization that it is just a medical condition that they can deal with, with the help of her doctor. When he leaves to return to work, Dinah follows after him with his keys. In the hallway she once again sees Griggs who walks past her.

At Towers, Alan is spending some time with Emma when Reva arrives. Alan tells Reva that she is playing with fire by harassing Olivia. Reva is surprised that Olivia is letting Alan spend time with Emma. Alan tells Reva that since her children are grown and gone and her sister is marrying her ex-husband it is time for her to move on. Reva tells Alan will soon ruin the new family he is building at the mansion with Rafe and Natalia and Gus. Reva goes home to Cross Creek where she is met by Cassie. Cassie wants to find out from Reva if Reva encouraged Dylan to pursue his first love, Harley. She tells Reva about Harley being drugged. Reva is certain that Dylan had no part in it and has Cassie leave. Reva goes to Olivia's where she threatens to turn her over to the police if she doesn't have Alan back off.

Cassie leaves Reva and finds Rafe on Main Street. She warns him that he should leave Alan's house in order to save himself from the destruction that Alan causes. Rafe mentions that there are several photos of Phillip throughout the mansion. Cassie refers to Phillip as Alan's chosen one and tells him to ask Alan to tell him about how Phillip died.

At Cedars, Harley is convinced that Natalia was behind her drugging. Cassie says perhaps Dylan was involved. Cassie goes off to confront Reva about Dylan and Harley leaves for the Spaulding mansion.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus breaks away, after a few moments, from Natalia's kiss. He tells her that despite the fact Harley kicked him out of their house, he doesn't think their marriage is over. While looking for antacids in Alan's desk, Gus comes across a prescribed bottle of valium in Alan's name. They both dismiss the prescription as they briefly talk about Gus's one-time addiction to painkillers. Natalia suggest that Gus take Rafe to a ball game to take Rafe's mind off being in a new school. Gus says he will, just not today.

Alone and reading in the study, Natalia is soon visited by an accusing Harley. Harley tells Natalia how she learned that she was drugged the night of the big family dinner. Natalia denies any involvement and Harley believes her. Alan and Gus interrupt the two women in the study. Harley announces that Alan drugged her with valium. Gus pulls the bottle of valium prescribed to Alan from the desk. Everyone begins to put the pieces together. Alan admits to his misdeed, saying he doesn't regret it one bitónot if it meant having Gus and Natalia together and Harley out of their lives. Everyone is appalled. Olivia calls Alan and he answers it via speakerphone. Expecting praise from Olivia, he is shocked when she tells him, where everyone can hear, that she wants him nowhere near her or Emma. At that moment, Rafe enters wanting to know what is going on. Natalia tells him that his grandfather did something bad to Gus and Harley that almost wrecked their marriage. Rafe begins to leave in a huff when Alan calls out to him, "Phillip, wait, don't go!" Again, everyone is shocked. Gus takes Harley's hand and the two leave together. Alan tries to persuade Natalia to get Rafe to come back. She tells Alan to stay out of her and Rafe's lives.