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Monday, June 4, 2007

At the farmhouse, Cassie tells Josh she will only be able to trust him again if he spends an entire night with Reva at Cross Creek to see what happens between the two. Josh says the idea is ridiculous. Josh accuses Reva of being behind the idea, but Cassie insists the test was her own idea. Josh offers to leave Springfield with Cassie and never look back. Cassie says that is quite an extreme thing to do just to avoid a night with Reva. Reverend Rutledge shows up to perform the ceremony that is supposed to be taking place. Cassie and Josh tell him the wedding is postponed for a few days. Likewise, Matt shows up to help with the wedding and is given the same news. After the two leave, Cassie insists that Josh go to Reva. Billy shows up out of nowhere, hearing that the wedding was called off. He tells Josh, that as crazy an idea as it is, maybe it will just put an end to the insanity of what has been going on lately. Josh is not pleased. He does, however, agree to go. Having kissed Cassie good night, Josh leaves a message for Reva that he guesses they do have unfinished business.

At Company, Harley complains to Buzz that she thinks Natalia is after Gus. Buzz thinks she is wrong and encourages her to go talk to Natalia. Harley finds Natalia's car and looks through it. In it she finds a map to Gus and Harley's house and some old love letters from Gus to Natalia wrapped up in ribbon. She leaves the car to find Gus and Natalia at CO2 arguing about Natalia's need for legal help. Gus wants to be her lawyer. When Natalia refuses his help, he gives her Mel's card. When Harley meets up with the two, Gus says he has to go work on a case. After strange small talk, Harley accuses Natalia of trying to steal her husband. She almost reveals the letters to Natalia, but holds them back. She asks Natalia that if she didn't return to Springfield to be with Gus, what did cause her to move there? Gus returns after having run into Rafe at Juvie Hall for some reason. He reveals that he knows Natalia left Chicago to get away from her old, sexually harassing boss, Couzzo. Natalia "admits" that that is why she left Chicago. Buzz shows up and Harley takes him aside and asks him to fire Natalia.

Outside his and Dinah's room, Mallet is confronted by Griggs who is angry that Mallet told Blake about his and Mallet's past. Mallet says that Blake is a flake. He pulls Griggs away to go talk at the docks. After Mallet leaves The Beacon, Matt shows up at his door and is greeted by Dinah. Matt admits that he is lonely since Vanessa won't take him back. Dinah encourages him that Vanessa will come around and forgive him.

At the docks, Griggs tells Mallet he is angry that Mallet left him hanging—that they had unfinished business. Mallet offers him money to go away, but Griggs refuses. Mallet pulls a gun on him. Griggs tells him that if he is found dead, his attorney has instructions to release a letter that spells out all of Mallet's past illegal deeds. Dinah shows up, having seen Mallet's car. Griggs heads out of sight, but doesn't leave. Dinah is worried when she sees that Mallet has drawn his gun. Mallet lies, saying he was after a suspect who got away. Dinah suggests they fool around on the dock, but Mallet isn't interested. As they leave to go get bbq take-out, Matt calls Dinah and invites the two to join him for dinner. She doesn't want to. Mallet takes the phone and accepts the invitation. At Company, Dinah is glad they have met Matt for dinner since he seems a bit more optimistic. Mallet excuses himself from the table and goes outside to confront Griggs, who has been watching them through the window. Griggs threatens to expose Mallet, leaving Dinah vulnerable while Mallet is incarcerated. He tells Mallet that if he does one more hit for him, he'll consider them even. He says there's a guy who owes him money and hasn't paid up. Now it is time the guy pay up another way. Griggs hands Mallet a picture of the target—it's Matt!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Coop arrives to pick up Ava to go to "Company" (the diner) for a working dinner, and finds Ava dressed up as if for a date night. She says flattering things to him and his writing ideas for Spaulding Enterprises, trying to get him to leave teaching and work full time for Spaulding where he could make more money. Coop gets a phone call from Daisy, who tells him how Ashlee is nervous about her meeting tonight and that Doris probably won't show up. Coop tells Ava he has to leave to help Ashlee. Ava adds up the fact that Coop likes his job at the detention center where Ashlee is, and the fact that although Ashlee needed him for support she didn't call him, and that he is breaking plans they had to go help Ashlee, and tells Coop that Ashlee is in love with him. Ava thinks Coop likes the things around his teaching job more than teaching itself, and Coop is bothered by the fact that Ava doesn't take his love of teaching seriously.

Daisy and Ashlee share nice moments talking in their room at the juvenile detention center. Daisy notices that Ashlee is attracted to Coop and encourages her to let him know, though Ashlee doesn't think Coop could like her in "that way", and is afraid of risking losing him as a friend if she lets her feelings known. Ashlee notices that Daisy is attracted to Rafe, who she calls "vent boy" since he talks to Daisy through a vent in the wall between them. Ashlee is nervous about her first meeting with her counselor, in part because she doesn't think Doris (her mother) will show up. As the meeting is about to begin, the counselor notices that Ashlee's mom wasn't there, and says that people who are there without a support system tend to do poorly there. Just then, Coop arrives and says "she's got one – me." Ashlee beams, surprised and happy to see him there. After the meeting, where Coop said glowing things about Ashlee, an appreciative Ashlee thanks him by kissing him. Ashlee is pulled away from Coop, who seems a little surprised by the unexpected kiss, by a guard who tells her she should be in the common room.

Meanwhile, while Ashlee was her meeting, Daisy and Rafe talked a little through the vent again. Daisy senses he doesn't open up to people easily, and writes him a note that says "I'm on your side", and passes it to him through the vent. Later, in the common room where they all gathered for a meeting, Daisy sees Rafe, who passes her note back to her with his added response: "I'm glad." They both smile shyly.

Cyrus drives Alex to Main St. where she sees Ava and comments how Ava knows more about what's going on at Spaulding Enterprises that she does, and feeling her age a bit as she notes the fact that Ava was a "pretty, young thing". While Alex if getting a facial, Cyrus goes over to Ava and starts to talk to her, being friendly, introducing himself someone who, like Ava, works for the Spauldings. While viewers don't see Cyrus in action, he somehow is able to take Ava's PDA from her without her knowing, and hands it to Alex later.

While Cyrus wait sin the car for Alex to complete other errands, Marina gets into the backseat and questions Cyrus about Ava's missing PDA. They spend some time talking with some hints of flirting. Alex talks to Frank in the diner, telling him to stop harassing her driver (Cyrus) or she'll press charges, which Frank doesn't take to seriously until Alex mentions that Marina is in the car with Cyrus and they looked "thick as thieves" knowing this would upset Frank and have him go to try to get Marina away from Cyrus, which seems to be Alex's motive. Frank does find Marina in the limo and angrily opens her door; he makes it clear he is watching this situation closely, being protective of Marina. After Alex is done with her errands (and done gathering the information that Ava had in her PDA about Alan's schedule), she tells Cyrus she will protect him from Frank's wrath but suggests it is best to stay away from the Coopers for a while (with an apparent agenda of keeping Marina away from Cyrus) She returns the PDA to Cyrus, and also hands him a gift she bought to show her appreciation – an expensive watch.

Harley is suspicious of Natalia's motives for being in Springfield, believing she is trying to steal Gus away. She and Frank go to the dock to talk, Harley wanting to fire Natalia and Frank trying to reason with her, trying to calm her fears. In this cute scene with brother and sister moments, Frank listens, then tries to reassure her that Gus loves her and her kids. Harley does know this, and is starting to calm down a bit, until Frank refers to Natalia as "hot", and repeats this a few more times! Harley calms down again, and in the spirit of trying to be rational and understanding, says, "at least she's not trying to take over my life", and decides to go visit Daisy.

Natalia goes to the detention center to visit her son, Rafe, and is worried that his recent incidents there will not help his case when it goes before a judge, and that he may have to stay longer. She gives him Mel's name as his new lawyer. As Natalia is about to leave, Daisy sees her and thinks she came to see her, so Natalia now has to act as if she did, and sits down for a visit. Harley arrives to visit Daisy and sees that Natalia is there..."with my daughter", as Harley says with a hint of attitude. Harley asks Daisy to go to her room; Harley and Natalia exchange a few strained words, then Harley fires Natalia from Company, and accuses her of being in town for one reason only – to try to get Gus for herself. Natalia almost begs Harley to let her keep her job, saying she needs it. Harley tells Natalia she can get a job anywhere, that it doesn't have to be in Springfield, and pushes Natalia to name one reason she needs to stay there. Natalia walks away, not wanting to reveal she has a son there, Gus' son.

She runs into Remy outside of "Company" and tells him Harley fired her. Remy, who knows about Rafe being Gus' son, searches for and finds Harley. He tries to stand up for Natalia, but Harley is adamant about Natalia leaving. They both say that there is a lot that they each don't know about the situation. Remy leaves, trying to not let Harley know about Rafe, as he promised Natalia. But Harley catches up to him, and he tells her that Natalia has a child. At first, Harley thinks the child is young and Natalia needs money for day care, but Remy continues, and tells Harley that Natalia had the child right after high school. Harley figures out that this is Gus' son.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reva receives a message from Josh about how they have unfinished business. Reva doesn't return the call, but as she's coming home with bags, Josh appears on the porch. She damns him and his unfinished business and she shoves her bags in his arms. Josh tells her that he needs to spend the night with her. Reva smirks and leans on the doorframe.

Meanwhile, at home with Edy's Ice Cream, Cassie frets about what Reva and Josh could be doing. Josh and Reva play cards, Drink whiskey and remember the good and bad times. Josh claims he loves Reva, but his life is with Cassie now. During a break, he goes outside and calls Cassie, leaving her a message about how much he loves her. He owes it to Reva and himself to finish out the night with her. Reva overhears this and kicks him out, claiming she doesn't want or need his pity.

The next morning, Josh returns to the farm, explaining that he talked to Reva, left and spent the rest of the night walking around the lake. He tries to have sex with Cassie, but she still can't get the vision of Josh and Reva out of her head. She leaves. After time to think about it, she returns home to tell Josh that she is his.

Meanwhile, Reva gets Alan to come over and make a big donation to the cancer fundraiser. The mess of booze and love letters on her coffee table takes Alan aback. He tells her to fight for what she wants. After a nightmare in which Josh and Cassie come cross the threshold of Cross Creek in wedding gear and scratch out the mantle carving, Reva throws on a red dress. Time for a new life and a new fight, she tells herself.

Before Reva can leave, she gets a phone call. After answering, no one speaks on the other end. "Jonathan, baby, is that you?" she says into the phone.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Reva gets a call from Jonathan. Jonathan asks for her help with something, but Reva is unsure how to accomplish the task. She promises to call him as soon as "it's" done. He hangs up and Reva reaches into her purse and pulls out the swipe card from the lab at Cedars. She runs into Rick and congratulates him about the baby. Rick gets paged and Reva sneaks through some files. She runs into a doctor and concocts a story to get medical information from the doctor.

Alan finds Lizzie drinking a bloody Mary early in the morning. Remy finds Lizzie and asks her if she's been drinking. They discuss how the past is gone – Tammy and Jonathan and Sara – and how they're the only one's left. Lizzie tries to "get close" to Remy, to help each other feel better, but he wants to just be friends.

Gus runs into Beth. She warns Gus that Alan's about to become out of control and Gus should help his father. Gus meets with Alan and tells him he's worried about how he's handling the information of the father of Beth's child. Gus doesn't want him to start another war. Gus tells Alan he's obsessing about someone else's child.

Rick sees Beth waiting for her doctor, but Beth tells him Alan is coming. Rick asks where Alan is – late as usual. Rick tells her he'll have to step in He tells Beth if she changes her mind about Alan, she has options – and slips his room key into her hand. Alan shows up and Beth uncomfortably explains they got started with the appointment. He says he understands, but now that he's here, Rick can leave. However, Rick tells him he thinks the real father should stay. They exchange words and Dr. Sedwick steps in to calm things down.

Raef slips Daisy some chocolate. Daisy thanks Raef for giving her the candy. She warns him to stay out of trouble. A guard overhears their conversation.

Harley confronts Natalia again and tricks her into acknowledging Raef is Gus' son. Natalia tells Harley she's decided to not tell Gus or Raef. Harley tries to convince her to tell Gus – she tells Natalia she can't keep this from Gus. Harley tells Natalia Gus can't have children. Harley wants her to tell Gus about his son. Natalia is nervous about how this could change Raef's life. Harley shares her story about her experience with Buzz and how much she loves her father. She assures Natalia Raef and Gus will understand. Natalia asks Harley if she's ready to have her life changed. Harley promises she'll deal with whatever comes of the sharing of this news. Natalia figures out Remy told Harley. He apologizes. Natalia tells Remy she's going to tell Gus as soon as she sees him.

Lizzie goes shopping and wanders down to the docks. Lizzie shares all the cute things she purchased for Beth's baby. Reva is concerned that she's confusing Beth's baby with Sara. Reva sees how Lizzie is suffering with the loss of Sara and says she "can't do this." Reva tells Lizzie she wants her to heal and have a full and happy life. Lizzie turns around and Reva holds a rag over her mouth and Lizzie falls to the floor.

Harley goes to visit Daisy. Daisy picks up on Harley's stress and advises Harley to work the issues out with Gus. The guard slams Raef against the wall confronting him about Raef's stealing from him. The guard threatens him and tells Raef Natalia is hot. Raef loses it, wrestles with the guard and steals his gun – holding it on the guard. In walks Gus. Gus draws his gun on Raef telling him to put the gun down. Harley walks in and tells Gus not to do anything – Raef is his son.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Reva is reassuring an unconscious Lizzie that she will make this up to her. Lizzie then placed on a boat while Reva leaves.

Rick is having lunch at Company with Leah and Mel. After explaining that Beth has decided to stay with Alan, Rick reassures Leah that his new child will not come between them; she will always be his princess. Leah seems to be okay with the situation and goes off to do some shopping. When she leaves, Rick marvels at how well adjusted Leah is but Mel believes she is not as well adjusted as they think. The conversation turns to Rick's situation and Mel warns Rick that Alan will not rest; he will fight dirty to get custody of the baby. At that point, who but Alan should arrive at Company? Alan taunts Rick about impregnating his wife and then having lunch with Mel, the woman whose heart Rick broke. Alan's taunting gets Rick's ire up but Mel advises him not to let Alan get to him. To get away from Alan, Rick and Mel leave. As they leave, Reva enters and pours coffee on Alan's lap. She then calls Alan a liar and a thief and proceeds to, loudly, tell him that his check for cancer research bounced. As Alan tries to explain that that is not possible, Reva makes a scene taunting Alan in front of everyone at Company.

Later, Reva is on a ship with a still unconscious Lizzie assuring her that everything will be fine.

Out walking, Rick and Mel discuss Leah with Rick assuring her that their daughter will be fine. Talk turns to Beth's baby and Mel warns Rick that Alan will dredge up every incident from Rick's past. Rick is not afraid of fighting dirty since Alan has a lot more skeletons in his closet. Mel points out that Alan is not the only one he will be fighting---he has to nail Beth too.

On Main Street, Leah runs into Beth and warns Beth that she better let Rick see his child. When Leah accuses Beth of being after Rick for years, Beth states that she and her father are just good friends. Leah points out that Beth wants Alan's money while she wants Rick-there is a name for women like that. After telling Beth that Alan will never be as good a parent as Rick, Leah walks off. Beth then goes home. Later, Alan arrives demanding to know where she was since she was not at Company. He then questions who she met him. Alan's questioning irks Beth who states that he is smothering her and she feels like a prisoner. Alan apologizes and states that he just wants what is best for her and the baby. Beth replies that he is becoming as obsessed with this baby as he was with Lizzie's and states that she just needs some space. Alan thinks she is just frustrated over Lizzie and taking it out on him. As he is talking, he finds a plane ticket on the floor and asks Beth where she is going. Beth replies that she was going to visit Mindy in Paris. Alan is upset that this is the first that he has heard of it. Beth stated that she needed some time away. Alan surmises that Lizzie must have taken her to the airport and then got a hold of her senses and brought her home.

Harley tells Gus that Rafe is his son. Gus is shocked and wonders why Natalia never told him. Harley defends Natalia by stating that she was scared but then admits she really does not know. Soon, Natalia arrives on the scene. Gus lets her know that he knows about their son but wants to hear it from her. Natalia apologizes and wants to find Rafe. Harley tells her that Rafe knows the truth but she is not sure if he actually believed it. Gus still wants to talk about how Natalia could have kept this from him. Natalia states that he was gone when she found out she was pregnant; she had no idea where he was. Gus replies that he went off to find the man who killed his father and states that she should have tried to find him. As Harley listens, Gus tells Natalia that if he would have known, he would have stayed. Natalia tells repeats that she had no idea where he was and states that she and Rafe did fine on their own. Soon, Harley leaves so they can have some privacy. Gus asks if she is going to tell Daisy and she replies that she will when he wants her to. When Harley leaves, Natalia brings up what a good life Gus has and points out that she does not want to ruin that. After asking some questions about his son, Gus asks if he knows anything about him. Natalia states that he knows that she loved his father and he would have been there if he had known about Rafe. Natalia then pulls out a picture of Rafe taken when he was a day old. She points out that his full name is Raphael Joseph. Gus is touched that she used his father's name and she admits that she did it for him. Natalia asks Gus if he is happy about the news. Gus admits that he is still in shock; he never thought he would have a kid. He points out that Rafe probably hates him. Natalia asks if Gus hates her and he assures her that he does not and hugs her. Later, Natalia goes to find Rafe is told that he has been arrested.

A brooding Rafe sits outside of Daisy's window. He tells her that he is having a bad day but will not tell her the reason. He talks about how awful the detention center is; the only good thing is her. After Daisy tries but fails to cheer Rafe up, she asks what he is thinking about. He states that he was thinking about leaving this place and never looking back. Just then a guard arrives to arrest Rafe for taking his gun. Soon after, Harley arrives to tell Daisy goodbye. Daisy can tell that Harley is depressed but Harley will not give a reason. She just talks about all the things she and Gus have been through yet they have always pulled through.

Later, Rafe is sitting in a jail cell and gets an unexpected visitor-Gus.

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