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Monday, March 26, 2007

At CO2, Ava asks Olivia for advice about Alan-Michael. She wonders if she, like Olivia, is attracted to a Spaulding man because of the Spaulding money. Olivia says that it would be easier if it were all about the money, and not about love. She warns Ava against getting any more involved with Alan-Michael. Ava leaves to confront Alan-Michael at the mansion. Instead, he charms her and the two begin to make love. Jeffrey, who had earlier interrupted Buzz and Olivia with a call to Olivia on Main Street to get Olivia to testify about Alan-Michael's trip to Towers the night of the shooting), now interrupts Ava and Alan-Michael. He has a subpoena for Alan-Michael to testify at Josh's trial.

At Cedars, Lizzie is visiting her grandfather rather than attending Josh's trial. She reflects on how she and Coop have been getting along and how they are both now unattached. When Coop arrives, she starts flirting with him until they are interrupted by Doris and Ashlee. Doris and Ashlee had earlier been at The Beacon where Ashlee showed a bold new attitude toward her mother. She tells her that she wasn't going to Josh's sentencing because she believes that he is a good man. She also tells her mother that she was upset that Doris didn't attend her birthday party. She says that the Spauldings were not going to accept the two into the family. Doris couldn't believe her daughter's boldness. She was equally stunned when Coop lashes out at her when they see one another at the hospital. While Ashlee and Lizzie exchange words about how Lizzie sabotaged Ashlee's birthday party, Coop lays into Doris pretty well. Ashlee is pleased that her "only friend" Coop stood up for her. When Coop offers to give Ashlee a ride to work, Lizzie offers Ashlee the keys to her car so she and Coop can go have a cup of coffee together. Coop insists on taking Ashlee to work, much to Lizzie's chagrin.

On the stand at Josh's trial, Reva "helps" Josh by saying that she believes that he was capable of shooting Alan. When Beth gets on the stand, she lets the bomb drop that Alan-Michael was indeed at Towers that evening because he had been faking his paralysis. After Jeffrey had served Alan-Michael a subpoena to testify, Alan-Michael takes the stand. He says that Beth made the entire story up because she had tried to seduce him. Just then, Olivia arrives with videotape proof that Alan-Michael walked out of Cedars on his own the night of the shooting. Ava is disgusted and Reva and Cassie look pleased. In light of the new evidence implicating Alan-Michael, Jeffrey asks the jury to acquit Josh of the crime.

On Main Street, Ava screams at Alan-Michael for betraying her. In the courtroom, the jury comes back with a verdict for Josh of guilty of attempted murder. As Josh is led from the courtroom, Cassie vows to save him. They kiss.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cyrus flirts with Marina then gives her the slip. Later, Cyrus agrees to leave Springfield if Dinah will recover the stolen jewels he has hidden. He leaves and runs smack into Marina. But Dinah covers and asks Marina to help her get Cyrus to leave. Dinah goes to retrieve the jewels Cyrus planted at the police station when Mallet spots the box. She says that she figured out where he hid them. Cyrus sees the exchange, hands Marina his broom, and quits.

Ava enters just as Olivia worries that she broke her heart by ratting Alan-Michael out. Olivia continues to try to help, but Ava says she already moved out of the Spaulding mansion. Buzz asks Ava what she feels when she thinks about all the horrible things Alan-Michael has done. In turn she asks Buzz how he feels about Olivia.

Irate over losing Ava, Alan-Michael asks for dirt on Olivia, Jeffrey and Buzz. Olivia pays Alan-Michael a little visit and vows to do everything in her power to keep him away. Later, Alan-Michael tells Ava he loves her and that he will fight to win her back. Olivia calls Jeffrey and says they need to talk.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Matter of When

Dinah and Mallet awaken and prepare for the day ahead. When Mallet is in the bathroom dressing for the Commissioner's ceremony, Dinah pulls a gun from a drawer, thinking of how Cyrus could crumble everything she has worked so hard for. She can't let that happen. When Mallet returns in full police uniform, he informs her that Cyrus's little box wasn't filled with jewels at all. It contained ordinary rocks. Suckered, Dinah's mouth drops and she glances at the gun again. Alone, she stubbornly touts that it's going to take a hell of a lot more than this conman to destroy her.

Outside Company, uniformed Marina leans on the outside wall. When Mallet approaches, he asks about Cyrus. She gestures inside and tells him to go nail him. Inside Mallet attempts to get Cyrus to leave town. When Cyrus taunts that Dinah still has a thing for him, Mallet grabs his lapels and warns him that he has twenty-four hours to get out of town.

Later on Main Street, Dinah gaily selects flowers as a gift for Mallet's being named to the Commission. Someone brushes a rose against her face. She turns to glimpse Cyrus, warning her to be careful of thorns. He knows that she took the box he asked her to retrieve straight to Mallet. He knew that she would do that. Cyrus hints to wanting a chunk of the seed money that will be available for Mallet and Vanessa's building project. Dinah refuses to steal for her loved ones, but Cyrus threatens Mallet by bringing up some "possible" bad thing that he could have in his life. Dinah scoffs at the idea that Mallet has any secrets. She warns him that if he makes up lies about Mallet, he'll have to answer to her. Cyrus still taunts her about possible bad things in Mallet's past. She leaves him on Main Street, encouraging herself not to let him get to her.

Before the ceremony, Dinah presents Mallet with flowers. He is excited about his appointment and hopeful about his life. Meanwhile, Dinah is anxious about Cyrus's request that she embezzle from her mother's company. As Mallet is sworn into the commission, she continues to dispel Cyrus's insinuations about Mallet. While giving his appointment speech, Mallet publicly expresses to Dinah how much he loves her. Dinah is astounded that he would do such a thing. This is the best day of his life but he wants to make it even better. Mallet asks Dinah to marry him today. Dinah gazes at him with glassy eyes as he gets on his knees and asks again. "Going once, going twice-" he says. Dinah hops up and runs into his arms. She accepts and he swings her around as everyone applauds .In her mind, she removes any doubt Cyrus may have instilled in her regarding Mallet.

Later at the Beacon Dinah dances with glee about her wedding day. Vanessa enters and Dinah asks her if the casual dress she is wearing is suitable for the small courthouse wedding. Vanessa thinks she should want to look like a princess. Dinah replies that she has done the princess thing. She's been Princess Cassie, Vanessa acknowledges, but she's not been Princess Dinah. Her mother presents her with a wedding gown from the TV station's prop department. Amazed, Dinah thanks her mother and they share a special moment. Vanessa presents Dinah with an heirloom that Ross had been saving for her. It belonged to his mother. As she wears it, Dinah thinks she smells Ross's cologne. They discuss how Ross always knew that they would find her again. He would be very proud of how she's been able to leave her past behind. Alone, she puts on her earrings. In her mind she curses Cyrus to hell.

At the courthouse, Marina helps Mallet with his bowtie. She gives him a small, poignant kiss on his cheek. She seems to stare regrettably at him as he greetings Frank at the door. Meanwhile, Cyrus visits Dinah's room and wonders who she's marrying. Mallet of course, she retorts. He presents her with a red file. Dinah browses through it and pronounces it all lies. She becomes enraged. Cyrus pins her around her neck from behind, but Dinah vows that she's not looking for a perfect man. She loves Mallet and no one is going to stop her from being with him. Cyrus releases her and retrieves the file, explaining how his plans to send it to the governor if Dinah doesn't embezzle money from Vanessa. Dinah pleads with him not to ruin her life. She attempts to explain that this vendetta against her is going to destroy him. Crying, she begs him not to punish Mallet, her mother and Matt for loving her. Cyrus lets her keep the file to peruse on her honeymoon. Before leaving, he assures her that she has no problem with betrayal. She's an old pro at it.

When Vanessa shows up at the ceremony without Dinah, Mallet launches from his seat. He paces as Matt jokingly wonders whether or not anyone gave Dinah bus fare. Mallet is certain she'll show up. Just then, she enters. Mallet tells her that she is worth the wait. As she approaches him, she decides to just ask him about the file. She takes him aside and reminds him that the past is past, though sometimes it can't be easily put behind them. She asks if there is anything in the past they should discuss. Mallet tells her that they are starting over. They have a blank slate. Dinah assures him that if there is anything at all in their past, they can deal with it. They can talk about it-anything at all. Vanessa interrupts them to start the ceremony.

At the end of the aisle, Dinah panics at how she feels that he avoided her question. Matt links arms with her and Dinah asks him if love can conquer all. Because of Vanessa, Matt knows that it can. On the way down the aisle, Dinah gives herself an encouraging pep talk. At the end of the aisle, she blurts out "I do." The judge laughs that the bride is on board and so he begins. With tears, Dinah and Mallet exchange vows. As Dinah speaks hers, she spots Cyrus lurking by the door.

She pauses and the judge intervenes. Dinah waves off her discomfort and bravely continues her vows, promising Mallet that she will do any and everything for him when it becomes her time to save him. She explains that death till they part means their deaths, not someone else's death. As they exchange the rings, Marina eases over to the door and discreetly threatens Cyrus that he'd better leave. He does so just as Dinah and Mallet are pronounced man and wife.

At the reception, Dinah is still jittery. She puzzles Vanessa and Matt by murmuring that she never wants to hurt them. Later, Mallet carries her over the threshold of their home at the Beacon. They dance together. In her mind, she affirms her love for her prince and knight in shining armor, Mallet. Later, as Mallet sleeps, Dinah slips out of bed to place the champagne bucket outside the door. When she opens the door, Cyrus is stationed across the hall, waiting. Without leaving the bucket, she closes the door and shuts her eyes. She apologizes to her mother and climbs back into bed. Holding onto sleeping Mallet, she declares that she loves her husband.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beth learns the blood test shows she is not pregnant. She is also told Alan's condition is getting worse. Beth gets confirmation on Alan's condition from Rick. Rick, once again, professes his love for Beth. Beth pulls Rick into a room and seduces him.

Daisy is protesting because Harley won't let her get her driver's license. Frank shows up to tell Gus and Harley Alan's condition is unstable and that he may not make it. It also means, if Alan dies, Josh may spend the rest of his life in prison. Daisy overhears Harley wish Alan was dead after all the hurt he's caused everyone. Daisy see's the hurt in Gus over Harley's comment. Harley leaves and Daisy tells Gus she's not going to school - it's just a day-long pep rally. Daisy tries to comfort Gus by getting him to talk about Alan. She tells Gus that Harley doesn't get it, but she does. She understands Gus. She gets Gus to agree to teach her how to drive - behind Harley's back. Harley comes home and find out Daisy didn't go to school. Gus tells her he okayed her staying home. Daisy goes on line and tells someone how she connected with Gus. She confides that she has feelings for Gus - Harley doesn't deserve him.

Cassie goes to the jail to see Josh. Josh anticipates a 20-25 year sentence based on Alan's deteriorating condition. Josh tells Cassie they have to call off the engagement - he has to let her go. Cassie assures Josh his breaking up with her won't protect her from the pain. She tells him she won't throw in the towel - she's going to find the gun - whatever it takes. As she leaves, she slips Josh a picture of herself with Josh and RJ.

Billy visits Josh. Billy tells Josh he's fueled the Lewis jet. Josh should fake a heart attack, the ambulance drivers will take him to the airport and he can escape. Josh won't go along with the plan. Josh asks Billy to watch over Cassie and RJ. He asks him to be there when Cassie finds someone else - to tell her it's ok to move on.

Harley and Cassie go to Alan's room to try to find out who shot him. Harley has a plan to give him a dose of a drug to briefly bring him out of his coma - with the Spaulding's consent. Cassie tries to get Rick to agree to the plan. Cassie reminds him of how Richard gave him his life back. Rick agrees to talk to Beth about the drug.

Cassie overhears the conversation between Beth and Rick. Beth begs Rick to do something to help Alan. He tells her he can't do anything other than make him comfortable, but she should prepare for the next phase of her life. Cassie confronts Rick - calls him a liar - he didn't speak to Beth about the drug.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Daisy is in her room reviewing the internet blog she recorded on her laptop. On it, she talks about her feelings for Gus and how maybe Harley does not deserve him. Later, Gus and Harley invite her to go to the movies with them but she declines. When she gives the excuse about having to go to a study group, Harley peppers her with questions regarding what class and such. Daisy makes the excuse about running late and rushes out. Harley is upset now because Daisy obviously does not want to spend the day with her. Gus suggests that maybe it's not about Harley. He tells her that he offered to teach Daisy to drive and maybe she is upset because she thought he meant that day. Harley doubts that's the reason-Daisy likes him. She then suggests that maybe she should be the one to teach Daisy to drive. Daisy's relationship with Gus is too good; Daisy needs to learn to deal with her.

Ashlee is working at CO2 with Coop when her mother calls her cell phone. Ashlee knows her mom wants her to go to the courthouse for Josh's sentencing so she can play the bereaved stepdaughter. Not interested, Ashlee ignores the call. Suddenly, Coop states that he has someplace to go so he appoints Ashlee manager in his absence. Freaked out, Ashlee tries to tell him that she is not qualified and worries that she will run the place out of business. Coop assures her that she will be great. He tells her that he has some stuff to take care of in preparation for student teaching and assures her he will be right back. When he is gone, Ashlee overhears some high school harassing Daisy-making fun of her "imaginary boyfriend" and grabbing her bag. Ashlee gets rid of the girls and then offers Daisy a free cup of coffee. Daisy asks Ashlee why she helped her and Ashlee admits that she knew girls like that in high school. The girls bond and when Ashlee finds out that Daisy likes a guy, Ashlee encourages her to go for it.

After talking to Gus about Daisy, Harley decides to go on Daisy's laptop to get the movie listings. She notices that Daisy has her own page. At that moment, Daisy returns and freaks out about Harley having her laptop. Upon Daisy's overreaction, Harley demands to know what is on her internet page. Not wanting to get in the middle of it, Gus leaves.

During their argument, Gus calls Harley but she refuses to answer until she finds out what is on the laptop. Daisy pleads with Harley to answer but Harley accuses her of playing them against one another and tells Daisy it is going to stop. During the course of the argument, Daisy blurts out that it's good that Harley lost her other daughter because she screwed her up too. Harley instinctually slaps her and the argument escalates with Daisy pushing Harley. Harley grabs Daisy and tells her that she cannot keep acting like this. Harley laments that she has to turn her into someone who has half of a chance; she cannot bail. Daisy points out that she already did and walks out.

Gus goes to CO2 and helps himself to a cup of coffee. Ashlee tells him that she is charge now and she really cannot just give him a cup of free coffee. She mentions that she did it for Daisy but that was different since Daisy was having a rough day and talks about the girls that were making fun of her. Her comment is overheard by Coop. Gus rushes out, without paying, and Ashlee notices that Coop is there. Ashlee starts to apologize for not getting the money for the coffee and Coop calls Ashlee a superhero. Ashlee starts to talk to Coop about Daisy and her own high school days. Ashlee mentions that in school she was invisible, which is worse than being rejected. She states that if she had to do it again it might be easier because she thinks she likes herself better now. Suddenly, Ashlee notices the movie marquee sign and the two start talking about movies, with Ashlee inviting Coop to go with her. Coop declines at first since he's swamped with school stuff. Ashlee's disappointment is apparent on her face and Coop apologizes for being a jerk. Coop's apologizes make Ashlee uncomfortable and she insists that he stop. Coop decides that he can do his work later and invites Ashlee to the movies; Ashlee warns him that she does not need a pity offer but he assures her that he is sincere. However, if she has someplace to go-like the courthouse he would understand. Ashlee states that Alan did not even want to be a part of their life; he did not even try to accepts Coop's invitation.

Later, Gus returns and a dejected Harley tells him about her hitting Daisy. Gus tells Harley about the incident at CO2 and suggests that may have set Daisy off. An upset Harley gets upset with herself since it is so hard with Daisy. Gus assures her that they will figure this out. Meanwhile, on Main Street, Daisy is placing a call to Dylan asking him to come to town since Harley needs him.

Josh is led into the courthouse in handcuffs. Reva is irate at seeing the cuffs and argues with Doris. When Doris walks off, Reva asks where Cassie is and Josh states that she is not coming since this is too hard for her. A disapproving Reva points out that this is hard for everyone and Cassie should be there. At the hearing, Reva gives a glowing recommendation on Josh's character and states that Josh is not the kind of man who would kill someone in cold blood. The ADA reminds Reva of her testimony to the contrary at the trial. Reva states that she does not believe it now and tells the court that the gun that shot Alan is at the Spaulding mansion. However, her ascertain that Josh would not do this has no effect. Next, Billy gets on the stand and states that Josh is a beacon of decency for the town and his family.

Cassie is at Cedars threatening the doctor that she will take Josh's story to the press unless he gives Alan a drug which could help him emerge from the coma. The doctor refuses since it could have fatal consequences, and Alan is not his patient. An upset Cassie states that Alan's doctor has a conflict of interest and states that the only one who can tell them who shot Alan Spaulding is Alan Spaulding. When the doctor again refuses, Cassie threatens to take him and the hospital down. Later, Doris shows up, stating that she should have known Cassie was there. The pair argue about giving Alan the potentially fatal drug. Cassie tries to convince Doris that it's an acceptable risk but Doris does not agree and has Cassie forcibly removed from the room. Alone with Alan, Doris tells him to rest and suggests that if he needs to give up the fight, the rest of them will muddle through somehow. When Doris leaves, Cassie sneaks in and prepares to give Alan the drug herself. She is stopped by Reva who demands to know what she is doing there. Cassie tells her that she is going to give Alan a drug that could bring Alan out of his coma, though it could kill him. Reva refuses to let Cassie do it, stating that if Alan dies she could be adding years to Josh's sentence. Cassie tries to convince her that it is the only way to get to the truth, but Reva still refuses. She sternly tells Cassie that Josh chose her and she needs to be there for him for the good times and the bad. Reva insists that Cassie leave and go to the courthouse. Alone in the room, Reva looks at the vial and the syringe Cassie gave her and administers the drug to Alan herself.

Doris has returned to the courthouse and is on the witness stand asking that her husband get justice by Josh receiving the maximum sentence. Later, the judge is finally ready to give his verdict. He states that although Josh should be proud of all the good work he has done for the town, he did shoot Alan willfully and with premeditation. As Cassie walks in, the judge sentences Josh to 15 years at a maximum security prison.

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