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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dinah and Cyrus arrive outside Vanessa's room at the same time. When she opens the door and sees Cyrus, Vanessa instructs Matt that if Cyrus moves, "Kill him." Cyrus tells the trio that while in prison he had an epiphany and is no longer the thief he once was. He says that Matt would benefit if he hired him. Vanessa and Matt shut the idea down. Dinah and Cyrus leave the room and Cyrus asks her to join him for dinner. She tells him she is meeting her boyfriend, the cop, and won't go with him. When Cyrus asks her for a rain check, Dinah tells him it would take a hurricane. After Dinah leaves, we see that Cyrus has a room keycard and he uses it to break into a room to steal jewelry. He is caught in the act by Marina. Dinah meets Mallet on Main Street. He gives her a bracelet as a gift and she tells him she is not worth it. He reminds her that he has never asked her to change for him and that he is happy to know that she loves him.

Earlier at the police station, Marina has been obsessing about Cyrus the jewel thief who both charmed and humiliated her. Mallet wants to focus on the case of Josh's missing gun, but Marina keeps being pulled back to the Cyrus case. Mallet suggests they take a break and go shopping for a gift for Dinah. Marina says jewelry would be nice and tags along. While Mallet focuses on jewels in the window, Marina focuses on the security system. Mallet tells her that high profile jewel thieves are generally arrogant and leave calling cards—this one didn't. When Mallet goes into the jewelry store, Marina climbs up, opens the security box, and finds a smiley face—just like the one Dinah had received in her messages.

At Cedars, Gus and Harley are going to see Alan who had earlier opened his eyes. Rick intercepts them and says that temporary eye movement is common in coma patients. He tells them that Alan is undergoing tests on another floor. Rick also informs the couple that soon he may not be their roomie any longer. Daisy passes by the room and sees Harley and Gus. She announces that she feels like a peppermint in her candy-striping uniform. She will not speak directly to Harley. She speaks only to Gus. She is still angry that Harley put her in jail. After a frustrated Harley leaves, Gus tells Daisy that she has so much trouble with Harley, and that Harley holds her to a higher standard than the other kids, because Daisy is just like Harley. Gus lets Daisy know that he is having problems with the case concerning Alan because he can't have access to Alan's chart. Gus leaves just as a nurse arrives to take Daisy on rounds. Daisy asks if they can go to the ICU. Daisy later returns to Gus with Alan's chart that she lifted while on rounds. Gus reads the chart and realizes that Alan had been awake and responsive. It wasn't until a doctor ordered Alan be sedated that he became unconscious again. Gus calls Harley and tells her the doctor who ordered the sedative was Rick Bauer.

Harley left the hospital to go to Company. While there Buzz told her that her only problem with Daisy was that Daisy was 17 and that Harley was a mother. Harley and Rick exchange instructions about Jude when Rick tells her that someday he may have another child. At first Harley thinks he is getting back with Mel, but he corrects her and says it could be with Beth. When he says that Beth will not be with Alan should Alan not make it, Harley looks very worried. When Gus tells her that Rick ordered the sedative, Harley is suspicious that Rick may be more involved in Alan's case than he should be. She thinks that perhaps Rick feels Alan could be in the way of a future for Rick and Beth.

Buzz visits Josh at the jail, telling him that Josh is not at peace with going to jail for two years. When he asks Josh if he is afraid of going to prison, they both acknowledge that Josh is mainly afraid of what Cassie might say on the stand should Josh's case go to trial. Josh does not want to go to trial because of what might come out about Cassie's involvement with Alan's shooting. The best thing is for Josh to take the plea. Buzz tells Josh not to vanish in prison. Josh says he will insist to Cassie that each day in prison is one day closer to their being reunited.

At the farmhouse, Cassie is looking at the headlines in the newspaper. Josh's crimes are front and center. As she cries, R.J walks in and asks her why she's crying. As she hides the paper on an upper shelf, she tries to pass it off as tears for Tammy, but he knows it is about Josh not being around. She tells her son that Josh is away on business and may be gone for a couple of days or maybe two years. R.J. won't hear of it and tells his mother to tell Josh to come back. Cassie tells him she is going out for a while. When she leaves, R.J. climbs up and finds the newspaper. He reads the headlines.

Cassie goes to see Josh in jail. He presents her with a proper engagement ring. She thinks this means he isn't going to plea out and instead will fight in order to stay with her and R.J. Josh has her read the inscription on the ring. It says "March 19, 2009." This is the day Josh will be let out of prison after serving his term. Cassie wants nothing of it. R.J., having read the newspaper, shows up at the jail to see Josh. Josh tries to make it understandable to R.J. He tells his nephew that R.J. will probably be glad to be rid of Josh's bad singing for a while. He tries to tell R.J. that the time will be over before he knows it. After R.J. leaves, Josh tells Cassie to start planning their wedding.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

After giving Daisy a photo album of family pictures, Reva asks Daisy not to tell Harley about the gift or hanging out. Soon after, when Gus and Harley run into Daisy, she "accidentally" reveals the sweet gift Reva gave her. Later, Reva tries to comfort Harley and insists on buying her a drink. As Reva confesses how lonely she's feeling, Harley wonders if she's looking for someone to fill the void with Daisy and storms out. Gus tries to convince Daisy to give Harley a chance. As Gus cheers Daisy up he goes to give her a kiss on the cheek, but accidentally kisses her on the lips. He's deeply apologetic, but Daisy, on the other hand, is starry-eyed. Dinah, fearful she'll run into Cyrus, lures Mallet to the bedroom with kisses. Later, Remy asks Dinah why she no longer needs his services to find her friend from prison, but she won't answer. Frank tells Remy that he should be able to get his job back, but Remy declines, citing no justice in Tammy's death. When Marina shows up with handcuffed Cyrus and asks if Dinah knows him, Dinah denies it. Mallet and Marina figure out that the same smiley face left at the jewelry store was also left on Dinah's hacked back account. Cyrus wants to follow Dinah's lead and clean up his act. Mallet tells Dinah he thinks she knew Cyrus was in town all along. Cyrus isn't thrilled to discover the lawful employment Marina offered him was the janitor position at the police station. As Dinah notices her bracelet is missing we see Cyrus, cleaning the station, Dinah's bracelet on his wrist.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Inside the Light: In Time

Somehow Josh convinces Doris to give him one night of freedom from jail the day before his hearing on the plea bargain for shooting Alan. He shows up to the farm with an ankle bracelet. He spends a few hours doing family things with Cassie and RJ. After they burn dinner, he takes them to CO2 to eat. There they explain to RJ what the plea deal means. RJ asks that, if the plea bargain is off the table, can he prove his innocence. Josh replies that two years will go by quickly. RJ skips over to a drying cement block and carves 730 into it, representing the number of days till Josh returns home. Cassie protests that it's someone's future sidewalk, but she doesn't have a problem with the three of them stomping their footprints into it as Josh tells them that they will march through the days.

At home later, Josh has a talk with RJ, giving him the burden of cheering Cassie up in her sad times while he is in the prison. The next morning at the courthouse, Jeffrey awaits him in the lobby and they go over the procedures for the hearing. Jeffrey reminds him what a good deal this really is considering the alternative. Reva and Billy arrive at the courthouse. Talking alone, Billy is enraged that Josh didn't tell him the truth about everything that was going on. He worries that Alan will awaken and point out the real gunman. Josh has made his decision. It's done.

Reva hands Josh her cell phone to talk to Shayne. Outside to get better reception, he tries to explain to Shayne why he's doing this. He knows in his heart it's right. Behind him, Reva rolls her eyes. He loses his connection with Shayne. He tries to plead with Reva that it's the right thing to do because Cassie can't be in jail. Reva stubbornly says that's not the only option. He asks her if she wants Cassie in jail after what happened with Tammy. Reva says nothing. He asks her to call him crazy, and finally she says that he's doing it for love and love is everything. He laughs that he's been through tougher things than this, being married to Reva. She tears up, telling him what a good man he is, the best she's ever had. They hold each other tightly. Josh checks the clock. Precious few moments remain before the hearing.

In the courtroom, a very handsome judge gets right down to the business of accepting the plea bargain. Just as Josh rises, a bailiff trots in with a piece of paper and the State asks for a continuous. They can't proceed in light of new evidence. Back at the jail Doris, she asks Josh to explain again how he shot Alan. He explains that it was self-defense. Alan went for his throat, he pulled the gun to scare him and the gun went off. Doris explains that ballistics came back with information that Alan was shot from a distance of seven feet. That's an assassination. Her deal for two years is off the table. She will, however, deal him manslaughter two with ten years.

Josh still wants to take the deal, telling Cassie outside the courtroom that he can do the time. Cassie wants to discuss this more. He explains that the deal is only on the table for a short time and if Alan dies, it will be worse. Without the deal, he may go to jail for the rest of his life. Alone with Billy, he is still being brave. Billy can't believe ten years. Cassie wants to fight, the Lewis family has always fought, and he doesn't understand why Josh is going soft. He demands that he not take that deal. Jeffrey asks for his answer. Josh apologizes to Billy and tells Jeffrey to take the deal.

Again the judge questions Josh about whether he understands the plea and agrees to it. The clock ticks as Josh glances at the faces of his loved ones. Billy shakes his head. Josh asks the judge if he can speak. He says that he comes from a long line of stubborn people who fight. He intends to fight just like they do. He will not accept the plea bargain.

Cassie takes Josh back home and a pizza party awaits him. Reva, Billy, Jeffrey and RJ have become his defense strategy team. Cassie sends RJ to bed. Josh takes RJ up and hears that incessant ticking again. He puts his watch in a drawer and it silences. He tells RJ he doesn't need a watch. He knows what time it is.

While he puts the boy to bed, the family strategizes with Jeffrey. Each one of them wants to testify to their own vendettas against Alan to offer the jury reasonable doubt. Jeffrey thinks that plan is extremely risky. He wants them to be quiet about things until he and Mel work out a plan. When Josh comes back down, they recommence the celebration. Outside, the camera creeps up to the farm windows as if it is a stranger lurking outside.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lizzie visits with comatose-Alan telling him of Joshua's trial. She tells Alan she doesn't feel relief – she feels sad – for Josh and his family.

Gus makes up a photo album for Harley and Daisy. Daisy interrupts them and they tell her of the album. She embraces Gus and recalls their "kiss". Gus becomes uncomfortable during the hug. Harley reprimands Daisy on her stealing Alan's chart. Daisy and Harley continues to sling insults back and forth. Gus arranged for family time with Buzz and Billy. They take her shopping. Both Billy and Buzz give her a pep talk.

Billy and Reva discuss Josh's predicament. Reva insists the "truth" is out there somewhere.

Beth walks in and finds Alan-Michael looking at Josh's gun. Beth asks Alan-Michael if he plans to plant to the gun if Josh's trial goes awry. He doesn't answer her, but comments on her faking a pregnancy. Beth approaches him, rubbing his chest, comparing it to faking paralysis. Lizzie watches disbelievingly at this entire exchange from a partially open door.

Ava comes looking for Alan-Michael and runs into Lizzie. Lizzie tries to stop her from going into the room with Beth and Alan-Michael. Ava catches Beth massaging Alan-Michael's shoulders. Lizzie gives a snide remark aimed at the both of them. Beth asks her what she meant – what's going on? Lizzie responds, "You tell me." Beth comes in looking for a lost earring – coaxing Ava into the hallway for a chat. Beth wants to know what Ava said to upset Lizzie. Ava lets Beth know she's staying on even though Alan-Michael is walking. Beth put enough doubt in Ava's mind to cause her to think about gossip surrounding her living in the Spaulding mansion while working for Spaulding.

Lizzie runs into Reva overhearing her have a conversation about Joshua's trial. Lizzie's holding back information about the gun and Reva's holding back the information about Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie tells Reva how sorry she is about what happened to Tammy. She continues to ramble and Reva picks up that Lizzie is hiding something. Reva comes out and asks her if she knows something. She tells Reva Alan-Michael and Beth have the gun. Reva tells Lizzie she did the right thing telling her about the gun and that she's proud of her. Lizzie goes home and tells Beth she's sorry.

Gus takes Harley to the Beacon for a little quiet time without the kids. Harley can't relax and continues to vent about Daisy. Gus tells Harley she has to be patient and wait it out with Daisy. Harley gets a call from Billy who tells her Daisy needs some encouragement and wants her to allow Daisy to get her license. Harley has a fit and tells him no to the car and driving license – all of it. Buzz then calls Harley – and Harley hangs up with a curt "No." Gus and Harley are planning to leave the Beacon when Reva appears at their door telling them about the gun being at the Spaulding mansion – and she asks for their help. Harley calls to get a search warrant. She tells Reva to go meet with Jeffrey and Mel over the situation. Harley doubts the ability to trust Lizzie's story.

Alan-Michael agrees to meet Ava in his room. He sets up a romantic atmosphere – candles, champagne and is approached from behind – from a scantily-clad Beth! Alan-Michael tells Beth there's nothing between them and asks her to get out of his room. Beth threatens him – he wouldn't want her as an enemy. He doesn't take the bait and Beth storms out.

Lizzie and Ava discuss Olivia. Ava assures Lizzie she's not like her mother. Lizzie tells Ava she's not like Beth.

Reva goes to the hospital to see Alan to tell him he won't let his family take Josh's life away from him. Reva takes Alan out of the hospital and parks him in a wheelchair outside the door at the Spaulding mansion. She rings the doorbell and hides behind a bush commenting how Alan is going to be her ticket into the house and Josh's ticket out of prison.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Harley is talking to Frank about getting a warrant to search the Spaulding mansion. Frank asks how she can be so sure the gun Lizzie saw was Josh's; Harley reminds him that it is a very distinctive gun. Frank tries to tell Harley that the motion will probably be denied since Doris is the DA but a determined Harley tells him to go around Doris and straight to the judge. Frank promises to see what he can do and leaves. When he leaves Harley comes across Lizzie on Main Street and cuts to the chase by asking about the gun. Lizzie is reluctant to answer and tells Harley to ask Reva. But Harley is unwilling to let it go and asks Lizzie why she told Reva. An uncomfortable Lizzie states that she wishes she hadn't now but admits that a lot of what happened, with Tammy, Jonathan, and Sarah's deaths, started with her and someone finally had to stand up and tells the truth. Harley commends Lizzie for what she did and asks her permission to search the mansion. When Lizzie starts to refuse, Harley asks doesn't she want to make sure the person who shot Alan pays.

While Reva is at the Spaulding mansion looking for the gun, Alan-Michael comes across Alan and discovers that he is still comatose. At that point, he barges into the study and catches Reva snooping around. Alan-Michael accuses Reva of kidnapping Alan as a decoy but she defense herself by stating that she thought Alan was walking up and thought he might like to be home with his family. Alan-Michael does not buy her story and calls the police. Very quickly after, Harley arrives and Alan-Michael thinks she is there to arrest Reva. He tells her about Reva kidnapping his comatose father and Harley asks to speak to Reva alone. After Harley cancels the police dispatch, Reva tells her that she has not found the gun. As they are talking, Alan-Michael enters the room and talks about Reva breaking into the house. Harley asks if anything was stolen and suggests that they search the place thoroughly. While they are searching, Alan-Michael mentions again about arresting Reva, and Harley states that she believes Reva's story about why she brought Alan. At that point, Alan-Michael tells Harley that he does not want her searching the place and tells her she does not have permission. Harley tells him she does--Lizzie's. She then tells him about an anonymous tip about Josh's gun being at the house. Alan-Michael goes to call his lawyer and Reva leaves to go to Josh's trial. Later, Harley finds the hollowed-out book which the gun could have been in. Alan-Michael counters that it also could be used as a hiding place for a journal or the family jewels. Alan-Michael figures out that it was Lizzie who told Harley about the gun and tries to state that Josh could have put that there to set up the Spauldings. Seeing that Alan-Michael does not seem to care that an innocent man could be facing jail time, Harley accuses Alan-Michael of turning into his father and leaves.

After screaming at the sight of a comatose Alan at the mansion, Lizzie returns him to Cedars and asks the nurse if being out of the hospital could have hurt him. The nurse does not know and says they will have to run tests. Alone with Alan, Lizzie tells him that she hopes he was not hurt; he needs to wake up and make up for what he did. Lizzie then returns to the mansion and Alan-Michael asks if she has spoken with Reva lately. He then asks if she saw the gun. Lizzie denies it and asks if it is not important to make sure the right person gets punished for shooting Alan. Alan-Michael is convinced the right person is being punished. Lizzie tries to point out that the shooter could have been someone other than Josh, especially since the gun was found at the mansion. Alan-Michael remains convinced that Josh is the shooter. Alan-Michael tells Lizzie to forget she ever saw the gun and remember who she is. .

At Cedars, the doctor notices a change in Alan's condition and rushes out.

Before the trial, Billy criticizes Josh for confessing to something he did not do. Josh tells Billy to mind his own business. At that point, Jeffrey and Cassie walk over and Josh tells the group that he is ready to take the stand. Jeffrey tells him that may not be a good idea and Billy tells Josh they have a new strategy. On the stand, Jeffrey is going implicate other viable suspects, such as Billy, Reva and Cassie. A shocked Josh wonders whose harebrained idea this was and figures out it was Reva's. When Josh tries to reject the strategy, Cassie calls him stubborn and reckless. Taking Josh to the side, Jeffrey tells him that everyone in town wanted Alan dead and the ballistic evidence is not consistent with Josh's testimony of self defense. Josh agrees to go along with it on one condition--Cassie is off-limits. Later, an optimistic Cassie gives Josh his ring back and tells him he needs to change the inscription. They are going to get married the second he gets out of this courthouse since she will be a free man.

Later, the trial begins with ADA Hornsby questioning Frank. On the stand, Frank is forced to admit that the ballistic evidence of the gun being fired from seven feet away is not consistent with Josh's claim of self defense. At the cross-examination, Jeffrey asks Frank about Josh's confession, specifically was he given the right to an attorney before he confessed. Frank states that he wasn't since the confession was just blurted out. Frank testifies that after the verbal testimony, he was read his rights and waived his right to an attorney. Jeffrey states that the confession is inadmissible since there is precedence that shows that a suspect must have been read his rights before any confession, written or verbal. The judge agrees and the confession is stricken from the record. During recess, Hornsby warns Josh that Doris is anxious for a conviction; If Josh walks, they will go after Cassie. Soon after, Reva arrives and a very optimistic Billy and Cassie tell her the good news about the confession. A resigned Josh talks to Reva privately and asks if she loves him. Taken aback, Reva states that of course she does. Josh tells Reva not to follow through with the plan. If he is acquitted, RJ will lose his mother. He tells her about the ADA's warning and reminds her that there is a very strong case against Cassie. Reva tries to convince Josh that this could all work out; Harley could find the gun. But Josh is not optimistic that will be enough. An upset Reva accuses Josh of throwing his life away. Josh tries to convince her that he is doing his for the greater good but she tells him not to play the selfless routine with her. She did that by keeping her cancer a secret from him but at least she fought to stay alive. Reva accuses him of just giving up. Josh insists that he is doing what needs to be done just like she did and asks for her help reminding her that she told him she loved him. He asks her to make him look guilty.

Court reconvenes and the judge denies Jeffrey's motion that the case be dismissed. Jeffrey then calls his first witness to the stand--Reva.

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