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Monday, February 5, 2007


At the police station, Doris confronts Alan, telling him that Gillespie has confessed all and that she knows that Alan is behind Tammy's death. Alan denies the allegations. After telling him that with the evidence she has she can put him away for life, she backs off, saying that he can relax. She tells Mallet that she is taking Alan for interrogation elsewhere. Elsewhere turns out to be a room at The Beacon. Dinah sees them as the two enter a suite. Inside the suite, Doris offers Alan opera and wine. Dinah is listening through the door. Alan is perplexed, but soon realizes that what Doris is offering him—freedom if he plays things her way. Dinah crashes the "interrogation," taking photos of the scene. She assures the two of them that she will not let their rendezvous pass unnoticed. After Dinah leaves, Doris tells Alan she'll let him know the specifics of her deal offer to him in "due time." Doris and Alan leave The Beacon and return to the police station. She tells Mallet that there is not enough evidence to hold Alan. She tells Mallet that Gillespie did not implicate Alan in the hit and run. She declares Alan a free man. He is released. Mallet is frustrated.

Remy arrives at the police station where he learns from Mallet that he has been put on suspension for attacking Gillespie. Mel shows up in defense of her brother, both as a sister and a lawyer. Remy doesn't seem to care about anything since Tammy's death. He turns over his gun and his badge. He heads to Outskirts to get drunk.

At Cedars, Harley catches Daisy and Gillespie together. Daisy covers by acting as though she was there to confront the man who killed her friend. Harley buys the act. When Harley and Daisy are outside Gillespie's room, Sydney's birth father's attorney, Donovan, eavesdrops. He is taking notes that he believes will link Daisy to Gillespie. Gillespie has sent word out that he wants to talk with Harley privately. Daisy pretends to faint and refuses having a blood test. Doris, however, has meanwhile slipped into Gillespie's room to have him removed. While there will not be charges against him in Springfield, there are other warrants for him in his hometown. Harley finds an empty room when she goes in to speak with Gillespie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie is lamenting to Roxie about how she has lost both her daughter and her husband. She will not cave, however. She is a Spaulding and a force to be reckoned with. Beth begs her to forsake her Spaulding heritage and leave town with her. She says that all their problems are Alan's fault. While she tries to reason with Lizzie about why they should leave town and start a fresh, new life, Lizzie tells her that she's given up hope of being a good girl. Good girls finish last. Just look at what happened to Tammy. Beth brings up an old story of their time in Arizona when Phillip showed Lizzie how to have faith. Lizzie says it was just dumb luck and refuses to buy into the fairytale. Lizzie declares herself a Spaulding to Beth and that no one will ever walk out on her again. She leaves a distraught Beth behind.

Lizzie goes to Outskirts where she encounters a very drunken Remy. Lizzie tells the bartender that she wants to speak with Billy so that she can buy Outskirts and bulldoze it to the ground. Remy insists on buying her a drink and becomes physical when she won't speak with him. Dinah arrives and makes Remy leave with her. Dinah and Remy go to Dinah's room at The Beacon and she forces him to take a shower to sober him up. Remy pulls Dinah into the shower just as Mallet comes home to the room.

Back at the mansion, Beth is shocked to see that Alan has been released. She's not surprised, however, to learn that Alan's buddy Doris had a hand in it. Beth tells Alan that she is taking Lizzie away from Springfield. Alan tells Beth that she is naïve. He has planned a memorial service for Sarah. Beth says they will attend the memorial service, but will leave Springfield the next day. After Beth leaves the room, Alan receives a call from Doris. Doris informs Alan that Gillespie has been returned to Australia to face charges against him there. After Alan thanks her for the news, Doris tells him that she'll see him very soon.

Left alone at Outskirts, Lizzie finds a shoe baby Sarah was wearing the day she died. She wonders how it is possible that the shoe be in the bar, when she was wearing it when she died.