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Monday, November 20, 2006

Jeffrey arrived to talk to Ava. He wanted to ask her some questions about her upbringing. Ava was wary of him, telling him she wanted nothing from him, insisting that her past was her life with her adoptive mother, who she considered to be her real mother. Cassie interrupted them, giving Ava the opportunity to leave. Cassie told Jeffrey that she still considered them friends and that she still believed in him.

Lizzie was waiting tables at Outskirts when Beth arrived, amazed that Lizzie was waiting tables while pregnant, rather than being waited on hand and foot instead. Lizzie assured her that Jonathan cared about both her and the baby and that she'd never been happier in her life. She felt that she and Jonathan were having the baby together for a reason. She thought the baby would allow to her to have a family happier and better than the Spaulding family. Beth took Lizzie home to Cross Creek just as Jonathan was entering Outskirts through another door with Tammy, who he had just saved from a pack of reporters.

When they arrived at Cross Creek, Beth was surprised that Lizzie was happy living in the cabin. Lizzie told Beth that she was happy because Jonathan was living there with her. Beth and Lizzie hugged. When she realized she'd left her purse at Outskirts, Lizzie took Beth up on her offer to retrieve it for Lizzie.

While at Outskirts, Tammy and Jonathan recollected the times they'd spent together there when they had been "together." Tammy told Jonathan that one day he would probably be a real husband to Lizzie, in every sense of the word. He would smell her hair and feel her skin. They shared a drink and had a solemn kiss goodbye. Tammy left, and Jonathan found out that Beth had seen the kiss. When he accused her of setting out to blackmail him, Beth surprised him by telling him she wanted him to stay with Lizzie.

Beth told Jonathan that if he gave himself to Lizzie and the baby, he would never regret it. Jonathan responded that he would be a good dad. Beth said that she believed he would be. She gave him Lizzie's purse to take home to her. Jonathan went home to Cross Creek, where he found Lizzie asleep on the couch with a half-eaten plate of cookies Buzz had sent over. Lizzie woke up, and the two shared the cookies. Lizzie was comforted when Jonathan referred to Cross Creek as their home.

After leaving Outskirts, Tammy ran into Remy, who had just finished a double shift. Knowing that Tammy had run into Jonathan and that she was happy to see Remy, Remy accused her of thinking of him as comfort food, namely mashed potatoes. Tammy said she liked mashed potatoes, and the two went off to spend some time together.

Josh and Reva discovered that Marah had set them up to meet. She had returned to Springfield after learning about Reva's illness and Josh and Cassie's coupling. She was not pleased that Reva had kept her illness a secret, but she could understand why she'd done it. She could not, however, understand how Josh had let himself fall in love with Cassie. She thought her parents should put the past few months behind them and get back together where they belonged.

Cassie showed up, and Marah challenges Cassie's role in Josh's life. Reva took Marah aside and asked her to back off. Reva said that she was not sure if she wanted Josh back in her life anymore. Josh invited Marah to a movie for the next day. Marah responded that it was a good thing she was back in town so she could straighten up the crazy, mixed-up place. Reva decided they should all have Thanksgiving together, thinking it would be fun.

Buzz had taken Olivia to Main Street with the intention of proposing to her. The mood was lighthearted as Buzz professed the way Olivia's presence in his life had brightened his world. Olivia was delighted with his words and laughed happily throughout as they hugged, kissed, danced around, and talked. Just as he was kneeling down to propose, Ava arrived to tell Olivia that Jeffrey had gone see her. She said that although he was a monster, at least he hadn't tried to kill her. Ava left, having completely ruined the mood for Buzz's proposal to Olivia. When Olivia tried to get him to go back to what he'd been trying to say before Ava's arrival, Buzz said it was not important. Olivia left to wreak havoc on Jeffrey's life at the Beacon.

At the Beacon, Ava shut the door on Jeffrey just as Olivia arrived. She told him she was evicting him from the hotel, and soon he would be out of City Hall. Ava heard them bickering and called them two brats on a playground as she left the hotel. Jeffrey asked Olivia if stripping him of everything would erase her years of hatred. She responded that it was a start.

Ava found herself at CO2, sweeping, when Buzz approached her. When she asked him if he'd ever had a day when he'd woken up thinking he knew he had it all figured out, and by day's end, the entire world was upside down, he replied that that day had been such a day.