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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mallet walks up as Dinah and Jeffrey are going head to head about the fire vs. the Spaulding endorsement. Jeffrey excuses himself and Mallet looks suspicious. A customer recognizes Dinah from the Springfield Burns website he's viewing on his computer. On it the blog exposes that Dinah and Jeffrey were at the pond during the fire. There are also explicit pictures of the two. Dinah explains to Mallet that because it was hot, she went for a swim and ran into Jeffrey. Mallet asks her to give her an honest answer to the question, "What do you know about the fire?" Dinah tells Mallet that if he's worried about her and Jeffrey having a relationship, he need not. The only relationship the two have is that O'Neill wants a Spaulding endorsement. Mallet leaves, telling her he'll see her back at the hotel. Mallet returns to their burned room and discovers that all of his clothes are missing from the wardrobe and dresser.

Reva and Billy prepare to see her kids. Billy suggests she wear a red dress to fit her vibrant personality. Hawk and Dylan arrive and Reva takes a few private moments with each of them to tell them how much they mean to her and how much she loves them. Dylan jokes that Reva must have had a drink or two, considering her gushing and going down memory lane. Billy sends Hawk and Dylan off to meet Maura and Shane while he and Reva freshen up. Throughout their visit, Hawk keeps bringing up Josh's absence. When Hawk and Dylan leave, Reva expresses how hard this is for her. Billy insists she should include Josh. Reva says she'll tell Josh when she's ready to face the truth about him and Cassie.

In San Cristobel , Josh and Cassie kiss a lot and talk about their new relationship and how Reva will always be a love in Josh's life. However, Josh wants to be happy in the present and not two weeks or months when Reva's ready to come home. After being "caught" by Mrs. Chitwood, the two decide to return to Springfield to start their new life together without sneaking around.

In the trio's room at The Beacon, Lizzie watches Jonathan sleep and touches his face, which causes him to awake. She says she sat on the bed because she had a cramp in her leg. Jon gets some lotion and rubs it on her calf. While not a romantic moment, Alan and Beth see it as one when they barge into the room bearing gifts for the baby. When Jon tells them to leave, Lizzie tells him she invited them there. She wanted a safe place to talk to them. She demands they turn her money over to her. Alan and Beth explain to her that Alan is the executor of Philip's estate and has all control over when she gets her inheritance. Lizzie gets furious and accuses Beth of wanting to take her baby. Alan implies that he plans to have Lizzie committed because she is a danger to herself and her baby. He says he only wants what's best for her and the baby. Lizzie begins a meltdown, screaming, "Was it best that you shot my daddy? That you married my mother?" She cries and screams that she'll be a better mother than Beth was and yells that she hates both of them. She tears apart the gift that they brought. She is completely hysterical and Jon makes Beth and Alan leave. After they are gone, Lizzie is hysterically repeating over and over that Alan is going to come after her and the baby. Jon looks both worried and sympathetic. Alan and Beth return to the mansion. Alan says he is right about Lizzie's mental state-that she's acting just as Philip did toward the end.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mallet is on Main St. with the Fire Inspector. He mentions that his clothes are missing from the room at the Beacon, and asks if someone from the Fire Department might have taken them. The Fire Inspector tells him that they have determined the fire to be suspicious. Later, Dinah meets up with Mallet to see a movie. In an attempt to get her to open up about the fire he asks her if she likes his new shirt, adding that he had to buy it because all of his clothes are missing. She responds by taking him shopping, but first they go to company for lunch. The Fire Inspector arrives at Company to thank Mallet for the lead he gave him earlier on the Beacon fire. The Fire Marshall then tells Dinah he would like to ask her some questions about the fire. Dinah asks for a moment alone with Mallet first. She asked him where his so-called loyalty was. He said he is trying to protect her, and she counters that he is leading the Fire Inspector straight to her. Mallet begs her to tell him what she knows about the fire. Dinah looks as though she is just about to tell him what she did when the Fire Inspector returns, and Dinah is led off in handcuffs to be questioned

As Jon and Tammy are preparing to go to the beach, a flustered Lizzie enters and tells Jon she is being watched by someone in a black car in the parking lot. Jon tells her the black car is one Olivia uses for hotel guests, and to calm down. Lizzie storms out and takes refuge in an ice cream sundae at Company. She notices a stranger watching her, and he follows her when she leaves. Lizzie races back to the Beacon to find she has forgotten her key, so she runs outside. The stranger corners her and Jon rushes out to save her as she screams. The stranger says he was only trying to return her wallet he found on the ground. Lizzie tries to convince Jon that this is part of Alan's plan to make her look crazy, but Jon tells her it is all in her head. As Jon and Tammy are in another room discussing Lizzie's antics, Lizzie thinks she hears footsteps out in the hall. There is no one there when Jon checks. Later, Lizzie is resting when she awakens with a start and vows to protect her baby. Meanwhile, Alan is seen wheeling a baby carriage into a nursery at the Spaulding mansion- a nursery with several locks on the door.

Josh and Cassie arrive at Company for their first public outing as a couple. Josh first calls Reva and leaves her a voice mail, telling her he will always care for her, but he has moved on. Once inside, they tell Buzz they would like a quiet table for two. Buzz responds by asking about Reva. As Buzz serves their lunch, Josh steps outside to take a phone call. Buzz says "I have a question….", to which Cassie replies by going on a long rant about how she and Josh deserve to be happy, and Reva is no where to be found. Josh returns and hears Cassie talking to Buzz, and assumes Buzz has said something to upset her. So Josh goes off on Buzz a bit too. They leave a bewildered Buzz, who hasn't managed to get a word in at all, and head to Main St. As they are enjoying dessert and sweet nothings at CO2, Josh tells Cassie how easily things are going for them. He is happy that no one is confronting them, and they share a kiss- just as Hawk shows up. "Well, well, well, ain't this cozy!" he says. He tears into them for hurting Reva. Hawk mentions the entire family was in New York together, which surprises Josh and Cassie. Cassie asks Hawk how Reva is doing. Hawk tells them that something is definitely off with her and she is not herself, and now he knows why. Josh explains that Reva's current state isn't their fault because she doesn't yet know about him and Cassie. Hawk says that though Reva has made some mistakes, she would never steal her sister's husband. Josh reminds Hawk that Reva slept with both Josh's brother and his father. Josh then tells Hawk that if he doesn't like his and Cassie's relationship he can go to hell. Hawk leaves, but not before telling Cassie he is glad her mama isn't alive to see what she is doing.

Reva has a heartfelt goodbye with Dylan before sending him off to the airport with Billy. After they leave, she passes out. When Billy returns and finds her, he wants to call an ambulance- and Josh. Reva convinces him to let her rest in bed instead. She tells Billy that she just needs some time to recuperate from seeing the kids and keeping up a charade. She says she doesn't want to face Josh and Cassie until she is stronger. She notices there is a message from Josh on her cell phone, but does not listen to it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Harley and Marina prep Frank for a blind date – using headphones to monitor their progress – while Buzz, as a favor to Olivia, appears on TV in a cook-off with a celebrity chef. Ava and Coop were planning to go out as well, but end up staying in to help an overwhelmed Ashlee – and greet the health inspector. Frank's date wonders if he and his father are still fighting over Olivia. He realizes she's a tabloid reporter. She ditches the tape recorder, he unplugs the headphones and they decide to go forward. They end up at the cook-off, where Ava yells at Olivia for putting Buzz in such a humiliating position and a food fight promptly breaks out. They are all arrested. In jail, the Cooper men talk and come to terms. Afterwards, Frank gets a kiss from his date, Coop and Ava finally make love...and Frank finds Olivia's bag, with Springfield Burns photos inside.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

As Gus and Harley question Dinah, Mallet demands Jeffrey tell him what's going on between him and Ms. Marler. Jeffrey claims they just made a deal for Spaulding's endorsement of his candidacy, and later gets Dinah's charges dropped. Having made a deal with Jeffrey, Dinah tells Mallet to get lost. Alan tells Beth, Alex, Alan-Michael and Lillian that Lizzie has lost touch with reality. Lizzie appears and doesn't help her case by screeching that Alan wants to steal her baby. She threatens to kill Alan if he tries to take her baby. She goes to Alan-Michael and asks for a gun to protect herself. He gives it to her on the condition she never use it. Meanwhile, Beth goes to Jonathan and Tammy and asks for help in protecting Lizzie. After, Jonathan asks Tammy to marry him and she accepts.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Reva wakes up in her hotel room in New York city to find Billy sitting next to her bed. An exhausted Reva complains that she is so weak and tired yet needs her strength to go home face Josh and Cassie. Reva tells Billy how frustrated she is but she doesn't even have the energy to get upset... Billy tells Reva that she needs a change of scenery. He starts talking about how they could go to a ballgame, go to Little Italy, or how about going to the top of the Empire States Building. As Billy is telling Reva about all the places they could go, she falls asleep. Billy continues o sit by her bedside, telling her to "rest, rest."

Jonathan and Tammy are in there room at the Beacon basking in their newfound engagement. They decide that it might be best to tell Lizzie about it some other time. Suddenly Lizzie herself rushes in, extremely jittery because of the gun in her purse. Tammy tells Lizzie that Beth stopped by yesterday and seemed worried about her. Lizzie then tells them about the strange nursery that Alan has at the mansion since apparently they didn't get her message yesterday. An upset Lizzie is convinced that Alan intends on keeping her a prisoner until her baby is born. Both Tammy and Jonathan are skeptical; they do not think Alan would go that far. To prove it to them, Lizzie tries to find the photos she took on her cell phone but they are gone. She insists that Alan must have deleted them but Jonathan thinks Lizzie is just exaggerating. Lizzie is upset that they don't believe her and decides she needs to go take a walk to be alone. When she storms out, Tammy and Jonathan discuss whether her story could be true. Jonathan tells Tammy he will at least check it out. When Tammy leaves the room, Jonathan gets a call from Billy who tells him that Reva had an episode last night. He states that Reva is very weak and frail and tells Jonathan to stay by the phone since he might need him quick.

Josh and Cassie are at Company finishing up dinner. Josh is discussing Hawk's reaction to their relationship and assures Cassie that that will probably be the worst reaction they get. At that point, Olivia enters and invites them both to the Beacon's pre-restoration celebration. When she tells Josh that he can bring Reva, he states that Reva is out of town; has been for some time. He then announces hat Cassie will be his date since they have been seeing each other. The news rocks an amused Olivia--after all, he is still married the last time she checked. Josh defends himself by explaining that Reva is out of the picture but Olivia tells them to do whatever makes them happy When Olivia leaves, Cassie follows her out and tells Olivia to let her have it. But Olivia truly does not have any objections, other than where Josh and Reva are concerned the other woman always gets burnt. Olivia then asks how Reva took it, leading Cassie to admit that Reva does not know yet and asks Olivia to keep quiet. Olivia agrees but warns Cassie not to tell Reva in person because it will not be pretty. Afterwards, Cassie reenters Company and tells Josh Olivia's question about how Reva took it. Josh starts defending their decision by stating that they tried but Cassie insists that Reva needs to be told first; it is the right thing to do. Josh asks what does this mean now. Do they pretend they are just friends or back away from each other? Cassie states she is not sure, she needs to take some time.

Ava and Coop arrive at the Beacon for Olivia's pre-Beacon restoration celebration. Buzz is surprised they are there but Coop states it was Ava's idea. They both want to accept Olivia for Buzz's sake. Later, Frank arrives and asks to speak to Buzz out in the hallway. Frank proceeds to tell his father his suspicion that Olivia is behind the Springfield Burns website but they are interrupted when Olivia arrives. Later, inside the room, Olivia thanks Frank for coming, commenting that she is happy he could get past their history for his father's sake. Olivia starts praising Buzz and how she would never jeopardize her relationship with him. Frank has enough and points out that she pretends to have turned over a new leaf but has a mean streak a mile wide. Buzz overhears and asks what is going on so Frank accuses Olivia of being behind Springfield Burns. Olivia is flabbergasted and Frank shows her the photos that were found in her bag. Olivia finally finds her voice and denies having anything to do with it. She insists that she is being framed and accuses Ava of not only framing her but being behind the website. To prove her innocence, Olivia goes to her laptop to access the site. There on the front page is a picture of her with this message: FAMILY FIRST. NOT FOR THIS SPRINGFIELD MOM. REMEMBER LABOR DAY." Shocked, Olivia promptly faints.

As Josh and Cassie are leaving Company, they come across Tammy and Jonathan who are out looking for Lizzie. Tammy seems more worried than Jonathan. He thinks Lizzie is just being a drama queen and doesn't want her to rule their lives--other things are more important. During the conversation, Tammy announces her mom and Josh that they are engaged. Cassie reacts warmly to the news by hugging Tammy, which surprises Jonathan since she definitely would not have reacted that way last year. Cassie and Josh then make an announcement of their own--they are seeing each other. Jonathan is floored nd is so angry he can barely talk or control his anger. After Jonathan stops himself from saying too much, Josh asks why should he give a damn about Reva's feelings.

Convinced she was being followed downtown, Lizzie returns to her room. Lizzie has a nightmare about Alan holding her prisoner which freaks her out. She is able to go back to sleep by wakes up again when she notices someone is in her room. Lizzie grabs her gun and fires.

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