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Monday, January 9, 2006

Despite a snowstorm, Harley and Mallet manage to track down Gus and Alan's limo. They find it empty. With the search called off due to the weather, Harley and Mallet return to their hotel. There, she breaks down at the thought that Gus could be dead. Mallet comforts her - and ends up with his ex-wife back in his arms.

Back in Springfield, Dinah pretends not to mind that Mallet is with Harley, while Alan-Michael pretends not to know what Alex is talking about when she accuses him of trying to take over Spaulding. He also feigns not to be affected by Marina as she stops by to thank him for being on "their side." She tells him she's ready to take a chance on the two of them. She wonders if Alan-Michael is still willing.

Cassie and Reva clash briefly, but end on a hopeful note. Both agree the goal is to protect and take care of Tammy. Cassie and Jeffrey settle their differences about his role in getting Jonathan out of jail. Jeffrey explains that he used to be a troubled kid like Jonathan, which is why he believes the leopard could still change his spots. Cassie tells Jeffrey how happy she is that he shared his past with her. Not realizing a few feet away, RJ is carrying around a photo of Jeffrey with Richard, which could cast his entire past in a whole new light.

Meanwhile, Sandy provokes Jonathan into attacking him, but Tammy's pleas compel him to pull back. Jonathan allows for Sandy to pummel him. After the couple throws Sandy out, they learn Jonathan has been evicted from his apartment. Reva offers him a place to stay with her - but on her terms: separate rooms for Jonathan and Tammy and no sex.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Buzz convinces Olivia to go on a walk with Frank to distract him from all the phone calls and stress he's having over Gus' disappearance. As Olivia and Frank head off for a walk to the lake, Ava tells Buzz that she knows his secret. Buzz is really interested in Olivia for himself. She thinks he's doing a wonderful thing for Frank by trying to match him up with Olivia. At the lake, Frank describes how the lake looks when the lights from the two lighthouses meet. Olivia finds Frank's description poetic, and for a moment she seems to realize that Frank is a good guy not to be put aside for money and power. Josh, on his way to a meeting with a potential land buyer, runs into Olivia and Frank at the lake. When Frank becomes distracted by a phone call, Olivia takes the opportunity to try to make Josh jealous. She insinuates that she and Frank are on a date. They banter back and forth until Frank returns with apologies that he must leave. He asks Josh to make sure Olivia gets home safely. Left alone with Josh, Olivia continues her ruse and tries to arouse his jealousy. Josh doesn't take the bait, and eventually tells Olivia he must get to his meeting. Olivia makes sure Josh keeps his promise to make sure she leaves the lake safely.

Lizzie arrives at Quinn's apartment for a "get together" with Coop. She spies a man in the hot tub. Assuming it is Coop, she walks over and kisses him, only to find out it's Quinn. They bicker about the use of the apartment, and Lizzie questions what Quinn wants as repayment for his generosity. Coop knocks on the door, and Lizzie becomes nervous. She keeps Coop outside the door hoping Quinn will disappear. Finally, Lizzie decides she doesn't want to go on with the lies about the apartment and allows Coop inside. Mysteriously, Quinn is nowhere to be seen. Lizzie is surprised that Quinn has disappeared. Still uneasy, she tells Coop they should leave to spend time with Buzz, Harley and Frank. They are leaving when Lizzie realizes she's forgotten her purse. Keeping Coop outside the door, Lizzie reenters the apartment to fetch her belongings. She finds Quinn hiding in the closet and tells him that she does not want to go through these "events" with him anymore. He laughs her off, as if it's all a game to him. He says he doesn't plan to interfere with her relationship.

Lizzie and Coop arrive at CO2. Buzz informs them that Ava has been amazing in dealing with Zach, who is upset about Gus and his mom after seeing something about Gus on TV. Coop thanks Ava for what she's done to help Zach as Lizzie looks on in disgust. Ava tells Coop she was only doing what comes natural and it's no big deal, but Coop says it is a big deal and expresses his appreciation. Lizzie breaks up the moment by telling Coop that she's starving and they should leave to get something to eat. Buzz tells Ava he realizes her secret; she's in love with Coop.

Harley, Mallet and Dinah are outside the hotel room talking with the Chief of Police who has been helping with the search for Gus and Alan. Harley flips out on the Chief when he tells her they are no longer going to help in the search for Gus and Alan. Mallet intervenes, and in the process, tells Harley she was out of line. He sends Harley and Dinah back to the room while he talks to the Chief. Mallet strikes a deal for help based on some help the Springfield Police Department had given their police department the previous year. Once he secures help, Mallet returns to Harley and criticizes her for making a scene and not controlling herself. Harley and Mallet argue until Dinah breaks them up. They apologize to each other and Harley heads back to her own room with plans to meet Mallet first thing in the morning to continue their search. Dinah expresses her concerns about Harley and Mallet's relationship. Mallet deflects her concerns and tells her that he didn't realize he would have to reassure her about his feeling for her. Dinah, feeling put off by this, offers to get out of Mallet's hair in the morning. To her displeasure, he takes her up on the offer. Instead of returning to her room as promised, Harley heads out to the scene of the accident on her own. There she discovers the wedding picture Gus carries in his wallet. She imagines Gus in there with her telling her that everything is fine and he'll see her soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Reva and Josh set out to make their annual video message to Marah and Shayne. The problem is how do they tell them about their separation? Reva thinks they should just wait and tell them in person, but Josh disagrees. After failing to find the right way to break the news, the pair decides to go out and record other people's thoughts. This doesn't go over too well though, since the first person they run into is Marina. She ends up going into her relationship with Danny in depressing detail. Finally Josh and Reva decided go separately to create the video message and then edit them together later.

Unfortunately, things don't go well separately either. Josh wants to keep the news light and fun, but Hawk is bringing it down by talking about Jonathan and Tammy. Cassie's depressed for the same reason. On the other side of town, Tammy is happily talking about her and Jonathan's relationship, which makes Reva a little uncomfortable. When Jonathan starts joking around sarcastically, Reva gets upset because she wanted her kids to know there would be something good to come back to - not all of this bad stuff. Tammy realizes that Reva is ashamed of her and Jonathan. A chagrined Reva walks off for a bit, but tells Tammy that she intends to leave what she said in the video. With the camera, which has fallen on the ground, still running, Jonathan introduces himself to Marah and Shayne. He tells them how glad he is to be part of the party, mainly because of Reva's support.

Meanwhile, Josh is still at Cassie's. She's confiding in him about Tammy. Finally she gets out of her funk and grabs Josh's camera. She turns the camera to herself and starts sincerely praising Josh and Reva.

Reva goes to Billy to record him and finds that he and his apartment are a wreck. After letting herself in, recorder in hand, Reva is horrified to find booze in Billy's place. He admits that he fell off the wagon over the holidays because he was all alone. This excuse doesn't sit well with Reva. She asks why he had to be alone - he could have gone to her place. Billy confesses he was alone because he wanted to be, because he needed a drink. After giving him a hug and dumping his booze down the sink, Reva starts talking about her "addiction" - Josh. Billy disagrees; he thinks Josh might just be the best thing that ever happened to her. But he warns her that she better make a decision fast, because Josh won't wait around forever and when he's gone, he's gone.

Later that day, Josh and Reva meet at her place to compare notes. They review their recordings, and the result is pretty depressing. The only saving grace is Jonathan and Cassie's messages of praise. Finally they decide the best thing to do is just tell the kids the truth - not to try to hide it underneath false happiness. They begin again, this time with the truth. They tell kids that it has been a very difficult time for everyone this year, but state that everyone is trying to go forward with their lives. They tell them they are separated, but state that no matter what, they do love each other and they will always be a family.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dinah is suspicious of Alan-Michael's motives at Spaulding. She warns him that he is merely keeping Harley's seat warm while she is gone. Dinah and Harley are a team. He reminds her that Harley is alone with Mallet, the man about whom Dinah cares. She assures him that she is no longer needy and jealous. Blake overhears and tells Dinah that she is proud of her profession of loyalty to Harley. They both miss Ross. Blake tells Dinah it is a bad idea to date Mallet. She says Mallet will never be 100 percent devoted to her. Dinah calls Mallet to tell him that they should "take a break" before either one of them gets too invested.

Harley rushes out in an ice storm to find Gus. She and Mallet find a drifter who has Gus' cell phone and wallet. They play good cop/bad cop in questioning him. He tells them he saw Gus and Alan lying dead in the wrecked limousine.

Frank admits to Marina that he had her followed in order to find out who she's been seeing. He urges her to stay away from Alan-Michael. She tells her father to learn to live with her choices. She says Olivia comes with as much baggage as Alan-Michael does. Marina tracks down Alan-Michael. He kisses her. She brings him to see Frank. Frank says he doesn't want him anywhere near Marina and that he will kill him if he doesn't treat her right. Alan-Michael kisses Marina in front of Frank.

Cassie is upset that Tammy was kicked out of college because of the fire. Jeffrey tells her that Tammy is an adult, capable of making her own decisions. Cassie stubbornly refuses to make peace with Tammy.

In an effort to return their lives to normal, Jonathan asks Tammy on a date. Their date leads them to the same restaurant as Cassie and Jeffrey. Jonathan dances with Tammy and then asks Cassie if she wants to dance.

Friday, January 13, 2006

When the bum who lifted Gus' phone claims he was dead in the limousine, Harley nearly falls apart. Mallet is able to convince her to lie down and rest while he steps out for some food. Harley agrees, but once he's gone, she climbs out the window to continue her search. Out in the snow Harley injures her leg. Then she has a hallucination of seeing Gus, who urges her not to give up hope. Mallet finds a barely conscious Harley and tries to drag her home. But she screams that Mallet doesn't understand what it's like to love someone as much as Harley loves Gus. Fed up, Mallet screams that he does so know it - because it's how he feels about her!

Cassie accepts Jonathan's invitation to dance. Though they appear to be perfectly civil, they are actually arguing about which of them is really protecting Tammy and which one is hurting her. Nothing is resolved. Later, Jonathan sneaks into Tammy's room at the farm to retrieve some of her stuff. He finds RJ's collage...with the photo of Jeffrey and Richard.

Reva confronts Olivia with the video of her primping for Josh when she didn't know she was being taped. Reva threatens to show Josh the tape. Olivia dares her to go ahead - Josh will only resent Reva for it. When Josh shows up, Olivia screens the tape herself, then offers to quit her job at Lewis and runs out. On the front porch, she encounters Billy, who has a few choice words for his former daughter-in-law. Olivia bursts into tears and runs into Josh's arms. After Josh shoos Billy away, he tells Olivia to cut the crocodile tears. Olivia admits she was faking, but also doesn't hide her hope of a reunion with Josh. He doesn't comment one way or the other, but does take her out for a drink.

Meanwhile, Billy offers to tell Josh that it was Olivia who pushed him off the wagon. But Reva says not to bother. Reva confides in Billy that she wants Josh back - whether Olivia likes it or not.

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