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Monday, July 11, 2005

Frank is at Harley's house pleading with the walls to have his sister returned to him so he can keep her safe. He is surprised when Rick arrives with beer after seeing his car in the driveway. They discuss their sisters and the difficult lives they have led in spite of support from their big brothers. Rick handles the note he received to meet at Company to witness history repeating itself and excuses himself to go to the restaurant as requested.

Marina and Danny arrive at the testing center so Marina can take an exam for the police academy. Danny wishes Marina luck by giving her a kiss before she takes the test. A police officer appears and gives Danny a scathing look, tells Marina she needs to get inside and asks Danny ‘is that okay, Santos?' Danny is aware of the rude treatment, but calmly answers that he isn't holding anything up. After the exam, Remy, who is also applying, notices the same cop frowning at Marina. Marina remarks that maybe the man and her father had some falling out at the station, but Remy informs her it is probably because of her association with a Santos. Marina defends Danny saying he left the mob life behind and she is not going to choose between someone she loves and being a cop. Danny is listening behind them.

Edmund arrives at Dinah's perturbed because Cassie is going forward with her plans to have charges brought against him for allegedly kidnapping Dinah. He reminds Dinah that they had a deal and if she wants her reward she better do something about Cassie. Dinah, having just checked her body temperature for optimum conception opportunity, is more than happy to leave Edmund in search of Cassie. She advises him to wait and be ready for her when she returns. Once she leaves, Edmund grows bored and begins to search Dinah's suite for something to entertain him. He's pleased when he discovers a locked drawer and begins to pry it open.

Cassie and Jeffrey have taken advantage of the Bauer hot-tub and are cozying up to a kiss when Dinah arrives and interrupts their tryst. Dinah turns her back so the pair can get dressed and then informs them that she lied about Edmund kidnapping her and there will be no charges filed. Cassie is distraught at the idea that Edmund can do whatever he wishes with their child now that she has nothing to hold over him. Dinah pretends to care about Cassie's feelings and says she wants to help but her days of lies and deception are over. Jeffrey is having none of that and tells her he knows for a fact she is lying right now and demands to know what she is up to. Dinah gives up nothing and hurries back Edmund.

Edmund, alone in Dinah's suite, is pouring himself a drink when she returns. He allows her to take him to the bed and promises he is adventurous and will let himself be thrilled by her. Dinah assures him they will have a great time as she ties his arms to the bed. She bends to kiss him but he asks for music to get him in the mood. She agrees and while she is up, he turns on the lights, grabs her and rips away her false pregnancy apparatus. Dinah is wide-eye as Edmund glares down at her.

Gus arrives at Company to find Alan alone in the restaurant. He tells his father that he has just gotten out of jail and now that he has there is a beautiful little empty cell there that is just Alan's size. Alan stands, turns over a table, aims a gun at his son and tells him he will never go to jail again. Gus is silent and listens while Alan demands to know who else ‘knows.' Gus is confused and eventually answers that Buzz ‘knows' since he is the one Alan has most recently threatened. Alan ponders Gus' answers and agrees that of course Buzz ‘knows' since he and Alexandra have been thick as thieves lately. Gus realizes that they aren't talking about the same thing but doesn't say anything because Harley walks in and announces that Alan is the one who shot Phillip. Gus is shocked and asks his father if it's true. Alan loses focus and begins to prattle on about Phillip's plans to take away the future of Spaulding. He recalls out loud that once he shot his son he watched him lying on the floor and saw him as the boy he once was. Harley and Gus shudder at this recollection but remind Alan that he needs to be brought to justice for what he has done and stop ruining Harley's life. Alan snaps out of his trance and screams he will never go to jail again. Never! A shot is fired.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Edmund is furious with Dinah as he waves the maternity pad in her face. She caves and tells him, through her sobs, she lost the baby. Edmund is so angry that he throws her to the bed and chokes her for a moment, but releases her when she cries. She tells him it was a girl and explains how it happened. He seems sympathetic, so she goes on to tell him if they sleep together that night they could make a baby and be a family. He tells her he still wants to be with Cassie and walks out on her.

Cassie has tricked Jonathan into coming to talk to her at Reva's house. Assuming Jonathan was beaten by Edmund, she tells him she needs his help to get Edmund arrested for assault. Jonathan tells her Edmund didn't do it and he won't help. Not only that, when Cassie mentions the baby, Jonathan almost tells her there is no baby. Instead, he tells her she and Edmund do not deserve to be parents and that Dinah would be a much better parent than they would.

Later, as Cassie leaves Reva's house, she walks out to find Edmund waiting for her on the porch bench. He has come to tell her about the baby, but as he talks with her, he finds he can't - instead he tells her that he wants to get back together! Cassie's phone rings and she leaves the room - just as she does, there is a knock on the door. Edmund answers it and is surprised to see Dinah. She pleads with him to try to have another baby and tells him she wants to be with him. Cassie calls for Edmund, and he convinces Dinah to put the maternity pad back on quickly. When Cassie opens the door and sees Dinah, she assumes something is wrong with the baby. Edmund lies and tells her everything is fine with the baby.

Sandy is enjoying a drink at the bar when a lovely young woman asks if she can buy him a drink. He agrees...just as Tammy enters. Tammy accuses him of trying to get back at her for their fight. He denies it and says it wasn't the fact that they fought; it was what the fight was about - Jonathan! She tells him she loves him and doesn't want to lose him, but Sandy just won't fight with her. He tells her maybe it's just as well as nothing got more serious between them, because now maybe they can just be friends. She is furious! But Sandy tells her it's okay, it's her feelings for Jonathan - not her - that are the problem, and until they go away, they can't be together. Later, Tammy watches Sandy and the young woman together when Jonathan comes and sits by the bar with her. Sandy leaves the woman to go home and stops long enough to threaten Jonathan if he hurts Tammy.

Alan confesses right in front of Harley and Gus that he shot Phillip, even as he has a gun pointed at them. There is a shot - Harley checks to see if she's hit - but Mallet has shot into the air and warns Alan the next one will be for him if he doesn't put his gun down. Just as Alan starts to deny to Mallet that he has confessed, Beth, Lizzie, Rick and Olivia come out from behind the wall and tell Alan they heard it, too. But as Alan still tries to blame it on Harley they are all in disbelief. Lizzie is especially upset and tells Alan to look her in the face and tell her he didn't kill her father. He tries to talk to her, but she can see from his eyes that he is lying. Alan tells them all they cannot prove anything as there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Alexandra begs to differ, however, as she walks into the room. Harley and Gus demand to know what it is, and she tells them about the gloves. Alan is incensed! He is absolutely furious with Alex and calls her a traitor. He rants and raves about trying to do the best for his family and insists that Harley is to blame for all this. When Frank arrives, he is more than happy to arrest Alan for the murder of his own son. He also has to take Harley into custody, but not before Harley and Mallet share a longing look when she thanks him for his help.

Outside of Company, Alan is waiting with two policemen. Frank tells them to take Alan in - he will take Harley in his car. Just as the policemen start to take Alan to the station, another policeman walks up to relieve the other two. It is Sebastian in disguise, and he escorts Alan off of Company's property.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sebastian has whisked Alan away from jail so he can flee the country. He reveals that in return for his help, he wants Alan to sign over Spaulding Enterprises to him. Alan resists but Sebastian remains firm. Later, when a cop arrives, Sebastian covers for Alan, only to be knocked unconscious by him and locked in a closet. Alan heads out, determined to plan the rest of his escape on his own. Reva wants to trap Nate by getting him to steal from the Lewis Construction account. But, Olivia's reluctant, knowing Reva's doing this all for Jonathan, who Olivia has come to suspect had a hand in Marissa's death. Reva stands up for Jonathan but Olivia's still conflicted. Later, Olivia finds Jonathan and doesn't accuse him but implores him to do what's right. Meanwhile, Reva is with Nate, selling him a story that she must get her hands on Lewis money before Josh, who is jealous of her and Nate, denies it from her. She has Nate just where she wants him, about to transfer the funds when she calls Olivia to send in the police. Unbeknownst to Reva, however, Olivia has just come face-to-face with an escaped Alan who has locked her in a closet, without her cell phone. As Reva waits nervously for Olivia to arrive, Jonathan calls Nate, in an effort to convince Nate to leave town and reveals that Reva knows who he is. Coop tries to comfort Lizzie in the aftermath of the reveal that Alan is the one who shot Phillip. Beth then spirits Lizzie away to the house but Lizzie slips out and returns to Coop, pleading with him to let her stay at the Bauer house. Coop agrees but when Beth calls, Lizzie overhears him telling Beth that Lizzie is with him. Hurt and betrayed, Lizzie goes before hearing Coop say that he will take care of her and not to come get her.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cassie finds Lizzie crying in the hallway at the Beacon and comforts her. Lizzie believes that Coop is teaming up with her mother against her. Cassie tells her that Beth will always put Lizzie first. Cassie realizes that her relationship with Edmund is over and takes off her ring. Lizzie hangs up on Coop.

Edmund begs Dinah to put on the pregnancy pad and continue to pretend that she is pregnant. Edmund's plans have changed and he now plans to take everything away from Cassie. He tells Dinah that he needs her desperately. Cassie overhears Edmund telling Dinah that he wants Dinah and only Dinah. Coop interrupts and Cassie tells him where Lizzie is.

Edmund gives Cassie a book of baby names and the papers for custody of their "child."

Jonathan warns Nate/Alfred that Reva is on to his deception. Alfred is angry that Reva is trying to set him up by having him transfer funds from the Lewis account. Jonathan makes his way to Reva's house to keep her safe from Alfred. Reva tells him to get lost. Jonathan is hurt and leaves. Reva tries to convince Alfred that her relationship with Josh is over.

Olivia discovers that she is not alone and that Alan has locked her in with Sebastian. When Sebastian breaks the door open, Olivia escapes and pushes him back in the room. Lizzie opens the door and finds Sebastian. Sebastian asks her to go to a Spaulding meeting with him in Florida so that she can make her family worry about her. Lizzie agrees and they board the corporate jet. Coop finds Roxy and no Lizzie. Sebastian tells Lizzie that Roxy is with the pilot. Lizzie calls Coop and berates him for betraying her. Sebastian calls Alan to gloat about his newest acquisition.

Jonathan finds Dinah at Company and asks her to leave town with him. Olivia arrives at Reva's house and punches her in the nose. Olivia and Reva go inside and find that Alfred has left. Alfred finds Jonathan before he can leave. Reva discovers that money is missing from the Lewis account. Jonathan stares at a computer screen showing $ 2 million to be deposited to his name and says that it's payday.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Despite Alexandra's assurances that Lizzie seemed to be still in town, Coop is certain that she was in trouble. It turns it he's right---Lizzie is on an airplane ready to take off with Sebastian. Though the plane was delayed all night due to repairs, it's now about ready for take-off and Sebastian wakes Lizzie who is clueless about Sebastian's motives. Lizzie doesn't stay clueless for long though when she overhears Sebastian making a call to Alan's cell phone stating that he's holding his granddaughter for ransom. Alone in the restroom she places a call to Coop who tells her to delay the take off until he arrives. Lizzie has no idea how to do that and Coop tells her to just be herself. Lizzie then exits the rest room, sullen looking and informs Sebastian that she's deathly afraid of flying. Sebastian doesn't really care, however, so Lizzie starts playing the little rich girl by demanding something to drink and insulting Sebastian. Sebastian's on to her plan though and states that it won't work--they're taking off. Suddenly, Lizzie states that she needs to do her yoga--otherwise she'll have an anxiety attack. When it seems as if she's about to have one, Sebastian gives her five minutes to do her yoga. When her time's up, Lizzie tries to bribe Sebastian into letting her go by enticing him with her Spaulding stock. But Sebastian isn't impressed since he knows she won't get it until she's 25, no matter what legal finagling she claims can be done. Finally, Coop arrives to save the day. Coop antagonize Sebastian by telling him about how awful of a prisoner Lizzie would be and Coop and Lizzie end up arguing. Fed up with Lizzie, Sebastian lets her go because she's "not worth the aggravation." Later, outside Company, Lizzie is freaked out to learn that Sebastian was more dangerous than she thought. (Since he had killed a man)

Harley's in court for her hearing. Even though they can't produce Phillip's true killer, both Gus and Jeffrey are able to convince the judge that Alan killed his own son by presenting the bloody gloves and having Alexandra testify as to what she knew. Although the judge is convinced, there's still the matter of Harley escaping from prison. Although both Gus and Mallet try to shoulder the blame for that, Harley won't let them. Luckily, the judge decides to drop all charges---Harley's a free woman. When the trial ends, Alex tries to apologize to Buzz for keeping quiet for so long but he's too hurt by her betrayal and walks away. Harley, meanwhile, shares a heartwarming goodbye with Mallet.

There's more good news for the Cooper family: Marina passed the police academy exam. While she and Danny are setting up Company for a celebration for Harley, Mallet walks in to say goodbye. He hears the news about Marina. While Marina goes into the kitchen, Danny asks Mallet if his past could make things difficult for Marina. Mallet honestly says yes it would; some officers would give her a hard time. He states that Marina would have to deal with the same things that Danny, as a former mobster, has to deal with. Danny doesn't think it's fair; Marina shouldn't be punished because of his past. Mallet, seeing that Danny is worried about hurting Marina's chances, points out that life is not fair and suggests that he just basically stick with it because he has something good.

Alan's hiding out near the docks, and comes across two homeless men. Alan's in a little bit of a hurry since there is something he needs to take care of. He narrowly escapes being recognized when a police officer briefly arrives. Later, Alan bribes one of the men to inform everyone that he saw Alan take a bus out of town. While Alan is bribing one man, the second man sneaks out. That second man, Shorty, is obviously an old contact of Gus's and he goes to the courthouse to tell Gus he saw his old man.

Alan's is now in a building and asks a doctor to let him into a room. Inside, seated at a table, is Phillip!

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