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Monday, April 4, 2005

Tammy convinces Sandy to sneak into the farmhouse to look for clues as to what Edmund and Dinah have been up to. Once inside, they discover a crib has been delivered. While they are examining it, Edmund arrives and tells Tammy it is a symbol of faith - faith that Cassie will return to him and raise the child who will be the glue that holds the family together. Tammy is confused by his cryptic remarks and reminds him that IF there is going to be a child, her mother must first forgive him for setting the fire in the barn. Edmund casually answers it is not IF, but WHEN their child arrives. Tammy, puzzled, is staring at him when her phone rings. Cassie asks her to meet at Company so they can catch up on what's been going on since she left town.

Outside at J Farley's Dinah tells Cassie she should thank her for rescuing her from Jeffrey's studio before Edmund found her there with his enemy. Cassie refrains from offering thanks and questions how Dinah just happened to know where she was at the same time Edmund did. Dinah tells Cassie she has a very strong connection to her these days. Cassie is confused but follows Dinah into the bar. Once inside, Dinah lets it slip that she has been spending a lot of time at Cassie's house with Edmund and really enjoyed the yummy red negligee with the black lace. Cassie is enraged and grabs Dinah while screaming at her to stay out of her house and away from her things. Dinah frees herself by blurting out she is pregnant. Cassie releases her and asks who the alleged father is. Dinah hints it may be Jeffrey and asks if Cassie can't at least try to be a little happy for her. Cassie only says she feels sorry for any baby Dinah might have.

At Company, Tony arrives to find Marina with an overnight bag, waiting for Danny because they are spending the weekend in Chicago. But Danny is late and not answering his phone. Tony tells her not to worry; Danny is with Michelle. Marina is worried. Tony comforts her by saying he has asked Michelle to marry him and she accepted. Marina relaxes a little at hearing this. She is happily surprised when roses are delivered to her from Danny with a note saying he is looking forward to being with her. Father Ray arrives to hear the news that Tony and Michelle are going to be married. Tony is disappointed when his brother is not happy for him and accuses him of caring more about Danny than his own brother. Ray is moved and tells Tony he is sorry and really does want him to be happy but doesn't want to see him hurt by Michelle.

At the townhouse, the roof has collapsed and thrown Danny and Michelle into a pile on the floor. Danny recovers first and rouses Michelle, asking if she has been hurt. Michelle regains consciousness and is assailed by memories of her life with Danny. When he questions her again, she tells him she remembers her mother and father, growing up Bill and Ben and all of her brother's bad jokes. Danny desperately asks her if there is anything else she remembers and she says she remembers loving him. Danny is crying, hugging her and telling her he has waited so long to hear those words from her. He embraces her and she cries out she remembers what it was like to be in his arms. They make love. Afterwards, Michelle realizes she needs to talk to Tony. Danny doesn't want her to leave in case she forgets him again but sobers when Michelle reminds him of his rendezvous with Marina.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Harley talks to Bill about her last moments of freedom before she goes to prison. She tells him how frustrating it is that Gus will not leave her alone; it actually hurts her to watch him trying so hard to help. She just wishes he would get on with his life without her. Gus enters the room and Bill tries to run interference. "She wants you to leave her alone," Bill says, but Gus will not leave. Harley tries to reason with him, but the more she talks the more anxious he becomes. He actually collapses right in front of her.

At the hospital, Rick tells Harley and Alexandra he thinks this attack was a combination of his ulcer, overwork and too much coffee. Harley goes in to talk with Gus - she tells him goodbye as he lies there asleep. Rick and Alexandra are surprised when Harley leaves the hospital, telling them she cannot be there when he wakes up.

Bill is delighted when his father agrees to let him come back to Lewis Construction. Bill goes into his old office and is sitting at his desk when the intercom flashes. He hears a conversation between his wife and his father. Olivia has given Billy some documents which prove he hired a "thug" to beat Phillip up the night he was murdered. Olivia threatens him, "Give me your share of Lewis Construction or else..." Billy walks away and saying "No deal!" But Olivia has agreed with help Alan and Sebastian acquire Lewis Construction for Spaulding Enterprises, so she calls Alan and tells him she believes Billy will cooperate. She is very surprised when her solo celebration is cut short by Bill's appearance in her office. "I didn't know you were here!" she says. "Obviously not," he replies.

Michelle and Danny have lots of apologies to make to their respective romantic partners. Michelle tries to explain to Tony what happened just as Danny apologizes to Marina and tries to explain to her. Michelle does not know what to do when Tony gets on bended knee, offering her an enormous engagement ring. She cannot answer him, saying she is "overwhelmed." The two couples meet by accident at Elizabeth & Company and the tension is thick! Danny and Michelle act as if they've never met. Things only get worse when Tony asks Michelle to show off her engagement ring. Later, she finds she simply cannot tell Tony what happened with Danny...just as he cannot tell Marina what happened with Michelle. Marina is no dummy - she saw the difference in Michelle. Danny does not lie to her when she says "Its back isn't it?" Danny admits Michelle's memory is back and that he wants to slow things down for awhile. Marina is fine with that, but tells Danny she will not give up on what they have without a fight!

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Gus wakes up in the ER and realizes that Harley is gone. He is desperate to find her, knowing this is her last night before sentencing and wanting to convince her not to push him away. Buzz tries to reason with him, but Gus manages to drag himself out of bed and leaves the hospital in search of her. Meanwhile, Harley has sought out her children in an attempt to say one last goodbye. To her horror, she finds Alan babysitting and realizes that she will have to own up to her agreement to let Zach spend time with the Spauldings as well as the Coopers in her absence. She takes her boys up to the tree house and in a heart breaking moment, she tries to make them understand that she has to go away for a little while. Both boys are confused but Zach is old enough to realize that his mother is going away and his reaction is gut wrenching. He tries to run away, only to run in to a just arriving Gus's arms. Gus steps in with love and understanding, and helps Zach to reconnect with Harley. But, rather than receiving a thank you, Harley is furious with Gus for continuing to put his own health and happiness at risk for her. Later, as Harley attempts to rid herself of every remnant of her life that she has to leave behind she finds a kindred spirit in Bill. As for Gus, at the end of his rope, he comes face-to-face with Alan and makes it clear he has nothing left to lose.

Bill over hears Olivia's threat against Billy. He makes his presence known and refuses to accept her excuse that Billy's trying to undermine their marriage because to Bill, Olivia needs no help in doing that.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Jeffrey delivers the separation papers to Cassie and tells her that he won't push her away anymore. He leans in to kiss her but his band ruins the moment. She tells him that she still loves Edmund and leaves him to his rehearsal.

Olivia tearfully remembers her argument with Bill about Harley. Sebastian arrives at Olivia's apartment. He encourages her to trade her partnership with Bill for a more solid partnership with him against Alan. Sebastian confesses that he hasn't really changed after his near-death experience.

On the eve of her trip to prison, Harley and Bill commiserate over how hard it is to love Gus and Olivia. She cleans out Harley's Angels but can't bring herself to throw away Gus's tie. Harley longs to go to Gus but refuses to make him wait 20 years for her. They get caught up in emotion and start to make love but Harley can't bring herself to do it.

Alan tells Gus that he is a loser for throwing his life away for Harley. Gus threatens Alan with a gun. Alan promises that he will do anything for Gus. Much to Alan's relief and anger, Gus lights a cigarette with the "gun." Gus wants his resources to help with Harley's hearing. Alan offers to plead for a light sentence in exchange for Gus's return to Spaulding.

Edmund and Dinah plan how he will break the baby news to Cassie. Dinah gets caught up in Edmund's words of love for Cassie and kisses him.

Alan finds Olivia at Company with Emma and reminds her that things will never work out for her with Bill. Alan warns her to be careful that her love for Bill does not cloud her judgment.

Back at Harley's Angels, Gus finds Harley asleep in Bill's arms. Harley lets Gus believe that she slept with Bill.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Reva and Josh are at Cedars discussing her upcoming pregnancy. Just then Dr. Sedgewick comes to see them. She informs Reva that she's not pregnant. Both Reva and Josh are confused because she has all the symptoms. Then it dawns on Reva--she's in menopause. Sedgewick confirms that Reva is indeed in the early stages of menopause. Both Josh and Reva are disappointed. They then leave the hospital.

Cassie is astounded by all the baby stuff at the farm and asks Edmund about it. Edmund tells her it's for their baby. He tries to explain the situation to her, but Cassie refuses to listen since she's just there to deliver the separation papers. Cassie is still in shock over all the baby items and asks Edmund if he really thought she'd just melt and go back to him just because he bought the stuff. It's then that Edmund tells her that their dream of having a child is already happening; they're going to have a baby. He tells her that found a surrogate to carry their child. Cassie is astonished and Edmund tries to get her to see that there was only a small window of opportunity to use the embryos and so he made the decision. Cassie is in shock that he'd make this decision without even asking her.

Edmund tries to explain himself and tells her he's sure that in time, she'll realize he made the right decision. He assures her that the surrogate signed a contract; they're protected and it's legal. In shock, Cassie states she's going to be sick and runs out of the farm with the papers still in her hand. Just then, Dinah enters, having heard everything. Dinah tries to assure Edmund that he handled everything the best he could, but he thinks he just sounded desperate. He laments that he didn't break the news the right way. As he's trying to think up the next step, Dinah announces that she has it---she'll move out and into her own apartment. She then assures Edmund that Cassie will be back and leaves.

At Company, the Coopers are getting ready to go to Harley's sentencing. Meanwhile, Harley is outside, insinuating to Gus that she and Bill slept together. An angry Gus isn't sure whether to believe it or not and accuses her of doing this on purpose to push him away. Gus asks Harley if this is really how she wants to say goodbye. Gus tells Harley that he wants her tell him she didn't sleep with Bill, but Harley is sticking with her story. She then tells him that she did it because of his decision to live next to the prison. She then tells Gus that she needed someone to hold her, someone who wasn't Gus. She then insists that he has to move on. She then tells him not to come to the courthouse. Angry and hurt, Gus walks away. Harley then asks Bill to back up her story about the two of them if Gus ever asks. Harley then goes inside and says goodbye to her boys. She tries to reassure them that she'll call and write and tells them that it will be okay. Harley then leaves after she hugs her boys one last time.

As Harley is leaving Company, she comes across Josh, Reva, and also Cassie. After Harley bids everyone a tearful goodbye, Reva and Cassie talk about Reva's news and Cassie's separation. Reva tells Cassie that she's sorry to hear she's not having a baby either. When Reva asks what Cassie's going to do about her and Edmund, Cassie isn't sure. Later, as Josh and Rick are trying to comfort Zach and Jude, Cassie comes and tries to comfort them by telling them that a mommy's love is the strongest, best thing in the whole world. She then tells them that a mommy never gives up on her babies, and she never really leaves.

Cassie returns to the farm to give Edmund the separation papers. When Edmund tries to talk to her, she tells him that she doesn't want to hear it. Angry, Cassie tells Edmund that she might be able to walk away from him, but not their child. Edmund tries to convince Cassie that this baby will bring them back together. Cassie's not convinced and demands details about the surrogate. When she asks about details about this woman she doesn't even know, Dinah enters and tells her she does know her--it's her.

At the courthouse, Alan shocks Harley by giving a statement to the court on her behalf. He stales that he's speaking for his son and he's son would want Harley to have the most lenient sentence as possible. Alan goes on the explain that he's doing this to keep his grandson, Zach, from losing his mother since that would be punishing the boy. After Jeffrey tells the judge that the DA's office is recommending the lightest sentence possible, Harley makes her own statement. She tells the court that she wishes she could go back in time and change things so none of this would have ever happened. She then takes full responsibility for what happened to Phillip and asks forgiveness. Unfortunately, the judge isn't moved because Harley has yet to ever admit to actually killing Phillip. The judge feels that Harley's apology is too little, too late and sentences her to 25 years in prison; with a possibility of parole in 15 years. As court adjourns, Harley tries to ask Alan why he made his statement but she's interrupted with Gus (who's been retrained from going inside by Frank) suddenly bursts in. As Harley is being led away, Gus, restrained by Frank and police officers, keeps yelling that he will keep working on her appeal.

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