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Monday, March 7, 2005

In the courtroom, as Harley enters her plea agreement, Frank bursts in and declares he has a witness who can prove Phillip was still alive when she left Company the night he was murdered. The Coopers send up applause and hoots of relief as Alan storms the bench and accuses Frank of staging a last ditch effort to save his sister. Jeffrey tells the judge the timing of the information is suspect and he wants to continue with the plea deal. The judge agrees the timing is suspicious but orders Frank to deliver the witness to her chambers for questioning and informs Gus and the DA that Harley's acceptance of the plea agreement still stands. Alan, upset, tells Jeffrey the last minute appearance of a new witness is a trick by Gus to stall Harley's jail sentence. The DA agrees it may be true but asks Alan if he cares at all if Phillip's real killer is brought to justice.

Later, at Harleys Angels, Gus wants to celebrate the news but Harley agrees with the DA and the judge that the witness is just too uncanny a coincidence. Gus doesn't listen and asks Harley why she lied about remembering killing Phillip. Harley confesses she made a deal with Alan to leave Zack in her family's care while she was in prison. She surprises Gus by telling him she will probably take the plea deal regardless of what information the witness has because a jury may not find his story plausible. Gus makes Harley agree to give him two days to investigate before she accepts the deal.

At the Beacon, Cassie discovers the fax Jonathan sent from the DA's office charging Edmund with starting the fire in the barn. Cassie doesn't believe it's true and leaves the Beacon only to be waylaid by Jonathan who asks if she has been held prisoner. Cassie shoves past him and finds Jeffrey in the hallway of the courthouse. She shows him the papers and demands he tell her the truth about the night in the barn. Jeffrey tells her she should ask her husband. Cassie is upset but admits she can't ask Edmund because he may not tell her the truth. When Jeffrey doesn't deny the allegations, Cassie asks why he waited so long to file charges and is shocked to find it was Reva who filed the case with the DA's office. Jeffrey tries to comfort Cassie and tells her all he 'ever wanted' was for her to be happy.

Reva discovers Jonathan and Dinah kissing to celebrate what they hope is the impending break-up of Cassie and Edmund's marriage. Reva is disgusted by her son's choice in women and insults Dinah, who only caresses Jonathan one last time before leaving. Once alone, Reva berates Jonathan for sending the fax to Cassie because it was up to her to decide what to do with the case. Jonathan is unmoved and tells his mother he only did what had to be done to save his aunt from the 'Prince of Darkness.' Reva is afraid Cassie will be furious with her and Edmund may do worse. Jonathan assures her he won't let Edmund put a hand on her. Reva is not convinced Jonathan will be able to stop him when he finds out what they've done.

At Company, Coop is elated with the developments in his sister's case and hugs Lizzie. She is surprised but happy with the attention. Coop tells Lizzie there is a chance for them now. He takes her hand and asks her to spend the afternoon with him. Lizzie agrees and is outside kissing him when Alan and Frank arrive. Alan yells at Coop to get his hands off of his granddaughter and Franks asks Coop if he's lost his mind. Alan sidles up to Lizzie and tells her to think of her father and how he felt about the Coopers. Coop tells Frank he doesn't need protection from Lizzie and asks her to confirm it. Lizzie looks confused and tells him to get back to work. Alan escorts her home as Coop watches with a puzzled look on his face.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Alexandra wants to know why Olivia agreed to sell fifty percent of her company stock to Alan. He is mysterious and simply tells her that a desperate woman will do anything. Alan later tells Olivia that if Harley is found innocent and released from the charges of murdering Phillip, that he will have to find something else to do with all of his anger. He alludes to Olivia that Sebastian is an up and coming Spaulding employee who is the type that will do anything to get ahead..... A worried Olivia calls home to make sure Emma is safe, but she doesn't seem to feel any better when the babysitter tells her that everything is fine. When Alex next sees Alan, he tells her that Harley and Olivia must pay for what they did to Phillip.

Dinah surprises Blake by asking her to help her become "lovable." Dinah tells Blake that she is the perfect person to help her, as Blake has hurt many people and has still found love. Blake, who is babysitting RJ, is not particularly endeared by the remark, and leaves to take the boy back to his mother. Desperate for attention and love, Dinah calls Cory and tries to seduce him. She practically forces him to tell her that he loves her and she is about to get what she wants when, in the heat of passion, she calls him "Edmund." Cory is understandably upset and leaves -- but not before telling Dinah that he could never love her. A distraught Dinah goes to the Beacon restaurant looking for Blake and Ross. She finds them but before they see her, she overhears her father tell Blake that his daughter "is hard to love." She is very hurt by the remark.

Cassie is reeling from the discovery that Edmund set the barn fire that almost killed RJ and Jeffrey. She confronts Edmund, but he misunderstands -- he thinks she is upset because he didn't tell her he had her telephone blocked. When she tells him why she is upset, Edmund's face drops. He is obviously upset about what she has learned. He claims it was an accident and that he overreacted. Cassie doesn't understand why, if it was an accident, Edmund didn't tell her about it. "I trusted you! I can't live waiting for another overreaction!" Edmund tries to compare this act to her escapade with Jonathan the night before their wedding. She cannot see how his trying to kill Jeffrey can be compared to what she did with Jonathan, but Edmund insists that he just lost his temper. He offers Cassie his hand, which she takes for a moment. But she cannot go with him. "I love you but I don't trust you," and she tells Edmund she doesn't want to bring a baby into the marriage. She leaves the room and hides as he peers out the apartment door to follow her. He retreats back to the room and Cassie listens as he ransacks the apartment in anger.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Cassie confronts Reva about drawing up the papers against Edmund and accuses her of wanting revenge for Jonathan. Reva denies and pushes Cassie to realize she can't reconcile with Edmund but Cassie is torn and unable to forgive her. Meanwhile, angry Edmund confronts Jeffrey, convinced that he was the one who spilled the barn details to Cassie. Jeffrey reiterates that he is not to blame and thinks Edmund should get out of Cassie's life if he does in fact care about her at all. An angry Edmund moves off and finds Cassie at the suite, gathering her things. He begs her once again to look past his jealous actions but she can't and leaves him devastated. Meanwhile, after his cross with Edmund, Jeffrey runs into Jonathan who baits Jeffrey until he finally admits to his feelings for Cassie. Jeffrey warns him that there are ways of getting around the system and if he knows what's good for him, he will stay away from Cassie. Later, Josh, having gotten all the details about the fire from Jonathan, finds Reva and expresses his disappointment at what she and Jonathan have done.

Olivia panics when she learns Bill has been taken to the emergency room. When she arrives and finds Sebastian at the hospital, she goes off on him, assuming he's at fault. She realizes her mistake when she learns about Bill punching the wall but is surprised and not happy to see that Sebastian and Bill have bonded. Later, Sebastian drops the bomb about Olivia's real estate sale to Bill but drugged up Bill doesn't catch on. Olivia rips into Sebastian for being Alan's new lackey but is taken aback when Sebastian offers her some advice on how to handle Alan.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

While Frank is administering a lie detector test to Webster, the witness who could clear Harley of Phillip's murder, she bursts into the room. She demands to know if the witness is making up his story so he can cut a deal with the D.A. He claims Harley is innocent.

When Lizzie asks if Alan believes Harley will be acquitted, he reveals the courtroom is not the only place where justice can be distributed.

Alan arrives at the station with Zack in his arms. He urges Harley not to renege on their agreement that she pleads guilty and Alan allows Zack to be raised by the Coopers. Alan doesn't care about Harley's innocence, but about getting justice against those who hurt Phillip. Gus pleads with Harley to ignore Alan and trust him that they will win the case. Harley chooses Gus and tells Alan the deal is off. Alan says she'll regret her choice for the rest of her life.

Gus tells Harley he loves her. She says she's scared of being hurt again.

Marina brings Danny a lease and the keys to a new apartment. Grateful, Danny kisses her in front of Michelle and Tony. Marina and Danny "mess around" in the paint at his new apartment. Michelle and Tony interrupt with a house warming gift. Michelle mistakenly believes Marina and Danny are moving in together. Marina recalls overhearing Tony telling Michelle that Robbie belongs with her. She warns Danny to be careful around Michelle. While Marina and Danny grow closer, Michelle continues to remember her past with Danny.

Olivia begs for Alexandra's help in stopping Alan before he destroys her life. Olivia believes Alan is using Sebastian to go after Bill. She thinks Alan will try to take Emma away from her. When Alexandra reminds Olivia that Harley's release will throw suspicion onto her, she calls Jeffrey about Harley's case. Alan meets Olivia in Jeffrey's office and threatens her. He reminds her of the one-way tickets to San Cristobel she bought before Phillip's murder. He wants to know what she's willing to do to protect her innocence. When Harley's witness is released, Olivia follows him.

Lizzie berates Coop in front of her date, Tyler, about the duties he has neglected at Company. Coop adds an extra splash of Tabasco to Tyler's chili. When he goes outside to smoke a cigarette, Coop sees him hitting on a Company waitress. Tyler tells Coop Lizzie is one step away from the funny farm and he has to have a back-up plan. Coop grabs him and chases him off, much to Lizzie's dismay. Coop wonders what was so appealing about Tyler. Lizzie says he was nothing like Coop. Coop says he wasn't even close. They kiss.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Olivia is outside following the witness, Webster, who cleared Harley. Suddenly, Jonathan sneaks up behind her and asks who she's stalking. She explains that Alan is determined that someone will pay for Phillip's death, if it's not Harley, it could be her. Jonathan offers to help her with Alan but she quickly declines and tells her she'll take care of it. Her plan is to follow Webster around so she can see if he's a credible witness. Before he leaves, Jonathan warns her that it's "every man for himself" and "get them before they get you." Later, Olivia spots Webster doing something and takes a picture with her cell phone.

At Company, Buzz is reminding Harley to sign a permission slip for Zach. It would state that Harley will help chaperone a field trip next month. Harley's reluctant since for all she knows, she'll be in jail next month. Buzz tries to encourage her not to give up hope, but she's not too convinced. Meanwhile, although the pair were supposed to watch movies tonight, Buzz tells her he can't make it but has found a substitute---Gus. Gus enters with flowers in hand. Harley seems happy to see Gus, who states that he doesn't like to use the word "date", he's calling this a "strategy session." Gus and Harley then enjoy dinner in the parking garage. (as if they were on a stakeout) Before their "strategy session" is over, Harley kisses Gus. When he takes her back to Company, a happy Harley is ready to sign the Zach's permission slip and tells Buzz that she has to believe that she'll have a life.

Josh sees Cassie outside Company. She's trying to clear her head and figure out how she can ever trust Edmund again. Josh reminds her that this isn't the first time she's doubted Edmund. He suggests that she's always wondered if his change was permanent; perhaps she's always been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cassie doesn't think he's just talking about Edmund--he's talking about Reva too. Josh advises Cassie to wait a bit. Have the embryos frozen and wait things out. Later, after a run-in with Jonathan when she figures out that he's the one who set it up so she'd learn the truth, Cassie goes to Farley's to have a drink and is shocked to see Jeffrey there singing with a band.

Edmund is at the Beacon, trying to locate Cassie but she's not answering any of his messages. Suddenly, he sees Reva and demands she tell him where Cassie is. Reva won't tell him though and he starts to blame her for everything. This gets Reva mad and she reminds him that this was all his fault. When Edmund accuses her of taking his life, his wife, and his child, Reva lashes back, reminding him that he did the same to her. At that point, Josh walks in and breaks up the argument. After Edmund walks out, Josh lays into Reva for tearing Cassie's life apart. Reva tries to defend her actions, saying she was trying to protect her sister, but Josh tells her he thinks this was all about revenge. She wasn't trying to protect Cassie; she was trying t punish Edmund. At that, Reva gets visibly upset and tries to defend her actions. She tries to tell him that she's having problems being in control, that her moods are getting the best of her. But Josh isn't very sympathetic and tells her to get in control. Reva tells him it's not that easy. She knows she's driving everyone away. She ten tells him she doesn't know who she is any more and needs time to figure it out. A little later, Jonathan comes across Reva outside drinking. He tells her that he thinks she did the right thing and suggests that she have fun tonight. Reva is all for it and she and Jonathan go to a bar to party. In the meantime, Josh has gone to Company to get some advice from Buzz. He needs to know if Buzz ever feels stifled by his life now; does the man he is now conflict with the man he used to be. Buzz figures out Josh is talking about Reva and simply tells Josh to hold down the fort. Josh replies that that gets hard after a while.

After refusing Jeffrey's apology for being harsh the other day, Dinah comes across Edmund who is still trying to call Cassie. When Edmund sees Dinah, he angrily accuses her of being the one to tell Reva about the fire, but she denies it. He seems to believe her and is despondent over losing Cassie. Dinah tries to console Edmund by telling him that she knows what he's going through---she too lost everything once. Edmund brushes off Dinah though. Later, he's overjoyed when the fertility clinic calls and tells him his wife is waiting for the in-vitro procedure. When Edmund arrives at the hospital, he's shocked to see who's there---Dinah.

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