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Monday, February 28, 2005

Outside at Company, Buzz found Zack seated on a bench and said, "Your mother would shoot me dead if she knew you were here without your coat." Too late, Buzz realized what he'd said when his grandson stared wide-eyed at him. Buzz apologized and said he hadn't meant that, and he found out the kids at school had been teasing Zack and telling him his mommy had shot his daddy. Buzz tried to console his grandson by taking him for an ice cream treat.

At Harley's Angels, Harley told Gus she remembered the night Phillip had been shot, and she was sure she had done it. She tried to call Jeffrey O'Neill to accept the plea deal, but Gus wouldn't let her, saying he knew she was lying and really had no idea what had happened the night Phillip had been murdered. Harley admitted to it but agreed to go to Company with Gus to reenact her last moments with Phillip before she had lost her memory. Once at the restaurant, Harley recounted the events leading up to Phillip's death. She told Gus she had shown up disguised as Ruth because Phillip wouldn't have told her anything as Harley.

Gus listened as Harley confessed that Phillip had known she had been disguised as Ruth and had taunted her for always screwing things up and had stated that she didn't deserve to be a mother to Zack and Jude. Harley trembled as she told Gus how she had hated Phillip in those last moments because she had been convinced the reason he wouldn't tell her where the boys were was because he had hurt them. "And then I shot him and watched him fall to the floor with a puzzled and hurt look on his face like a child," she said.

After listening to Harley's story, Gus was still not convinced Harley should deal with D.A. and told her whether she had shot Phillip or not, the world was a better place without him. They were interrupted when Buzz and Zack returned from the ice cream shop. Buzz suspected there was something going on, but Gus denied it and said he had to leave to prepare his case to free Harley.

At the fertility clinic, Reva sneaked in to see Cassie with the help of Jonathan who knocked a security guard unconscious. Reva tried to tell her sister about Edmund and the fire, but Cassie was groggy and repeated how much she loved Edmund and couldn't wait to have his baby. Undeterred, Reva told Cassie there was something she needed to know before she had a baby. Finally, she was interrupted when Cassie had trouble breathing, and the doctor rushed in. Edmund arrived at the same time and assumed Reva had done something to upset his wife.

Reva told Edmund that Cassie had had a reaction to the anesthesia. She accused Edmund of being ready to blame her or Jonathan if anything went wrong with Cassie's procedure. Edmund was incredulous and told Reva he didn't "give a damn" about her or her psychopathic son -- all he cared about was Cassie. He begged Reva to leave so he could be alone with his wife. Reva agreed but listened from the doorway as Edmund professed his eternal love to Cassie and promised to take care of her forever. Later, Jonathan was furious when Reva told him she hadn't had the heart to tell Cassie about Edmund after seeing how much her sister loved him.

Ross had followed Dinah to the park, where she was waiting to rendezvous with Jonathan. She denied she was attracted to Reva's son and insisted she was only serving as a role model for him. She was accusing her father of not trusting her when Jonathan showed up with a flower and called her "babe." Ross raised an eyebrow but listened as Dinah pretended to berate Jonathan for following her. Ross told Dinah he had set her up with a mystery date and would call her later with the details.

Once Ross left, Jonathan discovered Dinah had arrived to meet him, wearing only underwear under her coat. They began to kiss passionately when Dinah received a call from Blake requesting that she meet her for a family meeting. Upon arriving at Harley's Angels for the meeting, Dinah realized the mystery man was Matt. She watched in disbelief as Ross appeared and locked her inside the agency.