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Monday, January 17, 2005

Gus presses his case with Beth, sensing she knows something about the night Phillip was shot. When he applies pressure, she begins to weaken. But, before she can say anything, Alan arrives. He uses a contrived excuse to get Beth away from Gus. He digs into Gus for trying to shift blame away from Harley by going after members of his own family. Gus stands his ground, prompting Alan to warn him not to make an enemy out of him.

Meanwhile, Harley is grabbed from behind by a homeless woman, claiming dibs on the dress Beth had had placed in the donation bin. A struggle ensues and Harley finally convinces the woman to let her have it. Later, Harley and Gus examine the dress. They realize that any stain previously on the dress, has effectively been wiped out by an overlying bleach stain.

Jonathan encounters Edmund at the hospital and toys with him. Jonathan is on the verge of dropping the bombshell about spending the night with Cassie when Reva arrives. She gets rid of Edmund. Reva turns on Jonathan, asking that he not tell anyone what happened, especially Edmund. Jonathan, playing the guilt card, wonders why Reva thinks she owes Cassie any allegiance after the way she tried to set him up. Reva promises that she's still angry with Cassie but is asking him this as a personal favor. Jonathan agrees to back off. Later, Dinah questions Jonathan about the way he's obviously sitting on the bombshell. Jonathan casually tells her that messing with Cassie and Edmund, while fun, is not his main goal.

Bill and Olivia reel from the television stunt Alan pulled, which made them look complicit in Phillip's murder. Overcome, Olivia has to admit defeat and asks Bill to take back his offer to officially adopt Emma. Bill agrees to do whatever is best for Emma but then realizes that by keeping this information from Alan, they might be able to use it against him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Jeffrey and Frank discuss Harley's case at Company. Jeffrey insists Frank must convince her to accept a plea, because, "We both know she is guilty." Frank doesn't like what he hears, but he listens to the logic. But when Jeffrey talks to Gus, he gets an entirely different reaction. Gus refuses, and as he is about to tell Jeffrey exactly where he can take his offer, a deliveryman shows up with an envelope for him. Inside the envelope is Beth's dress, on which they ran forensic tests. When Gus reads the enclosed letter, he smiles and says, "There will be no plea."

Meanwhile, Harley has come so very close to getting Beth to talk to her about Phillip's death. Beth's behavior has been strange for some time now, and Harley and Gus both think she knows more than she is willing to say. Beth gets very angry, "Alan warned me you'd try to get me to say something!" Of course, that comment only made Harley more curious, "What did you tell Alan about that night? Why are you so upset?" And, of course, just as Beth is about to break down, both Rick and Lizzie show up and the moment of opportunity is gone. When Beth takes James and Lizzie home, Lizzie asks her why she is so upset, and tells her to, "Chill out - it'll all be okay." But Beth looks anything except okay. When Lizzie takes James for a snack, Beth pours herself what looks to be a very stiff Scotch. "Harley and Gus don't know anything," she says to herself. "They are just fishing. They can't know anything." But she gasps and drops the Scotch when she sees the dress she wore the night Phillip was killed, the one which was just returned to Gus from the forensic lab, is hanging from the Spaulding mantelpiece.

Jonathan leaves the hospital, much to Josh's chagrin. Josh and Reva share a few barbs, and he retreats to Company for some hot chocolate. But it's no retreat, as he finds Sandy and Tammy there. Tammy is happy to see him and asks if Sandy can have a job at Lewis Oil. Before Josh can say no, Tammy leaves to talk with Reva. Josh and Sandy talk. It goes well; Josh even apologizes to Sandy for not listening to him when he talked about Jonathan. "You were right about Jonathan," Josh said and offered Sandy his old job back. Sandy was very happy to accept the offer.

Tammy finds more than her Aunt Reva at their home, Jonathan is there as well. He is very angry and facetious, but then apologizes. However, when Reva joins Tammy outside, she tells her aunt exactly what she thinks of what Jonathan is doing to their family. "Mom can't talk to you, Josh is miserable in his own home, and I don't feel welcome here any more." Reva is upset, but doesn't change her mind. However, Reva is very relieved when Josh later assures her they have weathered many storms in the past, and he will not let this be the last "impossible situation" in their marriage.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Michelle and Tony go to Towers for their first date in Springfield. Unfortunately, they have trouble making conversation until they run into Blake and Ross. Blake confronts Michelle, claiming she doesn't look very miserable considering what she supposedly suffered at the hands of Sebastian. Blake and Ross move on to their own table, and as Tony steps away from the table, Michelle leaves Towers. Tony returns to find a note from Michelle. He eventually finds her at the football field, where she tells him that she is not ready to share him with the public.

Marina and Coop take a break together, annoying Lizzie, outside Company. Danny arrives to see Marina, and tells her that he will wait inside until the end of her shift. He enters Company, only to be confronted by an angry Buzz. He warns Danny not to hurt Marina. Even though Lizzie is planning to take Coop to the Country Club for their date, he convinces her to play in the Cooper family football game instead. Buzz is sitting with Alex. After seeing how happy Marina looks with Danny, he asks him to play in the game as well. Buzz apologizes for thinking he would hurt Marina. After Coop announces that Lizzie will also be playing, Buzz invites Alex to join in the game. After agreeing to play, Lizzie and Alex leave Company to take a crash course in football.

Dinah leaves a message for Jonathan, saying she hopes he is not going to pass up this chance to harm Cassie. Dinah then takes it upon herself to order flowers and have them delivered to Cassie at the farm.

Edmund greets Cassie at the door with leis and drinks. He assures her that he is not done meeting her every whim, explaining that since they cannot leave for a honeymoon he will bring the honeymoon to them. Edmund leaves to pick up a romantic dinner for the two of them, just as Tammy arrives. Tammy tells Cassie that she is concerned about her after what happened at the wedding. Cassie reassures Tammy that everything is fine, and she has nothing to worry about. Tammy accepts a flower delivery which arrives for Cassie. As Cassie reads the card, she becomes upset. She hides the true reason by telling Tammy that she is emotional because she wants her to come home to stay. Tammy reads the card, and mistakenly assumes Cassie has been upset because she and Edmund were together the night before the wedding. Meanwhile, Edmund runs into Dinah at Towers. She tells him she no longer wishes to harm his marriage, saying if she wanted to, all she has to do is tell him why Cassie left the day of the wedding. Edmund confronts Dinah, stating if anything happened the day of the wedding he knows it was her doing. Edmund returns to the farm, just as Tammy is leaving. Tammy comments on the flowers, and he later asks Cassie about them. Cassie says the flowers were a belated wedding gift and then distracts Edmund by saying she is ready to conceive.

Dinah sees Blake and Ross at Towers, and tells Blake how sorry she is for her loss. Blake asks her stay, saying she understands how important family is and that out of love for Ross she will lift the restraining order.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, today's episode was pre-empted. This pre-emption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Tammy enters the Lewis house. When Jonathan tells her that Reva isn't home, Tammy announces she's there to see him. She thinks he knows what's going on between her mom and his and asks him what he did. Jonathan tells her she's not going to like it, but she insists he tell her. Suddenly, Jonathan appears to change the subject and asks Tammy how the wedding was. She gets frustrated at first and then remembers how Cassie ran out earlier and wonders if he had anything to do with it. Jonathan starts talking about how the real Cassie is so different than the image she projects in public. Tammy thinks she's figured it out and accuses him of spying on her mother the night before the wedding. When she rants about what a terrible person he is, Jonathan asks about Sandy, prompting Tammy to defend him. She says Sandy nothing like him. Jonathan thinks she'd rather be with a guy like him, though. He says he thinks she still likes him and wishes he was just JB again and not her cousin. Tammy gets angry and tells Jonathan he did not change her world forever; he wasn't even that good. She leaves the house and slams the door.

Josh and Sandy are at Lizzie & Company going over the details of Sandy returning to work at Lewis Construction. Josh suggests six day work weeks and then confesses he really just wants to avoid Jonathan as much as possible. Sandy warns him by doing that he's just giving Jonathan to Reva on a silver platter. Josh insists he can protect Reva without having to deal too much with Jonathan. Suddenly Reva arrives to speak with Josh alone. She asks if he hired Sandy to get back at Jonathan. Josh states that's not the case. Reva tells him that she feels like everyone is choosing sides, everyone against her and Jonathan. Josh invites her out for dinner, but Reva says she can't and suggests they have dinner at home with Jonathan. Suddenly Josh bails out and says he has too much work to do, he just wanted to stay at the restaurant with her and work as he ate. Reva's disappointed and leaves. Josh follows and tells Sandy there's more than one way to skin a stepson.

When Reva gets home, Jonathan tries to make her feel guilty by whining how rough his days are ever since he was injured in the fall. However, she sees through his act and calls him on it. Reva tells Jonathan to stop trying to manipulate her and give them a chance. Just then Josh comes in the house and again invites Reva to go out to dinner with him. She is hesitant, but then Josh shows her he's provided for Jonathan by giving him a nurse for the night, a male nurse. Although she still doesn't think this is a good idea, Reva agrees to go with Josh.

Tammy, having read a note in Sandy's apartment, goes to the rooftop to find it decorated. Sandy appears and presents her with a rooftop dinner. He shows her, through a telescope, what he calls the hottest show in town: the Polar B Club getting naked on the beach. He tells her that watching usually cheers him up and it seems to do the same for Tammy. Tammy asks Sandy to tell her about himself since she knows nothing about him. He starts out by saying his family was poor and he had to learn to rely on himself. Tammy calls him a liar; she knows he went to boarding school, so his parents couldn't have been poor. Sandy tells her money doesn't make you rich, having people in your life does. He tells Tammy his parents traveled while he spent all his time in boarding schools. He never felt as if he had a family and that's why he wanted to be a part of one so badly. Touched, Tammy and Sandy kiss. At the same time, Tammy's cell phone rings. It's Jonathan, but Tammy doesn't know because she's not really interested in answering her phone right now.

Gus and Harley are on a football field waiting for Buzz. The conversation inevitably turns to her situation and her feeling that she may be guilty. Gus assures Harley she didn't kill anyone and she's not going to prison. He says he's sure Beth knows something, but Harley isn't too keen on doing this to Beth. Buzz arrives and tells the pair they're there for the Annual Cooper Football Game. Gus tries to get out of it by saying he and Harley need to work on strategy for the trial tomorrow, but she insists on playing. She offers Gus a deal: they'll play on different teams. If her team wins, they handle her case her way, if his team wins, she'll do whatever he says. Gus can't pass up that plan and agrees. The rest of the gang arrives and they pick teams. Harley gets Frank, Coop and Marina while Gus gets Alexandra, Lizzie and Danny. Harley comments to herself this is too easy, she almost feels guilty. She may have a point since neither Alex nor Lizzie seems to know anything about football. Before the game starts, Harley tries to reach Beth by phone and is surprised to learn she's gone. During the game, she tries to get info from Lizzie on where Beth is, but Lizzie doesn't say anything. A little later, Gus tackles Harley and when she appears injured, he suggests she sit the bench. To make the teams fair, Alex graciously volunteers to do the same. Alone on the bench, sitting next to Lizzie's bag, Harley gets Roxy out so she can get a peek at Lizzie's cell phone to see if Beth called her today. Her hunch pays off and she learns Beth's at a spa. However, now it's half-time and Lizzie comes over and sees Harley is going through her bag. Harley makes a lame excuse to avoid suspicion.

At the same time, Buzz is asking Frank about Harley's case. Frank tells his father Jeffrey was willing to cut her a deal but Gus refused it. He also says Jeffrey believes Gus is jeopardizing Harley's case. When Buzz asks Frank if he, as police chief, thinks Harley shot Phillip, he can't answer since he doesn't know what to think. He turns the question back on Buzz who states he wishes he could say no. Right after, Buzz goes over to speak with Gus alone. He tells Gus he doesn't want him handling Harley's case anymore. Gus tries to tell him that no one cares more about Harley than he does, but Buzz maintains that Gus isn't objective. Gus insists he will prove Harley's innocence. Buzz seems slightly reassured but instructs Gus to be a lawyer.

Also during half-time, Marina and Danny are enjoying themselves playing catch. Their new bond isn't lost on Frank who hurriedly re-starts the game and then promptly goes after Danny. Frank warns him to stay away from Marina, pointing out that he's a danger to her. Frank brings up the Santo Domingo fiasco as an example. Marina tries to get Frank to calm down and tells him she cares about Danny. But he simply states that if she loved him, she'd stay away from Danny. Danny tells Marina her dad has a point and turns to leave. Marina goes after Danny and suggests they both leave and get something to eat. Danny tries to dissuade her and suggests she listen to her father, but Marina doesn't care what her father thinks. Meanwhile, Frank is on the sidelines fuming.

With the game apparently over, Lizzie taunts Coop with the fact that her team won. When Coop accuses her of cheating, they argue. After some teasing, Lizzie trips and falls, knocking Coop to the ground. There on the ground, the two share a genuine moment. At the same time, Alex and Buzz commiserate over how it might have been if things had turned out differently. They also briefly discuss Harley's upcoming trial. Alex and Buzz hope Harley can prove she didn't kill Phillip.

With the game over, Harley tries to tell Gus she's found out where Beth is. However, Gus is not about to let her jeopardize her case by making it seem as if she'd skipped bail since they'd have to cross the state line. He vetoes the idea of them finding her. Since Gus' team won, he reminds her they're doing this his way. He takes her to the Springfield Inn where they can discuss another lead he has. At the hotel, Harley tells Gus how exhausted she is, and maybe they'd better just forget the other lead, go home, take a shower, and get some sleep. But Gus isn't an idiot and sees through her little ploy. He knows she wants to go out there and find Beth, which is why he's not going to let her out of his sight. With that, Gus locks them together in the room.

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